New product ends the 3 engine burns oil causes, not just one. Order online. So effective, its Guaranteed!

Ends your engine burns oil problem for years

    Add this new product, ends the 3 engine oil burning causes, not just the one. Order online. So effective, its Guaranteed!

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What you should know about oil burning

  1. Oil is like marbles giving it its lubricating ability.

  2. When new, your motor's pistons, bearings, valves, gears space tolerances are such a small space exist and small oil molecues - think OW, 5W, 10W size oil weights can only get in between those parts to lube, cool, and clean properly.

  3. A door sticker specified what weight oil your engine needed.

  4. We use to think that as wear widen the spaces between all those parts - and a quart or two of oil was consumed by the motor, we needed to switch to a thicker oil. 20W 30W 40W oil, etc.

  5. Now we know that didn't work entirely because, when hot, the charateristic of oil drops down to what a 5W oil is like. So, todays motors all use 5W - even 0W oil.

Oil thickening additives

    Since the 1970's on, thick gooey additives like STP, Lucas, Restore, and others have became popular to control engine burns oil problems - but they seem to increased the wear out rate - because gooey additives reduced the lubricity of the oil.

      Thickening the oil with goo-like additives did not remove the causes of oil burning.

      Thickening the oil did not remove power-loss and power-robbing conditions caused by friction wear and drag.

      Thickening the oil only works on one cause of oil burning - enlarging the oil molecue.

      That is the old way.

New chemistry products overcome all 3 causes of oil burning, and other wear negatives, too.

The 3 areas in your motor that Mega Power Worn Motor Treatment works to end engine oil burning problems. Note how...

  1. As your motors valve stems wear a space develops allowing piston suction to pull oil down the stem - as one cause of oil burning.

      Mega Power stops the flow of oil down the valve stem 2 ways.

      One way by expanding the valve stem seal, reducing its oil flow.

      The other way is by lining oil molecues up into a chain on the stem and stem hole. This characteristic slows down to a crawl the oil flow escape at that point - not possible before.

      Valve seals act as an umbrella to send oil away from the valve stem. When older, they shrink as do all gaskets and other seals, and permit more oil to leak out, or slide down the valve stem and go where it shouldn't.

    Mega Power revitalizes all the seals, gaskets, and o-rings, giving them a controlled swell. This Mega Power Product advantage stops those sources of oil loss, leak, drip, engine burns oil problem

  2. As the piston and clylinder wears larger
      As the piston goes down - sucking in gas to combust, that wear space allows piston suction to pull excess oil in from below and burns it - as another way motor burns oil.

      The lining up of oil molecues into a chain on the cylinder walls and piston skirts fill piston and cylinder wear gaps restricting the flow of oil, as another way to stop oil burning.

  3. Remember, those piston rings - 3 of them on each piston?

      If dirty, reduces their ability to flex outward, and seal off combustion and oil from the crankcase from mixing.

      When the rings are sticky, they lose that sealing ability and oil gets sucked up pass the rings, burns, and is sent out the exhaust pipe as bluish smoke.

      Mega Power will free those sticky piston rings AS THE THIRD WAY so the rings can stop the flow of oil burning into the combustion area.

The above listed engine burns oil problems

    Are usually repaired by a mechanic as the remedy in what is called a motor overhaul - costing between $2000 to $4000. Now, Mega Power can solve the problem for under $100!

    Now, Mega Power Worn Motor Treatment does so for under $100

More Mega Power Worn Motor Treatment Review

    One of three ways Mega Power helps here is by adding a co-polymer film on the surface of worn areas as a fill.

    The film replaces the worn away metal - like on the cylinder wall. This closes the wear gap on the cylinder ending that wear gap as a source of oil burning. Your interest, I suppose...

    The other: Mega Power's product ingredient MC+, smooths worn, rough pistons, bearings, valves, and gears - and is one more friction reducing anti-wear advantages promoting longer car life.

The Mega Power Worn Motor Treatment.

    Shown here with the 6 items in the treatment. Ends engine burns oil problem in minutes. These 6 because they are what works to end oil burning. From this, you can see Mega Power is a well thought out product that becomes more than an oil additive. It is a motor treatment.

    The Mega Power Treatment works on both the upper and lower parts of your motor to end its engine burns oil problem. Mega Power makes other additives, suddenly old fashion.

Engine burns oil? Order this product now

    And get your cars, trucks, equipment running good as near new again, by installing Mega Power in all of them, not just the worn ones - for years more dependable service.

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