Mega Power ends transmission problem like rough shift, won't shift, even gear slipping. As you drive!

Good news for car owners with a transmission problem

Here's a new product to ends your transmission headache like rough shift, won't shift, even gear slipping - when other products can't. 

While most additives use something similar to paint solvent to free transmission clutches, gears, bearings and valves of varnish to free up their transmission problem, most often, solvent based additives causes other problems.

Mega Power  Transmission Treatment also cleans and free transmission clutches, gears, bearings and valves of varnish to free up a transmission problem, but found 2 other conditions cause  rough shift, won't shift, even gear slipping, that needed some else besides cleaning.

Instead of a solvent or detergent cleaner, Mega Power uses an anti-wear chemical cleaner that does the job, but offers no negative side effects like common part store additives with solvents in them.

The other 2 problems are wear roughen gears and bearings that have develop resistance to smooth movement from excessive amounts of friction.

Mega Power contains something called friction modifiers that change worn friction  heavy resistant movement causing rough shift and hang up to smooth

The other problem is excessive wear spaces

Uses powerful penetrant and 2 conditioners to restore  proper shifts. avoid costly overhaul

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