New, Safe, Transmission Stop Leak. Works fast! Offers protection, smooths shifting, too...

New transmission stop leak. Works fast! Does more. Cleans, smooths rough shifts, cools, stops any transmission leak. Great for race cars, big rigs, also

New, Improved, Mega Power Transmission Stop Leak Treatment.

What is a "Mega Power "Treatment?"

A MP Treatment

    Does more than just stop leaks - safely, because more is needed.

    Part store stop leak brands are harmful because they use solvents to swell seals - The common method for 50 years.

    Mega Power's stop leak is not a solvent and they use a patented seal conditioner that gives a controlled expansion to both seals and gaskets that leak, and is 100% safe.

    Mega Power Research found that today's cars need other ingredients that also heal wear-roughen and worn surfaces - that stops raw fast-wearing friction.

    A protective coating is also included. This advantage ends rough or hard shift, lowers high temperatures - the number one transmission killer the last 4 years. Over 12 million transmissions are overhauled each year.

    This also end the cause of rapid wear problems.

    This treatment fortifies and conditions your fluid to stabilize it when under pressure and high temperatures. This ends one more cause of shift and slip problems - fluid weakening.

    Ordering info and guarantee below.>/B>

We love this treatment because:

    It ends the above problem and their causes inside your transmission while you drive.

    It smooths shifting and helps extend your transmissions dependable life with a "friction modifier called MC+."

    This provides smoother shifting, and provide years longer, trouble-free life.

    Stop leak action happens in just a day or two.

Stop Leak  Mega Power Product Picture

How this transmission stop leak treatment works...

The 3 different products make up the treatment:

    One item, the Cleaner, cleans and removes the gooey acidic residues that hinder part movement, shrinks seals, cause leaks.

    You add the cleaner to the dirty fluid for 5 minutes or so - then drain and replace the old fluid with new.

    The second and 3rd products are added to the new fluid. These condition and smooth, then coats with a protective layer wear-roughen gears and such.

    Friction reduction provides a noticeable internal cooling of the fluid temperature. Ending the number one cause of transmission failure.

    The second and 3rd items contain special protectors to smooth and seal the surfaces of gears, shafts, pump pistons, converter, clutches, so they move without chafing.

As you can imagine, those advantages:

    Restore the smooth movement of your transmission internal parts. This results in smooth, effortless shifting - and quieter operation.

It does all that

    As the many O-rings, seals, and gaskets inside are revitalized - which stops internal and external leaks - a problem ended.

Cleaning neutralizes acids, reducing a big wear reducer. This makes the cleaner a great transmission protector.

    Did you know, acids and heat are the cause of leaks, and the number one and two transmission killers.

    With about 14 million failures expected this year - with a cost of repair at $2000 to $5,500 each, you can see it pays to take care of your transmission with this treatment.

Now you know the difference between a stop leak and a stop leak treatment - pictured below.

New safe transmission stop leak treatment. Works, or its free!

Ordering Info. Comes with easy to follow directions. Shipping by Fedex

    One, Mega Power Transmission Treatment $50+ $15s&H= $65 total
    Two, Mega Power Transmission Treatments $90+ $15s&H= $110 total
    Six, Mega Power Transmission Treatments $240+ $15s&H= $255 total

To order, call 512 665 3388

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Things you need to know...

Mega Power is great for race cars, big rigs, tow vehicles.

Did you know "low vacuum causes this transmission problem?

The problem and remedy..

If your transmission down-shifts,

    Going up hills, you may have a dirty engine, combustion, emission, catalytic converter system that is dirty - This lowers the engines vacuum.

    Normally, climbing most hills strains the motor and lowers vacuum. But, this is rarely enough to trigger the computer to shift to the next lower gear.

    Some engine computers use a drop-in-vacuum as a clue to shift to a lower gear - which is meant to occur when you need a burst of power passing around a slower vehicle. Not just going up and down hills.

    So, did you know a dirty motor's internal parts lower vacuum and fool the computer into down shifting - going up hills?

    We can fix that problem, too!

Usually, this problem means

    You need a $1,500 to $3000 engine repair to fix this problem. The mechanic must take apart part of your engine, hand clean its many parts, to end the problem.

    We have a treatment to ends that problem and avoid that repair expense.

    Called, the "Worn Motor Treatment" from Mega Power. This Treatment raises engine vacuum in minutes - by cleaning 6 sub-systems. More than what hand-cleaning can do. More here... on engine problem-solving treatments

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