Amazing product for ending transmission problems -
yourself - while driving! Be a Super Hero - End rough shift, other problems yourself - with these 3 products

Products ending transmission problems can avoid repair. At the least, put off  repair for up to a couple of years, from Slo-wear Fix-better Longer and Mega Power.Mega Power's amazing product for ending transmission problems - yourself - while driving! The Super Hero Way to End rough shift, other problems yourself.

Ending Transmission Problems Contact info: On a smart phone, to ask a question, order products listed, call me at 512 665 3388

If you have vehicle or equipment transmission problem like these, just add those 3 products as shown - and such problems ends - like:

  1. Slow shift when cold. 
  2. Hang-up from one gear to the next.
  3. Rough shift or hard shift.
  4. Converter lock-up shudder at around 40-50 MPH.
  5. Fluid leaks and drips on your driveway.
  6. Slippage in gear. Growling noise.

Ordering info.

Ending Transmission Problems, Mega Power Ordering info.

    Mega Power Transmission Treatment. Pictured above. 
    Includes 3 items, easy to follow directions, and my phone help if needed during installation. Guarantee. 2-4 day delivery by FedEx to your door. Just $60+ $15 s&h= $75 total. Other specials down the page. Order by clicking cart button.  

    Bonus if ordered now!  This bonus helps Transmissions run cooler!  Stop and go driving, long idling periods, towing - the old fluid creates overheated transmissions and shifting problems.

    And our BOLNUS directly helps indirectly end them by cooling their fluids. Hot transmission fluid the boiling point of water is constantly sent to the radiator coolant to be cooled. And this Bonus Mega Power Radiator Cool lowers  the ccolants latant heat carring ability up to 40 degress - lowering transmission fluid by that much. 

     A $49 Bonus free with your MP Transmission Treatment -  to add to ending shift troubles while promoting both components longer life.

    Order NOW! - Protect both of your vehicles transmissions and cooling system - and the motor to with this car saving bonus.

    Bonus :Your order will contain 4 items including the bonus Mega Power Radiator Cool. Just  $75.

Ending Transmission Problems - yourself - for a fraction of what a repair cost, avoiding the repair need is the way to go. That's your best auto-tune-up-and-repair-transmission options

    Order 2, ending transmission problem kits so both of your cars will be shift smoothly, run cool and protected. Just $150 for 2 cars get two Radiator Cool Bonus items $99 value for free... Increase amount if you want 2 orders and 2 bonus items.

ending transmission problems: Bad products?

Before we explain how to use the products shown, you might want a crash course on Additives to stay away from ...Come back here after your read the following, to make more sense of what this unique product to ending transmission problems will do for you.

How a Product I call Slo-wear Fix-better Longer from Mega Power can be installed ending transmission problems.

We like the product from Mega Power shown above as it works 99 times out of 100 and cost under $100 – not $2000 or more. Please note: 2 refunds last 267 days! It has a high success rate!

I’ll walk you through the steps. Nothing needs to be taken apart, so relax on that point, too. To see how so, consider:

What causes your problem?

Research shows that:

  • A shift sensor. Needs actual replacement.
  • Friction worn parts. Worn parts replaced
  • Acids. ignored. 
  • Leaks, internal and external. Replaced with new.
  • High temperatures. Ignored. 
  • and gummy residues, washed away in the repair process, are causes of transmission problems.

Sure, Those conditions produce are trouble causes - when they pile up together.

Which is a factor for actual repair, but now a-days, only if there's a broken part! There's no mistaking a broken part! So...

Otherwise, the  problem-solving items shown - working as a treatment, overcome those conditions. They do so by:

  • Neutralizing acids and removing them. 
  • Lowering high temperatures, and ending harm-causing hot spots.
  • By cleaning and freeing chemistry that removes causes of binding or abnormal slow movements: valves, sensors, pump, shaft, gears, and such.
  • By giving seals a new soft, but expanded size.
  • By smoothing worn and pitted surface that hang up in movement.
  • and by filling worn surface to tighten up and close worn spaces.

and returns a troublesome transmission back to its great running self, again!

Their use - explained below, is easy to install, and is intended to be the upgrade every 50,000 mile warranty service, ends those problems, too! That's what your car needs for ending its transmission problems.

A company called Mega Power, an additive problem-solving formula developer, and their product shown above will end those wear, and residue caused problems.

Those caused by friction drag, wear, acids, high temperatures, and residues. Installing them - its easy, and driving restores your transmission performance. Getting your car healthy again is what your car needs! Order below.

Directions and the install is simple for such complex actions.

There are 2 simple steps:

  1. Step 1: Add the yellow bottle to the old fluid, down the dipstick tube.  Drive the car for 10 minutes. 
  2. Step 2: Then, change the old fluid. On top of the new fluid add the 2 black item conditioners, for ending transmission problems. 

Ending transmission problems come in a kit treatment called Mega Power Transmission Service RS3. Pictured here. shipped to your door with instructions, phone help if needed, guarantee.

Ending transmission problem kits from Mega Power Additives are your best ways to do so.Ending transmission problem kits from Mega Power Additives are your best ways to do so.

Your car needs this ending transmission problems product!

Order now, before something actually breaks! Run down the road of life smoothly again with Mega Power's help.

The choice: $3000 for the fix, or under $100 - which?

Ending Transmission Problems Ordering info.

    Mega Power Transmission Treatment. Pictured above.
    Includes 3 items, easy to follow directions, and my phone help if needed during installation. Guarantee. 2-4 day delivery by FedEx to your door. Just $60+ $15 s&h= $75 total.

Order Two Mega Power Transmission Treatments for two cars or trucks. 2 bonus items. 8 items. Just $115+ $15s&h= $130 total. Save $20.

Fleet, and Transmission Repair shops should make this product your first solution to try. With a $200 to $300 resale you can up your per car net by 20%: Have them ready for usage in inventory. Ordered in sets of Six Treatments for 6 cars. 18 items. Just $240+$20s&h= $260 Total. Save $250 off single price. Shipped to your door or business. 2-4 day delivery time. Directions. Same phone help, and product guarantee included.

For Fleet, and Transmission Repair shop ordering click cart button.

Protect both engine and transmission. Order a Mega Power Treatment for your cars transmission $75, and engine $90. 9 items. Easy to install. Directions phone help and guarantee included. Just $125. Save $40

Order Mega Power for your Motor and Transmission 9 items.
Just $110+ $15s&h= $125 total Save $40. Regular price $165. Same easy to follow directions, phone help if needed, guarantee, delivered by FedEx in 3 days.

What's in them bottles?

They contain special cleaners, conditioners, and co-polymers.

To free and clean sticky valve controls  - one cause for problems. 

Remove varnish and harmful, sticky residues on shift parts that hang up - to stop that problem.

Conditioning with MC+ - to smooth wear worn parts, condition seals, and then fill worn spaces - to stop problems those negatives cause.

Removing those harmful assure smooth gears and clutch movement, and the end to rough shifting, and hard shifts. Slippage. Leaks.

  • To order by phone, or ask a question, call me... george at 512 665 3388 Small additional charge outside of 48 State Side delivery area. Other benefits of this transmission problem ending product.

    Mega Power #T1, T2, and T3 Products correct one other cause of rough-shift, hard-shift, hang-up, and converter lock-up shutter.

    They do so by a surface smoothing with their MC+ metal conditioner. This advantage ends shift and hang ups caused by friction drag. These two products perform the friction reducing and surface restoring,. This also beefs-up the tensile strength of the fluid. This “fluid and metal conditioning” is needed as wear develops, and ta stronger fluid film is needed to keep shifting parts sliding smoothly.

    Step 3- For Slipping transmission problems.

    To end slipping – you also add Mega Power #10 Oil Conditioner – along with the #T and #3 above to the new fluid. This product fills worn spaces and adds a thickener to help pump up the hydraulic pressures needed – close the clutches tighter, ending this cause of slipping.

Ending transmission problems: Conclusion:

    This is the least expensive way I know of to correct 5 common transmission problems.

    Results are almost immediate and permanent. Way less costly compared to actual overhaul.

    These products have a very high success rate. Some Transmission shops use it. Most ignore it. Comes with a 90 day money-back guarantee – should your transmission require actual repair.

    This remedy is worth a try to determine if it will work for your car or truck… george

Ordering info. Order Now! Here for your car. Use cart buttons above for resale and specials

    Mega Power Transmission Treatment. Pictured above. 
    Includes 3 items, easy to follow directions, and my phone help if needed during installation. Guarantee. 2-4 day delivery by FedEx to your door. Just $60+ $15 s&h= $75 total.

More information can be found at:

Products Ending Transmission Problems Home Page

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