New! Mega Power car transmission products ends  transmission problems, avoiding costly repair. Easy to install. Driving does the actual fix.

Mega Power Car Transmission Problem-Solving Products

Review: New much better car transmission products with MC+ stops rough shift, shudder, growl, leaks. Avoids repair. Gives years more like-new service.

Now, you can quickly end your transmission wear and performance problems like those listed above with this new product from Mega Power. A leader in the development of problem-solving car tune, motor, radiator and transmission products.

When you have a transmission shift, slip, clunk problem

    You rightly may conclude, "this problem may be a forerunner of what could be a $2000 to $4000 transmission overhaul." It is, but...

Not to worry.

I'll show you how to install Mega Power to

  • End your problem quickly, inexpensively yourself
  • End the need about its future repair expense
  • Gain a second lifetime of dependable service from it
  • I'm an expert in this area, and I'll show you exactly what to do
  • With product help from Mega Power, and a few tricks I picked up as a mechanic and instructor, to end such problems.

What you need to know: Nearly all

    Shift, shudder, growl, slip, and leak problems have four common wear, residue sources Mega Power can undo.

    Normal repair cost run $1500 to $3000 or higher!

    With help from research help,Todays new problem-solving chemistry from Mega Power can reach deep inside where your transmission oil can't go, to end your wear and tear problem for under $100. Not $3000.

    All that should give you a little hope and a smile. It will!

The problem

When new,

    All you engine and transmission parts were clean, machined smooth, fit tightly together.

    That is when it produced the most power, shifted the smoothest, and passed through the power the motor developed - to the wheels, and sped you easily down the road.

    However, friction roughens your piston bearing, and gear surfaces, and oil-breakdown residues will stick and bind those moving parts. Acids etch those surfaces also, and with heat, Your transmission problem appears.

    With acids and heat, o-rings and seals harden and shrink.

    These conditions need to be removed to end your problem.

    Lots of transmission additives are sold as a cure. Many additives contain solvents that only clean OK - but create more friction by destroying your transmissions lubricity. Avoid those products.

    The part store and big box store sell those kinds of products. Most are worthless. Mega Power is not sold in parts and discount stores, just online.

Learn how these car transmission products from Mega Power fix and promote years more dependable service for your driving pleasure.

What Mega Power does to end your transmission problem

    Mega Power Transmission Treatment uses your transmission and a day of driving to clean with non-harmful chemistry, and free each and every part, them smooth and heal, coat and protect every bushing, shaft, gear, valve, and seal.

That ends your problem and your worry.

    And its guaranteed to do as advertised.

    Order the Mega Power Transmission Treatment Today!

    End your problem in a few days! Instructions, ordering info below.

Ordering info

    Mega Power Transmission Additive Info

    One Mega Power Transmission Treatment 3 items $60 plus $15s&h= $75 total

    Two Mega Power Transmission Treatments 6 items $120 plus $15s&h= $135 total. Save $15.

Order a MP Transmission Treatment and a MP Engine Treatment.

    One Mega Power Worn Motor Treatment 6 items as shown Shipped Fedex to your door in about 3 days. Comes with easy to follow instructions, guarantee. My personal help by phone. I'm a mechanic. $65+ $15s&H= $80 total

    Two Treatments 12 items. $120+ $15s&h= $135 total. Save $35

    Six Treatments $300+ $15s&h+ $315 total. Save $180

    Save $30. Protect both your motor and transmission too:

    Order One Motor Treatment of the 6 items, for your motor $65, and a similar Treatment - The Mega Power Transmission Service #TS3 -3 items: $60+ $15s&h=$75, for your transmission you want to protect: 9 items, just $110, plus $15s&p= $125 total. Specify this WMTE&T combo pak 9 items - if you want the motor and transmission combo protection.

    Order Two Combo Sets for two car engines and transmissions, 18 items, just $200 plus $15s&h= $215 total. Save $65

    Motor problem help. Call me to ask a question or to order at 1 512 665 3388

    Order by mail: include check or money order made payable to George Christ Mega Power: Address: Mega Power. 210 Durango St. San Marcos, tx 78666

    Email question, motor problem help needed, or place an order to:

    Shipped Fedex in 3 days to your door. Say, "You want to order the Worn Motor Treatment." Comes with easy to follow instructions, guarantee. My personal help by phone. I'm a mechanic.

    The links below

    Details how Mega Power car transmission products, package as a treatment, ends your problem and gets you shifting smoothly - on down the road again - indefinitely!

    Stop rough shift, shudder, slip, growl, leaks, fast. Avoid repair, gain year more dependable service from your cars.

    Made to prevent problems in good-working and brand new cars, end them in older ones, too!

    New! Mega Power Car Transmission Products, with MC+; smooths & fills worn transmission surfaces to avoid repair, gain years more dependable service.

    Book mark this page to return to it in the future - and after visiting theses helpful - 1 512 665 3388 Help desk. Call any time.


    For trucks and heavy equipment problem-solving!

    Order Mega Power Car Transmission Products to

Mega Power Problem-solving Car Transmission Products

stop rough shift, shudder, slip, leaks, fast.

Learn how these car transmission products from Mega Power can promote years more dependable service for your driving pleasure.

Mega Power car transmission products ingredients

Stick shift transmission products to stop growl,
leaks, rough shift, reduce heat and wear. For tow vehicles

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