-auto tune up and repair options.... Hundreds of new, Do it yourself car truck equipment and industrial machine wear, performance problem-solving remedies to restore, avoid costly repair, end worry.
....Find yours below.

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What you should know.

Other sites tell you how to tear your car apart to fix it when broken...

Here, you find the remedy to:

  • End your wear trouble deep inside - yourself, easily!
  • I'll show you the best and easiest way to clean the trouble area.
  • Include what frees it of its problem. Of course, every other part benefits, also.
  • This is the only method I've found to stop affected parts - which are wearing out at a much faster rate, stop from grinding away faster, and possibly failing suddenly as you, or your wife drives down the road!
  • This ends that car problem and saves your car/equipment from disaster, avoids that worry, returns your car to an earlier, like-near-new state, gaining years more driving dependability for you.
  • Your car and equipment will start easier, idle smoother, run as if it has a bigger motor, yet go 20 to 40 more miles on each fill up of fuel - thanx to new anti-wear, horsepower restoring, problem-ending products - no one else has!
  • No one else on the internet offers you such great options! 

You'll be shown the product remedy to end your wear trouble deep inside, really ending the cause of your negative from causing need for actual repair.

You'll keep this car and other cars you own on the road going great years longer! The products I found will end, and avoid avoidable wear problems - for you - easily. Nothing to take apart. Driving does the actual fix. That's my option. I'll make it yours!

How to use this page and site to find your fix

  • This page shows what's new to fix your car truck tractor Rv motorcycle, or machine problem.
  • Explains why the products were chosen. 
  • Those harmful - I'll show you to avoid.
  • How and why we have the best guarantee ever!
  • Customer testimonials
  • Buttons, left column show most popular problems solvers
  • Check Table Of Contents problem/solution titles: bottom
  • My help shows how to save your car, your money, car problem headaches - all now avoidable with my help here!
  • New Hi-tech additives fix todays car and equipment

The complaints against additives.

Most additives -like those in part stores and quick lubes have 

well founded  complaints against them - just like news about hokey medicine cures get bad press.  However, you know, all medicines are not bad! Your doctor educates you on what works and why, about the medicine your are about to take, and why you need it! So to with good additives - that's my job here for your benefit!

  • So,  I'm a mechanic. But I've trained thousands of mechanics in the use of these very same product fixes I want you to use.
  • After 30 years with top chemist and additive makers, I'm one of  America's Top Additive Specialist! So you came to the best site possible for help and education on additives.
  • Each tip and product for your case is tested and in use by many mechanics, and tens of thousands of Do it yourself car and equipment owners - just like you, successfully - with my help!
  • That is the auto tune up and repair options, help, tips, products and education you get here.

These auto tune up and repair options are my personal collection of what fixes hundreds of wear and tear problems - I want you to use and that will end both car problem and its expense worry - and get you on down the road of life in the best and quickest way - guarantted - or your money back 100%.

Please note:  2 refunds asked FOR LAST 267 DAYS.


site is my way of showing you how and what's new, with what I call problem-solving additives - and I guarantee the results promised or give you every dime back! Please Note: 2 refunds asked for last 267 days.

They do the mechanical fix chemically to get you back on the road of life - worry and trouble-free, and a great running car again!

This is what new additives from Mega Power can do for you like...

  1. I guarantee I know the exact product made to end your
    problem - thereby avoiding days for repair in some shop
    and a heavy, budget-killing repair bill.
  2. As soon as you try our additive fix option, you will agree, it gives you the best, cheapest, fastest  fix, and gets you on with life with the littlest possible inconvenience.
  3. Lets get started on this new option. 
  4. Start by spending 5 to 10 minutes reading a few pages on what my Do-it-yourself, add an drive additives can do to end your problem, an end other wear and mileage caused problems now in the making. Another great benefit!

My auto tune up and repair options show what additive to avoid, what to install  guaranteed to end your engine transmission radiator steering problem....
....like valve-tap, oil burning, rough idle,   rough shift, leaks, overheating, and many     such negatives - fast, cheap, yourself!
...auto tune up and repair options, help, tips, products

Driving does the mechanical fix - chemically - in an hour to a day of driving.  If the following are not what you need help with, call me! I'll know what you need and help you personally end your problem. Call 512 665 3388...george auto tune up and repair options, help, tips, products

Start with these top 10 DIY auto tune up and repair options:

A good video on new features an advantages
new products offer to end your problem:

Contact Auto tune up and repair options: To ask a question,
on a smart phone, order items listed, call me,
George at 512 665 3388 Email.... megapower@grandecom.net

How Research produces products an services to end problems,
help expensive vehicles run trouble free, years longer.


Your vehicle problem and help for it. All car bike boat RV truck
or heavy equipment running an performance negatives has a beginning
middle, and failure point.

You will like auto tune up and repair options as it offers
chemistry found to solve those negatives and mechanical problems
in your car and the exact method to restore your cars former
great performance - then, keep it that way - chemically!

Sticky residues, acids, pitted surfaces, and friction hampering
your engine, transmission internal surfaces are problem causers! They
are the problem cause, an are speeding your car faster to its
failure point.

Because of those conditions your car requires more than
you realize as a quick fix - to end them - and
I have that remedy for you here! Try these  auto tune up and repair options, help, tips, links first!

Sticky residues, acids, pitted surfaces, and friction on internal
surface are your problem causes.

The good news is, this site has the products to chemically remove them
for you in an easy way. And just Driving does the actual fix!

Don't you think if you could invent a fix, the real remedy would be
to remove those negatives, an include special anti-wear conditioners
to end those internal car negatives?

That is what we have to restore your car's former like-new performance!
That's the permanent fix - you need and that is what I have here
- also assuring you of years longer, trouble-free vehicle life, also.

That is your auto tune up and repair option given here.

Is that what you want? Well, here is my part...

You'll find your fix and remedy comes from 31 years search that
has help my cars, an tens of thousands of car, equipment owners -
They may not know a gas gap from a radiator cap!

These are add-an-drive remedies I teach mechanics, but in terms any
man or women can follow to get the same professional results
- and I guarantee a mechanic will get!

Lets find your fix ...

    To find the one best solution to your new car, an even worn,
    older ones showing signs of decline - and needing help - and to avoid
    costly overhaul - and premature failures -read on...

    Just read a few pages and you will also see my auto tune up and
    repair options.com care and to even have your wife be happy of
    the permanent fix results you did from our tips, products an easy-
    to-follow directions.

To begin your auto tune up and repair options, help, tips, products search for your fix...

    Start with the clicking buttons on the left.

    Click the links of interest below.

    If you like reading.... The very bottom of this page list remedies
    by headline problem titles describing your negative.

All to get you up an running with a much better, simpler way to
make your transportation and equipment dollar GO-TWICE-AS-FAR

Why this not that?????

    Since todays' cars are different from yesterdaaay's cars
    in that they need new additive solutions to end their problem -
    in their pre-failure stage, before it causes a bigger, costlier
    time an money failure problem. You need these new options...

    What works and why explained

    ...Because todays cars are fussy about being clean in
    hidden areas causing your trouble. You need an expert to tell
    you what's wrong an where. And what your newest, cheapest,
    and best options are to get you on down the road of life
    trouble-free again. You also....

    ... want tips on what to avoid that's harmful or a rip off.

    That is what my options are about an why they are better than
    any other! Spend a few minutes to read a couple pages and you will
    agree to try them .... from the country's expert - that's me!

    While this site is to educate mechanics in new-school
    auto tune up an repair options, it written so any non-mechanical
    minded man an women can get the same professional results -
    Guaranteed a mechanic can - or get their money back!
    Please note: 2 refunds asked for last 267 days. Auto tune up and repair options.com  help, tips, products

    Until then, this is the option you're really after to end
    your car problem!

    You'll find in a few pages the exact recipe an Hi-tech product
    to self-service your car truck tractor motorcycle boat an RV back
    to it former, clean, smooth running, and powerful condition

    This is what thousands of customers tell us about our auto tune up and repair options, help, tips, and products.
    This benefit avoids common $1500 to $5000 repair options using
    a newer, cheaper better option for your Hi-tech cars.

    How I found these options for todays car fixing...

    I found these in Mega Power Brand Products an train mechanics
    who want, in their usage. Mega Power has anti-wear chemistry with
    problem-solving advantages to end mechanical-affected problems!

    ...these will work to end your negative car internal condition.
    Because Mega Power problem-solvers restore great-like-new performance -
    me an many others have found my recipe work - while others, using
    common additive methods still face costly overhauls, down-time
    an premature vehicle replacement, years before we do!
    Now its your turn to do the same...

    Sounds like what you want for your cars, right?
    That is our auto tune up an repair option for you here.

    Finding your solutions

    For my cars trucks an tractors, which cost so much to repair an
    replace prematurely, any problem with an engine transmission
    or radiator means a possible roadside failue possibility that
    might strand me or worst, my wife or kids. Who wants to chance that?

    ....Then there is the costly tow hassle, getting estimates an days
    or weeks in the shop. Car juggling starts, an who drives who
    and picks up who schedules are debated. Long waits happen.

    .... an devastation to our family budget become eminent. Schooling, vacation
    even charity concerns may have to take a back seat as the
    money set aside for them go to repair expense. So, any help with
    avoidance helps the smart mechanic, too - an the service I tell you to
    use avoids all that for me an you!

    A better way to avoid avoidable repairs are needed!

    I'll show you a better way to end negatives before they cause
    premature failure and repair is needed. Sure, I'm a mechanic, however....

    It makes no difference that I can fix them labor-free as a mechanic.

    Engine transmission problems are still costly, time-consuming,
    an troublesome - whether own by mechanics or not. Avoiding such
    is important!

    Auto tune up and repair options are my secrets containing the new
    Hi-Tech way to fix today's cars out of a can! That is the option
    you get here.

    Tens of thousands of car an equipment owners already use them.

    To help you... To find the fix you need:

    Look for a button with your problem on left side.
    Scan table of contents bottom of page.
    Type in your problem for this site's Google Search.
    or, click on the links below.
    Call me to ask a question or order by phone.
    512 665 3388... george

    My solution was to find a way to END ENGINE TRANSMISSION
    internal problems with an additive. Part store additives could not
    do so! This led me to Bud Esteline an his tune up products
    promoted here that do so. Each uses new an amazing ingredients
    with space age names having advantages, for slamming the breaks
    on your cars rapid-wear-out - an end the cause of its performance
    problems. How?....

    This site explains how you can end dozens of wear problems easily.
    Thousands have been helped to do so from this site. This method
    of fixing is only found here... and you have what me an many
    other mechanics an just plain car owners looking for such help
    use - to end wear-an-tear and performance problems.

    Of course, you can use the old way of tearing apart and hand
    cleaning each part at a labor expense of $2000 to $5000 - but
    it is not half as good, or as cheap, or as fast as my method!
    An you can do the install yourself. Driving does the actual fix!

    You will love using my simple 2 step install, and driving does the
    fix in 99 out of 100 cars. Yours too! To find your option....

    Yours will be a 2 minute education an a fix explanation with tips
    an ordering on the page with your remedy. Phone help given gladly.

    You will see, why what I tell you to use for your fix is a
    chemical cleaning, friction modifying, an anti-wear to end dozens of
    internal problems to get your car running great an on down the
    road of life again. The steps an specific product does the work.

    Is this what you're after, that's what we offer...
    learn more, read on.

    What customers say...

    Hi George, I have to say that the improvement with the engine
    of my 2005 Explorer has been miraculous. It is actually
    quieter than when I purchased the vehicle in 2005. I researched
    your product as a remedy to end a nasty ticking engine valve
    lifter noise - mechanics wanted up to $3247.59 to fix it.

    With your method, the valve ticking subsided within ten minutes.

    I was delighthed I did it myself for just $100. It has been about
    a month an the motor is quiet, smooth, an has recovered zip I
    thought was worn away.

    Thanks for the products and tips...Patrick Carrabino.

    Yes, todays' car engines transmissions an radiators
    need a special kind of cleaning, a chemical cleaning, an friction
    modifying, an also anti-wear to end dozens of internal problems
    they develop - causing your car trouble. As a mechanic I discovered
    the best way to end them an get them running great,
    an on down the road of life again - trouble free.

    Is this what you're after? See how, then Order what's needed here...
    Guaranteed to work or your money back! Please Note:
    Only 2 refunds asked for last 267 days. So...

    The way you benefit is to install Hi-tech problem-solving products.
    I'll show which fix even mechanical negatives ending the need for
    costly repair.

    You will see how to do so - and exactly whatr to use with my help!
    That's the auto tune up and repair option we showed tens of
    thousands of motorist - who didn't know a gas cap from a
    radiator cap! An this is where you can
    now enjoy the same.

    Why these auto tune up and repair options should be your option?

    As your car wears, and has a mileage or performance problem....
    Did you know, by removing their residue, friction an worn
    areas chemically, a healing occurs.

    Those residue, friction, worn negatives are upsetting your car
    or equipment performance - and I guess you know they indicate,
    if not ended soon, they will soon require a much costlier repair!

    Imagine the costly, an time-consuming trouble your ending
    those negatives now will do for you! I'll show you how...

    To help you... YOU GET THE SAME
    problem-solving INFO MECHANICS GET! Read on...
    See how "me" an a few minutes reading will equip you
    to end your problem, yourself.

    To find what you need:

    Press the buttons on left side.
    Scan table of contents bottom of page.
    Type in your problem for this site's Google Search.
    or, click on the links below


If you think an additive is what may help an want to try one
- before your car condition turns into a costly repair...

You came to the right place.

... Auto tune up and repair OPTIONS.com is the largest online
DIY Do-it-yourself site to find the exact tip help and product
to end your cars wear, residue, even worn, an Hi-mileage problem

And no special skill needed. I've made them for mechanics
but easy for you or anyone to use to end your cars wear and
performance problem. Even if ....
you don't know a gas cap from a radiator cap!

Our way - nothing to take apart. Driving does the fix!

You can narrow down the right choice in just a couple of clicks
on the buttons at the left side - or try these popular links.

Be sure and see the video of why these products and fixes
are so superior and respected.

For Engines. Stop oil and anti-freeze leaks, end excessive
fuel and oil consumption, stop exhaust smoke and fumes,
stop valve and lifter tapping.

For More Info, on a smart phone, to ask product questions, an ordering, call me,
George at 512 665 3388

The Brand we feature is the Mega Power Product Brand for their
unique cleaning, freeing, surface smoothing, surface coating
protecting, and fluid conditioning formulas.

Package in problem-preventing, and problem-solving names featuring benefit advantages.

Key attractions include their fast-acting, performance-improving

The brand offers a superior method of care and provides several
means of lowering cost-per-mile operation.

This includes, repair avoidance, self-paying fuel and oil benefits,
pre-mature vehicle replacement avoidance.

A notable feature is a restoring and maintaining of the like-new
zip, performance, and dependability; beyond what any other method
of care provides.

Unique also Are the brands anti-wear ingredients, which help new and older,
even worn vehicle and equipment owners gain or recover years more,
like-new vehicle, zip, performance, and dependability.

For cars, trucks, heavy equipment, industrial, marine an racing usage.

Purchasing Info. Factory Direct Distributor to you.

George Christ. Mega Power Product Distributor
210 Durango Street. San Marcos, Texas 78666

This site's home page index...

  • These are new chemical problem-solving product remedies found
    to fix mechanical problems chemically. They avoid the repair need
    your car is now headed for! That's what you want to avoid - right?
  • - these have already solved the same problem in thousands of our
    customers cars and their heavy equipment. Imagine the good you,
    and your family will gain doing the same.

Made easy Car Advice from A/C Repairs to Worn Motor Flush Tips
to ending Transmission Rough Shifts - others can't help you do.

Driving does the fix. Nothing to take a part.

  • You will use the most effective, fastest cheapest auto tune up
    and repair options, help, tips, and products. All Hi-tech
    professional grade products, but not sold in stores.
    Order online or by phone - shipped to your door
    by FedEx in 3 days.

And, you have the same method I train mechanics to use, and the
very same product - Yes, I'll show you to use on the page you go to.

  • With my simple explanation - on the page, you'll see why this
    works, and have the confidence to install it - proud you fix it
    yourself, and now have your car back on the road running
    "good as when new again!" Customers tell us so! -that is our auto tune up and repair options guarantee to you! You get a money back guarantee, if it is not what's needed and you
    have your car repaired anyway. People tell us... A few pages of quick reading assures them to purchase the needed
    product Please note: Only 2 refunds asked for last 267 days

Welcome Car Aficionados

Browse our selection of DIY Advice Links below
and Buttons on the left.

  • Yes, I'm a mechanic also. But I hate fixin my cars and equipment
    - if I can find a way to avoid it.
  • Those secrets and tips I found do so - I'm sharing them here
    for you to use.

Call me if on a smartphone, have a question, place a phone order
Call or email me at 512 665 3388
Email megapower@grandecom.net ...george

How DIY Auto tune up and repair options will help you

    You're at the largest collection of Now easy-to-do complicated
    vehicle fixes on the internet. While there are hundreds listed. To
    help you, each fix has a headline with the problem and help shown
    so you spot the help you need.

    Click the buttons on the left and see what can help you -
    after you read a bit more here!

    Call me if that's to much for you - I here to help you that way too!
    That's what I'm on the phone for. However a page of reading anywhere
    will give you the real benefit here for you,

The page with your remedy explains

    How the problem like yours occurred - that helps you become aware
    of what you can do to avoid future problems - as well as details
    on how to end your negative condition easily.

    The products and remedies are field tested and have a high rate of
    success. So all come with a guarantee, and online ordering, and
    delivery in a few days with directions and phone help if needed.

    These remedies have very pleasing results and customers rave about
    them, like Mike, who said... "Our products and tips fix his car and
    made his car and wallet sing!
    Yep - sing!

Mike says...

You will like these Do-it-yourself auto tune up and repair options,
help, tips, product links and ways to end your problem yourself.

  • Links below here cover popular problems people found their answer to.
    Click on the subject line that interest you for the help you need.
  • Start with these top 10 DIY auto tune up and repair options:

    Stop engine valve tap

    To end oil burning

    End oil seal leaks

    For ending combustion blow-by

    Cleaning dirty injectors

    For transmission help

    For radiator help

    For power steering.

    Power Take-Off System help

    Diesel powered cars

    Diesel car engine help

    Diesel powered trucks, equipment

    Trucks, tractors, equipment.

    A good video on new features an advantages
    new products offer to end your problem:

    What follows is our auto tune up and repair options review of why
    we are different, what people say and gain from trying our method
    of care and problem solving. An how you can enjoy the same results.

    Residues, acids, and friction are your car enemies and can only be
    tolerated for so long.

    Here is the point. At some point in time, your affected parts
    wear faster because dirty, acid loaded residues increase their
    wear-out rate and they switch from taking years to wear-out to
    just months! Before that happens ....

    When one or more of your engine transmission parts or systems
    that operate them gets overloaded, they bog down and cause over
    400 different running problems. One of your systems or parts is
    acting up - and we are here to give you the fix for it.

    My thinking has always been to understand why things work. That is
    true in the same sense of knowing why cars suddenly don't work right.
    You don't want to just fix the bad part and go on with
    life as if nothing else harmful is going on, do you? No, of
    course not!

    As a student in an auto repair trade school you're shown how to find
    and replace the troubled parts with new ones. If you do that repair
    faster than the hourly charge for it, you get to work on another
    car and up your commissions considerably. The customer pays the
    hourly rate either way.

    Mechanics have no training in wear avoidance and problem solving.

    So, auto tune up and repair have those options explained here.

    My 37 years of finding what auto tune up and repair options work.
    Those that avoid repair, or can put off its need for years!
    It is not synthetic oils and not scheduled services.
    Problems happen anyway.

    So, what other factors are at work that need fix'en too!

    You get that help here as my auto tune up and repair option
    that me and many mechanics use.

    Here, you find out what went wrong and then find how to end
    the dirty residue cause-of-the-problem as well as replacing
    the bad part.

    The great thing is this! My method cleans up and ends the cause,
    heals the damage, fills the worn spaces, adds protectors to ward
    off future troubles and returns the car boat Rv tractor machine -
    whatever, to its new-like operation again.

    All that and more is what you get here as your best
    auto tune up and repair options.

    That is the option here. If you just want help with replacing the
    affected part - other web sites help you with that!

    This page shows 3 ways to find the exact help to end your cars
    negative I'm using and so should you!!

    I collected hundreds of completely new, better, faster options,
    all able to clean and heal your car's negatives caused by excessive
    friction and sticky residues. They will end your car. equipment
    troublesome running, shifting heating, leaking and performance
    decline problems, and you need my help to end them - that's my
    job to help do so.

    We just don't buy products and put them up for sale like other
    sites do and expect you to decide what you need - No Way! This is
    an educational site.

    People who try my options will have their car running great in less
    than a day usually, and find they avoid a costly repair. Why not you?

    So, let's get started! Chose one of 3 ways to get the help you need.

  • Click buttons on the left, or links below. In a page or 2,
    take and read the story once or twice to get the idea. Then
    purchase the product suggested. You will have an explanation of
    your problem given and the method I found to end your deep inside
    problem. With, tips and...
    Ordering info there, too.
  • Check the auto tune up and repair options Table of Contents -
    bottom of page, for a headline you need help with.
  • If you prefer phone help, call me with your problem and I'll
    select what you need and help you install its to get professional
    results - you will love! call me at 512 665 3388 ... George
  • Links below here cover popular problems people found their answer to.
    Click on the subject line that interest you for the help you need.
  • Start with these top 10 DIY auto tune up and repair options:

    Stop engine valve tap

    To end oil burning

    End oil seal leaks

    For ending combustion blow-by

    Cleaning dirty injectors

    For transmission help

    For radiator help

    For power steering.

    Power Take-Off System help

    Diesel powered cars

    Diesel car engine help

    Diesel powered trucks, equipment

    Trucks, tractors, equipment.

    A good video on new features an advantages
    new products offer to end your problem:

    What follows is our auto tune up and repair options review of why
    we are different, what people say and gain from trying our method
    of care and problem solving.

    The bottom of this page list 100 popular
    fixes and articles covering a fix in each article, by headline subject. These auto tune up and repair avoiding options
    will give you your fix and peace of mind - as each product provides anti-wear to slow down wear to a crawl as it ends your car problem and restores, and restores performance to benefit you and your family and their cars for years to come. See testimonials.

    You'll love my easy-to-use, auto tune up and repair options. Nothing to take apart - just add as shown - driving does the fix. That is because you are using what I call problem-solving chemistry that fixes mechanical problems - as tens of thousands of car truck equipment RV and marine equipment owners already enjoy. You are next!

    Enjoy testimonials on the page you go to - See how others love their fix and it was easy to install.

    Most any problem in your engine, transmission, radiator, power steering - like valve tapping, oil burning, loss of power, seal and gasket leaks. Those negatives, like rough shift, steering whine, and many more such, before the condition fails, and a costly repair or new vehicle is needed. However....

    If some part has already failed, other web sites will help you with an actual repair. However by reading a page about that problem or part of your car, you will quickly learn the difference between the two.

    Here at auto tune up and repair options.com - we'll show you what to do to end those internal conditions of wear, friction, and residue that go on to cause part failure. It's our kind of repair and tune of mechanical parts.

    Chemistry can stop the problem and heal the damage. This avoids the need for repair or puts such need off for years! I'll show you what's needed and have and an easy install giving professional results. That is good news an our option for you!

    Please note:

    This is an educational to teach mechanic how to use new and high tech problem solving chemistry, something their expertise lacks - I'm a mechanic. I know that is so!

    Us mechanics are trained to find broken parts replace them, try to do so in less than the time we charge by the hour to do so, and get on to the next car. That we are experts in.

    Its estimate that if such high tech problem solving chemistry as I teach here was used as a dependability enhancing tool, mechanic's could earn the only pay raise they will ever get!

    Those mechanic's that do have relearn the thinking they have been taught by those who want cars to wear out faster. The car makers and parts makers.

    So spent time clicking around auto tune up and repair options.com site and see what been costing you a lot of hard earned money - not knowing. Transfer that expense to other family needs.

    What you will learn is an method of care of how control or stop the cause of 90% of all wear and tear premature wear out - and gain additional years of strong power car ownership - well other - using other method have to overhaul their cars and equipment well yours run "just great!"

    Isn't that what you really need now? Sure it is.

    Ending your cars negative conditions before it runs its course and causes a need for actual repair is where you need help now, and your best option for that is here!

    Those are the unique auto tune up and repair options tens of thousands have used, and so helpful - that Google and Yahoo and other web sites ranks us on their top car problem solving authors.


As featured in Fixya.com. Congratulations Geo Christ! You're in the top 10%. With 612 people helped, you're one of the most popular answerers of Honda questions. Keep those great answers coming, George.

With over 400 auto tune up and repair options, I call recipes, each end a specific wear and tear performance DETTERRING car truck tractor, RV, motorcycle, boat, heavy equipment and machinery negative. So you have a great car and equipment tune and repair resource to end this cars problem and most others where problem-solving chemistry can do so..

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About your fix. The product chosen is Mega Power, because Mega Power goes to the cause and the location of your residue and friction wear problem. That is where ever fuel, air, combustion, exhaust and oil or fluid go. Those advantages on your pistons, bearings, valves, gears and such is what does the fix and will have your car running great in just minutes - amazingly! And... for mechanics

    Mega Power once understood, will benefit every mechanic and should be part of your tune and repair procedure for two reasons.

    1. If you want to get paid well to slam the brakes on premature wear and tear going on inside your customers cars and heavy equipment.
    2. Mega Power gives a real tune up assist. Replaced bad parts do restore power. However, Mega Power is the only means known for the mechanic to recover lost horsepower and restore the former new car zip and performance that friction and residue and years of wear take away.
    3. There is no other way to end your car negative and recover lost power - than by using the very same products I want mechanics to install.

    This site is the only teaching site you gain the same education mechanics gain as an upgrade to their expertise. This site is for their education and your auto tune up and repair options expertise.

    Read testimonials of car and equipment mechanics and vehicle owners like you who say so and who have tested the promises made and gained the benefits you are after.

The option for you here are what will go on to protect your car and your budget from an avoidable repair. Will restore your car long-term performance. Something not gained if some other method is selected.

How this is now possible.

It is possible because new products can now chemically tune, restore and repair mechanical problems that use to have to be repaired, it is an everyday thing to use our product suggestions containing them as your best option.

With over 400 auto tune up and repair options, I call recipes, to end wear and tear in your car truck tractor, RV, motorcycle, boat, heavy equipment and machinery. So you have a great car and equipment tune and repair resource.

This is your auto tune up and repair options.com site - and with me, I'll show you how to end your car problem easily. To find your remedy...

Click buttons on the left, an or links below to start your search.
In a page or 2, an explanation of your problem given and
methods to end them, and our suggestion for you to use.

How to end the following problems

Our options will give you peace of mind - knowing these will benefit you and your family and their cars for years to come.

You'll love the easy to use auto tune up and repair options method for your fix and its results - nothing to take apart - just add as shown - driving does the fix.

Enjoy testimonials on the page you go to - See how others love their fix; because they were shown specific new types of high-tech problem solving products. These have chemistry that fixes mechanical problems - as tens of thousands of car truck equipment RV and marine equipment owners already enjoy.

Are you looking for what's new in new products to end residue
and wear caused running and operating problems in your car?
My friend George, the Cardoctor will help you!

Check out this, his web site for that help. You'll be shown a field
proven and guaranteed proven fix. Guaranteed because - after just
one or two complaints and a 99% success rate. So it was decided that
would help the cautious person to take a risk-free chance
without one penny's loss if the product failed, or he made an
unintentional mis-call on the purchase.

Your fix is field tested. Invented by genius Bud Esterline, the inventor
of the actual formula, but george is the expert teaching mechanics
to use them - and now the public. Directions are easy enough for you to
install and get the same professional fix as any mechanic,
even though you may not be mechanically-inclined.

You'll be shown what, and how-to help not found on any other web site.
It is your introduction, explanation, and easy-to-use tips that
will correct your wear and tear negative now, before the problem runs
down into a repair need as a remedy.

That's because of a new form of wear and tear problem solving
chemistry expertise George has - no one else has - gained from 35
years of field use.

You'll read how your auto tune up and repair options
are possible by problem-solving chemistry with 1000 fixes
to date now possible. You are getting the best form of car
care and problem solving for every thing mechanical you
have - large or small - new or worn out - but still running.

We favor Mega Power for the chemistry invention and me -
George for understanding them and explain their usage for you
to end your car problem. Including the way to easily end...

The buttons on the left and links in the story are popular fixes.
In a page or 2, you will have yours. Items needed are ordered on line
on the page you go to, there are specials, or ask a question or order
by phone. Items sent by FedEx in about 3 days, with directions
and $25 free phone help if needed.
A satisfaction guarantee on all items.

  • A stuck lifter
  • Low compression
  • A blow-by condition
  • High mileage lack of power
  • A rough idle or stalling
  • Engine miss
  • Gear growl
  • Rough shifting
  • A Radiator or cooling problem, and hundreds more.

-All are covered, explaining the best product made - and why so, to end your problem.

The page you go to includes how your problem started, product to end it we guarantee will work, directions to end it, and why our choice has ingredients proven to prevent other wear, age, residue and wear out problems from appearing years to soon as a protection benefit!

My way avoids the common need for repair for many more years - my customers tell me. They will get you back on the road of life again going strong and trouble-free for years to come, again.

auto tune up and repair options you wish your mechanic would tell you about

Read the testimonials below and on the testimonial button on the left

You come to the right place!

Thousands of vehicle owners have already followed our auto tune up and repair options, help, tips, and product recommendations to remedy those problems and hundreds more negative conditions. This is the way to restore your cars and equipment lost performance. These are not some Madison Avenue Ad hype some copywriter dreamed up, to get your money... No!

    They are real Auto tune up and auto repair options I teach mechanics and promote as an expert in this field for 30 years.

    You'll get the same new breed of anti-wear, problem-solving ingredients - no other product has - to end your car's negative condition and restore its former great performance. This includes a simple 2 step install I discovered, that requires nothing to take apart. Shipped FedEx to your door in a few days. Free Phone help if needed.

    That is the auto tune up and repair options, help, tips, and products you really need and get here!

    Of course, if your engine, transmission and such has failed due to a broken part, you need to go elsewhere for that part replacement help.

    Here, tens of thousands of car, equipment, industrial equipment, and machine shop owners have a near 100% satisfaction rate using these problem-solving products as-the-fix. It is the way they got their cars and equipment - even high mileage and worn vehicles running great again, using my auto tune up and repair options - before failure occurs - and to avoid its repair need!

    If that sounds like the help you need... read on!

    These options are the fix, or restore performance such, the repair or overhaul need is put off for years! Imagine the good that will do your car and budget right now! Please note: 2 refunds asked for last 267 days.

What people say about their results following out tips.

Mike's letter is typical showing the amazing results you can expect, also!

Mike says our product option "turned his poor running, noisy engine he thought was just old, worn out and tired into into a powerful, quiet one, that has put off overhaul - maybe for years to come!" -
"Your tips and the product suggested gave an almost instant like-new improvement and is music to my ears, every tine I go down the highway to work. Your option avoided a expensive repair bill." You ned that same her given Mike!

That's exactly how you will benefit from my auto tune up and repair avoiding options!

How to find the product and help you need

  • There's buttons on left side on popular component remedies.
  • Scan our Table of Contents - where the title shows
    the problem solved - to help you. Bottom of this page.
  • Call me, if you have a question, and to order the products needed for your car problem.

    Call me day or evening at 512 665 3388. That is what I'm here for.... george

To help you find your auto tune up and repair options, help, tips, products to end problems like the following car, truck, tractor, RV kinds of problems

  • Tune up
  • Motor
  • Transmission
  • Steering
  • Cooling
  • Wear, performance or,
  • Hi-mileage problem, fast.

You start, by clicking the buttons on the left side, scan the Table of Contents Titles, or call me for that help - and to order the products needed.

New products to fix your car problem us mechanics use

All auto tune up and repair options, help, tips, products come with a 100%, 12 month money back if not satisfied Guarantee.

I've listed your remedy by the wear and tear or performance problem you have. Look for those descriptions in the article titles in the table of contents at the bottom of this page.

That page has the online ordering you need.

It all comes with Free Phone Help, too!

You can also press the buttons on the left that seem most likely.

Or call me for help, if on a smartphone, and or to order the problem-solving product needed.... 512 665 3388.... george

The article you go to will be educational on that subject - made for mechanic's, but easy for any non-mechanically inclined person to understand.

Directions and products needed are shown an explained so even you can follow and get professional results to end your problem - and get on down the road of life - trouble free again.

Brief auto tune up and repair options.com history of what started this site, as the best, easiest, fastest way to find the DIY remedy to your car problem.

To do so, me and others tested and tried all kinds of products to see what works best to end or prevent a specific wear or performance problem.

We eliminated those that don't work - like those part store motor cleaner additives, and engine oil thickeners, they promote.

Those just cannot do the job - as you may know, already.

You need ingredients to clean and penetrate internal problem areas where off the shelf, weaker products can't go. I found them for you!

These auto tune up and repair options, help, tips, products will free, smooth and change dirty, sticky, binding, wear-roughen - problem causing, pistons, bearings, valves, seals, gears, and such, into clean, smooth, long-wearing ones, again - that is what ends your problem.

I found one special brand that contain ingredients to do all those things - when nothing else can. I'll show you the proof, too! I have that products field tested and proven fix - those you need to end your problem. Results are guaranteed to please.

Before you go to that page, consider these two points.

  1. This is all new for most people. So....

    I'm suggesting you take a few minutes reading and reviewing different pages to let me help you understand how your problem and others began, and understand how to end the mystery of why - and what I tell you to do is the fix!

    Otherwise, you will miss out on a much more valuable secondary benefit. That benefit is this...

  2. Not knowing and using these benefits now is causing you to pay for avoidable repairs. And letting wear and tear cut your car and equipment life in half.

    Not knowing is responsible for taking thousands of dollars out of your family budget for vehicle repair and replacement - years sooner than you expected.

    Those secrets, when tested by your trying them, will prove to be...

    A method of car care to keep more of your family budget money - in your pocket, that now goes to into the pockets of filthy-rich, parts-making, parts-selling mongols, and hi-salaried new-car-making executives - for their mansions, their huge boats, their jet airplanes, they and their family enjoy - at the expense of you and yours.

So, read a little, and really learn the real fix for your budget and your wear and tear car problem. Here is how to begin.

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  • Sign up for... updates, tips, and special offers.
  • Next, scan the buttons for the help you need.
  • Or... You can scan 180 page titles below.
  • Or... Call ME for the personal help you need.
  • That is what me, and the DIY, auto tune up, auto repair options are for.

How I can help you by phone, too!

I'm george christ

    America's Car Care Expert. Call me if you have a question about your car, need advice, to order products from our DIY, auto tune up, repair options site, to end your car problem.

    Products ordered arrive by FedEx with simple instructions, my guarantee, and my personal help by phone, to walk you thru the simple install, if you need that help, too. Most problems end in minutes, others in a day or so of driving.

    Call me day or evening for personal car problem help at
    512 665 3388 ..... george

Click the buttons on the left. They are popular terms that point to fixes and products for:

    A Tune up problem, Repair avoidance problem - like ending oil burning, valve tap, growl, smoke, leak, dirty injector, low compression, lack of power, idle, engine miss, rough shifting, cooling, turning squeal, and such, you want to stop or end.

    Or, scan the content list below, one or two clicks will give you the DIY info you need - and you can always call me - I'm a mechanic, and an expert in this field.

What you should know

    You will use my fix to perform a easy to do DIY service, using a product proven to end the problem. They work on any car, truck, and heavy equipment brand, equally well.

    Even out of warranty, older, even worn and Hi-mileage ones.

Your fix

    Comes from those I use and teach mechanics to use. You install them like I show you, then drive. Driving does the actual fix. They are the best discovered way to do so!

    Most problems end in minutes, others in a day or so of driving. That is how to end your wear and performance problem - my way.

    Doing so will also have your car, truck, equipment again running the best it ever ran - as a secondary benefit.

That secondary benefit comes from what I learned.

They are secrets I discovered, and now, I'm giving them to you to end your problem... and not only get you running like before the problem appear! But will...

The DIY fix contains what will restore, and help you gain years of like-new zip. Like new performance - you thought was lost, but can be retrieved - using what I discovered and suggest to do.

They will end your problem, and put off, or eliminate a possible repair - it is now heading for!

Thousands of us vehicle owners have already done so to our cars and equipment.

    They are not Madison Avenue Adverts and hype some copywriter dreamed up. This is all from first hand experience, What I teach mechanics, and what they use for their customers car fixes, too.

    After only getting 1 or 2 complaints, compared to the thousands of satisfied customers, I'm so confident that...

    If you place and order, or realize, much more is needed - like an actual repair, there is no charge to you for following my product suggestions. They do not fail to do as advertised! Only one refund was asked for, last year.

    That says a lot about how confident I am about the product and DIY tips you purchase here, to end your problem. That is why I'm America's Car Care, Problem-Solving Expert.

To find the DIY auto tune up and repair options.com help you need:

    Bookmark this site for future reference.

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    • Or... Call ME for the personal help you need.
    • That is what me, and the DIY, auto tune up, auto repair options are for.

    I can help you by phone

    I'm george Christ - auto tune up and repair options, help, tips, products originator.

      America's Car Care Expert with the help you need! Call me if you have a question about your car, need advice, to order products from this DIY, auto tune up, repair options site, to end your car problem.

      Products ordered arrive by FedEx with simple instructions, my guarantee, and my personal help by phone, to walk you thru the simple install, if you need that help, too. Most problems end in minutes, others in a day or so of driving. Auto tune up and repair options, help, tips, products

      Call me day or evening for personal car problem help at 512 665 3388

      You can email me at: megapower@grandecom.net for my suggestions about your vehicle problem.

      Here's to the best DIY way to end your wear and tear problem... george 512 665 3388

    links: Link Directory 740cb2707f901a2c26953a09dde3b270. http://ezinearticles.com/?Ending-Valve-Tap&id=3899467


    Our DIY auto tune up and repair options.com subject content page titles. Remember, You can always call me for personal car care help... george at 1 512 665 3388

Our Table of Contents help section below.


Mega Power Products Distributor Opportunity. Profit Potential
Distributor Opportunity. Investigate this top quality product line to see if its for you. Local business opportunity. Great ROI. 1-512 665 3388
Quick Search, Vehicle Tune and Repair Help Index
Quick Search, Automotive Help Index. Large selection, vehicle/equipment problem-solving, oil fuel coolant anti-wear additives. New to old cars trucks RV's equipment
Shipping restrictions beyond 48 states USA area
Mega Power Automotive Products: Shipping restrictions beyond 48 states USA area
Search: Motor problem solvers. Help Tips Products to end your motor wear problem
A new breed of motor problem solvers are avoiding overhaul need by ending oil burning, power loss, valve tapping, sludge, blowby and oil leaks - even rough transmission shifts - no wrenches needed
Stops noisy engine valve tap Driving ends tap. Avoids costly repair bill
Mega Power, a noisy engine valve treatment stops noisy engine valve tap or free! Add to motor. Drive to end tap. Avoids engine repair for good!
Motor blowby treatment ends worn compression blowby.Restores power fast
Mega Power Motor Blowby Treatment ends compression blowby in worn motors. Stops oil burning, oil leaks, valve tap. Restores like-new power with MC+ avoids overhaul. Guaranteed!
Engine sludge removal tips, 100% safe. Instant motor improvement
Sludge removal. Try this 100% safe way n forget everything else you heard about flushing your engine - its all wrong! This saves your engine using MC+
This Worn Motor Treatment. Gives new life to worn motors instantly
Mega Power's New Worn Motor Treatment restores power, ends oil burning, tap noise by cleaning dirty valves, piston rings, by adding protective anti-wear for year more dependable service
Tune up Products include additives; the other half of a good tune up
Tune up Products. Mega Power Additives; the other half of a good tune up. These 6 restore lost power, end performance problems. Review.
DIY fuel injector cleaners, fast acting, Ends several tune up problems
These Fuel Injector Cleaners with MC+ gives almost instant problem-solving power-restoring performance. Ends rough idle, engine miss, stalling, lousy fuel economy. Order online
Transmission Help! Product ends transmission rough shift, jerk, slip, leak
Need transmission help? New product ends rough shift, jerk, slip, leak, chatter. Goes where oil, other products cannot to end problem.
Transmission slipping question. Can I end the slipping problem mself?
New product ends 3 causes transmission slipping by removing varnish on clutches, raising pump shift pressure, cleaning sticky shift valves Avoids repair
Transmission troubleshooting - Ends rough shift, jerk, slip, transmission leak
DIY transmission troubleshooting product quickly ends your rough shift, jerk, slip, miss, transmission leaks. Ends troubleshooting avoids repair.
Power Steering Treatment Ends 5 Problems, Gives 3 Advantages
Mega Power's Power Steering Treatment ends jerky turning, hang up, squeal, leak. Restore smooth steering, turning. Avoids repair.
Radiator cooling system DIY 7 problem solver product
This radiator cooling system product stops head gasket, manifold, heater core leaks. Simple to install, instant results, cool exciter and stop leak included, guaranteed.
Air conditioner tune up oil ends compressor problems
Follow these air conditioner "cheat" tune up tips using 120, you will lower car temperatures 5 to 10 degrees - avoids costly compressor replacement.. Order online
Stop Leak Products for Cars, Trucks, Equipmment. Our Reviews
Stop leak products. Engine, Transmission, Power Steering. Radiator. Heater. A/C compressor. Seals/gaskets/cracks. Reviews
Stops diesel engine tapping noise. Gives stronger smoother quieter power, too.
Stops all 3 diesel engine tapping noise. New Hi-tech anti-wear product gives your diesel instantly stronger smoother quieter power, too. Makes for easier starting, less exhaust smoke.
End diesel black exhaust smoke, lousy mileage, restore motor power
New product ends diesel black exhaust smoke cleaning Dirty fuel system, injectors, Dirty intake/combustion area, sticky valves fast; give gear higher hill climbing power.
Diesel Truck Fuel Injector Cleaner, Motor Oil Treatments
Diesel Truck Fuel Injector Cleaner. To stop exhuast smoke. Oil Treatment reduce friction drag. Fuel treatment Sale. Old/new motor, gear treatments with friction modifiers. Problems solvers
Mega Power Truck Equipment Engine, Gear Friction Modifiers End Wear, Power loss,
Truck & Equipment Friction Modifiers. 3 ways to correct wear and tear and performance problems in trucks, heavy equipment
Rough shifting, gear howl? Try these popular products, today
Engine, transmission not running right? Rough shifting, gear howl? This cleaner, and fluid conditioner, end those, 10 more, different problems. Professionally marketed. Guaranteed.
Oil Additives Viewpoints.These end motor transmission wear problems, these don't
Additives. Those I like, use, sell. Top 10 additives to correct, end, restore engine, transmission, tune, fuel injector, fuel, radiator problems fast, inexpensively
Racing engine additives Zinc or friction modifiers Which are needed?
Which racing engine additives are right for your motor? Which end your the #1 metal migration, friction drag rapid wear, horsepower eating negatives. Our review
Motor problems: tips, help, products
Motor problems and remedies, with tips, help, and exact product neede for your fix. Each guaranteed to work in a few miles of driving - or your money back!
Mega Power Diesel Motor Treatment stops oil burning, ring blowby guaranteed
Mega Power Diesel Motor Treatment ends oil burning, blue and black exhaust smoke. Restores power for years even in older worn engines.
Mega Power Diesel Fuel Injector Cleaner Conditioner. Ends smoke improves power
Mega Power's Diesel Fuel Injector Cleaner Conditioner cleans injectors, removes engine carbon, frees piston rings an valves ending black exhaust smoke.
Ends engine valve lifter tapwithout replacing hydraulic lifters or valves
Ends your valve lifter tap, fast, without replacing noisy lifters or valves. New install-n-drive product ends lifter tap for a strong quiet running motor again. A DIY simple method anyone can do.
Diesel fuel system cleaner ends tank pump, injector black smoke emission problem
Mega Power Diesel Fuel System Cleaner ends dirty tank, pump, injector, black smoke emission problems in minutes! Last twice as long. Contains no soy.
product stops motor burning oil problem when nothing else can
New product stops motor burning oil problem, works fast, last. Frees sticky piston rings and fills worn spaces ending oil burning. Just add, drive, it works.
Diesel cold weather engine help for faster Starting more Power in Older motors
New! Diesel cold weather engine help products for Hi-mileage engines stop oil burning, gives higher speed shifting, climb hills gear higher, gain 40-80 more miles distance on fillups
Motor problem help. Ends motor problems. Restores power. Avoids repair
Here's great motor problem help: Ends oil burning, tapping, leaks, rough idle, or free! Add, drive n restores. Even worn motors run like new.
Power loss: Motor: Restore tips, help, additives to use
Engine power loss additives and tune up help. Quick tips and products to restore top 5 engine problems using additives anyone can use, just like experts do. Order online. Guaranteed
Auto tune up checklist. 6 DIY steps, products for a perfect auto tune up
Auto tune up checklist shows what product ends miss, stalling, rough idle, power loss, oil burning, tap, lousy mileage, for a perfect auto tune up.
Mega Power Stop Leak Stops Engine,Transmission, Steering, AC Leaks
New! Quick, safe, stop leak+ for coolant, motor, transmission, steering. None clog. Smooths shifting, increases power, protects as it stops leaks.
Site-purpose: auto-tune-up-and-repair-options.com
Site-purpose. New to this site? A goldmind of must-have repair care shortcuts not found elswher to help you get the most out of your vehicles, save you time, fustrations, on problems they develop
Is an engine oil flush harmful? They say so on the label. This one is not!
Is an engine oil flush harmful to your motor? Most are! This one is not! The new flush treatment from Mega Power cleans and revitalizes a motor in minutes or free.
Ends oil sludge problem.Cleans, protects, revitalizes motor safely
ew End your motor oil sludge problem now. Simple 2 step sludge removal product restores power. Ends 5 motor problems sludge causes.
This high mileage oil change ends wear & low compression problems
Ends high mileage oil burning, high emissions, valve noise, lousy mileage. Mega Power Worn Motor Oil Change ends wear problems in minutes.
Mega Power Worn Motor, Oil Change Treatment
Worn Motor Oil Change Treatment. New! This Mega Power Products stops Oil leaks, Oil burning, Valve tapping. Restores power, compression problems. Helps top and bottom sections of motor. Order here
Mega Power Worn Motor Directions The two stage method
Mega Power Worn Motor Directions: Ends wear problems, while adding 3 anti-wear features that restore a like-new smooth power again. Products. Tips. Ordering 512 665 3388
End, Valve sticking, tap. Help with, and products to end valve problems
Valve sticking, tap help. WikiAnswers, quote, tips. Fast-acting products to end valve problems, end rough idling, rough running, restore power.
Radiator & cooling system help, maintenance products
Radiator cooling system flush directions. New, stronger system flush products. Stop leak. Cool Conditioners. Anti-acid, Anti-rust Protectors. Tech info. Ordering. More.
Tune up Product Ends Tune up & Performance Problems Fast
Tune up Problem? This problem solving, fast acting, pour-in-n-drive secret quickly ends tune up performance problems, and last for years.
Transmission remedies. When to use additives that work!
Transmission remedies to end leaking, rough shift, slip, converter lockup. Under $100 Simple service & product you use avoids $2000 repair.
Transmission flush ends rough shift, chatter, and transmission leaks
We selected Mega Power Transmission Flush with anti-wear because it ends shift, chatter, leaks. Cools, conditions. Avoids repair.
Cleaning Dirty Fuel Injectors. How to. New injector cleaners...more
New injector cleaner ends dirty fuel injectors, fuel waste, smelly exhaust, starting, idling, power loss, valve tap problems in minutes, guaranteed.
Engine tune up tips, new tuning options. Internal engine problem-solving
New engine tune up product ends internal starting, power loss, engine miss, idle, lousy mileage tune up phone help, Ordering options.
New, and Older Motor, Oil Change Kits Ends Newer and Worn Motor Problems
New & Older Motor, Oil Change Treatments. Cleans, frees, smooths, coats & protects. Ends wear, performance, leak, power loss, other problems fast.
Mega Power Oil Treatment -Restores large motor, transmission performance
Mega Power Oil Treatment ends oil burning.Restores by filling freeing piston rings, bearings, gears for smoother power & shifting. Works fast -& last.
Engine transmission fuel injector repair tips. How to - product review
Engine transmission fuel injector repair tips DIY service tips to end residue caused tune up problems. Avoids costly repair. New cheap easy way gives your older car a second dependable life
Race Car legends. Chrisman Legacy Always Faster. J Leno. The book. Honors
The Chrisman Legacy Always Faster - the book Interview; J Leno, Ed Justice Jr cover the race car legend Art Chrisman racing first, The book. Chrisman Honors. Also News. Classic car events
These car lot additives help turn more cars each month - our secret
Car lot additives help cars that sit to start instantly, run smooth, shift smooth. End tap, smoke, rough shift, rough idle, leaks in minutes
Mega Power, Oil, Fuel Additives. What mechanic's like about
Mega Power MC+ Oil & Fuel Additives give mechanics new engine transmission products to end wear residue friction problems restoring lost performance new parts can't restore.
Garage owner tips: Use Perceieved Value. Have more customers buy more, oftener
Garage owner tips. Learn more. Sell more. Take home $1000 more every month. 7 steps to have more customers buy more, oftener.
Performance additives tips for better car care
Performance additives to correct performance, fuel injector, tuneup, engine, transmission, and fuel problem inexpensiively
Bud Esterline, Vehicle Additive Inventor. His Mega Power Brand Review
Bud Esterline. Mega Power Automotive Additives, lube oils fluid exchngers for cars, trucks, RV, marine and industrial. Problem solving, anti-wear, oil fuel ATF treatments buy wholesale retail
Megapower additives. What's New for Engine Transmission Fuel Injector Problems
Megapower additives with MC+ ends engine transmission tuneup fuel injector steering radiator problems Help Tips Ordering
Dyno tuning Mega Power Additives recover Tire smoking race car power improvers
Dyno tuning, using additives to recover and squeeze out extra horsepower. Not octane boost! "Conditioning" provides instant zip like a bigger motor. Tire smoking race car power improvers.
Sample sales letter and web site of real life sales letters
Sample sales letter. How to write a.. ideas for your message structure. Web site of real life letters
test-letter, how to write, ideas, message
Automotive additive help. Easiest product help list online.
Automotive additive help. Quickest find the right product to end your engine transmission wear sludge tap problem. Free phone help. Online ordering. Satisfaction guaranteed
Leather Car Seats Installed. Sold to Car Dealers and to individuals
Leather Car Seats Installed. Beautiful, rich looking. Replace cloth or vinyl with leather. Oh, the feel of luxury. Buy Rich Leather Car Seats. Add the smell, feel of luxury. Installed. Individual
Wood dash kits. Beatiful Car Accessorie that adds beauty and value
Wood dash kits and Car/Truck Accessories. Wholesale. Installed for the new car dealer. Leather kits, Spoilers, steps, grill guards and more. Southern Calif. 818 730-5741
Wood dash kits, leather seat kits, spoilers, black-chrome. Accessories
We sell Install. Wood dash kits, Custom steering wheels, Leather seat kits, spoilers, black-chrome-gold Trim, Other Accessories
For an Eco Friendly Plumber call Ocean Plumbing, Corpus Christi Tx 361 937 7284
For an Eco Friendly Plumber for new remodel repair emergency home business plumbing estimates call 361-937-7284 Ocean Plumbing
Green, Plumber, Plumbing. Ocean Plumbing, Corpus Christi, Tx
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Oil-additives Top ten most popular problem-solving additives.
oil-additives. Top ten most popular problem-solving additives. Oil, Fuel, Cleaners, Conditioners, Friction Modifiers, Stop Leak, Tune up, Shift, etc Engine Transmission Fuel injectors..7 more
Fuel-oil-treatments. Add 12 oz to stabilize 50 gallons for soot free burning
Fuel-oil-treatments,Gas Treatment 12 oz per treats and conditions any type fuel. Clean burning, more heat
Automotive tune up. Try this fast tune up method using these tips and additives
Automotive tune up. 10 good tune tips to find the tips and products to get your car running great in short order and inexpensively.
Auto repair tips and help to end wear and performance problems
Auto repair tips. Review DIY products ending motor, tune up, injector, transmission, steering, aaan a/c problems. Products for mechanics anyone can use. Free phone advice.
New motor oil treatment. Help for older, worn motors. Mega Power Motor Treatment
Motor oil treatment. Restores power & compression in minutes. Stop oil burning, tap, leaks etc. Gives years of overhaul-like life to any worn motor
Motor Oil Treatment Directions. New oil treatment uses
Oil Treatment Directions. How to use Mega Power Oil Treatment to correct, prevent engine, transmission, power steering, differential problems
Motor help & tips to get your motor running great again, cheaply
Motor help. Hundreds of helpful tips, education, cheap but great fixes, to have your cars, equipment run great again, hopefully last longer. Great additive products to use. Secrets us car buffs use
Engine oil additives. The top 6 for these problems. Worn motor or new.
Engine oil additives correct dozens of problems. For New to older cars, trucks. Exact tips, product to use. Ends your problem - or no charge.
Automotive repair help Additives for radiator motor transmission gas
Automotive repair help: Buy additives to end 20 radiator motor transmission Hi-mileage problems avoid repair. Car & equipment
Tune repair help, tips, products. Over 200 remedies.
Tune repair help for your perfomance and repair problems. Dozens of simple fixes you shuold follow to save your time, money, and your car
Business-Software. Auto Repair. Collision
No Business-Software. Just Auto Repair, and Collision lube and products. Favorites my accounts like and use.
Fuel economy improvement from additives. Lies or truth
Additives for Fuel economy improvement. How good are they? Here are the lies, and truth about them. Products we swear by - that work!
Worn motor additives. Restore? STP? Lucas? Brand X? Which is best?
Worn motor additives. Which work best? Restore? STP? Lucas? Brand X? Why these and other additives for motors seldom do as promised, seldom work like you imagined. Which will?
Gasoline Fuel Injector Cleaner. This one does it all!
Gasoline Fuel Injector Cleaner. Why different. This one works fast and cost less. Why its best for your problem, explained. Tips. How to. Free Shipping
Diesel Injector Cleaner, and Motor Oil Additive s
Diesel Fuel Injector Cleaner and Oil Additives for cars trucks equipment. Stops smoke an oil burning caused by dirty injectors and worn motors With power restoring conditioners 1 512 665 3388
Leather seat kits, leather seat covers sold and installed
Leather seat kits for brand new cars and trucks. Highest quality, lowest price. Installed. Southern California. Call for prices.
SAE Award, Gerhard-Schmidt. Ford Mtr. Co. First Powertrain Innovation Award
SAE Award, Gerhard-Schmidt. Ford’s Schmidt Named First Recipient of SAE International Powertrain Innovation Award
Stops motor oil burning. A new fix from Mega Power
Mega Power stops motor oil burning fast. Add, drive. Driving quickly stops oil burning, exhaust smoke, oil consumption using new oil n wear conditioners to block oil escape.
Oil Change Upgrade. Choose a stronger oil change after 100,000 miles
Choose a stronger oil change upgrade made for vehciles with plus, 100,000 miles. By Mega Power. Just the product for out-of-warranty oil changes. Try it Free
Art classes for children and adults. Texarkana. Zip 75501
Art classes for children, adults. Texarkana. Learn the secrets of fine art drawing. Free introductory lesson. 903 293-3264. Rhonda Cross, Instructor
Rhonda Cross, Fine Art Instructor, Texarkana. Classes for young and old
Rhonda Cross, artist, Texarkana. Classes for young and old. Next Class info, Call 903 293-3263 Visit artclassestexarkana.com
Engine additives problem-solving wear residues problems
Problem solving engine additives end tap, smoke, old burning. Restores power in minutes. Goes where oil cannot to clean, free, smooth, coat. Ordering info. Tech help.
Is this the best engine treatment? With top 6 ingredients - maybe!
Could this be the best engine treatment? With 6 ingredients to end your valve tap. reduce oil burning. Stop compression blowby all to restore full horsepower, it could be!
Best car repairs additives now avoid. Motor, transmission, tune up, etc
10 best car repairs for additives. Review: those that work, popular ones that may be harmful. Proven favorites guaranteed to work or your money back.
aboutus.org, /Description: auto-tune-up-and-repair-options,com
aboutus.org. Site description auto-tune-up-and-repair-options.com
Automotive Additive Guide, How to use, education
Automotive Additive Guide. Problem-solving, Problem preventing products for cars, trucks, equipment, RV's, marine, industrial machines.
This Worn Motor Oil Change Treatment Gives Worn Motors a New Life -
This new Worn Motor Oil Change Treatment ends oil burning, valve tap, leaks. Restores near-new motor power, quietness in 100 miles.
Mega Power Testimonial. Mega Power Worn Motor Treatment.
Mega Power Testimonial. Instant Engine Tune up and . "After years of neglect, Mega Power has given my little pickup has more power, and better fuel mileage than I can remember it ever having before."
Problem Solving Gas Additives, Fuel Injector Cleaners, Combustion Cleaners
Problem solving gas additives; treatments, conditioners, gas injector cleaners, combustion cleaners, emission system cleaners. Review, best choice for new & older car problems. Order online
Engine problem tips end wear, age, mileage problems fast, inexpensiely
Guaranteed older engine problem solving product restores power, ends oil burning, tap, smoke, tune-up, wear problems fast, cleaning 6 engine problem areas and injectors.
Art Classes Texarkana. Using the Gluck Fine Art Method
Art Classes Texarkana. Teaching, Award-Winning, Gluck Fine Art Method. Classes for children, teens and adults. Rhonda Cross, instructor Cell 903 293-3264
Additives Motor Oil Facts. Chemical & Engineering News Report
Additives Motor Oil. What one does your engine transmission need? Ask the expert for help: any new to older car and equipment problem
Auto Repair DIY Guide. Troubleshooting options. Products
Auto Repair DIY Guide shows cause, exact additive remedy to end your motor performance, transmission shift problem, avoid repair. Fast acting. Guaranteed.
Auto Repair options including additives to do the fix
Fast Cheap DIY Auto Repair Options including Pour-in-n-drive products to fix Engine transmission radiator power steering fuel fuel-injector problems. Avoids actual repair need.
Engine treatment additives. Are they Needed? If so, which, and when?
Engine treatment s. Are they Needed? If so, which, when? Actual examples of specific problem solving for cars, diesel trucks, tractors, heavy equipment, motorcycles, marine, and RVs. Ordering info
Need, Fuel Injector Cleaning?
Fuel Injector Cleaning. When needed? Article quote from: http://www.goarticles.com/cgi-bin/showa.cgi?C=2461941. Plus, related articles about products for Fuel, Cleaning, Tune up, Repair options
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Texas Jobs. m/f Work from home. Get paid to open accounts, get paid to restock them monthly. Easy to do. Unlimited income or second income Apply 512 665 3388
Engine emission cleaner ends emission & performance problems fast
Emission Cleaner cleans smog system, cat converter, injectors. Ends exhaust smoke, rough idle, valve tap, fuel waste. Restores compression, power.
Ford transmission problem solver. Automatic.Stick shift, 4x4
Ford transmission problem solver product. End automatic, stick shift, 4x4, rough shift, growl, heat, leak, slip, wear problems fast.
Lucas Oil, treatment. Test results. bobistheoilguy.com/images/lucas/lucas.htm
Lucas Oil Treatment. Is Lucas better for your engine and transmission? Bob-the-oil-guy demonstrates why Lucas is worst. See his Lucas oil comparison test. More here...
Engine transmission fuel injector cleaners. How to.
Engine transmission fuel injector cleaners. Products that correct and end engine, transmission, fuel injector problems; like wear, oil burning, carbon, lousy performance.
Car tuneup tips. Product and Tune Secrets to restore any motor
New! Car tuneup product restores motor smooth running. stops miss, rough idle, stall for great car tune up performance. I teach mechanics you can use.
Vehicle additives, filters, wholesale for mechanics, fleet, Oil changers
Vehicle additives and filters for fuel, injectors, motor, transmission, steering, A/C radiator servicing. Gov, colleges, fleet, repair shops
Lucas Oil Additives. Product Comparison: Lucas verses Mega Power
Lucas Oil Additives Lucas negatives and positives compared to: Mega Power. I sell additives. Feedback on Lucas. What oil treatment will work best for your motor?
Engine Tune up Procedure, tips, additives needed
Tune up Procedure, tips, additives to use. Code-reading. Do it yourself help. Is s tune up the Right Fix for .. or is this...
Lucas transmission, stop leak
Lucas transmission, stop leak. How does it compare? If not safe, what could I use to help my transmission along? 3 tips for transmission care, repair avoidance. Other brands to compare.
New! Mega Power Transmission Additive. Stops transmission rough shift and leaks.
New Transmission Additive with 3 new anti-wears frees sticky shift valves to stop rough shift slip leak any transmission or free, guaranteed!
wiki.answers did Lucas worsen my transmission problemit?
wiki.answers Did Lucas worsen my transmission problem? Things you should know about the difference between quality & poor quality additives. Review.
Engine combustion problems? What you need to know and do to end them
Ending combustion problems. Removing carbon options. What you need to know, products needed. How to clean the combustion area to restore performance, end ping. Tech report.
10 Engine Troubleshooting Additives End 10 Problems Restore Engine Dependability
10 Engine troubleshooting tips end your engine noise, tap, smoke, overheating, wear & performance problems? Those I teach mechanics.
Fuel injector cleaning options. Top two DIY options, multi-purpose cleaners
Fuel injector cleaning options. End rough idle, miss, fuel waste, Hi-emissions, remove carbon. Restore perfect performance in minutes.
Older Motor Oil Change. What is an Older Motor Oil-Change?
Older Motor Oil Change. What is an Older Motor Oil-Change? What will it do for my motor. What problem does it solves - my motor needs? Purchasing info
craigslist, http://sanantonio.craigslist.org/aos/1638635565.html
craigslist. Describes how Mega Power Transmission Treatment ends rough shifting, slipping, shudder, leak. Avoids repair. Ordering info.
When is engine flush needed? What type engine cleaner does my car need?
Engine flush, when needed? 5 Steps to a safe engine flush. What 2 ingredients make a good engine cleaning? Complaints. Review of products
Amsoil, engine flush contain solvents. Not good! Better flush products. Review
Amsoil, engine flush. Why I don't trust AMSOIL engine flush. What should be in a good engine flush. Product Review
Amazing engine transmission additive corrects wear, Hi-mileage problems fast
These new engine transmission additive s end costly to repair engine transmission problems by cleaning smoothing and coating where oil cannot! Details...
Mega Power Fuel Optimizer. Two easy ways to boost mileage & fuel optimizing
Boosting fuel economy using Mega Power Fuel Optimizer. A gas and motor additive. Quote taken from, peswiki.com/index.php/Talk:Directory:Fuel_Efficiency
Ends motor valves tapping. Does so right after its installed. Guaranteed
This engine valves tapping product returns quiet, smooth engine operation avoiding a costly repair. Easy install, works as you drive. Review an ordering info.
Ends your engine valve tap in minutes. Corrects, quiets, avoids costly repair
Ends engine valve tap fast. Have a Valve tap noise? Simple to install new product works as you drive using 6 valve conditioners
Engine Emission System Tune up. Tips, Servicing, Problem solving,
Mega Power Motor Emission System Cleaner is the only cleaner to lower exhaust emissions 100%. Cleans piston rings, valves, fuel injectors, PVC, combustion & catalytic converter muffler systems.
car additive brand comparison chart. Popular brands and their dis-advantages
Car additive brand comparison chart. List of dis-advantages of different motor oil treatments. Who ranks #1. Lucas, STP, MOA, Restore, Mega Power, Slick 50?
Radiator coolant leak. What to do next? Tips. Products
Radiator coolant leak problem? What to do next? Tips I use. Stop leak products. Causes of. Cooling system care, flush maintenance, protectors.
Which tune up is right for your problem? Tune up guide and review
Which tune up is best for your motor? What you should know. Basic or Complex? Steps to each. Tuneup additives. Future tune, repair problem avoidance guide.
Wikianswers valve tap. Why valves tap. The remedy
Wikianswers valve tap. I found a brand and their product: Mega Power Worn Motor Treatment pretty good as it ... stop the tap and rough idle
Test page to see if I can produce clickable titles in columns
Test page to see if I can produce clickable titles in columns
Management: jump starting your auto repair shop profits for greater success
Story. Management: jump starting your repair shop using these winning principle for future growth an competitive advantage.
End Engine Tap and Knock. Which is Serious? Which do I Have?
Engine tap, knock, and thud sounds are all different. Repair cost - $2000+ Review of causes, quick, permanent fixes you can do easily. Under $100
End transmission hard shift. Will an additive end the shift problem?
When transmissions hard shift, it can be a bad sensor. Sometimes residue buildup, and friction causes shift problems. Mega Power Additives that help.
Handyman 78666. Best all-around San Marcos Handyman Contractor
Hi I'm Geo Christ. Contractor. Handyman 78666. 512 665 3388 See recent repair work like I can do for you. Small job expert. Reasonable Fast handyman skills. Kitchen, bath, cracks, leveling, paint.
Kitchen Fire Repair Contractor. Central Texas area. Bids wanted. Tips offered
Kitchen fires. Repair tips. Insurance claims. Finding ther contractor. My story.
Motor-problem. Tune up, repair avoidance tips
Motor-problem. Tune up, repair avoidance tips. Additive maker Mega Power may have just the tune up, repair avoidance or help you need. Tips, options I use
Better than octane boost additive, remove the power waster, instead
Are octane boost additives helpful? View this test-lab video. Top brands tested. Review. Products to boost power by removing octane lowering, power robbing, motor, transmission negatives.
How do automotive additives work? Which work best? Which are bad?
Some additives do work! How I separated good brands from bad. Specific additive problem-solvers to end 20 car, equipment wear, age, performance problems. Test, testimonials, reviews
Drain King, sewer & drain cleaning service. Corpus Christi, Nueces, 78418
Ocean Plumbing Drain King Sewer & Drain Cleaning Service. Camera & Sani-Jet cleaning. Cuts cost to 50%. Like-new clean guarantee. 361 937-7284
Motor and transmission, oil treatment. Car truck boat oil treatment.
End smoking, this oil treatment is for automotive, equipment, marine usage. Better than Lucas. Contains Mega Power MC+ friction wear reducer.
Car additives to end many wear, performance problems. Buy online.
Professional grade car additives for engine, transmission, tune up, power steering, fuel & injector problems - work fast. Guaranteed. Review.
Treatment Details. Mega Power Worn Motor Additive. Tips
Treatment Details. Installing the worn motor treatment. Review. New product ends Loss of power Lousy mileage Valve Tap &Oil burning Revitalizing worn tired motors.
Why solvent based additives and flushes are harmful - Which to chose, avoid.
Why solvent based additives for engine & transmission stop leaks & motor flushes sold today are harmful. Know the better, safer brands. Which are which? Our Review
Wiki-answers: Engine knock, or tap? Cause and remedy
This Mega Power Product ends engine knock, valve tap, bearing noises an such from sticky residues, wear problems. Extends motor life, avoids overhaul, adds dependability
Transmission flush products. Mega Power Flush Exchangers. Sales Service
Transmission flush products. Flush Exchangers. End rough shift jerk hang up between shifts. Wholesale Retail Sales & Service. 1 512 665 3388
Six tune up steps part 2. Makes your engine tune up even better
Six tune up steps part 2. Secrets to help your motor... more important than plugs and points. What's missing? Review
New car additive review. Motor, transmission, fuel, radiator, power steering
New Car additive review. New problem solving engine, transmission additives end tune up, injector, cooling, shifting, other new car problems.
Additives ehow com writer Novak not correct about motor additives
Additives ehow com /about_6319642_engine-noise-oil-treatment.html. By Paul Novak, eHow... Writer. "Why Novak is ill-informed on this subject."
Metal conditioner in additives replacing ZDDP for longer motor transmission life
ZDDP out! MC+ Metal Conditioner in! Vehicle additives with metal conditioners providing longer engine and gear life than ZDDP oil additives. Review: Mega Power with MC+
Mega Power Additives. Ends vehicle wear friction sticking performance
Mega Power Additives. Ends new, older, worn engine transmission power steering fuel tune up problems fast inexpensively 512 665 3388
Collision repair specialist. zip 78666. Master Auto Body Repair. San Marcos, Tx
Master Auto Body Repair collision repair specialist. Free Towing, estimates. Top Rated. 1220 S IH35 zip 78666. 512 396 8977.
Vehicle wreck repair 78666. Master Auto body Repair Specialist
Vehicle wreck repair 78666. Master Auto Body Repair Specialist. The home of the Nation-wide Repair Guarantee
Wiki engine treatment. wiki.answers.com/Q/Discuss:What_is_the_best_engine_trea
Wiki engine treatment - which is best? WikiAnswers.com. Discussion. What makes a good engine additive and treatment? Answer...
Marketing vehicle additives. What sells and why
Marketing vehicle additives. What sells and why. Public opinion of most additives. Additive Marketing - what works?
Rudys Auto Repair 78666. San Marcos, Tx. Expert repair, bumper to bumper
Rudys Auto Repair 78666. Tune up, engine, transmission, brakes, steering, & air conditioner repair. 512 353-7288
Need auto repair San Marcos? Rudy's 944 N Interstate 35 Frontage Rd San Marcos,
For good, reasonable priced auto repair San Marcos, Tx. Try Rudy's Auto Repair, 944 N Interstate 35 Frontage Rd Call now! 512 353-7288.
Engine rebuilder. Gary's & Son Machine Shop. Houston, Tx. Zip 77338
Engine rebuilder. Gary's. Houston, Humble,Tx. Fast service. Problems solving. Rebuild, machine shop, parts. Personal help our specialty
Gary and sons engine builder. Houston, Humble, TX
Gary and sons engine builder. Let us do your engine overhaul and machining. 128 Wilson RD, Humble, TX-77338
Great, all-purpose, Penetrating oil spray. Mega Power Penetrating Spray #120
Keep Mega Power #120 penetrating oil spray for home, farm, shop, boat, equipment. Stops squeaks, frees nuts, bolts, anything stuck, rusted, needs lube
Need your motor oil flush ed? Which method is best - worst?
New motor oil flush 10 times better than common motor oil flush products. Mega Power's New Flush Treatment ends 6 motor problems.
These quick tune up additives end tune up idle miss power loss
A quick tune up using these products end 12 engine wear and performance problems that end power loss, rough idle miss lousy mileage tap blowby.
New Transmission Stop Leak. Stops leaks fast! Restores Transmission Shifting
New transmission stop leak treatment. Works, or free! Does more. Cleans, frees, smooths, cools, protects to stops leaks, rough shift. Great for race cars, big rigs, also
Mega Power Additives. Reseller Program. Ordering info
Mega Power Additives. Buy, sell. Reseller Program. Features. Products. Help/ordering info 1-512 665 3388
San Marcos Contractor 78666 Fire, storm, water, leveling, remodeling contractor
San Marcos Contractor 78666. Fire, storm, water, leveling & remodeling contractor. View recent pictures. Call for free bid, fair prices, top quality work. Home or business. George Christ. Central Texa
Answers com transmission. http://wiki.answers.com/
Answers com transmission http://wiki.answers.com/Q/Is_Lucas_transmission_additive_any_br&updated=1&waNoAnsSet=2
Rudy's auto repair 78666. San Marcos Auto Repair Specialist.
Rudy's auto repair 78666. 944 N Interstate 35 Frontage Rd Drop-ins welcome. All Work Guaranteed! Call 512 353-7288
How Mega Power friction modifiers help your car, equipment, run better, longer
Use these Mega Power friction modifiers to restore your motor power, speed you down the road faster, easier, reduce wear, end being aborbed by motor, transmission, gears
Exhaust smoke causes and less-expensive remedies
End blue, black, white exhaust smoke problems fast, inexpensively. Put-off repair, gain years more great car service with tips, guaranteed products, I use.
Ending Winter Engine Starting, Running Problems - Permanently
My 10 cold weather, cranking, engine starting, running tips. End slow start, rough idle, stall, tap. Winter engine care for great engine starting, running, performance.
Cold starting problem. How to start your car in freezing weather, easily.
Cold starting problem. Cold starting problem. Here is how to start your car in freezing weather, easily. With these four items.
Air conditioner tuneup tips to get cooling faster cooler tips
This new air conditioner tuneup tip will cool and quiet your hot compressor to instantly cool as it should using Mega Power Tuneup Lube #120.
Stop engine runs rough idling problem. Product ends rough idling permanently
End engine runs rough idling problem. If not spark plug, wire, or air leak, this product ends internal causes of rough idling, stalling, power loss, in minutes.
Transmission fluid additive ends your shift, slip, leak problems.
New add-n-drive transmission fluid additive ends rough shift slip leaks. ATF Converter restores smooth shifting transmission life, avoids repair need.
Best oil additive to clean, free, protect, end motor problems
We rate Best Oil Additive for providing 6 needed ingredients your oil, piston bearings valves gears etc need to clean, free, end motor wear problems, extend engine dependiblity. See cha
Best worn engine oil additives end top ten engine problems
New worn engine oil additives ends oil-burning valve-tap, engine-miss rough-idle leaks others cannot. Restores power Avoids repair
Your 100,000 mile warranty expiration is up. Vehicle care your car needs now!
After warranty expiration, vehicle servicing tips. 5 tips that avoid costly repairs, help cars run troublefree after warranty expiration.
Ends your motor burns oil problem 2 easy steps Results can last years Some say
Motor burns oil help. New product stops oil burning fast by freeing piston oil rings, filling cylinder wear spaces & valve stems, the 3 causes. Ends 90% smoke. Restores lost power too, customers say
Increasing horsepower. Top 5 Tips For Modifying Your Car's Engine
Things you should know about increasing horsepower, engine modifying, race cams, superchargers, racing lubrication,
Positioning your product, service, or business. Marketing: positioning statement
How to: Positioning your product, service, or business means explaining why yours offer needed advantages others do not. Yell your positoning statement from the house top!
Car music: motor responds like new, sounds like a mean lean in-tuned machine
car music? The car drives smoothly, responds like new and sounds like a mean lean in tuned machine (music to my ears) and I am having fun with it again.
5 best fuel economy improvers, also extend vehicle life
Five successful, fuel economy improvers, anyone vehicle can use. Three promote longer vehicle life and performance. Those to avoid
Tune up car. Tune options to do before you see a mechanic
Tune up car yourself, save $. My easy tune options end stall, rough idle, tap; restores car performance, economy fast, no tools needed.
End spark misfire in 2 easy steps. Why your tuneup did not work.
Spark misfire is 75% internal. If a tune up did not end misfire. These 3 easy steps restore smooth, strong power fast, guaranteed
Click and clack: Valve Tap Dance; Remedy. Washington Post, Click & Clack Answer
CLICK & CLACK: Valve Tap Dance. Washington Post; Click and Clack answer column. "Why, how to stop valve tap?" My better, faster DIY tap cure. Products for...
Tune up options. Other options, if tuneup did not end motor problem.
Tune up options, using DIY products to clean six areas of your motor, end its problem, restore great like-new performance, extend its life.
Auto repair options. Using additives to avoid repair as an option
Today's auto repair options include additives. That option can keep your older, hi-mileage cars an equipment running great, and put off repair.
Houston custom car. This Texas mechanic's great 92 Porsche For Sale
Ed Tack' s Houston custom car. 92 Porsche Kit Car for sale. Be its proud new owner. Call him at 1 512 665 3388
DIY Motor product ends high mileage problem valve tap, oil burning
High mileage problem-solver restores cars power ends oil burning stops valve tap. This friction reducer ends those high mileage car problems.
Is Army NASCAR sponsorship on way out? Congresswoman hopes so.
Army NASCAR sponsorship on way out if Betty McCollum, D-Minn., has her way. Front page story from Racer.com. Picture. Story details...
Ending Audi valve noise with Mega Power Valve Treatment
Mega Power stops Audi valve noise caused by wear, friction, residues using 4 new cleaners, conditioners, friction modifiers. Noisy Audi valves become quiet in minutes.
Mega Power EGR problem solving tune up product ends idle, exhaust, power-loss
Mega Power EGR problem solving tuneup product ends high noz emissions, smelly exhaust, rough idle, stalling, ping, power loss. Restores strong smooth power.
Stephanies house sitting. Around Chatsworth, zip code 91311
Stephanies house sitting. Around Chatsworth zip code 91311
Ends rough shifting automatic transmission problem fast, cheaply.
End your leaky, rough shifting automatic transmission problem fast yourself, avoid a $2000 repair that may not entirely end the problem this will.
Ends your transmission problem. Ends rough shift, won't shift, gear slipping
New product ends transmission problem like rough shift, won't shift, even gear slipping. Uses powerful penetrant and 2 conditioners to restore proper shifts. avoid costly overhaul
Lucas transmission products did not work. Is Lucas too thick, maybe.
If lucas transmission products didn't work, try this treatment people say, is a great transmission product
Ends sticky transmission valve shift problem. Add; driving ends sticky shifting
Ends your sticky transmission shift problems 3 ways. Cleans, frees sticking valves, friction modifies, coats transmission gears
Ends engine misfire with this simple misfire cleaning procedure
Easy way ends engine misfire. Review of new easy way to stop your engines misfire. Restores compression, power. Quiets engine valve tap.
Got sticky valves? Engine treatment quiets, ends sticking valves fast
Sticky valves tap, or sounds like a sewing machine gone amuck. Don't worry! This amazing product will have it purring like a Rolls Royce in minutes: Guaranteed!
Mega Power Transmission Service Directions
Mega Power Transmission Service Directions. Quickly end a variety of wear shift problems to enjoy smooth shifting years longer
Stops power steering whine, growl, leak, and rack binding fast
Stops power steering whine, growl, leak, and rack binding fast
Cleans car rusty radiator fast. 2 simple steps, products to use
Cleans your car rusty radiator fast. Simple DIY product. Removes rust. Cooler car radiator when towing. Ends hot running temperature rise.
Common car power loss cause, easiest product to end it
Ends car power loss cause. New DIY product with cleaner, friction modifier, & protector ends power loss, decline restores power fast.
Restores engine performance fast. Mega Power Worn Motor Treatment
For great engine performance, this quick acting treatment cleans, frees, coats to restore engine power
What A Vacuum Gauge Tells You About Your Engine
What a vacuum gauge tells you and what to do about it. For the best tune up using a vac gage follow these proven steps and products to end tune up and wear problems
New Engine Performance Additives with MC+ Reduces Friction Wear
New Mega Power engine performance additives improves engine performance fast cleaning, pistons, bearings, valves, injectors, combustion area
Great car engine troubleshooting guide. Review: Engine troubleshooting additives
Car engine troubleshooting steps, specific product review to end internal wear, performance problems. Newer & Hi-mileage car engines
Car care 101 Pour in & Drive Engine Transmission Fixes Avoids Fixing
My Car Care 101. How smart car truck RV owners have fewer repairs. Drive trouble-free years longer. Car Care Secrets I learned you should use.
End worn engine bearing problem with this worn engine treatment
Help worn engine bearings with this new product for years more usage, and repair avoidance. has Money Back Guarantee
Ends rough engine idle fast caused by mis-fire, dirty injectors, sticky valves.
New product quickly, safely ends rough engine idle, stalling, power loss caused by mis-fire, dirty injectors, sticky valves, hi mileage.
Mega Power Products. How to use Mega Power. Ordering Mega Power Additives.
Mega Power Products. Mega Power for car truck tune up, repair fixes, help, options. Ordering Mega Power Additives. 1 512 665 3388
Does mega power products work? Read this wiki answer.
Boatmasters: Mega Power #120 to free stuck boatmasters engine parts
Boatmasters secret: Mega Power #120 penetrant. Boatmasters has been freeing stuck, frozen engine parts, saving $ time, avoiding fustration.
Best boat fuel additives for every type boat fuel blend, useage.
Best boat fuel additives. This brand is so strong, motors just last longer. Gives your boat motor& carburetor a tuneup via the fuel.
Great DIY transmission slipping fix. Avoids transmission slipping repair
New. A under $100 transmission slipping fix from Mega Power. Pour-in-n-drive. Stops transmission leaks, rough shift, slipping. Avoids $2000 repair.
Mega Power ends transmission jerk, rough shift, converter hang-up
Stops transmission jerk, rough shift, even transmission converter lockup jerk at 45mph. Just add, drive - driving does the fix
new product ends engine bearing rap. Extends engine bearing life.
End engine bearing rap, help your motor with this product. Ends bearing looseness, reduces the tap fast. Gives you longer engine life customers tell us.
Quiets noisy motor fast. Product fills noisy motor wear gaps
End your noisy motor problem. New pour-in-n-drive noise ending motor aid has car owners jumping with joy over overhual-like results. See why
Automotive repair news. Do It Yourselfers use mechanics in a can
Automotive repair news for Do It Your selfers. Automotive repair products end your oil burning, valve tap, power loss, rough shift, leak problems.
Z-max Engine Treatment misses the boat by having fewer advantages
Z-max Engine Treatment does not friction modify. Friction caused 14 million engine transmission repairs. Does more better than Z-max Engine Treatment
New lube pit marketing increases profit per customer lube and marketing profit
Best lube pit marketing practices include customer education about Mega Power. Top lube pit product, top pit marketing point of sale. Increases ROI $5 per lube customer average
Engine friction. End 5 kinds of friction your engine can't stand
New product ends 5 engine friction problems. New anti-friction keeps cars, fleets, and equipment engines running when worn.
New stop leak treatment give tuneup and overnite stop leak. Oil, ATF, Coolant
New fast stop leak treatment stops motor oil transmission steering radiator coolant A/C leaks. Stop leak treatment & tune up
Older car repair options. motor transmisions steering cooling repair options.
Best, top older car repair options. Older car repair options. motor transmisions steering cooling repair options
Stopping head gasket leak fast. New head gasket stop leak from Mega Power
Stopping head gasket leak fast. New head gasket stop leak from Mega Power works fast. Non clogging. Seals when exposed to air. Online ordering.
Stops engine stumble, miss. Mega Power Simple Engine Tune up Treatment
DIY way quickly stops engine stumble, engine miss, stalling, back fire, misfire, hidden emission problems, Enjoy a smooth running motor again Guaranteed
6 engine friction reducing products for friction reducing
Review 6 new engine friction reducing products. Return lost power, ends wear noise, stops worst friction factors, new or worn engines
Rileys Tavern classic car day photos. Rileys Tavern, Hunter, Texas
Rileys Tavern classic car day photos. Which Rolling work of art do you like. Central Texas classic car lovers. Riley's Tavern, Hunter Texas
Best engine protector lubricant with MC+ 5 other engine protectors
This engine protector frees sticking rings, valves, lifters. Coats protects worn engine pistons for more compression end leak tap oil burning
Megapower. Mega Power Car Truck industrial Lube Additives
Product ordering. Megapower. Mega Power Car Truck industrial Lube Additives 512 665 3388 megapower@grandecom.net Tips, uses, phone help
Mega Power Classic Car Additives. Classic car fuel motor transmission additives
Classic Car Additives. Just add these to prevent and end fuel motor transmission classic car fuel, storeing, cranking, running and shift problems.
hot-rod-magazine, hot-rod-news, hot-rod-parts
hot-rod-magazine, 7-14-2011
Tune up repair options to end dozens of car, equipment wear, mileage problems
Tune up repair options to end wear and performance problems. New, worn cars, trucks, tractors, RV's, marine, industrial applications
Why? Oil problem with my ford ka? Ford oil leak fix
Why? Oil problem with my ford ka? This Ford oil leak fix also helps end other wear problems. Ford oil leak tune up fix beats costly $2500 overhaul remedy.
Oil pressure light comes on. Why? Mega Power ends oil pressure light on problem
Oil pressure light comes on. Mega Power ends oil pressure light on problem. Restores normal oil pressure in 25 miles for tuneup like power.
The new Mega Power 120 Lube Spray. Cleans Frees Losens Lubes Protects
Mega Power 120 Lube Spray frees anything stuck rusted or squeaks. Nuts bolts studs hinges rusted tools shell ejectors wheel nuts machine shalfs, or double your money back! Industrial marine automotive
A C cooling problem fix. My simple trick gets you cool again, fast and cheap
Got an A C cooling problem? This method and product ends your A C cooling problem. It tunes and restores your cooling system - keeping you cool on the hottest day. Avoids an expensive repair.
Distributor options. Mega Power 's work from home business 512 665 3388
Mega Power Distributor Options: Provide profitable new income producing tune and repair products mechanics can only buy from you each month. $5000 Investment.
Oil change 101. Your motor needs one of 3 oil change types
Oil change 101. Your motor needs one of 3 oil change problem solvers. How additives help. New older worn motor oil change guide.
The motorcycle oil to use in any motorcycle. Oil types.
The motorcycle oil to use in any motorcycle. Oil types. Products to end friction. Are friction modifiers in motorcycle oil good - Yes, here's why.
Mega Power Machine cutting lube. Machining cutting lube speed fortifier
Industrial machine cutting lube aid. HEAVY-DUTY CUTTING difficult-to-machine steels. Saw lathe milling. Reduces friction chatter damaging heat. End gear friction noise
Stops motor noise in minutes or free! Say "good bye to motor noise.
Say "good bye" to any motor noise for good, with Mega Power Worn Motor Treatment. Pour-in, driving ends noise in minutes or free.
End car wear problem s with these new engine, transmission products.
New DIY car wear problem solver products for tune up, worn motor, transmission even hi-mileage problems, smooth driving for years to come
Auto oil additives Review: Top 10 additives ending oil & motor problems
New Top 10 auto oil additives to end oil burning, valve tap, leaks, tune & restore power. Auto additives guaranteed to work or free. specific car problems, tips, guarantees.
MP Industrial lube products extreme pressure lube, faster deeper cutting forming
ega Power Industrial Lube Products extreme pressure lube for faster deeper cutting forming machining. For older industrial engines machine luberication
Best vehicle additives end engine, transmission, other car problems fast
Best vehicle additives and Mega Power Brand Auto Tune Up Repair Options will end your engine transmission steering and over-heating problems fast, inexpensively
What is The Best Engine Oil Additive for a High Mileage Engine?
New high mileage engine additive gives high mileage engines years more dependable service. Additive works in 6 motor areas not just oil.
5 DIY problem-solving car caintenance service end 100 wear problems
DIY car maintenance products to end motor transmission fuel radiator steering a/c problems, restore dependability. Put off repair.
Products Ending Transmission Problems, Review: http://williamsyndrome.org/2011/0
5 Transmission Problems Corrected by New Additives. Products ending transmission problems: williamsyndrome.org/2011/09
Equipment additives. Ends high mile motor transmission etc problems fast
New high milage equipment additives introduce wear reducing coatings to clean free & extend end piston bearing valve gear fuel problems. Restores truck performamce fast cheap.
2011 Art Center Car Classic celebrates Southern California's influence on automo
The Pasadena Art Center College of Design 2011 Art Center Car Classic Photos. A tribute to the artist, designers, and classic car custom buiders
Diesel fuel additive test: Best Diesel Lubricity Additives Test Review
Diesel fuel additive test: Best Diesel Lubricity Additives Test: Review Fuel additives for your truck from Mega Power
DIY tip ends engine oil burning. Add, drive, ends engine burns oil problem fast
Engine burns oil? Product ends 3 engine oil burning causes, not just the one. Order online. So effective, its Guaranteed!
Ends engine noise when cold. Add to engine, noise ends cold or hot
Product ends engine noise when cold. Ends engine noise, rattle, tap in a few miles. Motor noise stops cold or hot
Stop pre ignition pinging with new pre ignition pinging product fast
Stop pre ignition pinging with new pre ignition pinging product fast
New product stop engine ticking. DIY treatment ends engine ticking in minutes
New product stop engine ticking. DIY treatment ends engine ticking in minutes
Need sheetrock repair zip 78666.San Marcos sheetrock repair estimate512 665 3388
Need sheetrock repair zip 78666. Free San Marcos Hayes County sheetrock repair estimates call 512 665 3388 Typical repair pictures
Automotive DIY tips.Engine tune & repair avoiding products saves cash & your car
Automotive DIY tips. Do it yourself with our help, tune and repair shortcuts. Products to save your car and cash. Secrets I teach mechanics you can use just like a pro.
Automotive additives for dummies. Six important auto additives for motor care
Automotive additives for dummies. The only 6 auto additives you'll ever need for any motor fuel tuneup transmission cooling or leak problem. Order online.
Ends your motor tune up problem fast. 2 step tuneup pour in product
New simplified 2 step motor tune up I teach tune techs anyone can add, ends any motor idle stalling miss power loss problem in minutes guaranteed.
MMO, other MMO-likefuel additives to end fuel, combustion, oil, running problems
MMO and other fuel additives to protect the fuel, combustion an oiling systems
5 common engine leak causes. New DIY engine stop leaks that work
End 5 engine leak problems, review. Help, tips on new engine stop leak products to end leaks, prevent others. Guaranteed. Fedex 3 days.
Repair your blown head gasket in 3 steps. Ends head gasket leak fast
Kit repairs blown head gasket in 3 steps. Ends head gasket leak and overheating. Add Flush/drain Add Stop-leak/drive. Ends leak, overheating fast
3 motorcycle additives end motorcycle rough idle backfire oil loss shift problem
These motorcycle additives clean gas tank carburetor oil system. End tap Oil burning Compression lost. Restores great riding enjoyment, and performance. Doubles motorcycle life
Hard starting engine problem. 4 steps. including tune up additives
4 steps end your hard starting engine problem. Including electrical, fuel, tune up, and worn engine fixes, tips, products needed.
Best Internet website builder for ongoing help, advice, hosting
Here is the best Internet website builder to hand-holdto success $1 a day website with unlimited photos video and free web hosting advice, schooling, forum
Car additive car doctor. This car doctor knows what your car needs
Thousands use my car doctor additive tips to end engine transmission problems so can you Free advice call line 512 665 3388 Car doctor George additive expert here.
Car Club Forum. Ask! Spread Club News. Show Off Cars in Your Club
Car club forum: Ask, news,events,car pictures. Your favorite car,likes, dislikes. This Car Club Forum, an extra link web page for your Club News. Show Off Cars in Your Club.
DIY problem solving internal engine cleaner. Internally ends sludge tap oil loss
DIY problem solving internal engine cleaner. Internally ends sludge tap oil loss. Restores power smoother running puts off overhaul need.
Tune up, boat engine troubleshooting tips, care. Boat engine additives to use
Boat engine troubleshooting. Tune up your boat engine troubleshoot faster. Enjoy easier starts, top power, longer time between engine repairs. Lower repair cost.
How to end your jeep motor problems with these new motor additives
Have a jeep motor problem? Tap, oil burning, rough idle, power loss? These additives will end your wear, performance, jeep motor problem, avoid costly repair
How to clean dirty engine. 10 minute simple 2 step engine cleaning product
Here's a safe, fast DIY way to clean dirty engine s. Mega Power's 10 minute simple 2 step engine cleaning product ends your dirty engine problem.
Stopping Ford Truck Engine Valve Tap. Product for:
End your Ford truck engine valve tap taping in minutes. Add. Drive. Ends tap for good! Avoids an expensive Ford engine valve tap repair.
Guarantee & Privacy Policy. auto-tune-up-and-repair-options.com
Guarantee & Privacy Policy. Your privacy information is secure at this site. Read more....
End auto wear wear problems with Mega Power Products b-split-test
New products to end your motor, transmission wear power decline, tap oil burning shift leak problems. DIY product. b-split-test
How to Diagnose Truck Transmission Noises, and Differential gear whine
New products end differential gear whine, and overheating in older trucks and equipment - not possible before
Ends stick shift transmission rough shift: restores really smooth shifting
Ends your rough, hard stick shift transmission problem. Again enjoy smooth easy shifting with these new transmission, repair avoiding products. Ends growl. Reduces heat.
New! Engine transmission additives that end engine transmission problems
New problem-solving engine transmission additives. Works fast! Ends problems and restores like new dependability. Order online.
Top 10 auto repair help tips. Top 10 products, tips to avoid repair
Top 10 auto repair help tips using new products to stop and reverse the top 10 motor, transmission, cooling, steering, and fuel caused problems.
Free intake valve sticking in minutes. Frees stuck open intake, exhaust valves
Stops your intake valve sticking. New, easy, cheaper way. Frees sticking valves by penetrating, cleaning where oil can't on valves. Quiets, smooth, more power. Intake and exhaust.
Mega Power Engine and Transmission Treatment. Restores strong engine power. Smoo
This Engine and Transmission Treatment uses MC+. What you need to end your older engine, transmission performance problem, run as if much newer, last longer.
Mega Power #10 Oil Treatment Conditioner with Friction Modifier MC+
Mega Power 10 Oil Treatment ends motor oil burning tap transmission rough shift gear growl. Friction modifies with Mega Power MC+
Best automotive oil additives to end oil burning, valve tap, rough shift, leaks
Top automotive oil additives to end your radiator, motor, transmission, gears, A/C, and power steering problems. These are guaranteed to please or free to you.
Inexpensive vw valve tap remedy ends tap in 30 minutes, guaranteed!
This is the best, only 30 minute VW valve tap remedy around! This will help you chemically fix for your air cooled, water cooled engine tap! Ends present, future valve problems.
DIY fuel injector, combustion, spark plug tune up cleaner
Multi-purpose fuel injector cleaner also cleans your motor's spark plugs, piston rings, sticky valves; ends rough idle stalling for smooth power, better fuel economy.
New cheaper better Engine Oil Burning Remedy stops oil burning in 50 miles
This Engine Oil Burning Remedy stops oil burning in 50 miles or your money refunded! No refunds ask for last 267 days. Add, Drive. Its permanent.
New motor oil stop leak. Safer, faster, guaranteed.
This new motor oil stop leak from Mega Power is safer, faster, guaranteed to stop any seal or gasket oil leak. Review, Ordering info here.
Gary and Sons. Humble, Tx. Engine rebuilder & machine shop
Engine rebuilder. Gary and Sons. Machine shop. Serving Houston, Humble,Tx. Fast service. Problems solving. Rebuild. Machining. Parts. Personal help our specialty. Tel: (281) 446-4940
This engine sludge removing treatment also restores your motors health
This engine sludge removing treatment safely removes motor residue, an using anti-friction ingredients restores engine power quickly. to extend your motors life for years.
Ends your motor valve clicking shortly after you add this motor valve treatment
New product ends motor valve clicking and tapping fast using 6 strong anti-wear cleaners. Add an drive to end motor noise in as little as 15 minutes.
Worn Motor Treatment Review. Gives years more life to any engine.
Worn Motor Treatment Review: Help, tips, products that avoid costly engine overhaul. Ends tapping, oil burning. Restores years more usage from older, high mileage cars and equipment.
Top ten diy auto repair tips from auto tune up and repair options.com
Top ten diy auto repair tips gets your engine, transmission running great, avoids costly repairs. Top 10 diy tune up, repair tips & product options to avoid costly repair: Secrets mechanics won't tell
Stops motorcycle engine valve tap. My engine tap story
Stops motorcycle engine valve tap. My engine tap story
Auto tune up & auto repair options. 2nd-home-page-test
Auto tune up & auto repair options. Tips, help, products to end your car truck tractor RV equipment wear & residue caused problems
Educational cartoons and stories!
Watch educational cartoons or submit your own short story and let us animate it!
This motor oil lube ends valve tap, oil burning, restores motor power
Mega Power's new motor oil lube ends tap oil burning leaks. This oil conditioner lube anti-wear cuts friction wear, restores power, protects
Auto tune up and repair options.com sign up page
Auto tune up and repair options.com sign up page
Free offer help: List of automotive problem ending products, tips
Automotive free offer help. Your exact engine transmission power loss, oil burning, tap, shift, leak, whine, ending product, tips
This worn engine fix cleans, frees, then coats making worn engines run great
New! Worn engine fix cleans, frees, then coats worn engine parts making your car run as if overhauled. Fix stops oil burning, tap, leaks doing so.
New oil additives for heavy equipment help repower, older, worn equipment
New oil additives for heavy equipment help older, worn equipment get a second life time. Repowers, stops leaks, stops oil burning, For fuel oil hydraulicsolder, worn equipment
Which oil additive is best? 10 Problems oil additives end & prevent
Which oil additive is best? 10 engine transmission problems Mega Power oil additives end & prevent. When and how to ennd your wear, tune up, repair problem.
Engine oil stop leak stops motor seal & gasket leaks safely permanently
Engine oil stop leak works overnight to end drip. Stops blowby, removes acids, the cause of O rings, oil pan seal, gasket drip for years of leak free dependability
Order heavy equipment additives ends radiator, motor, transmisssion problems
New heavy equipment additives end radiator overheat, leaks, ends motor oil burning, restores power, smooth transmission shift ends growl, leak Fast acting injector-cleaner pump-lube stops black smoke
Will an intake air breather improve my horsepower & fuel economy?
Do intake air breather devices improve horsepower & fuel economy? You seen those ads. Do they give race car performance? What you should know about add-on air filters.
Stops Your Oil Burning Motor. Smoking motor problem ends fast
New product stops your oil burning motor problem in 3 troublesome places, not one. Just add and drive. Resultds work in any size engine, gas or diesel.
New stop smoking engine additive with MC+ works in 15 minutes or free
New stop smoking engine additive with MC+ works in 15 minutes or free. Works using new chemistry, not harmful oil thickeners. Guaranteed to work or free.
New blowby motor fix. Twice the power to end piston combustion blow by.
This new blowby motor fix also ends your gasket and seal leak. Ends oil burning, power loss, and tapping. Last for years with small touch up. Puts off overhaul, some say.
Small engine oil addatives revitalize motor ends oil burning & power loss fast
New small engine oil addatives renew older motors for years more service stopping friction, overheating, oil burning, power loss. Easier starting. Ends common power fade
Ends cat tractor burns oil problem. Run smoother, with more power less fuel
New product will end your cat tractor burns oil problem. Also adds greater load power. Reduces friction, cleans piston rings, and lubes injectors adding hours more work from each fill up
Sport racing additives. Fuel engine transmission horsepower improvers
These sport racing additives add horsepower boosting, heat lowering performance for the edge you need
New!nds Mazda turbo problems. Ends engine sludge buildup
End your Mazda turbo problems. End, remove engine sludge buildup using these two easy steps and products.
New! Worn tractor engine additives stops smoke oil burning, restores power
A new inexpensive worn tractor engine additives restores overhaul-like power for years. Rebuilds compression, stops friction, cools, fills worn surfaces. Run longer on fillups. Helps transmissions
How do you stop tractor engine smoking? New product Review
Stop tractor engine smoking. While overhaul is the ideal, many equipment owners are using the Mega Power Worn Motor Treatment keeps older motors transmissions running great.
Mega Power Distributor Opportunity. For more info, call 512 665 3388
Mega Power Distributor Opportunity. Unlimited Income: For more info, call 512 665 3388. A local way to supply auto service and lube businesses a monthly supply of products they need.
New! Ends truck engine blowby in minutes. Last for years. Easy to add. Cheap
New! Ends truck engine blowby in minutes. Guaranteed to last for years. Easy to add. Cheap, too! Not nano ceramic, nor teflon, nor sticky, not thick.
Auto tune up and repair options.com tune up options blog
Auto tune up and repair options.com/ tune up options blog. Find the latest car repair avoidance tips,help, product
5 car engine sounds new additives end to avoid a costly repair
5 car engine sounds: Tap, growl, knock, ping, cough - new additives end, helping you avoid a costly motor repair
Radiator overheating? Lowers Hi-temperature 40 degrees. Add Drive Product
Lowers radiator overheating temperature up to 40 degrees removing heat-trapping scum, adding "cool." Lowers temperature with A/C on in traffic for cars, Tow-truck. Race-car.Pulling trailer
Blowby? What to do now, if your motor shows signs of - New products that stop -
Easy-to-use blowby ending, power restoring product - avoids costly overhaul using your motors heat to free dirty piston rings - ending blowby, and by reducing cylinder wear space
Improving Your Hot Rods Fuel Economy With Anit-Wear Additives
Improving Your Hot Rods Fuel Economy with these products to NOW avoid engine, radiator, and transmission fuel wasting conditions. Restores lost horsepower
Truck additive for large trucks restore compression put off serious overhaul
This truck additive for large trucks cleans and frees sticky rings and valves and adds co-polymer protection to restore compression, stop oil burning, even put-off overhaul in 95 out of 100 trucks
New sticking lifter treatment quiets tap in minutes - or its free
End your motor noise with this sticking lifter treatment. Different, simple, fast acting. 100% guaranteed. Online ordering
Ends engine carbon knock. Do-it-yourself quickly without taking your motor apart
End your engine carbon knock, morning thumb thump thump easily without taking your motor apart. Carbon removal product. Order online. with guarantee.
Engine additives to stop oil burning include fast acting Mega Power Motor
Simple install engine additives from Mega power that stops oil burning, gives years more strong dependable motor power, too!
How engine valve tap begins New product ends the noise, avoid costly repair
How engine valve tap begins. A new install yourself product ends the noise while you drive, ending its worry, avoiding costly repair. Help tips online ordering
FULL PROTECTION automatic transmission flush review with MC+ TUNE UP, DIY tips using new problem eliminating rough shift, slippage, stop leak conditioners. Online ordering. Money back guaranty
6 best engine additives to end your motor problem
The "6 best engine additives to end your motor problem" says george christ. Do-it-yourself vehicle problem solving advisor. His review
4 best marketing programs for auto repair-shop owners
Auto repair-shop owners: Review. 4 easy-to-follow marketing programs that sell more services, gets higher prices, more repeat business, attracts higher paying customers.
why does my car run worst soon after repair or overhaul? What it needs
Why does my car run worst soon after repair or overhaul! What happened? Why its the mechanic's fault. What it needs
Engine Doctor Worn Motor Treatment ends sludge, valve, oil burning. Restores
Engine Doctor Worn Motor Treatment qucikly ends sludge, valve noise, oil burning problems an restores dependable power as u drive
Radiator flush treatment cleans deeper, stops leaks, lowers temperature
This new, radiator flush treatment, cleans deeper, stops leaks, lowers temperature.A easier, faster, engine cooling system service product, with help, tips, guarantee
Engine miss tune up steps. Are new tune additives all you need?
Engine miss tune up steps. Are new tune additives all you need? 9 out of 10 times, yes! Steps to find out. Products needed. Phone advice.
New auto repair shop owner marketing ideas that sell more, earn more
New auto repair shop owner marketing ideas that sell more, earn more, by providing 6 car dependibility extending features
Worn 3126 C7 Caterpillar engines needing fuel and oil additves
Using additves in your 3126 C7 Caterpillar engine oil an fuel. This is a touchy subject. Some people have opinions for and against. I'm for. Here's why.
Diesel additive news. Short review of fuel, engine, and oil additive benefits
Diesel additive news. Short review of fuel, engine, and oil additive uses, benefits. Buy online and save
Worn motor treatment 101. Mega Power, the inside engine mechanics helper
Worn motor treatment 101. Mega Power's profit maker for the auto repair shop owner
Best engine oil additive for smoking. Works fast, permanent, restores power too
Best engine oil additive for smoking an ending your oil burning problem. Easy way for to add and drive - driving ends your problem guaranteed. Avoids overhual need for months to years, people say.
DIY radiator service kit Flush acid nutralizer Cool agent Non-clog stop leak
DIY radiator service kit includes 5 Minute Flush Acid neutralizer Cool agent and Non-clog stop leak for years of 100% protection. Exceeds all car maker service specs. Guarantee. Buy online
Best automatic stop leak adds transmission fluid wear reducing conditioners
Best transmission automatic stop leak because it adds automatic transmission fluid wear reducing conditioners. Just add to fluid and drive for a quick end to fluid loss
Oil life indicator: Not all that's nneeded for the ideal oil change.This is
Oil life indicator 's are not all they lead you to believe for the ideal oil change.This is. What you show know about why you motor has problems even though you change your oil as specified
Diesel injector cleaning with cleaners offering engine revitalizer
Diesel injector cleaning is now half the price and faster with this new engine treatment from Mega Power
My engine makes noise! This is why. This stops it!
My engine makes noise - why? This is why. This stops it! This new DIY product quiets the noisiest motor in minutes! Easy install. Extends engine life
Mega Power Machining Additive cuts cost, speeds up production, cuts wear
New! Our Mega Power Machining Additive - added to both cutting fluids and gears cuts cost, speeds up production, cuts wear out troubles - Pays for itself many times over - machine shop owners tell us
Auto tune up and repair options login for your repair avoiding fix
Here's Hi-tech, easier auto tune up and repair options login to find new product options that do the fix saving you time, money, avoids worry, get you down the road trouble-free again
Understanding vehicle additives for ending the 5 worst motor wear problems
Understanding vehicle additives usage ending 5 wear problems upsetting your motor. Phone, online Help, tips, products - Shipped to your door, 100% guaranteed.
Ends engine noise at startup. Simple 2 step treatment avoids costly repair
Product quickly ends engine noise at startup. Avoids costly motor repair. Mechanics hate it! Driving does actual quieting.
TBN TAN in oil analysis. What do these mean? Additives to improve them
TBN TAN in oil analysis. What do these mean? Mark Betner. Report: Additives to improve oil. HDT Trucking Info Web page
This engine saver ends wear residues problems giving years more great car life
This engine saver from MegaPower ends wear residue running problems giving cars and commercial equipment years more great revitalized service life - putting off overhaul and its cost
10 popular car additives for engines and fuels
10 popular car additives for engines and fuels to end valve tapping, oil burning, blowby, oil leaks, rough idle, black exhaust smoke, lousy mileage, high mileage, power loss. Extend years more life.
Truck engine complaints an remedies: Fuel, combustion, emission strategies
Truck engine complaints and remedies: Fuel, combustion, an emission avoiding strategies
Diesel Hi mileage help. New, over the road product revitalizes engines an gears
Diesel Hi mileage help. Engine, gear, fuel injector, emission products, New, over the road product revitalizes engines an gears
3 ingredients a good DIY transmission flush contain. Stay away from ....
3 ingredients a good transmission flush contain. Stay away from solvent products even their labels say is harmful. Review of a new DIY cleaner that also ends 7 costly-to-repair transmission problems
Additive for engine valve clicking. Quiets noise or Free
Additive for engine valve clicking. Add. Drive. Quiets noise or Free. Includes super cleaners and friction modifiers for longer engine life. Avoids engine repair. Review Online ordering
Engine oil products that add friction reducing and valve cleaning advantages
Engine oil products, oil additives, treatments, tune up conditioners to add friction reducing and valve cleaning advantages
best way to remove engine sludge using a sludge rremove
The best way to remove engine sludge? Use a sludge removing anti-clog, friction reducing, lube enhancer together. That gets your motor running great, safely - avoiding an engine tear down
Complex engine sludge removal product, simple install, avoids costly repair
This multi engine sludge removal product avoids costly $1500 teardown repair. Provides lube where oil can't go with MC+. Clean guaranteed. Car ready to go in 1 hour.
Engine sludge remover works as your drive. 2 step method, instant results
This Engine sludge remover works as your drive. A 2 step method assures almost instant results. Cleaning succes avoids engine teardown in 95 out of 100 engines. Guaranteed