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You're find Additives are an important item needed to remove years of residues upsetting your cars performance. The method for their usage here at auto tune up and repair options is opposite most everyone else - in 2 ways:

  1. Most mechanics use them in the wrong sequence when they use them as the last item to install.
  2.  TIP: Install additives First. Then do the tune or repair. 
  3. Doing so as the last step will start spreading gooey residues over any new spark plugs and sensors just replaced.
  4. That one big difference! The next is another big difference.
  5. Most mechanics know little about what causes car problems. They are trained to replace troublesome part with new. However...
  6. That's good - However, The better mechanic can improve his repair expertise and income, and customer loyalty when he learns to select additives like a doctor selects medicine and has them installed first to end problems caused by sticky residues, carbon, moisture, acids, and friction - before any repair or tune up. 
  7. Additives rid the motor of those negatives new parts can't! 
  8. Additives should offer  the following features for a holistic tune and repair.
         1- Fuel System Cleaner - Added to fuel tank.
         2- Combustion Area Cleaner - Fed into the air intake manifold.
         3- Piston Ring and Valve and Lifter Cleaner - Added to motor oil.
         4- Sludge Removing Additive - Added 10 minutes before oil change.
         5- Friction Modifier Anti-wear - Added to oil after oil change.
         6- Worn Space Coating conditioner - Added to oil after oil change.
    This method lets the cleaners and conditioners work for a time, then and oil change is given long with new parts needed. It will produce an amazing Hot-Rod Performance effect that better for internaloperation and give a renewed joy to the vehicle owner driving experience  - he'kll tell everyone about.

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    "I'm very pleased we could follow your recommendation to fixed our motor with $100 worth of your suggestions. We were told it would take $3,000 for an overhaul. I'll be back for more of the same and to try your other products to help our other vehicles avoid expensive repairs." MC

    "3 times we took the transmission apart because it would not shift right. You suggested the Mega Power Transmission Service. Now it shifts perfect. JM shop owner

    Your MP FISC Fuel Injector Cleaner. My engine just started showing little annoying querks like, stalling when I go into reverse. The exhaust smells needed some Listerine it was so bad.  I googled and found your site and it seem to explain my problems solution. After ordering and installing your FISC both stalling and exhaust smells went away. Engine improvement seem to help improve shifting. It seems to help push an extra 20 to 40 more miles more distance between fill ups. Thanks for introducing Mega Power to us. Its a great product line." Jerry. Jerry's engine Transmission Repair. Austin Tx.

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