Diesel Truck Fuel Injector Cleaner "Engine Treatment."
 Instant, "Amazingly Powerful Performance Recovery that Last for Years!"

Most Diesel Truck Fuel Injector Cleaners are worthless. A dime a dozen. However, Mega Power reviews Good-as-New PerformanceMost Diesel Truck Fuel Injector Cleaners are worthless. A dime a dozen. However, Mega Power reviews: "Good-as-New Performance."

Diesel Truck Fuel Injector Cleaner Contact Info: On a smartphone, to ask a question, to order items listed, call me, george... at 512 665 3388 ...

Lousy engine performance is blamed on dirty fuel injectors, because of black exhaust smoke. However...

This picture shows that idea is not entirely true. 

The more many dirty engine parts  - like those shown, and others, that contribute to poor performance overall, the greater the after effect performance is. We promise that improvement!

Get all of those power sucking engine and gear parts back to a no power loss state, and your customers car tires will burn rubber easily again. We promise that improvement!

Wowing customers with unexpected race care performance! As a result of that type repair service. We call that a Mega Power Tune Up and Repair! We promise that improvement!

Choosing to follow our program as your program and educate your customers in ads, and in person why your follow our care, tune, repair, and service program as your shop philosophy is what will commands higher profit margins and attract better paying customers to you! We promise that improvement!

If your body has a fever from a bug, you ache all over, and your nose runs. A antihistamine will stop runny nose, but the rest of your body needs serious medication to recover. 

What a diesel engine really needs?

The brand that did offer total engine cleaning and protection - to my great surprise - came to my attention, and the truck owners delight. Each time I installed this particular brand called Mega Power into the customer's vehicle fuel and motor, customers reported amazing improvement  - and unexpected!

So, it my shops additive, now! I want you to experience the same amazing performance, too!

Mega Power big rig Diesel Truck Fuel Injector Cleaner Total Engine TreatmentMega Power big rig Diesel Truck Fuel Injector Cleaner Total Engine Treatment. For cars and trucks.

Shown here, My, Mega Power big rig Diesel Truck Fuel Injector Cleaner and Total Engine Treatment. For diesel cars and trucks.

That's why our our Mega Power Brand Tune Repair Injector Cleaning "Engine Treatment" has 6 ingredients to do treat, clean, smooth, and protect every part! Not just one! Begin your shop customer WOWING experience with that engine treatment. Sign up to begin, now!

For the person wanting a Holistic Fuel and Motor Oil, Engine and Injector cleaning Treatment. For example...

Our  Diesel Truck Fuel Injector Cleaner method 

A look at truck stop and part store truck additive brands on display shows you there is no one brand the part store or truck stop feel are superior - or that would be the only brand they sell!

Just what should a Diesel Truck Fuel Injector Cleaner do for you, anyway? Isn't cleaning dirty injectors all that's needed?

When I worked as a ford and chevy mechanic at their dealerships, the parts department inventoried the car maker's brand, and "BG" injector cleaners. Both seem to do a little good - which I later discovered was not enough of what an engine needs.

How Mega Power's diesel truck fuel injector cleaner discovery came to me:

  1. When running a dyno setup - where the truck or car is strapped down to rollers, and ran, taking live readings at 70mph, I discovered the following...
  2. With the ford or chevy or BG fuel injector cleaner some minor improvement would be noticeable in combustion burn readings.
  3. Hardly none with those dealership, part store/truck stop injector cleaners offered any real see-able, feel-able improvement. However...
  4. By giving the pickup or truck a Mega Power Treatment a noticeable 10 to 20% more horsepower increase appeared! i
  5. The engine started noticeably easier -especially in cold weather. Had zipper takeoff and moving thru traffic. Climbed hills fully loaded a gear higher. Often gave 20 to 40 more miles on each fillip of fuel.
  6. Often fix a running or performance problem - avoiding a repair need. 
  7. Upon education and investigation of why the Mega Power Treatment was better, these advantages in Mega Power.
  8. Mega Power Diesel Truck Fuel Injector Cleaner and Engine Treatment removes varnish gums and carbon, and friction and binding and blocking negatives that lower horsepower, wearing out engines and transmissions years sooner than imagined.
  9. Since that time I have showed mechanics how to install Mega Power to produce these results  themselves.
  10. This web page is another way car pick up diesel truck tractor motorcycle and boat owners a Do-it-yourself-way to protect their own vehicles as easy as adding gas and oil to the vehicle. Cost?
  11. Diesel injector removal, cleaning, and pump repair may cost up to $3000. Mega Power's method, guaranteed to satisfy, is under $500 for big vehicles if a mechanic does the install $299, if you do it yourself. About $250 for diesel cars and pickups. Under $100, if you do so. its easy to install.
Mega Power Diesel Truck Fuel Injector Cleaner, Residue Remover, and Engine TreatmentMega Power Diesel Truck Fuel Injector Cleaner, Residue Remover, and Engine Treatment

Diesel truck fuel injector cleaner and engine treatment Directions, Ordering Info

The Mega Power Diesel Truck Fuel Injector Cleaner Treatment    comes in a 6 pak. Includes Injector Cleaner, Top of motor combustion cleaner, Engine cleaner. Engine ring and valve additive with oil conditioner and Friction Modifier. Free phone help if needed. Numbered to match an easy-to-install, in a 2 step procedure. Driving a bit shows instant improvement. Problems  such as oil burning, lousy fuel economy, tapping, blowby, seal leaks, and even lo-compression all end as you drive a bit more.

Order Now! Just $400 plus $40 ship to your door in 3 days by FedEx for a big vehicle if you do the install yourself. Order to install yourself. Just $440 total.

Order 2 MP Diesel Truck Fuel Injector Cleaners and Motor Treatments for 2 or more trucks or tractors. Sets of 12 gallons, just $660 including ship charge.

About $250 for diesel cars and pickups. Under $100, if you do so. its easy to install.

"Mega Power is a product my truck responded to with this total cleaning and conditioning when performance was lost." Diesel truck fuel injector cleaner comment. 

What was needed, was provided for the truck owners  as a benefit to their truck when  Mega Power's view of  injector cleaning also provided for all other internal truck needs that affected it power and life.

This means providing for the motors total need -  not just limited to only diesel truck fuel injector cleaning.

Mega Power in a complex way clean the air intake manifold, and combustion sections of the motor. Improvement indicated it freed and cleaned piston rings and valves. And, topped off with its friction reductions, added zip. Easier pull power could have been from a 10 to 20% more horsepower. 

  1. You limit wear, and avoid, performance problems. 
  2. Mega Power helps you get more out of your trucks ..... By taking advantage of our new chemistry technology you now are capable of putting the brakes on common wear-out.This helps you avoid, or put-off for years, costly Diesel Truck, wear and tear repair. Helps you gain years more trouble-free working usage from each piece of equipment you own.Using Diesel Truck Fuel Injector Cleaner is a good choice to help you correct and end common performance problems, regardless of miles driven.Doing so by adding a noticeable performance and load quality pulling improvement. By increasing 20 to 50 more miles distance on each fill up.

More about Mega Power Diesel Truck fuel injector Cleaner below

Enjoy More Savings. Summer-Sale ends soon. Details on the ordering page.

Others just re-package poor quality products to make a buck
off people who don't know quality. Not Mega Power ...!

"We invent Truck Chemistry Products to work. The proof is in the performance."

What's in Mega Power Diesel Truck Fuel Injector Cleaner that makes it superior to other brands...?

  • Mega Power, Diesel Truck, Fuel Injector Cleaner and Motor and Gear Treatments all have cleaners, conditioners, and MC+ Friction Modifiers.
  • Other brands sell harmful solvents, light oils, old detergent formulas as their take on solving your problem. Not cleaners, conditioners, and friction modifiers all working together -like Mega Power does.
  • Solvents cleaners always go into fuels to clean. NEVER INTO THE OIL TO CLEAN! But most oil additives from part stores are solvents products - used as a stop leak or flush, or valve additive. Reports are common those additives have ruin good engines by destroying the lube film.
  • Or, the additive company uses 1980's detergents that do little good in fuel and oil. The Government made oil companies take detergents out of fuel. That's because those detergents leave behind engine-choking resides. What good is that? Not good!
  • Mega Power is a leader in the new chemistry making possible many new problem-solving remedies not possible to end, in today's cars and trucks
  • Truck owners with high miles will find Mega Power a great in place of repair aid. Promoting years more dependability from their rigs.
  • Why run half protected from "just-half-good products.. Get 101 % protection from Mega Power. Just add and go. They work as you drive.

What People Say About Mega Power Diesel Truck Fuel Injector Cleaner

    "I felt with my hand my Diesel Truck transmission and differential gear housing, and the a/c compressor, before and after the Mega Power product installation. All 3 units to the touch, felt noticeably cooler after installing the Mega Power Treatment. That is real friction reducing protection, I believe!" GC.

    "The smoking problem from oil burning just went away after a day of driving. I thought my truck was headed for a $5000 engine overhaul. So far - its been 6 weeks, the engine run quieter and seems to climb hills much easier. Oil burning is not the big problem it had been. Great product. Thanks for letting people know about it." BB

Ordering info: Cars and pickups

    Price for one Mega Power Treatment for cars and pickup trucks: 6 items. $80 plus $15 s&h= $95 total. Shipped to you in 3 days by fedex with easy to follow instructions. Ask a question.

    Ordering: 512 665 3388 ...george

    Price: Truck: To 10 gallon motor oil capacity. Includes

    1. 2 gallons all weather Diesel Truck Fuel Conditioner & Injector Cleaner.
    2. 1 gallon Engine Oil System Flush & Emission System Cleaner
    3. 2 gallons Engine Oil and Transmission Treatment for  burns oil problems:

Order now. Get on down the road trouble-free again!

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