New Mega Power Transmission Troubleshooting Treatment ends rough shift, jerk, slip, miss and transmission leaks.
Ends the problem avoids repair.

A New, fast-acting DIY transmission troubleshooting "treatment" from Mega Power

    Will quickly end your rough shift, jerk, slip, miss, transmission leaks. Ends trouble avoids repair in cars, trucks, tractors, boats and RV transmissions.

No need to worry - this product works wonders on 99 out of 100 transmission - to end their problem!

    Here is why... When other products fail to!

    Other transmission additive brands use solvent cleaners - on the assumption that gooey sludge is causing your problem. They never work, because - if you ever seen a transmission torn apart for repair, there is no sludge on any part!

    Solvents clean - but also destroys your fluids lube film between your transmissions moving parts in the cleaning process - and this increases friction wear-out. For that reason... Avoid products for engine and transmission that say they are solvent cleaners and look and smell like a solvent.

    Research shows fluid breakdown is the problem as it increases acid content dramatically. Acids causes your problem in 3 areas Mega Power corrects - to end your problem

    1. Acids change the new machined-smooth and shinny surfaces to rough. And that increase swear and friction.

      As friction increases, the valves, arms, levers, pistons, and gear temperature, having to slide, push, pull, and spin and contend with more friction, and their temperature will climb to the boiling point of the fluid.

      This is no good, of course. So, the car makers have a bypass fluid system where the cooking hot fluid is routed by metal lines to the inside of your cars radiator. There, to transfer the heat to your motor coolant - and to cool itself by transferring its heat to the outside air.

      Mega Power contains MC+. They are two ingredients found to smooth those roughen surfaces, and them layer a protective coating over them.

      This ingredient fills worn away areas, and adds to the slippery movement that end rough shift, jerk, and shift hangups. That is all good, of course for ending those problems and for extending the trouble free life of your transmission for many more years.

    2. Acids and high temperatures weaken a good lube fluid, ATF, film strength. This causes more metal to metal contact and abrasion. Acids also harden and shrink the 15 to 20 rubber seals and gaskets.

      This shrinkage overcomes the coil spring tension wrapped around your seals to hold it tight against the shaft. So leakage begins.

      Mega Power neutralizes acids and reconditions the seal and gaskets giving them a slight expansion. This stops fluids leaks on your driveway. And stop acid degrading off your smooth shinny surfaces.

      That is what Mega Power does to end your rough shift, slip, jerk, and leak problems.

      Order Mega Power now and again enjoy a smooth trouble free transmission - before it gets to the breaking point.

    Mega Power has an acid neutralizer, a synthetic cleaner, a friction reducer and a co-polymer. Just add to the transmission and drive. Driving does the fix. Here is how...

    Mega Power will smooth your acid and wear roughen worn surfaces, and then coat them with a protective layer of anti-wear. This is what frees and smooths your internal parts to end your rough shift, jerk, shift hangups, and leaks.

    Ordering info

      Mega Power comes with 3 products, easy to follow DIY instructions, guarantee, shipped by FedEx to your door in 3 days. Personal phone help if needed.

      Mega Power Transmission Trouble Shooting Transmission Fix

      One Mega Power Transmission Treatment #TT3, 3 item treatment
      Just $50 plus $15 s&h= $65 total.

      Order 2 Treatments for 2 cars you may want to service and protect with Mega Power. Save $15. Just $100 plus $15 S&h= $115 total.

      To order or ask a question, call me now at 512 665 3388 george
      Email OK to: prompt relies given.

    See How Mega Power MC+ ends Transmission Troubleshooting Friction Problems

    Avoid Trouble shooting your transmission fix with a solvent based additive. Here is why...

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