"Keeps Vehicles Going. This Explains How To." 

George Christ, Automotive Additive Expert And Mechanic, Explains His Favorite Brand He Uses And Promotes To Instantly Cut In Half Keep The Cost To Keep Vehicles Healthy As Long As You Want. End Problems To Avoid Their Costly Repair Needs.George Christ, Automotive Additive Expert And Mechanic Explains How His Mega Power Additive Recipes Promotes Low Cost Ways to End Engine Troubles. A low Cost Way for Many To Cut In Half Their Cost To End Them.

    George Christ, Automotive Additive Expert  Tips. 

Contact Info: To ask if this method can end your vehicles problem. Get free advice on additives. Restock your inventory. Order what is shown here for your problem, you can tex, email, or call him. g5126653388@gmail.com.... Call 24/7 at 1-512 665 3388

George Christ Automotive Additive Expert 

   The search for better car care and its problem solving.

    At some point our cars and equipment engine problems become costly burdens. 

     Here's a bumper to bumper way to lower their repair cost of major components. A concern I will Help You Solve...that can reduce its cost and occurence to nil.

     Are you facing such worrisome cost and wonder if someone has a better, lower cost solution? 

George Christ, Automotive Additive Expert says...

    Mega Power Additives explains their discovery to do so.

  • A brand using bumper to bumper anti-wear solutions promoting a better car and equipment care longer life.
  • Like and overhaul - conditioners provide each internal part features to gain a second l100,000 mile life from basically worn vehicles.   Are those benefits you are looking for?

   George Christ, Automotive Additive Expert simplifies the way to slow down their decline.

    Since our vehicles are needed to make life, and for some, our jobs easier. These are the way to to reduce budget problems.

 Tagged as the cardoctor2, his advice comes from 50 years of street pro

    With bank lending us money to do so, and with insurance, and maintenace, sudden appearing problems eats into our budget. It really makes us slaves to mechanization.

    Ending the mysterious, costliest, sudden appearing engine transmission radiator problems our are george christ automotive additive expert way.

    George Christ, Automotive Additive Expert. Are you looking for that help?

    Are you facing such worrisome cost and wonder if someone has a better, lower cost solution? 

    You will see I'm needing the same help for my vehicles. It has led me to the one famous company you never head of offering those product features.

   They will be your solution. George Christ, Automotive Additive Expert helping car and diesel vehicle owners lower the burden of older engine and transmission repair cost. A years to soon premature equipment expese.

   You should be adding George Christ, Automotive Additive Expert uses six MC+ Revitalizing Conditioners to keep removing  carbon and friction.  And their polymer to fill worn spaces.

   Like and overhaul - but out of a bottle, those features are now expanded to cover bumper-to-bumper problems. Adding the revitalizing features included help car and equipment owners gain a second l100,000 mile life from basically worn out vehicles.

   Are those benefits you are looking for?

   I  believe in acid and sludge removing during fluid changes anand if a problem exist. 

   Buy and try the bumper to bumper servicing treatments for your best and worst, problem affected vehicles. They cost about $200 for car, boat, motorcyle, mower, generator and such.

  $200 to $400 for large farm tractors, dozers graders ditch diggers, Rv,s 

   The only care and repair means known for the frugal person to cut-in-half his car and equipment lifetime expense. Explained and  detailed to use immediately. 

I'm George Christ. Automotive Additive Expert With My automotive care and repair options

  I'll show you a better kind of auto tune up and repair to always use. Many men and women, not just mechanics, use my auto tune up and repair options.

Can these auto tune up and repair options 

They are low in cost, yet powerful, yet, easy to bring about the results you are after. 

They provide little-known, but very effective alternatives, for actual problem solving, repair avoiding help doing so no matter the car, truck,
tractor, machine - RV, even boat power train.

Favored for their problem-removing, instantly run like new tune and operating problem repair. is permanent using my methods.

What People Say About My Help:

l   "I'm very pleased we could follow your recommendation to fix our motor problem with $100 worth of your suggestions. We were told it would take $3,000 for an overhaul by our mechanic. I'll come back for more products. I believe they will help our other vehicles avoid expensive repairs. I guess just by always running great." MC

What Mechanics Say:

"3 times we took the transmission apart to get it to shift right. Finally. we tried Your method on your suggestion. This is to tell any who cares, after a bit made it shift beautifully. They may have that problem on rebuilds. We know add your products to every engine and transmission repair.  Customers feel they get the best repair ever. That's quite a complement. But your Mega Power Products better deserve it.

They are now a good source of extra income for us - and our customers respect our expertise even more, when they experience the performance improvements they had not hoped for. Thanks again. " DF Mechanic

Most important are these facts:

The products and methods recommended for your fix, are special conditioners with anti-wear qualities that clean and smooth rough, fast wearing pistons, bearings, gears, valve assemblies - promoting additional years of dependability.

....Ships, brand new vehicles on the assembly line, race vehicles, even top car-makers recommend or use these – because they work well, work permanently, and consistently.

HOW you, your family & vehicles benefit. Here’s the run-down.

Here Is How My Knowledge Will Help You!

Since not all the remedies are posted. You can find your vehicle problem listed. Call me or email me for suggestions. A good shortcut solution to big automotive hangups. Products ship most anywhere.

$ See bottom of page for our great Business Opportunity

Phone USA 1-512 665-3388 g5126653388@gmail.com

Secrets worth knowing making car ownership less expensive

You can Fix the following without a wrench.

Fluid Leaks - oil, coolant, overheating
Transmission - rough shifts, chatter, tapping, growls
Tune up - Fuel waste, lack of power, exhaust smoke problems

A great aid with-out-overhauling. All that and more - to benefit you, your family, vehicles, equipment, finances.


Click on a category below - or the buttons on the left. A new, auto
tune up and repair options page will appear with the info you need.
Your new page covers your symptoms, wear and performance problems and my repair method.

A cause-remedy explanation and products to use are given.

Click below to find auto tune up and repair options to
fix-your-problem-quick. For:

....These auto tune up and repair options about additive usage are helping older vehicles run as good as new – trouble-free and what seems like indefinitely.

- Wish humans had such simple solutions to their heath problems?
.. Successfully followed by many satisfied users.

Friends and neighbors will wonder how your vehicles run so well.
Compared to others with similar vehicles and equipment, yours will
continue to run great with my auto tune up and repair options when others using other methods require expensive car repairs or years early replacement!

Here’s how to get the tune up and repair info you need here.

First, Bookmark me to find me easily.
2- Read my background BIO for tune up and repair tips.
3- Click the NAV "Problem" button - If you want help pinpointing your problem.
4- Click the component name Button, if that’s the problem area.
5- Subscribe to my Free Auto Tune Up and Repair Options Newsletter for new tips to keep you cars and equipment going trouble-free.

Thanks for stopping by – let me know of a problem or success you want to share. George

PS: You can earn a living promoting my methods and products with just
a small start-up investment. A huge and profitable market is
out there. Call or email me of your interest, questions;
Tex me for advice. 512 665 3388  calls OK. Email : g5126653388@gmail.com

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Mega Power Automotive Additives

Motor, transmission, radiator, steering additives. Phone 512 665 3388 USA. Web site Details about their usage. Keeps your vehicles going and going. Laughs at wear. 

George Christ. Automotive Additive Expert

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