New diy motor repair tips and products I use to end oil burning, oil leaks, low compression, tapping and restore like-new engine performance.

As a mechanic, here are diy motor repair tips and products I found that end a variety of  what I call wear problems.

These fixes are really problem-ending conditions, if left alone, go on to wear out your motor or transmission years sooner than your expected. About 14 million last year, a trade journal reports.

99 times out of 100, the simple tips and easy-to-use products described, end

Even radiator

For each of these, I'll show you what causes the problem and new, lo-cost products you can easily use to end them. Doing so when otherwise, only a costly repair would do so.

Restore your motors strong smooth quiet engine power faster, longer, by simply installing them as I show you - its easy, nothing to take apart.

I use these products - a new breed of Hi-tech additives, from Mega Power, in hundreds of problem cars and heavy equipment successfully, to end the problems listed here. And so have thousands of car and equipment owners use the same ones, to do the same problem solving.

Because they are made from anti-wear chemistry. Those new ingredients condition your piston, bearings, valves, gears, and such, not only to free and clean them - often the cause of your problem.

But also...

You also gain lower friction reducing to stop horsepower-absorbing friction drag causes. Both cleaning and friction reducing factors make motors run suddenly, as if bigger - for the power restored, and yet go 20 to 40 miles futher on each fill up - like a smaller motor provides. That is desirable for me - and you, I'm sure.

The products for these DIY motor repair tips are the links above you click on for that remedy.

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