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Additive brand comparison chart.


Why recovered by expensive repair, or more expensive replacement, can now be recovered at a fraction of auto and equipment repair expense with Slo-wear Fix-better, a tune repair service enhancer product.

Hidden in anything mechanical, suppressed and buried deeper each mile driven, are valuable enduring anti-wear characteristics, force to being shriveled as waste until replaced. That state is what causes your engine transmission radiator steering and a/c problem - most likely. However...

Usually recovered by expensive repair, or more expensive replacement, can now be recovered with Slo-wear Fix-better, a tune repair service enhancer product.

unlike common additives sold, containing solvents, detergents, molasses like thickeners, proven non effective, but still profitably sold by prart stores and quick lubes, Slo-wear is superior in results produced. 

Release of new like conditions now burien also ends any performance operating noise, growl, tapping, oil burn, loss of power, rough shift problem the suppression caused. 

Also improving from such maintenance makes the machine operate as if newer, years younger, stronger. Having a sudden hotrod power, which operates absolutely quieter, in a seemingly bigger, stronger size, yet going 20 to 40 moore miles distance on each fill-up of fuel. Not a product of the future but in use by tens of thousands knowingly and unknowingly.

This newer, years younger, stronger performing, problem ending recovery can be kept alive and set at the forefront of vehicle and machinery operation, for which years back it was expensively bought with a service product beginning introduction to mechanics as fast a s supply allows, called slo-wear, fix-better Run-better years longer.

Slo-wear, fix-better, Run-better years longer, often just called slo-wear, an upgrade automotive and heavy equipment tune, repair, servicing product installed in the fuel motor oil, transmission fluid, radiator cooling,  power steering and, a/c along with bearing grease for pack bearings and C-V joints. contains from research and chemistry such attributes.

As a tune up aid it offers a unique performance restoring enhancement.

As a repair aid it offers a unique powerful recovery enhancement.

As a maintenance servicing aid it assures recovery will be maintained. Premature end of vehicle life can be pushed years into the future. provided when replacing old fluids and oils and coolants, continues the unique performance restoring enhancement.

Made product from chemistry, package as a holistic ideal, including every part of the vehicle or machine.

Installed as the new way to tune up, repair aid, and for future application when doing fluid and oil changes.

As a repair aid it offers performance restoring, problem ending service product from chemistry, installed as the new way to tune up, repair aid, and for future application when doing fluid and oil changes.

As can be seen, slo wear fix better run better years longer vehicle treatment performs what's believed to be a changing of you vehicle internal surfaces and operation from dirty wear increasing, problem causing state back to a relatively new-like clean smooth and freely operating state.

Further enhancement is added, but considered as part of the overall holistic recovery is a slippery film to close wear gaps.

With  its unique holistic cleaning, freeing reconditioning recovery features problems end and repair cost is lowered, or avoided in the engine transmission radiator and steering fuel and a/c systems. A conservancy of your second largest expense.

With internal parts parts so costly to replace, and with new engines transmissions costlier, as well as premature replacement of units in the tens of thousands, slo-wear is helping vehicle and equipment owners  move thru life less expensively, and having more to spend on other of life's needs.

will reversing of your vehicles to a new again mechanical state chemically, where engines operate as new and seemingly biggerm, where shifting is velvety smooth and zip and performance is hot rod like, while going 20 to 40 more miles on a fillup  of fuel be in your future?

Slo-wear Fix-better, Run years longer cheaper can be found in local repair shops advertising themselves as an Official Slo-wear Care and Repair Shop. See locations: google "slo-wear repair and your zip code.

example google search: slowear repair 78666  = my home town search. 

Slo-wear additives are shown here in the Mega Power Brand of additives.

Solving the Solving the "which" additive problem.

Because engines have 6 areas, 6 additives are needed. 

Mega Powers Engine Treatment contain the 6 cleaners and conditioners needed to really help engines performance and longest life. The ingredients include:

  1. Fuel system and injector cleaners. $39
  2. Combustion and smog system cleaners. $55
  3. Piston ring, valve, and lifter cleaners. $75
  4. Sludge and varnish removers. $29
  5. Friction eliminator and anti-wear. $99
  6. Co-polymer to seal cylinder walls. $49

Review of the 6 product ingredients.

Additive brand comparison features to look for...

  • New and rebuilt engines start out with a lot of tight-fitting parts that wear away the high spots. A friction modifier ingredient is needed to smooth-out the process while limiting wear in. Look for friction reducing, smoothing features.
  • Sludge is a big negative engine problem you want to end. Solvent flushes rinse out sludge quickly. However, some prefer detergents and chemical cleaners that work slower, and as you drive, to avoid causing oil flow blockage quick flushes solvents can cause. Look for safe to drive with feature.
  • Engine Protectors may have several ingredients, or offer just one sort of protection. Ingredients can be powders of plastic like Teflon, or ceramic, or zink, or contain an anti-wear friction smoother. Most are considered of little value, but look for a money back promise, just in case.
  • Oil thickeners are sticky ingredients, usually quieting to a worn engine problem you want to reduce. Oil thickeners are less likely to help, so, some products are packages with several items as a worn motor treatment for a sort of reconditioning feature to promote longer life before overhaul, or replacement.
  • Some additives are specific to a component and not universal. Others are universal. That may indicate they use a principle basic wear or anti-wear feature. 
  • Not all additives just do good, but have some risk. It is not enough to qualify as safe as described, in this additive brand comparison, and worthy of usage if containing a risk factor. It should add a tune up and anti-wear value to be worthy of usage.

Look at this comparison list of automotive additives. As you can see most brands fail to cover all the needs of your engine or transmission.

Additive Brand Comparison Chart.
Mega Power offers most value.

Mega Power Engine Treatment provides 6 ingredients that will help a motor solve internal problems.Mega Power Engine Treatment provides 6 ingredients that will help a motor solve internal problems.

As a mechanic or car owner-

I want an additive brand that solves wear and residue problems my car has - Not just residue ones, but wear and residue problems - if possible,

Why use a product that can only end just one or two of them, if more in this case, is better? 

By making a additive brand comparison of not just the ingredients, but, instead, of results promised, you can select what's the best value - and not end up buying what is of poor value. Don't you agree?

The Engine Additive Brand Comparison Chart tells you where the best-value for your car and money is

To find the product we favor click the buttons on the left about your problem - or call me... if you want advice. I'm a  512 665 3388

Did you know

Few of the popular brands listed are used by mechanics.

This is because they have little or no value to the mechanic's process of fixing a wear and tear problem. The popular ones don't work anyway - so that is why mechanics avoid them. So should you!

Who buys them - if not mechanics?

Answer One: Most additives sold, are sold in parts stores. Most brands are 50 year old brands. Sold by clerks who answer the question; "What's a good additive for this problem?"

The customer is directed to the additive shelf, and together a selection is made. Seldom does a person ever buy that product again - but thousands of products are bought in this way - and they keep restocking those products to fill this kind of demand.

While not listed, solvent based additives are popular. They are harmful to your motor and transmission as this info shows.

The first thing a good additive do is solve your wear main problems -

The above additive brand comparison chart and this video of the Mega Power Brand shows how so.

Why are poor quality brands still sold - if no good?</B>

<b>Most people don't know that quick lubes</b>, part stores, and big box discounters buy additives, as part of a package deal, along with oil.

This is the ploy big oil companies use on parts store, quick lubes, and discounters who wants a profitable price-break on oil they buy.

For parts store, quick lubes, and discounters to get the price break on their oil purchase, distributors sell additives at a very low, low price - as part of the deal.

So the part store or lube place makes a big, sweet profit off the sale of those additives, to receive a few dollars off on each case of oil they buy. Sounds good, sounds profitable - but not for the car owner. He is sold a worthless product.

The above chart list what mechanics tell me about the products they like. There is no scientific test value to it. It's just what I hear and see at the hundreds of shops I visit.

As you can see from the list Mega Power offers a lot of advantages compared to other popular brands.

This why you notice the performance improvement and problem solving benefits, as well.

Almost every day, I put Mega Power up against those brands listed in the chart to prove the value is in Mega Power - not those other brands.

That is how we invite people to experience what a real additive can do for their cars.

We want you to try Mega Power and see for yourself!

Click around this web site and select a treatment your car needs.

Mega Power works as advertised.  If not, we'll refund your money back to you! You will be glad you did - like so many tens-of-thousands of motorist have, and who now depend upon Mega Power.

Other brands seldom if ever offer a guaranty - and now you know why.

Watch the brand comparison demo, if you had not seen it, yet.

Additive Brands Comparison Chart. End 

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