Stop your head gasket leak with Mega Powers' Stop Leak.
It Works fast. Guaranteed Non clogging. Stops the Leak. Stops future leaks. Provides Faster Cooling Afterwards. Avoids Replacing Head-gasket!
Online ordering. 512 665 3388

Mega Powers'Head Gasket Stop Leak. Removes the cause, avoids repair, as it stops the leak.

Head Gasket Stop Leak

    Mega Power Head Gasket, Radiator Stop Leak.


    A superior head gasket stop leak because it has no strings powders, solids, yet quickly seals any leak!

    End and also prevents head gasket and cooling system leaks and ends  overheating.

    Protects engines and transmissions by decreasing their temperatures 30%. 

    Exceeds protection of new vehicle Coolant System Service Specs.

    Cooling system troubles cost car truck owners over a billion dollars in engine/transmission repair expense - last year! [avoidable with this product]. Avoid it with this Mega Power Brand Head Gasket Stop Leak.

    Customers tell us: It Avoided their $3000 head gasket repair - ~

    Comes with instructions, an our 100% money back guarantee.

    Shipped by FedEx to your door in 3 days. 

    Free phon help included, if needed.

    $61 plus $15 s&h= $76 total

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    Protect your other vehicle's cooling system at the same time! It needs the same care and protection.

    Order 2 Treatments for two cars, 10 items $100 total. Save $56.

    10 items to service and protect both vehicle cooling.

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Stopping your head gasket leak is now easier and inexpensive!

Stopping head gasket or any coolant leak is fast and inexpensively.

New head gasket stop leak from Mega Power works fast.
Non clogging. Seals when exposed to air. Online ordering below.

Directions for stopping coolant head gasket leak

The problem and this remedy

    Over time, leaking can occur for several reasons.

    1. This can be from your motors head bolts stretching – those fastening the engine head to the engine block.
    2. They shouldn't, but it happens. This can be from over-tightening, overheating, or not being tighten to specs properly. This can be from....overheating.
    3. Overheating expends the heads such they stretch those bolts beyond rebound capability. At the same time they flatten the head gasket. Leaks occur because a gap occurs and the seal is broken.
    4. Acids in anti-freeze causes leaks. Acid eats a hole in softer gasket material and a leak occurs. Acids form when anti freeze ages.
    5. Always flush your radiator with a neutralizing cleaner like our Mega Power Radiator Flush every 4 years when the coolant is replaced – or acid will grow in the new antifreeze in a matter of months – instead of years.

Stopping head gasket leak.Mega Power

The 3 products - Two shown here, for stopping head gasket leak should be installed like this.

Remove a quart of anti-freeze from your radiator by a suction gun or by its drain cock.

Add the two bottles of Mega Power Stop Leak to the coolant. Make sure the cap and drain cock are on on properly after this step.

Drive as usual for a few days.

When the chemical seeps out and is exposed to air it will form a scab like a cut on your arm will do, and stop the leak. Make sure your heater is turned to hot for a day, so the treatment can protect that area, too! The heater often times leaks due to coolant acidity and Mega Power will stop that problem, too.

In a week, add the 3rd product, Mega Power Radiator Cool to the fluid. Let them all run together.

I suggest you have a mechanic torque the head bolts a 1/3 turn tighter, to take up any slack on lose head bolts, as your part of the remedy – and this tightening may be a bit more that specs – but needed in this case.

See if a mechanic will torque your head bolts as described above. Its worth $100 of his time and just may save you many hundreds by avoiding a costly future head gasket and overheating repair. Most mechanics don't like the bother. Have him read what I suggest. Get it done!

I hope this tip works for you. Call me if you have a question.

Try my Mega Power Worn Motor Treatment and Transmission Treatment to protect those components and to avoid problems in those components for many more years. What is Mega Power?

Ordering info

    One, 3 item, Mega Power Head gasket Stop Leak and Radiator Treatment
    $61 plus $15 s&h= $76 total.

    2 or more Head Gasket Stop Leak Treatments for two cars, 6 items $100 total.
    6 treatments for 6 cars Total $180.
    Comes with instruction an our 100% money back guarantee. Shipped by Fedex to your door in 4 days.

... Thanx for your order. Call if you need help with the above, OK?
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