My best tune up, repair avoidance tips.

Motor-problem. Tune up, repair avoidance tips.

Additive maker Mega Power, is a leader in the development of wear avoidance and problem-solving products.

I'll show you the tune up, care, and repair avoidance help they have, you need for you specific problem.

The following links will take you there using these tips on

  • Additive products to avoid
  • The reasons why
  • Specific Mega Power additive options me and mechanics I sell to use
  • You should use also to correct your cars and equipment wear and performance problems.

They include the following.

Maybe your problem will end here. The old way of changing oil, and servicing your motor, cost you plenty - in the way of wear and problem development, and you don't even know it. What, and how possible?

10 valuable car care tips you need to know about.

10 motor problem car care tips to have your car engine reduce wear by cleaning with MC+.

If you need to clean your fuel injectors; there is a right and wrong way to do so. Try this fuel injector cleaning method to end those problems and your motors friction caused problems, too

If your motor is overheating, like mine was the other day, change the thermostat. The one in my motor permitted coolant to circulate to fast through the radiator. Coolant needs to travel through slow enough so its heat-load transfers to the coil tubes - and pass into the cooler outside air.

If heat transfer is slowed, temperature rises, until the water terms into steams and enough steam escapes and an overheating point is reached.

It is time to flush the system clean. Here's how to flush the radiator, and its cooling system.

Have a tap sound coming from your motor?

Doug describes How Mega Power help cure his motor wear, and tap problem.

There's a time when the motor and transmission have gone all they can go. That is when a $3000 repair is sometimes the answer. However, 9 times out of 10, the problem is caused by sticky residues and friction.

Here are the Mega Power Additives I use to get that "worn" motor and transmission running great again - and a put-off or avoid the possible car repair.

Motor-problem index.

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