Worn motor additives.
For those wanting a newer like performance without the cost.

Worn motor additives. Which work best?

Now it’s easy to prevent the most common causes of breakdown - before they appear! Imagine cars trucks equipment which rarely needs major repairs, and never lets you down. Just imagine the money you save and inconvenience you avoid. A distant fantasy? Not at all. My name is George Christ. I’ve been a mechanic for <> years. And I assure you from my and my customers’ experience, it’s a reality! All thanks to these [what i call my ] “Secret Formulas” which [ Turn back the [ mileage ]wear time on every part, every system. ]  to your old engine transmission radiator cooling system steering and a/c systems - not just the engine.>>>>  To do so  [a team of researchers and mechanics at xxxx created a 2 step way to turn back your vehicle's to its best state - and keep it there as long as you like.

 A brief read of what is now possible follows with the worn motor treatment]. by their inventions - gives you the power to do so. components  the mileage what does so ] team mechanics at <>, Mega Power  ] clean, restore, and protect the most important parts of your car - from bumper to bumper. Turn back time on your old engine Created by the Worn Motor Treatment is a complete engine treatment system. It reduces engine friction to boost horsepower and endurance. They call it their: Winning edge to eliminate the 6 most common causes of engine issues: 1. Oil blockages 2. Carbon buildup 3. Residues 4. Friction 5. Binding 6. Horsepower absorption And it’s so easy to treat your vehicle with Mega Power Worn Motor Treatment. Is “chambers” the right word? Just pour it into your vehicle’s fuel and oil chambers … and drive! Here's how Mega Power Worn Motor Treatment rejuvenates your engine: ✔ Reduces engine “wear and tear” by increasing oil circulation to all parts – destructive friction is decreased, Mega Power Worn Motor Treatment helps you avoid the number one cause of engine failure. ✔ Stops oil becoming a destructive, sludgy, sticky mess – as you drive your oil becomes dirty and thick. Eventually it blocks fuel flow and causes a reduction in power. Mega Power Worn Motor Treatment uses carbon technology to clean your oil and keep it working effectively for longer. ✔ Restores sticky piston rings, valves, bearings, gears, and sensors – dirt and acid builds up on these parts slashing their lifespan. Mega Power Worn Motor Treatment cleans and freshens while leaving a special slippery coating to keep them clean as you drive. ✔ Prevents expensive oil leaks – when your vehicle looses oil, metal scrapes on metal causing premature wear and, potentially, a seized engine. Mega Power Worn Motor Treatment finds and fills worn areas and holes with its special copolymer coating. ✔ Restores power and lost acceleration – If your fuel injector’s blocked or clogged you can lose up to 20% of your acceleration. Mega Power Worn Motor Treatment lubricates and forces sludge out your injector, so it runs like new. ✔ Works better the more you drive – Mega Power constantly works to clean and maintain your engine. The more you drive, the better Mega Power Worn Motor Treatment works! <> - <> Click here to rejuvenate your engine and save thousands in costly repairs today.

When your car or equipment engine develops a wear, high mileage, sludge or residue caused performance problem, and you feel an additive may help. Which one do you select?

This Review describes new types of worn motor additives, and what problems they prevent or end - and harmful products to avoid.

Our tips will help you gain many more years service - from your cars, avoid or put off costly overhauls.

The products we chose restore worn-away power, end engine valve tapping, stop oil burning. These particular one will have your motor purring strong and good as new - thanks to new Hi-tech anti-wear chemistry that cleans and frees, conditions and fills worn spaces.

This is great knowledge to use to end your present motor problem.

The specific worn motor additives, tips, info, and products we recommend  have unique advantages. One in particular is that they friction modify as they remove sticky, problem causing residues on your piston, bearings, valves and gears. These advantages avoid future wear problems with its MC+ worn motor additive ingredients.

By the chart showing the problem each brand and product ends you now gain car care secrets us car buffs use to make our cars and equipment outlast by many years the cars and equipment others, using other products, or the wrong product fail to gain from those products.

Is that what you're after? Read on!

You will benefit from this knowledge all your life and find you are avoiding avoidable repair expenses. You will instantly restore your like-near-new performance - and keep for years to come. That is an amazing claim many testify to!

We love Mega Power because Mega Power contains ingredients giving the product user the highest success rate among additives.

Mega Power's problem-solving advantages

Mega Power will end your car or truck engine loss of power problem, stop its oil burning, end its noisy valve tapping, and oil leak troubles - no other product comes close to. With all that as a guarantee for you, also!

Mega Power's advantages come from what I call their Worn Motor Treatment. This product gives you a complete additive aid to end your motor problem and its cause from your motor's 6 sub-systems.

That is different from even synthetic oil. To do so 6 items are installed in your motor - 3 does cleaning for one week as you drive. 3 the following week has been found to restore and revitalize a high mile, worn out motor run great again. End its blowby, oil burning, valve tap, seal and gasket leaks

See our chart.

The chart explains what Mega Powers 6 ingredients do to clear up the mystery for you of why Mega Power works when nothing else can! How so?

Mega Power Worn Motor Treatment

Shown here, Mega Power's Worn Motor Additives

These 6 items combined fall into several categories - each performs a function needed in your high mile, worn [out] motor - to chemically clean, free, smooth, heal and fill worn spaces. This gives you the benefit to get your car to run great again - pushing overhaul need into the far future. Mega Power gives your motor a second lifetime of use!

    1. Cleaners: Mega Power includes four different cleaners needed for:
      Your fuel, air intake, combustion, exhaust, and oiling system. Their name tell you what they do.

      While some fuel additives just clean. Mega Power's cleaners have a lube ingredient, removes condensation from the tank and making it burnable, cleans your fuel injectors, manifold, combustion, and emission systems.

      That is one part of how Mega Power restores power and ends engine problems like engine valve tapping - a dirty residue problem. And the power-robbing conditions causing those problems. Doing so acts like an Octane booster - which are harmful, and instead, boost the power output by removing power robbing negatives. You will love the zip when carrying a load, in hilly areas, just want more zip.

    2. Mega Power oil system cleaners contain piston ring and valve lifter penetrating, cleaning and freeing ability no other product has. An advantages promoting longer life, also.

      Never add solvent type engine and transmission additives commonly sold in part stores and quick lubes to your motor oil or transmission.

      Solvent containing additives destroy your oils lubricity - not good at all. Stay away from solvent-based additives sold to go in the engine motor oil and transmission.

    3. Mega Power's metal conditioners: They reduce friction. A great way to end power robbing resistance in your motor and transmission, and reduce future wear to a crawl. Here is how your engine and gear friction and wear stops..
      Your worn motor needs these additives to shield the surfaces of your pistons, bearings valves and gears to also resist acid attack. A unique advantage.

    4. Oil conditioners: These increase oils breakdown strength and maintains your oils lube film as older worn parts bang around.

      More help is provided in that Mega Power adds a co-polymer film over worn away surfaces - closing their wear gap - a difinite motor life extending benefit.

    5. Stop leaks: mega Power conditions and revitalizes dry seals and gaskets - stopping any leakage.

    6. Acid neutralizing ingredients: For anti-wear. Keeps wear down to a minimum. Keeps oil from breaking down over a longer time.

While a motor overhaul is the best answer at about $3000, Mega Power meets the need to keep older worn motors going with dependable performance - ending that worry - for under $100.

Your car needs Mega Power and so does your budget, to keep needed money in your wallet for other pressing needs. Order Mega Power Now, enjoy what the best worn motor additives can do for you.

Ordering Info

    One Mega Power Valve TreatmentIncludes 6 items shown. Easy-to-follow directions. Phone help if wanted. Satisfaction Guarantee. Shipped to your door by FedEx in 3 days. Just $65, plus $15 s&h= $80 total.

    Order 2 Treatments for 2 cars, save $30. 12 items. $115+ $15s&h=$130 total. Not $160. Subject to any advertised price increase. Order Now! Same satisfaction guarantee.

To ask a question or order by phone, call me at 512 665 338 - day or evening ok. At 512 665 3388 ...george

You may have tried an additive and it failed to work. Here is why...

    Since time, miles, and age combine to create car truck and equipment wear, performance, leak, and power loss problems that are tougher to end.

    Like food on my dinner plate I failed to rinse off from the night before. Weak soaps cannot dislodge them. Scouring pads with stronger cleaners are needed. You reach for them. It's the same with additive products.

    You take cold medicine. The doctor gives you stronger stuff when cold medicine is not the answer.

    One or two ingredients are not adequate to end today's Hi Tech car or truck problems, either.

    And just adding a common additive to the oil or gas is no longer sufficient either. Does that make sense to you?

Did you know...

    Dozens of parts in your motor and transmissions 6 sub-systems need cleaning. And then there is growing amounts of friction drag, and spaces enlarged by wear to be address to end those problems.

    To clean and free them - to reduce growing amounts of friction drag - and fill wear gaps, and other related problems appearing, stronger, specialized products are needed.

A company, Mega Power, sells worn motor additive "treatments" covering those and other wear and tear problems your vehicle needs.

I'm trained to match Mega Power Products to your specific vehicle need. Consider....

    Mega Power includes all of the above additive features - so all wear and tear and problem causing areas are covered. Not just one or two areas.

    This 6 combined ingredients produce the strongest, fastest-acting type worn motor additive "treatment" and protection possible.

    These 6 products I call the Worn Motor Treatment - pictured here, and other Treatments fill your car problem solving need.

    Links below cover other problem areas of your vehicle you want help with. I'll show you what you need and an easy way to install them. Driving does the actual fix.

    Find what you need and order them! Get on with life and a great running car again!

Mega Power Worn Motor Additive Treatment

With this worn motor additive treatment, you are capable of ending all 6 wear, residue, and friction drag problems at once - and this advantage restores lost like-new zip and performance - while ending your wear and tear problem.

Ordering Mega Power Worn Motor Additives.

    One Mega Power Valve Treatment Includes 6 items shown. Easy-to-follow directions. Phone help if wanted. Satisfaction Guarantee. Shipped to your door by FedEx in 3 days. Just $65, plus $15 s&h= $80 total.

    Order 2 Treatments for 2 cars, save $30. 12 items. $115+ $15s&h=$130 total. Not $160. Subject to any advertised price increase. Order Now! Same satisfaction guarantee.

To ask a question or order by phone, call me at 512 665 338 - day or evening ok. At 512 665 3388 ...george

For newer cars...

These are the best new vehicle engine, transmission, radiator, and fuel system additives from Mega Power are shown at this link.

For older vehicles...

Click for Info for older vehicle

Worn motor treatment additives

The problem with products like Restore, STP, Lucas, and BG, is this.

    They cover one aspect of the 6 conditions that cause problems.

    Using them is comparable to using an aspirin when special stronger "medicine" is what's needed to cure your problem.

    In your motor, more is needed than just one additive.

    I favor Mega Power, because the inventor invented multiple chemicals ingredient - treatments, that worked when one or two ingredients could not.

    There-in is the product combination for your older motor, too! Read about inventor's ingredients... Here

    Order the Mega Power Worn Motor Additive Here..

Dialog.... Worn motor additives

    Many of us car-buffs and mechanics found Mega Power is capable of covering those 6 needed areas to help end wear and tear caused problems like rough idle, tap, oil burning, power loss from years of driving.

    Doing so will "fix" performance problems, and we're here to teach you the How too. This includes a great way to get more years of good service from even older motors ,,, and transmissions, too!

This is an important point, I think you will agree with.

    I never seen an additive fix anything broker. Its too late for any additive - even ours, by then.

    So.... don't let your problem continue on without and attempt to end it - like we suggest here. You know waiting could really weaken the problem parts to the breaking point.

    Read on, reread this page, then click a button or link to go to our ordering page. I'll help you with easy instruction and personal phone help. It is easy for any non mechanic, I promise.

    Hopefully, we are correcting your wear and tear problem before repair is actually needed - this product will put off the repair.

For your wear and tear power train car problem we have a "fix."

    That is what you are trying to stop or fix and end. You will like using these fixes.

    Try one and gain confidence in their ingenious capabilities.

    Not just for older cars and trucks.

    You need to try the worn motor treatment on a newer car, too.

    This protects them and makes sure you are avoiding those causes of wear and repair. Nothing else can do as much to help you gain years more service from your newer vehicles, too.

    They will run better - I guarantee it!

This site details how you can use what works for your own vehicle problem-solving.

    More about Worn motor additives

    Click the buttons. Read the tech info about your problem to see that we know what we're talking about. Order the remedies recommended.

    You can use this site all your life for such - to avoid most internal motor repairs, to avoid avoidable fixes - our way, to get years more like-new zip and performance back.

    Call to order the Worn motor additives, or ask a question.

    Using our recommendations, you will keep all your cars trouble-free, and put-off repair, sometimes for years.

    Its that, or paying more when using conventional methods for tune ups, repairs, and premature car replacement.

    You will learn how your vehicle problem started, how to correct that problem, and how to "fix" the problem, now noticeable - and want help for.

What do I Know? I'm george christ, America's Expert in this area. Call me to order what you need, or if you need my help on your problem.

Worn motor additives

Other popular treatments that may suit your needs. The new way is better!

Different problems - different remedies

Read more about How I learned to use, and now teach this tech info

Worn motor additives Home Page

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