10 best car repairs for additives.

Our 10 best car repairs for additives.

Our Review:

    If you came here, you pretty much know there could be a product you could pour into the fluids - and magically, the problem goes away. You then expect your car to go back to its former, good dependable ways again. 

    In that case, Our 10 best car repairs for additives is the right place for help to end both car wear and tear problem and its thing that's worrying you!

Here's our 1 of our 10 best car repair tips for ping.

  • To stop engine ping you need these 3 additives  Called the Mega Power FISC. Trouble makers are hot-glowing carbon that pre-ignites fuel in the combustion area setting off an explosion you here as a ping or bottles ratling sounds from your motor FISC stops ping when caused by a dirty engine. Just $49. Code FISC
  • Here's our 8th best car repair tip for engine valve tap, which is a motor oil residue build-up problem that Mega Power Valve Treatment stops. See above picture. When valve stems and their lifter adjusters get sticky, a space appears. As parts rotate the space closes with a tap tap tap sound. The ingredients in the Mega Power Valve Treatment clean and free those parts. Ina sense freeing them up so they again open and close with no space - as they should.  The usual fix is to dis-assemble the upper half of your motor for some very extensive cleaning - label by us mechanics as a $2000 "valve job."  The Mega Power Valve Treatment  does the job for under $100. Learn more  Mega Power Valve Treatment stops valve lifter and valve tap - avoiding the need for actual repair, here.
  • Here's our 7th best car repair ftip or motor oil burning. It's the treatment above by Mega Power stops oil burning in 3 areas: 1-Combustion Blowby. 2- Cylinder Wear. 3-Worn Valve guides. Results end oil burning and smoke out the exhaust; restores power. More > Mega Power's Worn Motor Treatment
  • Here's our 6th best car repair tip for transmission gear slippage, rough gear shift, leaks, and such problems. The best and most powerful product for the job is the above Transmission Service Treatment. Learn more >  Mega Power's Transmission Treatment. 
  • Here's our 5th best car repair tip for radiator problems. Radiator service is important every 4 years. If you ignore it you will need this product. Mega Power Raditor Treatment is a product specifying it neutralizes acids, stops leaks without fibers, and speeds cooling of the engine and transmission high heat levels. Mega Power does all that and more. Learn more>Mega Power Full Service Radiator Treatment
  • Here's our 4th best car repair tip for power steering service and common troubles like a leak, whine, roughness when turning and such from Mega Power. The Mega Power Steering system Treatment does it all quite  nicely - and way cheaper than repair, The best and most powerful product for the job is the above Power Steering Service Treatment. Learn more 
  • Other products for other component problems and the 10 best car repair additives  and their tips and products to end those problems are listed in the table of contents at the bottom of the home page. Check out those best auto repair additives here.

Driving does the actual fix - driving caused the problem. This is the option if you want to end, avoid, or even put-off actual overhaul.

    End your car performance worry - with Mega Power. Mega Power uses need Hi-tech chemistry including anti-wear cleaners, conditioners, and friction modifiers. These go where synthetic oils and part store additives can't go - or are to watered down to not work.

    Our own usage, actual field experiences, mechanics who repeat their purchases month after month, and customer reports have given us the info on what works and what does not.

    Each recommendation comes with easy-to-follow directions, phone help if needed, and a money back refund, if your problem did not go away - and stay away. That's our skeptic's guarantee.

    Please note: Only 2 refunds ask for last 267 days.

Our 10 best car repairs for additives. What works

    Once you understand how superior this brand is over part store brands, and how Mega Power prevents, and avoids or puts-off the need for overhaul repairs,- compared to other methods of car care and maintenance, you too will become a Mega Power fan.

    Test and try the product in anything mechanical you own - those vehicles, equipment of any size, and industrial machinery will always want run great - on less amperage, go 40 or more miles distance on each fill up. and run like near new - years longer than by any other method of care.

These 10 best car repairs

    They are listed below as links to click on, order what's recommended, and phone help if needed.

    The Mega Power brand is a new, easy to use breed of additives that can now end a variety of problems and avoid costly repair as the fix remedy.

    Each best car repair using our additive products come with a 100% satisfaction guaranty.

    How so, you may wonder? No one else does that?

    That's because their success rate runs 90 out of 100 tries. This is due to their chemical nature that works deep inside where oil and other additives cannot go - or fail to end the problem for you.

Deep inside is where your wear and performance problems start!

    That is where our tips, Mega Power Products, and our expertise know how of what works and how to tell you to install them to end your wear and residue based problems. Expertise and products no oil or other product or web site has succeeded in doing!

    Because wear problems show up when parts fails, they are sometimes the other half of what makes any tune up - a great tune up, or a great repair. So, they are important companions to your tune up and repair problem-solving fix.

The products we recommend are the Mega Power Brand, the product leader in this field. They always work as advertised!

    A secondary benefit - besides of their success rate, we like is this: Mega Power slams the brakes on future wear-out problems by using a simple 2 step method - One to clean and free. The other to heal, smooth coat, and protect.

Mega Power chemistry will end your problem that way, too!

    The Mega Power Best Car Repair Method includes anti-wear that also slows the entire wear-out process to a slow crawl. This may add years more dependable service to your car - as it has for our cars and equipment.

    The effectiveness of these tune up products and their repair fixes come from 6 anti-wear ingredients - discussed in detail in links below.

    Use them to learn our method of care and they will help you avoid tens of thousands in avoidable car repair, replacement expenses.

    Check the following links for the area of concern you want help with. Try them at no risk. Each specific product remedy is field tested and guaranteed to work, or your money refunded.

Best car repairs, products, tips,

Why The Mega Power Brand? These products take advantage of new chemistry inventions found to do the fix. A brief explanation of their nature....

  • Some, I would call "Conditioners" – that up the slipperiness of the oil and the surface to make movement easier - thus ending the problem.

  • "Chemical Cleaners" are thinner than oil and work in cooking-hot areas to remove residues that cause a sticky, binding problem.

  • "Friction modifiers" - provide friction reducing action oil cannot provide - by smoothing abrasive, worn surfaces. Changing from rough to smooth - to operate smoothly like when brand new.

  • "Polymers and "Oil fortifiers" boost lube protection strength, and add a build-up over worn away surfaces to fill wear gaps - ending those causes of your problem.

  • The results produce a sudden, smooth, quiet operation. Leaks stop. Like-new performance returns – regardless of age.
  • In all that your problem ends.

More, Best car repairs, products, tips.

Problems melt away, performance returns.

    Thanks to Mega Power and my best car repair instruction and products recommended to end your problem.

    Besides the "fix" feature, a secondary benefit occurs - when you use Mega Power in the sequence outlined, will add years more useful life to your cars, trucks, and heavy equipment.

    You, or any man or women, not just mechanics, can use these repair avoiding alternatives.

What to expect.

    Mega Power results save our customers’ time and money; by eliminating many costly-to-repair problems, by helping their vehicles run, not just as good as before the problem appeared. NO! They will run like they have a bigger motor, yet economically, like a smaller motor provides. And...

    Usually, in just a few miles of driving.

The anti-wear factor is a valuable benefit

    I discovered early in life and put to use. They have help me and thousands of motorists i showed, how to avoid tens of thousands of dollars avoidable vehicle expense over the years.

    Now, it’s your turn to learn about, and enjoy this invention.

But, one more point, please.

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