Wikianswers valve tap.
How you should stop your engine valves tap.

Story from Wikianswers valve tap

Engine Valves and their springs. Valves are the second hottest parts and tap for various reason. Additives can end tap problems they have.

Wikianswers valve tap:

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Best Ways To End Engine Tapping - Wikianswers:

Tapping occurs when one or more of the following negatives occur:

  1. High internal temperature, Inability of oil to lower high engine internal temperature from friction to weaken oils hydraulic effect that causes valves to tap.
  2. Sticky piston rings and valves. Inability of oil keep rings and valves working to block combustion escape - Making sludge in the oil that causes valves to tap.
  3. Acid pitting. Inability of oil to remove acid pitting, friction drag it causes, places for residues to build on that causes valves to tap.
  4. No conditioning features. Oil  does not remove friction and residue binding that causes valves to tap.

For the complete story of how each of the four negatives develop and their contribution to tapping: click here!

Ways to end valve tapping:

  1. What a mechanic does to end tapping, Cost? : click here!
  2. For the complete story of how to select additives to end each of the causes of your engine valve tap problem : click here!
  3. This article details the cause and what to do.
  4. Purchase the Wikianswers valve tap Solution at the cart button below. 

Click each of the four negatives develop and their contribution to tapping: click here!

Engine valves, or their valve lifters tap when any or all of the four above negatives are present inside the engine. 

Motor oil, when it breaks-down, becomes gummy and sticks the pistons rings. The stickiness keeps the rings clamped closed and from flexing outward as they should. That condition permits combustion - which produces enormous temperatures and pressures to slip pass the faulty acting piston rings - and mix with you oil down below. This adds to oil breakdown. Circulation spreads the gooey condition to your engine valves, valve lifters, and piston rings. Engine noisy eventually develops - like the following. Ending motor piston blow-by is one of the fixes [two options] needed to end the [valve tap] problem.

Ending the four causes of your tap problem. 

Wikianswers valve tap solution.

  1.  Hydraulic lifters tap:  The hydraulic lifter sticks - there is one for each valve, by becoming plugged up with sludge. Or rather, inside the lifter is a piston that sludge will jam open. The valve lifter "pistons" job is to allow oil pressured to push it up so contact with the bottom of the valve stem occurs. This action takes up slack between the cam and the valve. When this little -but important valve-lifter piston is stuck open, or the oil delivery is blocked with sludge, oil cannot push the valve piston up, to close this gap. A space appears and causes the tap tap tap.
  2. Sticky Valves: Residues collecting and sticking your motor's valve stems keep them it from snapping close as they should. A space appears and as the cam rotates and smacks the stem end of the valve - instead of gently pushing it open - and each engine rotation creates a hammer-like tap tap tap - heard as it does so.
  3. Carbon on valve head:  A s combustion occurs residues residues remain behind. They help to make dirty carbon deposits that holds open your valve . Same problem as 3 occurs. This requires an extra install step to end rough idle, or stalling if its the problem. 
  4. Ending lifters cause of your valve tap.

Mega Power Valve Treatment. Our Best Valve Tap Ending Option:

The wikianswers valve tap solution has one additive solution. The Mega Power Valve Treatment.  This one engine solution - the one I use and promote is for professional usage, but now made easy for any vehicle owner to end tapping with the service - as no tools or skill is needed. 

Mega Power's Valve Tap Ending Treatment offers an easy 2 step way to end valve tap! Its method is the right solution as it provides the 3 kinds of cleaners, the conditioner to free up, and remove friction roughness adding to the problem, then adds the slippery protector more to valves and lifters engine their cause of tapping.  It uses those feature in 6 additives  - 3 each in two simple steps. Step One:

The Easy-to-Follow Directions:

  1. Step One -Add items shown to gas tak and motor oil. Tap then begins to lessen. Drive car for a week then do step 2 a week later..
  2. Step Two :Change old. Add Mega Power item to old oil shown, 10 minutes before changing out old oil. Complete the 2 steps and valve tap problem by adding the 2 remaining Mega Power items to new oil.  That ends the tap permanently. Tens of thousands have follow this method with no complaints! Try it and see he Hero in You Save Your Engine From Tapping!


 Mega Power include 6 items to end tapping. Easy to follow directions. Free phone help if needed.  Guarantee.Shipped to your door in 3 days by FedEx.  A $300 value if you could find all the items. If a Mechanic installs it, cost around $350. Do-it-yourself for $125  - in ten minutes - yourself! Click cart button to get it to you to end this worrisome problem for good!

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Wikianswers valve tap

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