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Why do my valves tap?This is why... And the product: the Mega Power Worn Motor Treatment ends the tap permanently.

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WikiAnswers valve tap.

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Valve tap develops due to four reasons:

  1. Motor oil, when it breaks-down, becomes gummy and sticks the pistons rings. The stickiness keeps the rings clamped closed and from flexing outward as they should. That condition permits combustion - which produces enormous temperatures and pressures to slip pass the faulty acting piston rings - and mix with you oil down below. This adds to oil breakdown. Circulation spreads the gooey condition to your engine valves, valve lifters, and piston rings. Engine noisy eventually develops - like the following. Ending motor piston blow-by is one of the fixes [two options] needed to end the [valve tap] problem.

  2. The hydraulic lifter sticks - there is one for each valve, by becoming plugged up with sludge. Or rather, inside the lifter is a piston that sludge will jam open. The valve lifter "pistons" job is to allow oil pressured to push it up so contact with the bottom of the valve stem occurs. This action takes up slack between the cam and the valve. When this little -but important valve-lifter piston is stuck open, or the oil delivery is blocked with sludge, oil cannot push the valve piston up, to close this gap. A space appears and causes the tap tap tap.

  3. Residues collecting and sticking your motor's valve stems keep them it from snapping close as they should. A space appears and as the cam rotates and smacks the stem, tap tap tap is heard as it does so.

  4. Carbon - residues from dirty combustion holds open your valve. Same problem as 3 occurs. And also rough idle, or stallingwill occur.

Each of these conditions will end from addition of very special cleaners in the Mega Power Worn Motor Treatment. They free and clean valves with 4 cleaner ingredients made for your 4 problem areas. Cleaning results end your tap, rough idle, and power loss. Mega Power takes just minutes to work by adding the product to your motor. Driving in a few miles end those harmful conditions, and restores smooth, strong, quiet power to your motor. Online ordering links below. End wikianswers valve tap information help.

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