Top Ten DIY Auto Repair Tips using cleaners an conditioners to ends wear and residue,
tune up, engine, transmission, radiator, and power steering problems. The Strongest Way to Restore Performance, and Long Term Dependability.

Top ten diy auto repair tips. Contact Info: On a smartphone, to ask a question, want to order products suggested, call me at 512 665 3388

Top ten diy auto repair tips and secrets I discovered as a mechanic - some mechanics won't tell you about - but I will! Here's those secrets I use - made easy for you to use. 


10- Tip 10. Two techs are discussing a customer's radiator and cooling system over-heating - coolant loss problem. There is no apparent leak.

Tech A says, "Its a weak radiator cap. Replace it, and refill the system with new anti-freeze."

Tech B says, "It could be several other things, also. And suggested the cap should be given its 5 point check  to pass or fail it. More likely, its   an engine head-gasket starting to fail causing combustion leakage into the coolant, forcing coolant out as you drive. Who do you agree with?

  • 1- Tech A
  • 2- Tech B
  • 3- Neither.
  • 4- Both

Both answers have could be right. Further checks are needed. Any good mechanic can do them for you. Priced around $20 for the check. However...

We settled on a 2 step method using the Mega Power's Radiator RS3 Service. We like it because Mega Power removes the acidic film during a simple flush, other brands can't. Acids are the radiator engine and transmission's number one enemy and problem causer, after residue and friction.

And Mega Power includes a stop leak that works like blood, to seal any head gasket trouble. And an ingredient that packs coolant molecules closer together, helping the transfer of heat from the engine and transmission faster -making those components run better and last longer. Please note:

Residue film coating on surfaces where anti-freeze circulates, acts as an insulator blocking engine transmission heat going into the coolant and its heat transfer out to the air. Trapped heat can cause air pockets to form as big as a football and displace coolant as you drive - a common problem Mega Power ends.

Step Two is to torque the head bolts a quarter turn tighter - as this will seal gaps  time opened in the head gaskets, also a way of ending escape of combustion gases and their entering into the coolant area, and forcing out coolant the as you drive - ending overheating and mysterious coolant loss problem. Order This Mega Power Product here.

Seals head gasket and hole leaks. Lowers hot running engines: by Mega Power

Read on for the other 9 tips and products your car needs.

Reducing friction - a big Top ten diy auto repair tip. 

9- Tip 9. Engine problems and their diy repair options I field tested that work:

  1. A diy simple way to clean and end dirty fuel injector problems, clean a fuel system, and clean your combustion area residues almost instantly. Have your engine purring like a kitten again - but ready to rumble, if need be.

Try this Dirty fuel injector cleaning link that also reduces engine friction as shown in the video above.

  • Here's the cheapest and best product and method to end rough idle and or mysterious stalling, always caused by dirty intakes valve sticking.

  • Low vacuum drives the motors computer crazy as it can't adjust tune up adjustments with low vacuum as its to much to adjust for. The motors computer likes 20 or more inches of vacuum - which your motor has when clean operating and new. A drop in vacuum from 22 to 18, 17, or 16 inches of vacuum is caused by your engines piston rings become sticky and working lazily, and sticky valves, and a dirty emission system, which lowers engine suction - us mechanics call that a "loss of vacuum." Its a $3000 overhaul fix normally. For such lazy performaing motors, this Engine Emission Cleaning Tip will save yourself a $3000 engine overhaul repair, for sure!

  • Engine valve tap is an annoying sound that is telling you more than you want to believe. Here is what to learn and a simple top ten diy auto repair tip to end your engine valve tap .

  • Another cause of engine tapping is a stuck valve lifter. We call it stuck because it has its own little tiny piston that drops in its bore and sludge won't release it to pump back up by oil pressure. This lifter piston acts as a valve wear slack self adjuster. You usually know its a valve lifter sticking if it comes and goes, and if the motor runs smooth, but you hear the tell-tell sound of tap tap tapping. Now you know more than most mechanics. All they are taught to do is open up your motor annd replace its 8 to 24 valve lifters with new $10 apiece ones. And a new oil pump that adds another $150 to the $2000 labor bill. Top ten diy auto repair tips from auto tune up and repair Save your lifters, your car motor, and your hard earned cash by installing the Mega Power Valve Lifter Cleaning Treatment, yourself.
  • The top 10 diy auto repair tips, options, & products to avoid auto repair, include cleaning your dirty catalytic converter and sensor cleaning tips. The catalytic part refers to exotic metals that turn unburnt gas and oil into less harmful poisonious gas for us to breathe. Ya, right! That strange name for the closes set of mufflers to your motor came along as a engine defect engineering fixing problem car makers fought for 20 years, but California Law beat them at their own game. When dirty, it chokes down engine breathing - like stoppes up lungs do when conggested from a dirty operating engine overflowing its crud out the exhaust pipe into the air. So a new set cost over $500. Our method cleans them in minutes, for under $100, and ends the dirty conditions that choke it down, too, After cleaning, your motor will breathe freely, your exhaust will revert to the lowest harmful emissions, and like new zip will come back - I promise.
  • .
  • Here is a two in one, top ten diy auto repair tip. Those nasty oil drips on your driveway? Got a leaking main or rear seal or valve cover gasket, no doubt. The front and rear engine seals and other gaskets are rubbery. Over time, piston combustion blowby will add crankcase pressures and create acidic conditions and sludge, which will shrink the rubber seal, causing the oil leak. This Mega Power Stop Leak Treatment will reduce blowby, and give those rubery parts a controlled expansion, stopping the leak. A two-in-one advantage for you. Dangers in some stop leaks. what we use.

  • Ending tramsmission problems. Our top ten diy auto repair tips, from auto tune up and repair includes Transmission help, too. Transmissions get dirty and need help, too. when dirty, they rough shift, slow shift, or make a hard shift-like noise above 40MPH. Mega Power's Transmission Service Treatment.

  • Your radiator cools down the boiling hot anti-freeze and transmission oil. Ourm mega Power Service Treatment cleans, then adds a cooler aspect to the fluid, and provides stop leak help, if needed. Learn moore about radiator care and Mega Powers Radiator cooling and stop leak aid.

  • Our fix for your Top ten diy auto repair tips gets your car running great, avoids costly repairs, and avoids costly expenses.

    Hope you found these Top 10 diy tune up, repair tips & product options avoids costly repair, and has your car runnning better, years longer... george.

    Top ten diy auto repair tips from: auto tune up and repair

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