The Better Way To End Your Vehicle Problems

  Are you looking for a system of car care and repair avoidance to avoid traditional REPAIR solutions that cost a Kings Ransom. Additives can be that better, cheaper solution. That's what I discovered.

    Additives, installed in a service will end any plston, bearing, valve, gear, fuel delivery, combustion and lube problems. Since residues and friction are nearly always related to some sort of binding, or movement-upsetting condition - there is the right additive combination to end the problem they cause. An amazing statement millions have found true over the years!

   As a mechanic, I learned of, and then sold the tune up, engine and gear additives from Carl Wynn - His famous Wynn's Friction Proofing brand, sold by the 3 Justice Brothers - and their JB Additives, and Bud Esterline - His Mega Power Brand Automotive Additives- who all offer similar additives that end automotive wear and tear and performance operating problems. However...

    Their problems are complex and require 3 to 6 different additives to end.

    With so many additives you may need help and advice on what additives to use to end your vehicles wear and tear and performance operating problems - I'll help you!

     I've packaged and labeled them with the problem they solve in 3 and 6 combinations with directions to follow to end even mechanical wear and tear and performance operating problems. With this background ....

    I'm one of the few who can explain what additives will work for any wear and tear and performance operating problems. However..

    While the 3 brands provide great chemical solutions to end engine, gear, radiator, power steering, and a/c  wear and tear and performance and operating problem solutions, including complex problems I hope I can help you solve yours.

    I'm the only one offering phone advice, easy-to-follow directs, mechanics prices and guaranty the fix.  

    I've been promoting the Mega Power Brand since they sell to everyone.

    How additives solve Internal problems.

     Additives, installed in a service will end any plston, bearing, valve, gear, fuel delivery, combustion and lube problems. Since residues and friction are nearly always related to some sort of binding, or movement-upsetting condition - there is the right additive combination  end the problem. 

    With a little education - I'll teach you  in a recipes format what additives to use - in a service that ends  those internal problems. Even if you know nothing about fixing cars - you can end most engine and component operating end car problems in 10 minutes or less.

    You can have your car truck tractor boat motorcycle back to normal - following the fix recipe given  I discovered or was shown in this web site. Then, use the same additives to avoid such problems all the rest of their life! 

That's this auto tune up and repair option! Read on if this interest you?

  A system to end internal vehicle problems.

  You may be surprised to know there are additive service products from Mega Power - to end or stop most any fuel, combustion, engine, transmission, radiator, steering, a/c, and emission problem -- instead of by repair.

   Their secret is in their ability to reverse internal negatives causing your problem. 

   When you reverse internal negatives causing your car trouble you have the best fix to end your fuel, engine, transmission, radiator, steering or a//c problem.

    What causes premature wear and tear, and their dozens of other problems?

    Combustion entering into the oil section. Residues and acids. Friction. Binding of some sort.

    Those conditions cause your cars running performance. Removing them use to require actual repair. But now, additives - like medicine, can end internal  problems - as long as it actually hasn't failed and stop running.

What to expect with these auto tune up and repair options.

  • End mechanical, running, operating problems.
  • Do so faster, cheaper, and with amazlngly better results.
  • Nothing to take apart!
  • Just do as I show you, and drive.
  • Driving ends the problem.
  • The vehicle will return to its strongest, quietest running.
  • Then stay free of Trouble with touch ups at future oil or fluid changes.
  • Or no charge if it dose not!
  • Repair shops are making their success possible including them in every repair.
  • Even single moms have found our auto tune up and repair options their car/finance saver.
  • Small fleet, equipment owners, truckers, race car builders depend on the same.
  • Why not learn to use the Same option, and have the fastest, cheapest, best going for you.

   ...reading a few pages, and the page with your auto tune and repair option will teach you the best way to protect, but also end your new to old cars, diesel trucks, tractors, rv, boat, motorcycle, and machinery problem. Have them run good as new by this service - as long as you want.

   The option for people who want to take care of, lower the operating cost of the things they invest in to keep life going smoother, to do so at half the expense all other methods can offer.

    Show me a better one and I'll pay you for it!

   This comes from the 3 best additive sources! Carl Wynn. The Justice Brothers. Bud Esterline.

   Since 95 out of 100 vehicle troubles  - are inside the engine, transmission, radiator, or steering  AND almost always residue, acid,  and frictions caused. Doesn't it make since to remove them with a powerful remover, then add healers and protectors to restore the components new like operation? 

    Problems end by combining street proven specialty additives sold to mechanics that:

  • Clean and free up trouble causing parts quickly.
  • Removes their binding residues for drain out. 
  • Then changes their rough wearing surfaces to new smooth like.
  • And adds anti-wear and protectors to close up wear gaps.
  • The problems goes away.
  • If it doesn't run strong and quiet as if new,
  • ... and needs repair, I'll refund your cost  for trying, with a smile.
  • Please note: 2 refunds last 267 days.

  • Here's the poInt...
  1. If left alone those negatives will grind your car into a real serious failure. And years sooner.
  2.  Smart people use our additives to remove those troubles causes and they just goes away. 
  3. Hard to believe - but very true! 
  4. See what customers say.
  5. That's this option-- and I'm the country's expert to help teach you to be that smart taking care of all you own.
  6. If repaired.:.. The old parts not replaced are wearing away faster because there's more new friction messing with their wear out rate. (You always have a second problem showing up after a repair for those reasons. Did you know that)?
  7. The auto tune up and repair option service treatment avoids the first and other problems!
  8. Those are reasons why my auto tune up and repair option is cheaper, faster and much better for the lo g haul down life's road after it ends your vehicle problems.
  9. That's why smart vehicle owners find it saves their cars and money protecting every component.

   If it has not busted yet, these auto tune up and repair options using additives will end over 400 problems caused by such hidden forces.

   That's your auto tune up and repair option here!

This page  - read  it a couple tImes, 

will send you to the Page covering your solution.

Call me for tips if you need that help, too.

   In fact, you may be looking for such help and don't know it until you read over this site. 

   Those special additives to remove TROUBLE CAUSING residues, acids, and friction  will undo the problem - and return the normal operation - but it takes a test to convince you to use them for ending your operating and performance problems.  Me n auto tune up and repair options offer the quickest, cheapest - best way known if you want your troubled vehicle back on life's road running great and trouble-free!

   Your option like mine is for a smart alternative way to end mechanical internal problems - that cause almost all vehicle problems. 

    You - if you decide to test my way to end your car/diesel internal problem - See picture - you will see they work by using specific ingredients invented for reversing the internal causes - and for returning a like-new operation chemically. This avoids doing their repair. Got that!    

What my Customers found.... may be your solution...

     "Stopped my engine valve tapping"

     "Removed the sludge the dealer said 'a new motor was the fix.' ''

     "Stop my engine consuming 2 gallons motor oil between oil changes"

     "Stop the piston blowby that was killing my engine power-

       - for fraction of what the mechanic wanted"

     "Stop my oil leak dripping oil on my drive way"

     "Stop the rough shift that worried me it could require costly repair"

Not outlawed? 

    For many years BIG CAR TRUCK TRACTOR makers have tried to outlaw fixing your old vehicles making it hard and mysterious to do so - with complicated controls.

    What's not outlawed? Additives! I'll show you how to end these vehicle problems with them:


    I'll show the auto tune up and repair option that reveals the mystery and the alternative to end your car truck big rig tractor dozer RV boat motorcycle problems.

    This option keeps greedy profit making schemes out of your pocket!. So effective, it should be outlawed! It may be.


   Read what customers say below.

   How they did it.

   After 5 minutes reading - on their car problem - maybe thinking about the solution given, for a couple days, checking what others say.  They returned, ordered the items to end their problem. Then..

   "Poured 'this' in where shown ...  Drove. The problem just goes away!"

   How you can do so.

   Not for everyone - but, if you feel, a no risk - let me prove it ends my car problem - or I don't have to pay for trying... I may check it out! 

   That method - using additives, is your fastest, cheapest, - and I believe  - when you see what the brand I love does - long term. You will say, it's the best way to end your mechanical operating problems."

    End... Problems like.... 10 of 400 listed

    Our top ten great problem-ending options to end these vehicle problems. Click to read what to do for:

   The rest of this home page is of interest about the actual fix results.

    For car and truck owners and mechanics who think green.

    Read on to discover what we found to end vehicle problems.

    These auto tune up and repair option best features are -

         It ends the vehicle problem by driving. Driving caused it!

         It ends future in-the-making repair problems doing so.

         It gives a newer, bigger feel, while adding 20 to 40 more miles distance to each tank of fuel, like a smaller vehicle offers.

         Can push premature, new replacement needs years more down in time..


  How this option fixes car problems like yours:

    Unlike additives that only clean - their only feature, and with a harmful solvent as their feature.

    Our Mega Power Brand Cleans - but going to where oil or solvents can't - microscopically to remove binding or hangup.

    Then heals damage, and adds a slipperyness to eliminates friction drag, and them tops off the repair by filling worn surfaces. 

    This is what you're after - isn't it?

    That is the set of options that can do so - you can try others to see so. Then also returns a peppy, like-new operation you can keep as long as you want. 

    Learn more - even get your option fix now!

    Click a link on left side or in article below to do so.

    All street proven with a satisfaction, or money back.

    All are add and drive to end problem.

    Look for the problem-you-have button to get your fix. 

    Call me - I here to help you 24/7.  512 665-3388

    Read blogs below repeated to help you.

The one main benefit auto tune up and repair options gives you.

    You, the reader - searching for your car problem-solution can test our option to do so... at no risk to see if it returns your vehicle back to normal.

    This is because we have a 96% success rate -and only had 2 refunds last 267 days. Read blogs below for details.

Over 400 solutions listed. 

Links, and menu below, direct you to our fix option remedy.

The following list the most common solutions people come here for:

  • valve  tapping, best way to 
  • remove  sludge, 
  • compression stop blow-by, 
  • end engine oil burning,
  • stop rough shift, 
  • end fluid leaks, 
  • stop engine overheating,
  • fix head gasket problems easily,
  • stop ps  whine, 
  • end high mileage power loss problems,
  • even give thought worn out vehicles a new life of long service - without overhaul expense. 

Could this be the best option for your  auto tune up .and repair options

If you want... please try the... the best all-around, lowest cost, quickest recipe to END your engine problem, transmission problem, radiator  problem, steering or power take off, lost power, noisy problem. Any

  • car, 
  • diesel truck tractor 
  • RV boat motorcycle 
  • machine - so it can continue to work - provide pleasure, travel... the vehicle was bought for. Regardless of brand, age, size, mileage.

Links and menu below direct you to your remedy.

My Goal for you... End your automotive problem!

Your auto tune up and repair options education offers a practical solution for the best for them...

It educates the car equipment owner on an upgrade method of care and repair to end... or control his vehicle problem - so the vehicle returns to normal at the least costly expense.

Yes! You benefit because I'm a different kind of mechanic in that respect!

I'm a mechanic - and I want that to. I don't want to be spending thousands or $30,000  - un less I have too, for repair or new vehicle - wrecking my family finances - if I can avoid it!.

This led me to this form of care and repair I call options - millions of  individuals and fleet owners and repair shops are using.

See testimonial links below.

The inventor of these amazing products.

I'm not the inventor of the products that do so - but I by chance found and went to work for them helping my own vehicles solve their problems without actual repair. ...and mechanics, to do the same who own repair shops...

Who really for?

For the car equipment owner who has a mechanic and not such a believer this site is to educate them for their own expense reducing factors.

For the small fleet owner who... finds his top mechanic has no interest in short-cutting repairs - to cut his work load back, reduce overhead, to put more money on the bosses bottom line.

What I want you to do here....

 You, the reader searching  will test my tips. Then see, you also found the best way to solve his vehicle valve  tapping, remove  sludge, stop blowby, end oil burning stop rough shift, end fluid leaks, stop overheating, whine power loss problems so the vehicle - and ll his vehicles will provide the good dependable service it was bought for.

When your cars trucks tractors diesel RV’s boat motorcycle changes from it brand new to dirty, sticking slow responding,horsepower absorbing  - it has the problem most likely you are looking for relief from.

Why this method works above all others.

Repair is the common fix. However, there the is a place for additives.This site shows what additives has risen to the top to change those dirty internal condition back to new like. Ending the hundreds of problems  -of which you have one or more.

Why Cheaper Faster Better Options?

   These tune up and repair options will benefit you in many ways!

  • They solve the engine problem. 
  • Transmission problem. 
  • Radiator cooling leak problem. 
  • Even power steering, power take-off whine howl and such problems.
  • Have even older worn vehicles conditione to run quiet strong years pass what any othercare and repair method offers.

   Learning the secret to avoid avoidable repairs.

  • The secret will cut in half those you really need.
  • Reduce auto repair and replacement expense by tens of thousands of dollars - over the years - Thousands avoided  mean thousands for other family needs - 
  • Know the Car Buffs Secret - ME. To doung so. 

start easier,

running quiet as new, regain and keep it like-new performance  - you paid so dearlywhile having  all your life.

   This page, the buttons at the left, and articles at the very bottom, and me by phone can direct you to your auto tune up and repair option problem-solving additives.

Doing This Avoids the repair.

    Our auto tune up and repair additive options:

  • Ends car or heavy equipment problems 
  • Produce Instant Recovery.
  • Pour-it-in and drive to fix..
  • Exclusive lo-cost solution. 
  • Have it at your door in 3 days.
  • Best, cheapest, fastest option.
  • Releases smooth quiet operation.
  • Details all on one site page.
  • No ad interruptions, or pesky ad follow ups.
  • Sold Double your money back.
  • Daily super bonuses.

    Engine Transmission Radiator Steering and A/C troubles always seem big.


    They are mostly caused by a cupful of internal sticky residues and friction jamming several parts - screwing up your fuel, engine or transmission. 

    Costly, time-consuming effort goes into replacing those parts. Rarely do they fail completely. Other options can correct the problems they cause by their chemical removal.

    The problem of what to use for what problem - may seem huge. But is easy if you know the secret - we know and use!

The point is... 99% of the parts are OK. Yet, costly by repair into the thousands for replacing the few troublesome parts.

There is a better way to solve the problem.

My Job.... An expert in all this.

   However, once understood that most problems that seem big like these:

   ... are really a small hangup of a few  parts, or just one dirty sticking, or friction binding part causing your problem.

   I show you all this to end your problem yourself!

   Tens of thousands of car and small fleet owners areusing this option.

How I know the solution.

   I know this from being a mechanic who ... overhauling engine seem it so. So I looked for an alternative to solves these problems.

   I was glad  to learn of, and be shown by additive researchers, chemical products a handful of inventors discovered to clean and smooth -what new part replacement did - at a fraction of repair cost.

Exposing The Don't Use Additives Myth.

 Dear vehicle owner.

 You need to know the auto myth and do what they aren't telling you to do - to end your car trouble in the best way for you.

 The myth is this...When having an engine or component operating problem, people think it always needs a costly repair to end it. 

 The myth says, you can ruin your car if you use any alternatives and using additives will make it worst," they say.  

....Sure, some additives Bad! But the good ones to end your car problem is worth a million bucks.

. I'll tell you which on the page you go to for our solution I feel is my best solution - and yours.

Something they won't do.

 I'm a mechanic and admit, most part store additives are harmful. But there are a few good ones -  - and I list the harmful ones to stay away from. , and good ones guaranteed to fix your wear and tear performance trouble - without repair - as the repair... here for you!

What customers say:

      Mike: “I can’t believe the products George sold me made my noisy older engine I thought was on its last mile run sweet and strong as could be! Over a year, and its still running sweet and strong!” ...Mike 

The Myth Exposed  

     We are conditioned to think costly-repair is better than using additives, and that thinking is intentional - to make others richer off your sweat.

    This costly-to-you thinking starts with a trick car makers have  when we buy a new car truck tractor an such.

    This idea is... offering you to come to the dealer for free repair of most any operating problem for 5 years. 

    Of course, you don’t know they built into the new vehicle price those free new car repairs. You think, its a friendly gesture on their part. Its not?

Here's the point!

      For any vehicle problem … you take the car truck or such, to the dealer for the fix for 5 years under warranty. They are training you like Pablo’s dog exercise to think if - there is a problem, it needs repair from the dealer and its mostly free. However, I ask you...

    After the warranty period, guess who pays for the repair and new parts involved running from $1000 to $5000?  You do!

    Who would not profit off you,,, if you found a way to end the problem for a 10th of what repair cost? And results were just as good?  Answer:  The parts makers and car dealers.

The easy solution to solving a complex problem wee solved for you:

  1. Clean and free it to start the solution.
  2. Add healers, conditioners, and protectors to complete the ending of the problem. 

Shown for the engine, below

The easy solution to solving a complex problem wee solved for you:

  1. Clean and free it to start the solution.
  2. Add healers, conditioners, and protectors to complete the ending of the problem. 

Shown for the engine, below

If its shocking to realize you are the only one who cares about protecting your assets and keeping them running  at a fraction of repair cost - it's because there's no money in it for them.

It's your money. You spend it the way best for you!

Welcome to those options from those who do want to help you.

 A method of care and their products from some who do think green, taught me and those who ant to profit showing others how to do so! Forever!

Well, almost forever... if you follow our service method - to rid your of its 6 trouble makers.

They are most likely causing one of 400 problems. However, 

Remove them NOW with my auto tune up and repair options - exclusively made to do so, and you will end your mechanical problem - chemically.

The 6 trouble causing negatives are:

  1. Sludge
  2. Acid Pitting
  3. Carbon
  4. Friction
  5. Wear
  6. Blow-by

You will find auto-tune-up-and-repair-options.com is the first website to reveal the How-To - do so.

The odd thing about engine trouble

The odd thing about engine trouble - I discovered is... only one, or a few of the hundreds of parts cause your problem.

However... It cost thousand to get in and replace them.

    Other solutions are options

You will find these are solutions offered to end engine and transmission operation problems showing up

And - when you need your cars to run trouble-free - as they age... but have one of the costly, 400 problems possible.

    Are these your best solution?

  • Add transmission fluid to the oil. Really?
  • Change motor oils – common synthetic motor oil – can’t hurt! If that does not help. See a mechanic...

       Mechanics suggest This... 

You may not like his suggestion - try ours down below... and the reason for this website.

  • His tip? Pay to fix it: A $2000 to $4000 option.
  • Get a new engine: A $4000 to $6000 more expensive option.
  • You may do nothing. Maybe it will go away. Not likely.

         More options.

You - may say - that gets rid of the trouble and 6 negatives. But not elsewhere... Soooo...

  • Get a new car or truck! A $20,000 to $60,000 expensive option. Have the cr maker pay for major repairs the fist 5 years. Naw..
  • Flush it! Removes one of the six problem causes and may help - Or make it worst. Cost $50

Our auto-tune-up-and-repair-options.com  ...better solution

Get rid of the 6 causes of your engine problem! How?

Service the engine with the Mega Power 6.

The Mega   Power 6 

- Contains the 6 proven ingredients to end any internal engine problem.

Cost? $197. or 4 payments of $49.

Includes protectors for the transmission, radiator, and steering - So they will run trouble-free for years to come. Contains what your car really needs!

-valued over $500. Up to $1500 at the dealer - if he chooses to sell this brand. A true service to meet new car warranties but...

– kept secret because - - it cuts the cost charge you by the dealer to 1/3 - few know about. The install method...

The install method...

Is a 2 Step week apart 5 minute install anyone can do.

No tools needed. Nothing to take apart. Add to fuel tank and oil, or fluids. a neighbor can help you if need be. Me over the phone! 

Provides the car/equipment MFT 50,000 miles complete engine service. So it ideal to service all your vehicle this way.


Comes with direction free tech help on the install.

Double your money back if it still requires repair to end the problem..

Protect your engine against wear sludge trouble

Order the Mega Power 6 and bonus free items here for the engine fix and transmission radiator and steering protectors 


Car/equipment problems are a boom to repair shops. And car owners are seeking less-costly alternatives. Such options can lower repair cost with the help from additives.

Additive treatments - end mechanical operating and their negative performance caused problems in engines and transmissions.

Products to end performance and operating negatives work like medicine in humans.


You would expect additives sold to clean,  stop acids damage, end raw friction, and add protection - to be a good problem solver... but some additives say they do - but don't!

Those we sell do..

Compare this raw friction claim , but just this one brand does so. Auto tune up and repair options offers that brand.

Works like medicine should.

The Mega Power Brand helps your cars  recovery and returns its good health by removing problem-causing residue, friction drag, and then by filling worn spaces - with MC+ - which ends the problem.  

Those features are helping motorist end problems and stretching years more dependable life from their aging cars trucks tractors, RV's boats and motorcycles.

Are auto tune up and repair options additive treatments for you?

 While men, women, and mechanics are benefiting from additives, they require  some self-schooling. And auto tune up and repair options will help you. 

How to get started.

Growing your vehicle care, repair avoiding knowledge.

    Most likely, the option to try additives is for the person who  adventurous enough to try an alternative care and repair method. Many men and women vehicles owners are doing so with our auto tune up and repair option guide. 

And repair shop owners as they get the news - and learn of its profit-boosting advantages.  

   It takes reading and digesting the info to get started. Products and easy-to-follow directions come package to end each problem.

    I've arrange these auto tune up and repair options website with techy info explained so anyone can see what to do to end their car problem. Includes free phone help if needed.

This website features additives to solve older car and truck problems?

   Did you know, there are millions of cars, truck, tractors, rv’s, boats, and motorcycles owners who have installed my chemical conditioning products to end their vehicle operating problem?

The following shows what to do...

End the worry! For any"

  • Car
  • Diesel truck
  • Tractor
  • RV 
  • Boat
  • Motorcycle
  • Machine.... running and performance problem

All services easy to do. 

Those auto tune up and repair options - are for you!

They avoid actual repair! How?

  • You add the product shown.
  • Driving forces then end the problem.
  • Fix mechanical problems chemically.
  • Success Factor? 
  • 2 refunds requested last 6 months.
  • Ends worry. Protects your budget.
  • They are 90% cheaper that actual repair.


The power in these 3 tune up, repair option.

     You'll find - Me, the cardoctor2, and my 3 options repair philosophy, learned from the country's experts, while new-to-you, are old-fashion, better care and repair solution-not offered generally. 


  1. No special skills needed other than reading.
  2. Easy to add, drive, for the fix. 
  3. Continue benefits with touch-ups at each fluid, or oil change.

How this works...

   4. Chemistry uses internal mechanical forces to end the problem. 

   5. Uses 3 old fashion basic principles: Clean and Free. Condition. Protect,

        Ignored by those selling price, not quality.  Bought by the less informed.


      Do you want a service to avoid tens of thousands of dollars premature repair, replacement expense? These 3 options  Clean and Free. Condition. And Protect do that is it!

     Greg : “The price to rebuild my diesel engine blow-by estimate was $6000. I ran across your $400 blow-by fix on Google and ordered it. I can’t believe that in minutes the blow-by fumes stop coming out of the engine. ” Greg.

What else is gained? There's more? Yes!

  • An amazing new-like performance. This is from releasing absorbed horsepower.  Gives amazing zip you never knew was there!  
  • Results last years pass - when neighbors, friends - using other systems of care and repair not having these 2 options.....
  • ... need to overhaul, or replace their vehicles and costly equipment.  
  • Your vehicles so serviced still run great and trouble free.
  • Is this the sort of thinking  and power you want to add to your knowledge?

How to learn about them.

    Those are the 3 options benefits I'll show you to follow - to end your present fuel engine, transmission, radiator, steering, or a/c problem with.

For instant use and at your door in 3 days.

  Once understood, these 3 options will end any wear and tear vehicle or machine operating problem!

  This article explains the history and links to find your option.


      To solve and to avoid costly repair of wear and tear vehicle problems I put this information for you.  I’m a mechanic turned marketer of these options. Its because no one else is doing so.

      And, some   just sell products - they want you pic to try to solve your problem. My method is better...

Auto Tune Up and Repair Options are what you need!

     My auto tune up and repair option shows what products do so and those harmful to avoid. They work as advertise or no charge.


What customers say:

     Greg : “The price to rebuild my diesel engine blowby estimate was $6000. I ran across your $400 blowby fix on Google and ordered it. I can’t believe that in minutes the blowby  fumes stop coming out of the engine. ” Greg.


    Susan: “ I found your engine sludge removing product online, and with no complaints. It’s sold with a guarantee - no other product has one! Sludge choked down my engine performance.

The new car dealer says a new $5000 engine was the only fix. My car is not even worth that - and I didn’t want to go in debt for $25,000 for a new one. However, your $150 sludge remover and engine revitalizer had it running good as new in a week!  I’m happy - you can bet on that over your product making it so.” ,.. Suzy

What these 3 options do to end trouble.

     You should know that a treatment is available to end internal problems deep inside.

  • They work by going to where synthetic oil can't go.
  • There, they clean and free the trouble-causing problem.
  • A conditioning process reverses the friction cause. 
  • A slippery coating enhances power output. 
  • Most vehicles go 20 to 40 more miles distance or more hours operation on each fuel fill up. 
  • In the morning  the vehicle starts quicker, runs smoother shift smoother.
  • Made for new cars and heavy equipment protection.
  • Concentrated to end fuel problems, end engine problems, end transmissions problems, end radiator problems, end power steering and power take off problems, end a/c problems.  

     While others sell products that do end the same problems, they do not have horsepower recovery or long term anti-wear features like these 3 options provide. Yet they sell their product at much higher prices.

     Some  products also return your so-serviced vehicle to its best ever, great running state.

     We sell only the latter - a bit more expensive, but with big paybacks for you and your family's trouble-free vehicle operation down the road.

Those selecting repair as their option. 

     However,  millions of motorist and equipment owners spend thousands of dollars unnecessarily because they and their mechanic are not aware of this option. 

 Options for your problem? 

      Part stores - to make a quick buck, sell knock off products with huge markups that confuse the vehicle owner. Such part store and quick lubes products have proven harmful. 

      My local quick lube refused to promote my products - with a lower profit point, and chose a solvent engine flush service. After several engine failures, the machine sits unused. 

     Such experience with knock offs may sour such ones from trying the original treatments. However...

21st century repair today. 

       Millions have used or are using 3 bands of additive services to end hundreds of vehicle wear and tear, residue, sludge, and friction caused problems.  

How this option came to be.

      3 men are  responsible for problem solving additives.

      Car Buffs Carl Wynn, the Justice Brothers, and Bud Easterline have discovered and marketed products to end complicated and costly-to-repair fuel, engine, transmission, radiator, steering  and a/c problems.

     Their products help-mechanics and fleet-owners solve and remove wear, residue, friction negatives to keep vehicles going longer, at lower cost per mile.  

     These products perform specific functions to solve problems on the pistons bearing, valves, gears, exhaust, and sensors wherever oils, air, fuels, fluid, and exhaust go - to remove the problem.

Order our option for your car problem solving.

      Since these products are sold to the mechanic, the person who can service his own vehicles does not have access to them, the education in them, or source to order them.

Made easy for anyone. 

      Since Mega Power from Bud Esterline is sold to all, I have their products I use online. You can select to end  your complicated and costly-to-repair fuel, engine, transmission, radiator, steering  and a/c problems.

     And you can find a link below to learn about and install them to end your car equipment problem...george


 Their Steps To End Fuel, Engine, Transmission, Radiator, Steering, A/C Problems - 

  • On the page your car problem is covered.
  • Find what ends internal car, diesel trucks, tractors's, RV, boats, even motorcycle operating problems easier. 

  • Install what I show to avoid costly repairs.
  • This option explains what products to use.

  • Product results in as little as 15 minutes. 
  • Sent to you with directions and guarantee.

  • The Country's Expert helps from start to end. 

 Secret Explained Here...


    There are alternatives to repair in the form of problem-solving products. They include a simple service to tune up, become the repair, end over 400 known motor vehicle problems - They are cheaper, faster, and better!

What these alternative fixes do. 

They remove the problem cause deep inside.

  Basically, they  clean,  free up,  smooth,  and fill worn spaces, returning the like new clean condition, removing the cause of nearly all vehicle problems.

The problem goes away and a like-new performance returns as absorbed horsepower is released by the additive fix. 

Got that? Read it again!

Used by millions - as their method of care and protection.

   Yet little known  - even by most mechanics - who like me were taught:

  • in auto mechanic school additives are bad! 
  • Motor oils have all the additives needed. 
  • Adding more will hurt lubrication.
  • Its best to replace troublesome parts with new.

I'll help you...

This site educates mechanic on the techy side

- made so anyone can end their vehicle problem, too!

Provides online ordering and free phone help.

Sold with a money back if not as advertised.

Please note:

2 refunds last 267 days.

3 items you must use.

 Explained to give you the knowledge, power, and confidence to end any mechanical problem.

No matter car truck tractor dozer RV boat motorcycle machine.

 See links on left, or below for our solution.

No mater new, old, in between. Small to giant size - you will know exactly what to use, and do - before anyone else -

No matter their technical skill.

No matter how long they've been fixing vehicles.

That is the power of these  for fuel, engine, transmission, radiator, power steering, power take off automotive and equipment tune up and repair options.

Some go for cheaper. Some pay more for faster. Nearly all ignore Better because it takes time to see the value.

However, I've found with better, you pay just once!

By repair, it costly. What else is there?

Additives. Part store, quick-lubes, and mechanic sold additives contain solvents. Solvent based additives are cheap. They...

Additives containing solvents flush out sludge, but results have been less than ideal.

Solvents can clean to good! Solvents remove sludge in non-essential engine areas and resettle in oil passageways. This oil flow blockage soon becomes a new engine problem. The new solution for your auto tune up and repair option?

How some additive makers looked for better ways to end such problems.

Improvement in additive safety and effectiveness.

Several pioneers inventors of automotive additives have solve the two problems. Carl Wynn, Justice Brothers ED, Zeke and Gus, and Bud Esterline, and his Mega Power Brand have done so. They invented additive products to remove varnish and friction. Even provide a revitalizing feature to help older engines and transmissions and radiators.

Touchy engine transmission systems need a specialist.

Car By repair, it costly. It takes time to get to the affected area to clean out the sludge and replace the affected parts. While synthetic oils help, they fail to prevent such problem. What else is there?

Varnish and friction trouble upset computerized engines and transmissions. Like you when real sick, need a doctor finding the right medicine to heal and return you to good health. I have a passion to find additives to heal a vehicles internal problem and return it to good health, too.

Hidden problems to remove.

Since most engine and gear troubles result from acids, friction, electrolysis, and residues. They cause hundreds of problems.

These better quality additive treatments remove acid pitting, electrolysis, residues and friction caused problems. Add to good running vehicles car truck fuel, engine transmission. They avoid costly vehicle problems later in life, also. Stronger potions given end such troubles.

I favor Mega Power Products to do so as they boost horsepower output. Immediate zippier drive experience results. Race car owners who discover Mega Power for this value win more often. They spend way less on repair expenses. True for anyone, - and the reason for this being my sites auto tune up and repair option meaning.

That zippier driving experience says you did so.

Man. Women. Mechanic. Small Fleet Owners.

All are smiling because I helped them solve their car truck big rig problem in a cheaper better way.

This secret should be your auto tune up repair option value.

End internal car, diesel trucks, tractors's, RV, boats, even motorcycle operating problems. Just install what I show you to avoid costly repairs.

For some - its letting the car suffer and run until it stops

For me, my favorite thing is the opposite. By using the Mega Power Brand of additives in anything mechanical like my 4 cars and Boat, RV, Tractor Rig, and Motorcycle. They purr like a kitten when they start, and operate -  This helps them run good as new - no matter the miles or age! Additives do that for them! But, most additives are worthless!

This website shows what to use. Harmful ones to avoid.

If not purring... I know friction and residues are the problem that needs removed.
 I always use additives that both remove residues and friction covering the pistons, bearings valves gears and such, before any repair on my 
customer's vehicles before any repair. Most times its the fix needed! This is a beneficial  service procedure with anything mechanical!

  I've found by test, servicing them with a Mega Power Engine Treatment, MP Transmission Treatment, MP Radiator Treatment gets them purring good as new! I like that response. 

I believe in Mega Power for maximum protection for anything mechanical. I care about my stuff. It ends any internal residue, friction problem. 

It often avoids costly engine and gear repair expense. An extra benefit. Removing sticky residues and friction ends 95% of the repair trouble! They run good as new after the treatment. 

The fact is the Mega Power  brand - gives them the tune up inside they need. It shows the product ended the problem.

Their new-like operation using Mega Power additive treatments mean I'm protecting my mechanical investments  in the best possible way. 

This site shows what additives I use - if you want to read  how I do so  - to do so.

Shown are what tens of thousands vehicle owner purchase from us to  do the same... and philosophy to use... and will do the same for you. 

This Mega Power Brand I promote, [and JB additives, the brand that hooked me on additives from early in my life -sold only to mechanics] has become my favorite thing to help people end hundreds of performance and wear problems chemically!

Why my tune up and repair options secrets given!

     On this site I'll show you my product tips -  I discovered offers super problem-solving tune up, repair shortcut, and repair avoiding features.

      As a service I'll show you to do yourself, this option will end .... any Car, Pick Up Truck, Big Rig, Tractor, RV, Boat, Race Car, Motorcycle problem like...

... like valve tapping, oil burning, choke full of sludge, blow-by, rough idle, mysterious stalling, rough shifting, gear slippage, pause in shift, shift clunk at 45 mph, messy fluid leaks overheating  and such? Want to end them with additives. Straight from experts who are using what works, and becoming the norm in small repair shops here and there – to save the car owner money?

Today, you'll learn how to solve those wear and tear automotive problems – like an expert with additives, from the half dozen or so top experts? You will be on top of the solution and have your vehicle run good-as-new with their o.  

at improved my cars, and my customers car’s performance - and helps them run racy, yet last longer, and run great, instead of running worst as they age.

    Sometimes you repair because of engine and transmission wear and mileage, and their operating problems. This because they were older

     I've found a product and company with options to do the fix better and pay.... for itself,  reducing repair cost, while boosting 20 to 40 more miles distance on each tank of fuel.

.... But, more important, ALSO restore a new-like super racy driving performance to enjoy....

.....This auto tune up and repair option also ends horsepower stealing friction. That  wearing your cars out faster as they age...

....This directly directly recovers the like new zip, performance and long-wearing, slow-wear-out factors as long as you want . >>>>> Our secret....

 I've always had the itch to fixing and super powerizing to improve my cars, and my customers car’s performance.

    Sometimes you repair because of engine and transmission wear and mileage, and their operating problems.

     I've found a product and company with options to do the fix better and pay.... for itself,  reducing repair cost, while boosting 20 to 40 more miles distance on each tank of fuel.

.... But, more important, ALSO restore a new-like super racy driving performance to enjoy....

.....This auto tune up and repair option also ends horsepower stealing friction. That  wearing your cars out faster as they age...

....This directly directly recovers the like new zip, performance and long-wearing, slow-wear-out factors as long as you want . >>>>> Our secret....

Problem. Having to hassle with a car problem is no fun!  You may end up paying to much. not getting the fix really needed.

4 ways to find your auto tune up repair option.

1. Click to read why our sites options are the best for your car problem solution.

 2. Need specific info about your vehicle problem click the link buttons on the left.

 3. Too much for you, call me, I'm a mechanic and will offer help that way.... george 512 665 3388.

 4. This is my home page and I list my favorite additives.

I detail pictures below on these options and how to use them other pages detail.


  • Tip. These are all add and drive first step solutions.
  • What if there is a bad part? If a bad part exist, it shows up like a bad penny.  This cuts repair cost in half as you know what part to replace.

   95 times out of 100 times 3 negatives: 

  • 1- Sticky reside binding movement
  • 2- Carbon messing up performance.
  • 3- Friction drag and its wear causes the problem

And our favorite solution fixes those problem and recovers performance.

  • Your option?  Why pay a whole lot more for more parts felt needing replacement as the common fix.

  Please note:  It's way different from anything you ever heard! Its value? Solution for reducing by up to 50% your short and long term care and repair. Also... 

      Gives your older good running and trucks so serviced, a new-like zippy operation - you bought your car for - but time took it away. Time - bad to good vehicles!

      This fix option recovers it in the fix process. It offers 20 to 40 more miles distance on each weeks tank of fuel.  And ...


Mike says...

     "I did just as George showed me in the directions with his tips and fast fix products. And after the install my 25 year old sick-running-engine... I thought needed a $4000 overhaul I was trying to avoid, started running good as new! Its an amazing recovery it has now for over a year! Thanx for the help!" Mike.

What my worn motor treatment does to end a motors death march. 

    The treatment works by complex cleaning and conditioning of the engines 6 subsystems. Containing dirty sluggishly operating parts, collectively causing your main problem.

    When later taking apart a few engine afterwards, to change out actual broken parts, I was amazed at the shinny clean, freely operation of the half worn parts! 

    I found the treatment item combinations when tuning up engines. Found they restored what techys and engineers call a stoi-chio-metric state - that made them run like new again.

   [ Ideal engine suction new is 25 inches of intake vacuum. As engine dirty up and friction drag sucks up horsepower,  15-18 suction is present. Its the worst state reading, and probably your present engines reading and cause of its trouble. My worn motor treatment will immediately raise it to a new engines state of 21 to 25 inch reading. You no this happens when the amazing performance returns.  The sign all is healthy - and ends your worrisome problem]

    The treatment is assembled by me and sold with directions and phone help guaranteed to do as advertised here. 

    You are assured they will end what's killing your engine - any size, any brand, including their poor running, tapping, sludge choked, oil burring, compression losing, lousy mileage, smelly smoky exhaust, high emissions, leaky drips, knocking, pinging, sorry state. Further....

     Return it to a healthy trouble-free state where it runs perfectly quiet, as a bigger stronger engine,and go 20 to 40 more miles distance on each weeks tank of fuel.

     I gave it that name - because, as a mechanic I noticed the ingredients restored a like-new state. avoided the need to taking apart troublesome engines. Works because nothing else of I found had the ingredients these 6 conditioners did.

   In use for many years by tens of thousands of diesel and car owners. No complaints on the internet listed. 2 refunds last 267 days. So,

  • order the treatment and discovery for yourself its's the best thing for both good and ill motors
  • to remove your engines problem-causing negatives in 6 engine subsystems, reverse the damage, and reestablish its stoi-chio-metrics for its healthiest state toreturn.

Remove Step One uses 3 additives made to start restoring 3 of your 6 engines stoi-chio-metric ideals.*  Ideal includes 25 inches of intake suction vacuum for ending your engine problem along with Step Two additives covered in the next section.

      16-18 is the worst and probably your present engines reading and cause of trouble. Start ending your engine trouble by just adding these 3 to the fuel tank, and oil to clean those three engine systems.

     Steps two below:  

*Stoichiometric:  Theoretical Combustion is the ideal combustion process where fuel is burned completely. A complete combustion is a process burning all the carbon (C) to (CO2), all the hydrogen (H) to (H2O) and all the sulphur (S) to (SO2).Stoichiometric Combustion - Engineering ToolBox
https://www.engineeringtoolbox.com › stoichiometric-combustion-d_399


Start this DIY Tune Up and Repair Options: Fix, Avoid-Fix Solution to help your engine - and transmission - if you care about both, end its internal problems, choking the life out of it

     You will do so as I show you what to use and how to install them, and why.

     The 2 steps will end your motor or transmission problem, and run good as new again as you drive.  

    Nothing to take a part! Driving does the fix!

     No other method or set of products have proven to do so!

     You do so takes 2 steps, and each step product performs complex actions to end its internal problem that's killing it!

     The 6 items are cleaning and conditioning your engines 6 sub-systems hangups, ending them.

    Any type vehicle, quickly helping all your cars, diesel truck, tractor, dozer, RV, boat motor, motorcycle, and machinery return to normal function again. Not just this one.

     Step One uses 3 products above to clean, free and protect the top of motor parts and 3 systems as your drive.

     Step Two, using 3 items for the bottom of your motor [shown below] clean and protect and add conditioning to the bottom of your motors dirty, sluggish, trouble-causing system parts. 

    Restores a like new, trouble gone operation. Worry  about it then ends. 

Isn't that the fix you're after? Sure!

     What will happen inside the motor:

  • You remove sludge restricting oil flow, 
  • You remove remove residues choking down its breathing,
  • You free binding moving parts, 
  • You remove horsepower absorbing conditions that steal horsepower  on the way to the wheels,
  • You remove years of growing friction drag.
  • You add conditioning to heal , smooth, fill worn spaces. 
  • You - man, women, mechanic now control when things wear out, when they need overhaul or costly replacement.
  • You now know the secret to avoid costly repairs by ending wear and tear problem if they show up.
  • You will drive a vehicle that seems to have a bigger more powerful engine, even though older, worn, has hi-mileage.
  • You will be amazed that you have to press less on the gas pedal as the car wants to go faster now.
  • Any vehicle or diesel so treated this way and has serviced the steering system, engine, transmission, and radiator systems with the product on this page will add those benefits to those components, also.
  • You don't have to provide this option on other components - Do so only if you want to control when they go bad.

  • Now you know what's causing one of over 400 problems, and choking the life out of your engine. And how to remove the problem in the cheapest, fastest, best way! 
  • Same products with variations works on anything mechanical you want to preserve.

Review techy stuff...

     Step One uses 3 additives made to start restoring 3 of your 6 engines stoi-chio-metric ideals.*  Ideal includes 25 inches of intake suction vacuum for ending your engine problem along with Step Two additives covered in the next section.

      16-18 is the worst and probably your present engines reading and cause of trouble. Start ending your engine trouble by just adding these 3 to the fuel tank, and oil to clean those three engine systems.

     Steps two below:  

*Stoichiometric:  Theoretical Combustion is the ideal combustion process where fuel is burned completely. A complete combustion is a process burning all the carbon (C) to (CO2), all the hydrogen (H) to (H2O) and all the sulfer (S) to (SO2).Stoichiometric Combustion - Engineering ToolBox
https://www.engineeringtoolbox.com › stoichiometric-combustion-d_399


More DIY Tune Up and Repair Options: Fix, Avoid-Fix Solutions

     Engine Treatments do more than single product additives as they can take care of additional areas of the engine. Useful if cleaning and reconditioning features are wanted.

     Mega Powers Worn Motor Treatment contain the maximum cleaning, conditioning features to end your engine fuel, combustion, ring, valve, lifter, problems. For good measure - plus anti-wear and worn parts films for a guaranteed promised.  You will have a return to your engines great performance - in under and hour service - or no charge! DIY Tune Up and Repair Options: Fix, Avoid-Fix Solutions. More.....  

Auto Tune Up Repair Options.  Why this alternative?

   Its true, did you know, 95% of the time, we have a product and service anyone can install to end their vehicle problem and remove its  sludge, acid, and friction causes, engine transmission radiator steering and a/c trouble?

 Diesel auto tune up and repair options:

Large Size Equipment. 

     Join me, and tens of thousands of car buff and heavy equipment owners whose vehicles always run great using these Mega Power Diesel fuel, engine and gear treatments. They pay you for using them!

     They are an investment to protect your equipment and your budget when having a wear, running problem, performance problem you need ended.

    Just follow out simple install recommendations to end them - Yes you heard that right! Just add and drive. We are here to help you. call us - me at 512 665 3388 for help with your problem.

Mechanics do a great repair when adding our products to the repair service.

     I'll show you how to service and maintain all your engine, transmission radiator, steering  and a/c repairs in your cars and equipment and gain the same stoi-chio-metrics they lost, now shortening their long life. 

     Once you experience  the improvement you will have for all your vehicles a run good-as-new as long as you want them too service!

The For's...

  • End your present engine problem.
  • Even old and worn, last twice as long. 
  • Avoid tens of thousands of dollar avoidable overhauls, replacements.

The Cons...

When not practicing this strategy, deal your engine loads up with acidic sludge - and friction induces premature wear. Even synthetic oil can't stop it. Much more is needed. What?

    Do it with the 6 in what I call my Worn Motor Treatment. It has 6 items required for diesel engines shown here. 6 below for gas engines.

Auto Tune Up And Repair Options for Diesels

MP Engine Saver Treatment.

 How auto tune up repair options do so.

      Today, chemistry is reversing wear and tear troubles and is the fix for such problems in many fields - including cars pickup diesel trucks tractors dozers RV's boats  motorcycles race vehicles - anything mechanical.

Here at my auto tune up epair options website

  1. You are shown tune ups and repairs car us  car buffs spend pennies to fix, what others pay thousands to fix, for any engine, transmission, radiator, and steering problem – even in older worn cars, diesel. 
  2. Read a few pages to see for yourself.
  3. Click the links.
  4. You, fixing your car the car buffs options way- its easy, will end up with a better, bigger engine feel after the treatment.
  5.  You will experience  a Hot-rod zip the car equipment  had when new! 
  6. This newness  will last- with touch ups, years pass what common repair methods can't give, That is what  us car buffs enjoy. 
  8. You will end your vehicle problem cheaper, better, that also removes the worry of what will fail next common tune up, repairing gives you. Become my follower and order my tune repair solution and advice... I'll give you all you spend back if not satisfied this is the best. Please note: 2 refunds last 267 days..... says george.
  9. Do the following over the next couple days and check what we offer to others.

Read a few pages around the site, bookmark this page, so you can return to follow my car buff secrets for your car problem. These DIY auto tune up and repair options will save you time and money all your life. Always have better running vehicles, that run great and dependable, years longer.

 Auto tune up repair options - 
Are they guaranteed?
      If-you-want-to-test the auto tune up and repair options product, they are guaranteed to end your trouble, produce a better running, cheaper faster fix. Reduce expense. Increase driving enjoyment. One less repair worry! 
Read the page that list your car problem by search here.

Our auto tune up repair options make your car care and problem-solving - cheaper, faster, better alternative problem ending solution.   

   MY DIY auto tune up and repair options will help you reduce repair replacement expense better than any other method of tuning, repairing, caring for your second costliest vehicles you own!

Compare this method to the old way to fix a vehicle problem 

     You replace the trouble-causing parts but do nothing for the half-worn parts that remain  -  to go on to cause wear out trouble often causing you to replace vehicles years soon er than you like. That's costly, of course.

     With your auto tune up an repair option - its often the fix, But also older dirty wear roughen part that remain are also changed to clean, smooth long wearing ones. Imagine that!

    Today's automotive chemistry has products for reversing wear and tear troubles. Trouble that use to require repair - for cars pickup diesel trucks tractors dozers RV's boats motorcycles and race vehicles.

    Your option here is the explanation of what  additives solve fuel, engine, transmission, radiator, steering, and a/c internal caused problems. You have the Country's Expert in all this to guide you.

What customers say...

More Auto Tune Up Repair Options: 
Alternatives Below for Our:

Radiator Cooling System Fix. 
Power Steering System Fix. 
Fuel System and injector fix.
Air Conditioner Fix. 
Diesel Fix.
Heavy Equipment Problem Solvers

 Auto Tune Up Repair Options For... 

Ending Engine Problems

    No one expects engine problems.

    But, when your engine has trouble use this product option - it ends...

  • Motor oil burning 
  • Removes Sludge
  • Stops Valve and valve lifter Tapping
  • Ends Blow-by and excessive fumes
  • Ends Rough idling, or mysterious stalling, 
  • Ends Lousy fuel economy, 
  • Stops Black or blue exhaust, 
  • Restores what  seems worn out!     

    You don't have to live with these aggravating symptoms. Nor put up with them. Nor spend hundreds or thousands for their repair, like those not aware of this engine treatment to solves such engine problems.

    The Mega Power Engine Treatment ends those dirty, friction drag type engine troubles easily - by its addition to your motor - and with driving they just go away. It one of our favorite engine protectors and Auto Tune Up Repair Options - because its does the total required engine service for new vehicles warranty requirements ... If you're the type that feels prevention is cheaper than repair... Yet...

    You are assured by Mega Powers Fast-Acting Cleaners, Friction Reducing Conditioners, and MC+ - an ingredient that fills worn spaces to tighten up older engine wear spaces an end to above problems. With Mega Power, see a quick end of its trouble, and return of your engines strong, quiet trouble-free operation - In less than an hours time in most cases. “Mega Power ended my older, noisy, oil burning engine trouble just like advertised! It now seems to run like new, but my car is 20 years old! An amazing transformation even a few of my neighbors have noticed.” Mike W. Vg.

For more info, install How To, order this product CLICK THIS 

What you see and feel.

You will see my auto tune up and repair alternatives are options can end your car problem faster and cheaper.

They are better because they cut in half your normal long term second biggest expense. Do it yourself short, and long term values can be gained.

You now start reducing care and repair expense. Have a system for fewer car problems.

End up today with your budget intact!

Long term? Have more funds available over time this way, to reduce other of life's expenses. that's the total  of what auto tune up and repair options can offer you for checking us out!

     Save time, My tips and fixes work in as little as 10 minutes - to a day of driving, not like hung up in a repair shop all day or days.

     Frugal: You will gain the biggest and best performance outcome while helping you to be frugal with your care and repair expenditures. From that...

     Smart: Street experience proven by many thousands of vehicle owners. You're next!

     Specific: I'll show you the fastest, cheapest, best way to end any fuel, engine, transmission, radiator, steering, and a/c running, or performance problem - faster, cheaper, better!

Are those your goals? Read on...

The Super Way to Fix Your Vehicle Problem.

You learn the cause.

Apply the solution I show to end it.

You Drive the problem away.

Gain a much better, longer lasting vehicle.

A Smart Investment in Vehicle Care

Will last you and your family all your life!

Gives you control. 

What to do for info you are after?

Contact info:

Auto-tune-up-and-repair-options.com Contact info:

On a smart phone, to ask a question, order by phone...

call me... george at 512 665 3388

Why Smarter....

How about you?
For me, anything mechanical gets the complete Mega Power service like my 4 cars and Boat, RV, Tractor Rig, and Motorcycle. They purr like a kitten when they start, and operate - and older and worn run good as new - no matter the miles or age!

How about yours?

If not, I know friction and residues are the problem that needs removed.
 Before any repair, I service them with a Mega Power Engine Treatment, MP Transmission Treatment, MP Radiator Treatment. This gets them purring good as new. 
This is my favorite thing that  that shows I care  about them.  It often avoids costly engine and gear repair expense.
The fact Mega Power - gives them the tune up inside they need shows the product ended the problem. Their new-like operation means I'm protecting my investment in them in the best possible way. 
This site shows what additives I use - Shown tens of thousands to use to do the same... and philosophy to use... and will do the same for you. 

Written by a mechanic who pioneered repair shortcuts!

Your auto tune repair option is Written by a mechanic. Using the best tune repair options in everyday street solutions - not just that ends the cause of your cars problem.

How we do so....

Auto tune up repair options details steps to end the specific problem faster and cheaper than actual repair. Your problem is reversed as you drive! That's the repair!

Its tomorrows ways to fix computerized vehicles today with far reaching benefits.

You'll like the auto-tune-up-and-repair-option.com solution as isatisfies the quest of, How to avoid such problems in your good vehicles. Do so, by using the same products servicing them!

Bookmark us! Check others with their options.

Return here if you feel this your one expertise.

Auto tune up repair options is offering simple steps, using unique problem solving products to quickly put your vehicle back in service. With products identified offering a long trouble-free enjoyable driving solution.

To find your solution! 

Find out what auto tune up repair options most mechanics know little about.

 That's this auto tune up repair option. And this home page explains that option I use for engine transmission radiator steering and a/c  problem solving.

Its written to educate mechanics, but easy for any man or women car owner follow.  

If that's the help you want ... the following shows how to find our solution for your car truck problems.

      Today, in a few minutes you'll learn how to solve your wear and tear automotive problems,  like an expert with  additives few know to do so with.

     You will be on top of the problem in a few minutes reading, producing a pro-like end to your vehicle problem  - because  most problems are sludge sticking or frction caused  that additives remove. A powerful auto tune up and repair option.

    You'll find this solution will have your vehicle running good-as-new - - as well as keep hundreds, maybe thousands of your dollars in your pocket - instead of others.

    And.. you will find our tune up, repair option a useful crossover to solving and preventing many other ageing, and high mileage car truck RV, boat, motorcycle wear and tear problems. 

    I GUARANTEE YOU WILL LOVE my auto tune up and repair options all your life - and your family's life -too! The reason?

    You will end up having the best running vehicles, lasting years past what others have using other,  old fashion costlier tune repair and servicing methods.

Guarantee. I'll refund double what you paid for our option - if not!!! George Christ.  Automotive tune up and repair options Expert. 

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