Stopping That Nasty Oil Leak
The Mega Power Motor Oil Stop Leak Way. Safer. Better. Guaranteed.

Mega Power Motor Oil Stop Leak Treatment

Our Review:

        Engine oil leak repairs can run into the thousands of dollars. Not any more with a stop leak product.

       You should be particular about your choice for a stop leak additive.

       That's because most stop leaks sold in parts stores contain solvents. Solvents swell the seal - stopping the leak. 

       The problem, they never stop swelling. And they affect the good ones and bad seals the same way.  See any problem there?

        Solvents also clean well, too well and in doing so, remove your motor oils lube film. The time it takes to rebuild the film allows more friction and wear to occur in your motor. Ask your mechanic about that negative. The common advice is to avoid those products.

    Mega Power Additive Research studied the seal leak problem and found acids shrink the seals.

    Testing went on with the makeup of seals. It was found acids shrink the binder that should expands the rubbery sealing factor. With shrinkage the sealing factor weakens - making it easy for fluid to escape. They found a patentable formula to relax the binder - allowing the seal to expand and start sealing again.

    The Mega Power Motor Oil Stop Leak 12 0z averts, ends those problems. With its special anti-wear it stop leaks without swelling seals, giving  the vehicle owner motor oil stop leak advantage.

    Internal seals also shrink. And there's many in an engine the product revitalizes.  In transmissions this causes shift pressure loss and quirky shifting. It's one of several ingredients in their motor oil stop leak treatment found to also remove the gummy acidic sludge in the gear shift valves. Smoothing gear shifting in that way. Sold as transmission stop leak.

    A total motor oil stop leak. Single or Treatment.

    Mega Power Motor Oil Stop Leak Treatment takes stop leak to the next level. no solvents! Instead, the treatments  additional ingredients stops the causes of acids. 3 from the fuel side. And 3 from the motor oil side.  This Mega Power motor oil stop leak improvement stop leaks and the cause of leaks. Why the difference? 

The Mega Power Motor Oil Stop Leak Treatment shown not only removes the leak cause, but in dong so prevents hundreds of other avoidable engine wear and tear problemsThe Mega Power Motor Oil Stop Leak Treatment shown not only removes the leak cause, but in dong so prevents hundreds of other avoidable engine wear and tear problems.

    The Mega Power Motor Oil Stop Leak Treatment shown not only removes the leak cause, but in dong so prevents hundreds of other avoidable engine wear and tear problems  - to also help you promote a healthier, cleaner engine - giving your engine a years longer - trouble-free way to roll down life's highway for years to come.  A $200 value. Includes directions. Easy install. Free phone help if needed. Guarantee - rush to your door in 3 days.  Just $99 if ordering today. Click cart button to start order.

engine stop leak 12ox

The Mega Power Motor Oil Stop Leak 12 0z averts, ends those fluid leak problems. With its special anti-wear it stop leaks with a slight expansion, without swelling seals, giving  the vehicle owner the motor oil stop leak advantage. Just $29 mailed to your door in a couple days. Click cart button to purchase.

    The product is easy to install and you do so by following directions to add them to the fuel and oil to reach the cause, and stop the drip. Leaks stop in 24-48 hours. Just add as as directed. Driving does the actual stop leak.

Mega Power Motor Oil Stop Leak Features


  1. Neutralizes Engine Acids: One cause of seal shrinkage and leak.
  2. Stops piston blowby. Blow-by cause the leak as blow-by contain acids that shrink the rubber in seals causing the opening for oil to escape. By servicing your engine with the Mega Power Engine Stop leak, you have the product cleaning up the dirty cause in the engine piston ring areas of the motor that is allowing excessive blow-by to get to the seals. Reducing blow- by also reduces crankcase pressure from a positive 1 to 10 lbs of pressures to zero. Thereby relieving the motor of crankcase pressure ending, stopping the push of oil pass seals causing leaks.
  3. Mega Power's Patented oil seal conditioner stops the leak by giving the seal back its original sealing power. The rejuvenation last for years.

The Mega Power Motor Oil Stop Leak Treatment.

Why, the best way to stop engine oil leaks!

Mega Power Motor Oil Stop Leak.

And the Mega Power Transmission Oil Stop Leak - shown below, are the new safer, faster, guaranteed ways to stop your leaks, or no charge to you! The metal device, not needed, is a mechanics automatic product install device. Cost: $125.

Don't let the fact there are 6 items - The Stop Leak Treatment, scare you from considering this great product. The Researches found those six to be a simple and 100% effective - and easy to install stop leak product.

I made it even easier for any non mechanic man or women to use to stop their leak - and so can you! Here is how I do so. I put a number on each item: 1 to 6, and the directions tell you where that item goes - as part of the stop leak guaranteed method.

Directions: Following George's Numbering System

  1. Add the product with #1 on the cap to your gas tank
  2. Add the product with #2 on the cap to your motor oil.
  3. Add the product with #3 on the cap any vacuum source.
  4. Drive as usual. A week later, change your oil, but add #4 to your oil 10 minutes before you change your oil.
  5. Add products numbered #5 and #6 to the new oil.

Driving does the actual work. The Treatment Steps stops the cause of the leak - and restores motor power. The Motor Oil Stop Leak with friction reducing and cleaning advantages.

Shrinkage from acids and blow-by causes your problem. Mega Power's simple install method, does a very complex job to stop your leak - and add anti-wear protection for better, longer engine life! No pro can do better to end your leak.

A tune-up like improvement is given that will add to your like-new-again zip and power Mega Power Restored while stopping your leak. Don't take that as nothing - it is a big beneficial difference to add years more dependability to your motor's life!

Your car really needs this product. Its crying-for-help... Order the Product now!

I'm here to walk you or your mechanic thru the simple installation by phone.

Mega Power Transmission Stop Leak Treatment

Above. The Mega Power Transmission Stop Leak Treatment only requires 3 items, not 6, like the the motor oil stop leak treatment does. Order one or more treatments from these specials below...

    One Treatment. $ 65+ $15s&H= $80 total
    Two Treatments $120+ $15s&h= $135 total. Save $35.
    Six Treatments $300+ $15s&h+ $315 total. Save $180.

    Save $30. Protect both your motor and transmission too:

    Order a Treatment for your motor $65, and a similar Treatment made up of 3 products - The Mega Power Transmission Service #TS3 $50, for the transmission you want to protect:

    Just $110 for both, plus $15s&p= $125 total. [Regular price for both $140] Save $30. Specify this combo pak - if you want this motor and transmission combo protection product. Tell us you seen the discount on our web page, please.

Motor problem help. Call me to ask a question or to order at 1 512 665 3388

Shipped Fedex or USPS with 4 day delivery to your door. Say, "You want to order the Worn Motor Treatment." Visa M/C. Comes with easy to follow instructions, guarantee. My personal help by phone. I'm a mechanic.

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