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 Hi! I'm George Christ.

I'm a different kind of mechanic who can help you end your fuel, engine, transmission, radiator steering and a/c mechanical problem chemically!

And to do so cheaper, faster and better than actual repair is an amazing statement - but true!I

It was a long and difficult process before I found this auto tune up and repair avoiding option. That's because...

Like you, money was tight, and with an older car, wear out and running problems meant high repair cost - and it was out of the question. I figured, someone knew a "trick", or shortcut to end my cars problem a lot cheaper than what is common.

I wanted, and discovered a cheaper, faster, better way  I want you to try!

It will solve your automotive internal, mechanical problems as it did for my many vehicles, and now for my customers care and repair solutions!

You will notice, is the online version for do-it-your-selfers.

You can compare these options to medicine that fixes mechanical problems chemically - instead of  by repair.

That's because 9 out of 10 can.

Or, you can use them to isolate the bad part by returning sluggish operating part to smooth and clean - so the bad part is easily identified.

You will find the result as an amazing quiet, problem gone - yet racy result - that starts and runs like a bigger engine would up and down hills - yet starts going 20 to 40 more miles distance on each tank of fuel!

While true of engine and transmission results, the cooling, fuel, steering, and a/c treatment adds performance by the treatment releasing 5 to 10% of the horsepower the system adsorbs. 

It is the best service for those units and i recommend you do them all to avoid their troubles -in the making!

It also end future troubles in the making -which time will convince you of.

The solution returns this like-new performance you can keep going as long as you want! That is the only cheapest, fastest, better fix anyone ever found - and millions of car truck tractor rv, boat and motorcycle owners agree!

Works for and solves hundreds of brand new, to older, even worn engines, transmissions, cooling system, steering system, power take off, and a/c problems.

  • In this product you will have the chemical secrets to remove trouble-makers varnish, carbon, sludge and friction. Ending engine problems causes as good as any pro. Plus...
  • Mega Power includes MC+, a smoothing and healing problem ending ingredient that changes your dirty, wear-roughen, horsepower lowering, trouble causers to smooth, a future preventative wear, prevent trouble feature. 

    Let Mega Power help you gain a second life strategy for older vehicles:

  • Mega Power ends problems by reversing the cause in the component. 

  • Releases horsepower; and is a racers secret, but offers street cars and trucks a new like, operation  providing a long term, racy improvement no other engine product matches.

  • An auto tune up and injector service producing a 20 to 40 more miles distances to each tank fill up.
  • The Mega Power formula assures every part is cleaned and conditioned to end problems for an ideal tune up to a second life.
  • Order Mega Power to end sludge, valve tapping, knocks, oil burning, engine miss, blowby, fuel, injector, even Hi mileage problems.

  • Provides the needed engine tune up to rings valves, combustion, and smog components - instantly returning smog free, new like performance - from new to even worn engines.
    Contact info:
    Call to order by phone, ask a question: george 512 665 3388

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