End your oil burning motor problem. Mega Power's Worn Motor Treatment. Stops oil burning and smoking in 15 minutes - using MC+

Here's a new and even better product to end to end your oil burning motor problem. It's better, does more than traditional thick, gooey oil thickeners like STP, Restore, Lucas, and common part store sold brands.

Using today's new chemical technology, the Mega Power Worn Motor Treatment ends exhaust smoking even in Hi-mileage and worn-out, but running OK motors.

Instead of thickening your oil -which works somewhat, Mega Power goes to 3 areas of your motor contributing to your oil burning motor problem.

There, this treatment of 6 ingredients chemically ends the problem of smoking, and oil burning - each in its own way. Customers, tell us - and its my experience ,too: "Mega Power ends the problem indefinitely!"

The guarantee part comes from it working 99 times out of 100.

The 3 areas that contribute to oil burning are:

  1. Sticky piston rings and cylinder wear gaps
  2. Worn valve guides and valve stem wear
  3. Your dirty crankcase ventilation system

This comparison chart shows what popular additives have in them and what advantages they offer - compared to Mega Power.

My recipe

Over the years Me and others have tried to come up with an easy way to overcome the oil burning condition some motor's have.

This best method so far, and I call my recipe, anyone can use, not just mechanics, and have great success ending their problem. It works better than any other method except a new motor - and is a way lot cheaper.

Be assured - as many thousands have already, that "this fix" is not some common Ad-Agency Hype, nor some pointless story from a no-count reporter - nor some concoction from a forum discussion.

This product will end your car and equipment oil burning - and restore dependable performance - or there is no charge to you!

Consider common problem it ends with ease:

    Oil burning, valve tap, engine smoking, oil or fluid leaks, low compression, even end blowby. Ends rough idle, engine miss and combustion problems...

    And they will end your rough shifting, slip and gear growl if you add it to your ailing transmission.

    Each of the above problems Mega Power ends. They are due to wear gaps, or sticky piston rings, and worn valve guides - of which, any one of them will cause your oil burning motor problem - and Mega Power ends.

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