Ends oil burning motor problems in 15 minutes - 

The Mega Power Ends Oil Burning Motor Treatment.

Here's a new, better product to end your oil burning motor problem and help you gain more good usage from it. Control starts in 15 minutes or less! 

It's better, because it does not contain gooey oil thickeners like STP, Restore, Lucas, and common part store sold additives. Yet, it ends engine oil burning problems not by thickening the oil, but by ending the causes.  Even exhaust smoke, even in Hi-mileage and worn-out, but running motors.

You will like using Mega Power Worn Motor Treatment because its  new chemical technology works on the causes of oil loss. It works the 3 areas of your motor all other additives ignore contributing to your oil burning motor - to help block oils escape, like your motor does when new.

The 3 areas Mega Power ends oil burning are:

  1. Free sticky piston rings so they block oil escape like when new.
  2. Adding a worn valve guide and cylinder film to fill wear gaps.
  3. Adds MC+ to smooth rough surfaces keep the oil film from coming apart and escaping. 

 You can see the features of each brand of additives in this comparison chart to compare Mega Power Features popular additives do not have. 

The following explains the Mega Power install method. 

The end oil burning motor problem steps

My recipe

Over the years Me and others have the easiest way to overcome the oil burning condition with additives.

This best method so far:

....and I call my recipe, anyone can use, not just mechanics, that have great success works like this using the 6 items in the picture to end oil burning.

There are two steps to end oil burning motor problems:

  1. Add above 3 of 6 items, #1, #2, and #3 to the fuel tnk and motor oil as directed. Drive for a week to let these ingredients go to the pistons and its rings, and valves. A week of driving to clean and free up stuck parts start the natural oil blockage part working again. A week later, do an oil change like this:
  2. 10 minutes before an oil change, add item #4 to the motor's oil. Run or drive for 10 minutes , then change out that dirty oil. With the fresh new oil, add items $5 and #6. These ad conditioners and anti-wear helping the motor control oil escape. Each 6000 miles oil change repeat step 2 to continue the benefits.

Feel you want to try the treatment? Order by clicking the cart button. What's included? 

Included are the 6 items pictured. Includes easy to follow directions. Phone help if needed at no charge. Satisfaction guarantee. Shipped FedEx to your door in 3 days. Just $99 and $15 shipping total $114. 

Order Now, Get FREE SHIPPING. Save $15 Today! Just $99 Total >>> Click cart button to give delivery info. 

What people say:

Be assured - as many thousands have already, that "this fix" is not some common Ad-Agency Hype, nor some pointless story from a no-count reporter - nor some concoction from a forum discussion.

This product is street tested! Its selection is because it will end your car and equipment oil burning - and restore its dependable performance - or there is no charge to you!

Consider :

    Stop stop Oil burning, valve tap,  stop engine smoking.

    Other uses: To end oil or fluid leaks, low compression, even end blowby. Ends rough idle, engine miss and combustion problems...

    And they will end your rough shifting, slip and gear growl if you add it to your ailing transmission.

    Each of the above problems Mega Power ends at its cause. Those problems are due to wear gaps, sticky piston rings, and worn valve guides - of which, any one of them will cause your oil burning motor problem - and Mega Power seals off. 

LEARN MORE: click this oil burning motor link, for more info and ordering on that page.

Treat both your car engines and save $50. And receive 2 of our $39 transmission protectors for your cars transmission for Free!

What you get: 

  • 2 sets MP Engine Treatment as shown. 12 items total.
  • 2 Mega Power Transmission Treatments Total 2 $78 value for free.   [ just add to the  transmission fluid for total protection]
  • Total 14 items. Regular price $99+$99+ $78= $276 plus $30 shipping. Now all just $175 total - while supplies last. 

Click this cart button for this $175 special. May be withdrawn at any time. 

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