Engine emission product effectivly stops your motor’s exhaust smoke! Ends high engine emissions. Helps Pass Exhaust Emission Test

New! This professional strength engine emission product is a complex service product anyone can easily install to lower emissions by cleaning.

It works by ending 6 nox causes, and exhaust smoke! Gives any older worn car truck tractor motor a second lifetime. An Add Drive Emission Reducer. 

Contact info: On a smartphone, to ask a question, order items covered here...call me...george at 512 665 3388 Call me you don't know what help you need with your problem

How these 6 engine emission product ingredients work to reduce emissions and pass State Exhaust Emission Test LEGALLY.

  • Works by cleaning the six dirty places of your motor's emission control system.
  • Restores compression, lower blow-by to do so.
  • Ends oil burning by freeing sticky piston rings. 
  • Stops worn cycinder and valve stem oil drainage.
  • Co-polymer chemistry included ends causes of smoke, high emissions. 
  • Works by cleaning dirty emission reducing parts _ Not by masking them with alcohol.       

Mega Power's Engine Emission Product is what your motor needs to end emission raising negatives. Customers tell us Mega Power "does all that by cleaning the way it does, and it gives their motors a second life of low emission service." That's my experience, too! An engine emission product Service.

How these 6  engine emission products work to reduce emissions to pass State Exhaust Emission Test LEGALLY.

Mega Power Emission Treatment is the first complete Product to lower Emissions. They are installed alone as the fix, or with a tune or repair part also needed.Mega Power Emission Treatment is the first complete Product to lower Emissions. They are installed alone as the fix, or with a tune or repair part also needed.

Directions for Mega Power's Engine Emission Product usage. Item shown, with a mechanics product "feeder tool," sold for $125, for mechanics who tune up cars and clean fuel injectors, to use Mega Power to automatically feed Mega Power into the motor's emission system  - rather than by hand install.

  1. To begin: Add product # 1 to the gas tank.
  2. Add product #2 to your motor oil
  3. Add product #3 to your air flow intake manifold by one of 3 methods show. Drive the car as you do for a week with those products working to free and clean your emission ssystem.
  4. At an oil oil, one weekm later, add product #4 to the dirty oil. run motor for ten minutes. Do an oil and filter change.
  5. Add product #5 to the new oil.
  6. Add product #6 to the new oil. Drive for a day or so, and then do an emission test, to easily pass it.  This 6 item treatment ends high emissions, exhasut smoke, oil burning, blowby, and restores a like-near-new compression and low emissions -of a newer car.

Your motor needs Mega Power's Engine Emission Product

Order this Mega Power's Engine Emission Treatment today. Have a quiet and smooth motor tomorrow! Avoid a big repair hit to your budget, too!

    Includes 6 items needed. Just $65 plus $15 s&h total $80

    Includes easy-to-follow directions, Guarantee. Includes phone help if needed during installation, at no cost. Shipped by Fedex to your door in 3 days.
    Save $10. Say you read this report. Now $70 total.

    Clean and protect two motors. Order 2 Treatments. Both $160 - Now Save $30 more. Just $130 for 2 MP Motor Treatments, 12 items. Free shipping.

    Clean and protect your motor and transmission.

    Our MP Combo Pak includes the above Mega Power for your motor, 6 items: $65 plus $15 s&h total $80. And, the MP companion cleaner and protector for your transmission: It includes 3 items, $60 plush $15s&h= $75 total. Easy to follow directions included.

    Order both Engine and Transmisison Treatments, 9 items. Save $30 more. Just $125. Get our $12.95 all-purpose nut buster and all purpose spray lube Free-for the asking, if you read this far. 30 set aside for this special promotion - 17 available...

    To order by phone, or have a question answered, call me... george, at 512 665 3388. Day or evening.

    Mega Power's Engine Emission Product is the one that works!

Other things you should know to protect every car motor.

How ending Blowby helps your gain years more motor service

Stops that exhaust smoke! Ends your engine emissions. How?

You can consider a simple, truly effective method to stop your motor’s exhaust smoke! End your high engine emissions. And have a truly better running car truck tractor.

You do so, quickly, using a method by george christ, auto technician,  even if you’re not a mechanic at low cost - even if you have an older, worn out motor. Have a better running motor for doing so. Compared the

According to: www.autoshop101.com/forms/h55.pdf  “Generally speaking, the more efficient an engine becomes, the lower the exhaust emissions from the tailpipe. However, as clean as engines operate today, …” 

The reality is that  wear  and residue formation in your engine - spread around such, in 6 engine sub-systems, those systems, made to reduce pollutants, now add to your harmful emissions and exhaust smoke  higher levels in your car truck equipment ages.

Some suggest you cheat the testing system, as noted in this article

“Since CO rises when there’s not enough O2 to convert carbon to CO2, CO levels will seemingly rise alongside HCs in times of rich A/F ratios or incomplete burn. NOx rises when temperatures do, so expect these numbers to go up with compression, overly advanced ignition timing, temperature, or lean A/F ratios. Lowering emissions of all four chemicals requires a near-perfect tune and lots of specialized equipment to recirculate exhaust gas, inject clean air into catalytic converters to speed light-off, and all sorts of other wacky stuff. You’ll also see O2 listed.
Read more: http://www.importtuner.com/tech/impp_1109_how_to_cheat_an_emissions_test/viewall.html#ixzz2chkh7GFy

While the cheat tricks suggested do work, no mechanic will performed them for you - as a matter of conscious.

Mega Power’s pollutant lowering method lowers emissions and ends exhaust smoke.

To do so, Mega Power's Engine Emission Product adds protectors to your motor from Mega Power made for that purpose. While most part store additives on their shelf claim to reduce emissions and protect your motor, you can bet its just not so.

Exhaust smoke - and engine emissions contain oil, gas and diesel fuel, sulfurs, carbon mon-oxides - after effects of engine combustion, can now be reduced to brand new car levels - where they are the lowest for a car. Exhaust smoke and related unseen pollutants  - many are known, but 6 are controlled by special engine design, special fuels and oils and by a dozen special devices  added to each motor. , with new Hi-tech anti-wear temission reducing products.

To end your motor’s emissions - think pollutants, and end your cars exhaust smoke takes much stronger, very specific problem-solving ingredients to do so - than whats listed in part store sold products - of which, you may already discovered.

How Mega Power's Engine Emission Product stops your exhaust smoke! Ends your engine emissions. How?
to do so. Maybe have it run great again for  years before engine an overhaul need.  Exhaust smoke, and all clear smoke-free engine exhaust are deadly. Their reduction is important to young and old with breathing problems. It kills trees. Makes rivers, streams, lakes rain, snow, water and air .

What makes your motor’s exhaust smoke and emission reducing possible.

Mega Power Motor Emission System Cleaner is a new more powerful engine tune up cleaning treatment. Mega Power is made to help the mechanic restore the lowest emission and a motors lost power zip performance. Chemically and mechanically.

 The problem mechanics have with lowering emission  for the last 25 years is an additive to clean dirty fuel injectors. This is a big help, of course, but fuel injector cleaners cannot stop combustion blowby - nor can they clean the emission systems other dirty parts like the PVC system, the idle control valve system, sticky rings and valves, and the catalytic converter.

When dirty, a dirty motor lowers engine vacuum, cause a power lost, may affect gear shifting, take year so good life away from the car. And cause high, unlawful exhaust emissions.

a big part of what makes for higher emission.

. help the car nd truck owner pass their states emission test.

The problem mechanics have with lowering emission  for the last 25 years is , the onlyclean a motor’s 6 dirty motor sub-systems - along with new sensors, spark plugs and fuel injector that lower exhaust emissions 100%. Cleans piston rings, valves, fuel injectors, PVC, EGR combustion & catalytic converter muffler systems.<B>

Mega Power Motor Emission System Cleaner is the only cleaner to lower exhaust emissions 100%. Cleans piston rings, valves, fuel injectors, PVC, EGR combustion & catalytic converter muffler systems.<B>

What are Emissions?
All engines -</B> when new and clean have low emissions - the "low emissions" implies a Government Specified amount and lower of harmful gases like carbon monoxide, other oxides, sulphur, oil fumes in the form of smoke, and unburnt  diesel fuel listed as hydrocarbons.<B>

What causes high emissions?
As  oil</B> and fuel residues spread in your engine they deter conditions - both mechanical and chemical, that overload the exhaust with higher than allowed emissions.<B>

The easiest, cheapest way known to chemically clean your Emission System.

Install the Mega Power Motor Emission System Cleaner as directed and you have the easoest, fastest cheapest way to end high exhaust emissions.

The Mega Power method cleans all 6 sub-system that, when dirty increase emissions to higher more harmful levels. The reverse is also true.

Mega Power does so by cleaning dirty, poor functioning emission & smog increasing engine partslike: dirty sluggish piston rings that cause excessive combustion blowby. Sticky valves that leak out fuel and combusation causing high emissions.
Dirty fuel injectors that spray wet instead of fogging the fuel, dirt PVC recycling passageways that reduce smog processing and such .

External combustion, catalytic converter muffler systems are cleaanerin the process to finish off all that need cleaned.

The Mega Power Motor Emission System Product Does all that  quckly, efficently. at lo-cost.

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