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How do automotive additives work?

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How do radiator stop leaks and cool work?

How do automotive motor treatments work?

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Stay away from these products

What you should know first about additives

This is how I separated good brands from bad, harmful.

  1. I read a accelerscope pattern to determine if an improvement shows up. Like doctors use in the operating room -but for cars.

  2. I do a road acceleration test in the car before and after a product is added to the oil, gas, transmission.

  3. I do a vacuum test to see if it raises engine vacuum.

  4. Did it end the problem.

  5. I do a friction test to see if it has anti-friction benefits.

  6. In my father and grandfather days additives were mostly solvents. That was OK then - to de-sludge grimy, oil blocking residues. Blocking the oil pick-up tube - a common problem back then, starved the engine of oil. That problem caused of 9 out of 10 engine failures.

  7. Solvent based products are still sold in part stores to clean the inside of engines and transmissions. Solvent oil additives are harmful and never good!

  8. Quick lubes and part stores still sell solvent-based products as problem-solvers, by the boatloads to unsuspecting vehicle owners.

  9. Stay away from part store, discount store, and quick lube additive pitches - as they promote solvent-based products, with huge profit margins in them! And - Profit - not your problem, is their motive.

  10. Solvents work by dissolving oil and grease. Solvents DESTROY oils lubricity in-the-process!

  11. Solvents destroy motors and transmissions every day as they fix the sticky problem the vehicle owner wants to end.

Stay away from solvent-based products. To do so, read the label. Don't buy those with "solvent-" ingredients in the product.

Mega Power OIL Treatments do not use solvents.

Review. What should you look for in a product?

Today's vehicles do not have buckets of sludge as a problem-causing condition. Instead, they have:

  • A problem with oil - when it turns into varnish
  • Which causes more friction.
  • Friction absorbs power away from the wheels, and speeds up wear-out.

So, what's needed is:

  1. A chemical that acts as an anti-wear
  2. And also cleans sticky, power robing pistons, bearings, valves, gears, and such
  3. And removes varnish and carbon from the top side of the motor
  4. And cleans the air/fuel and exhaust system - the second cause of performance and wear problems.

That would be the best way - the right way to solve your engine, transmission, power steering, A/C wear problem. That way is even better!

Review. Why Mega Power should be in all your cars

One company, Mega Power, researched and formulated this better way to correct dozens of problems. Watch this demo...

Mega Power's problem-solving treatment and test

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