The right car care philosophy.

Why I depend on Automotive Additives.  How one brand is giving me and my family a better life!

Why I Like them so much I made a life of promoting them.

One Brand of Automotive Additives are Unique in one way no other can be... They are Making My Life. My Customers Life and Those Using them - Better!

Mega Power Brand Automotive Additives not only fix your cars. They fix your life's finances.It wasn't long after starting to use the Mega Power Brand of Additives in my older vehicles and then in my customers vehicles did I realized this about them. They not only have the best way to add what helps sick and good vehicles run good as new in an ongoing way. Their usage adds life improving financial benefits to your life!

Today's vehicles, after years of oil changes, have buckets of sludge left inside the motor as your vehicles problem-causing condition.

Any mechanic will tell you so - as now does your car, truck, tractor rig, dozer, RV, boat, motorcycle, and machine operating badly.

The usual method is the affected parts costly.  However..

It's known those parts are seldom bad. Just dirty and wear roughen causing their problem. 

Finding a solution.

Several men have worked on additives to end the problem. Bud Easterline, and The Justice Brothers improved on Carl Wynns formulas.

My solution should be your solution. Why?

I like them all and used them. They all promote among the best additives variation "formulas' for correcting automotive problems.

I like Bud Easterline's Mega Power Additives ideas to provide a total solution to problem causing.

  1. Ending the problem.
  2. And removing the cause.
  3. They provide a worry free, financial improving solution that makes your life better!

This web site, will reveal their secrets and usage. Help you realize, Mega Power Brand of Additives benefits:

  • My Offer- Not just a good usage to end your automotive brand new to old and worn vehicle dirty operating problems.
  • Nor Just hope for a low-cost solution.

They are so well thought out and formulated.

  • They offer a bumper-to-bumper service solution that prevents problems.
  • The same kit of additives, I call the solution, eAnd any wear and mileage problem. 
  • An additive solution offering - if all 5 of your vehicles components are service by them. 
  • Provide a total car care additives solution that over time gives you a better life - by removing wear and tear negatives. 
  • Stops the wear causes of what eats up tens of thousands of dollars good internal material-  needlessly.
  • Cause those sudden unexpected problems. 
  • Wears away decades of life before your cars and diesel equipment warranty runs out - to pay for when they pop up. 

Your additives solution right now is...

  • Joining the millions who depend on and love Mega Power Brand Additives.
  • Their usage for every extra protection situation, explained here at
  • You can have a better life learning about their unique features.
  • Doing so as you read over my recipes of them to end your vehicles problem. 

Solving and preventing problems at the same time. 

  • Their number one function.
  • A problem with varnish.
  • Sludge which contain varnish causes friction and performance  problems.
  • Friction absorbs horsepower away from the wheels, and speeds up wear-out.
  • Special additives removes those problems.
  • The brand we chose, Mega Power, removes the sludge on critical parts removing their power killing negatives all other sludge remover cannot!
  • Mega Power contains anti-wear and performance increasing ingredients - not just cleaners like all other sludge removers.  
  • Those are important differences if you chose our sludge removal method that will benefit you desire to restore your cars performance - yourself, at the lowest cost, in one day, you can use all your life. That's our option for you! 

So, what's needed is:

  1. A product that removed those sticky, power robing  varnish costing on your pistons, bearings, valves, gears, sensors, and such that cause your car problem.
  2. this must include varnish and carbon from the top side of the motor also, wherever air/fuel and exhaust go - the second place  performance and wear problems are created..

That would be the best way - the right way to solve your engine, transmission, power steering, A/C wear problem.

That's the way our auto tune up and repair options work to help you gain more from your repair dollar. Our way for you is better for you for those reasons!

    Why I like Mega Power?

What is in Mega Power you claim is better for my car?

How do your radiator stop leaks and cool work?

How do your automotive motor treatments work?

What do you suggest to flush my motor with?

What's good for my transmission problem?

What's good for older, worn motors?

What is a Mega Power Tune Up?

How do you stop valve tap?

Stay away from these products

What you should know first about additives

This is how I separated good brands from bad, harmful.

  1. I read a scope pattern hooked up to a vehicle's sensors and readouts. Their readings show the present state of each of the vehicle's systems. And before and after repair results.
  2. If any additive makes an improvement it shows up by an improvement in the scope pattern. Graph readout. Numbers improvement. 
  3. Some additives can improve them. However...
  4. But on the road, there is really never an eye opening, jaw dropping improvement like Mega Power Additives  [ in my recipe ] produces. 

That is because of the: The proof is in the performance."

  • specific cleaning, 
  • Freeing and smoothing,
  • and lubrication enhancement 
  • that cuts actual friction Mega Power Treatment enbue.
  • And for the Mega Power Additives moto is: The proof is in the performance."
  1. never improves them except if you use our mega Power  ones. 

  2.  show improvement. Like doctors use in the operating room when checking a scope for a heart attack patient -but for cars.
  3. On the road, next check. You do a road acceleration test in the car before and after a product is added to the oil, gas, transmission to see if actual improvement is noticeable.
  4. I do a vacuum test to see if it raises engine vacuum. Raising vacuum several inches is a good additives response to help the engine. 
  5. Did it end the performance problem.
  6. I do a friction test to see if it has anti-friction benefits.
  7. In my father and grandfather days additives were mostly solvents. That was OK then - to de-sludge grimy, oil blocking residues just before an engine is torn apart for overhaul.
  8.  Blocking the oil pick-up tube - a common problem back then, starved the engine of oil. That problem still causes of 9 out of 10 engine failures.
  9. Solvent based products will block oil delivery with sludge. 
  10. Those sludge removers still sold in part stores to clean the inside of engines and transmissions. Solvent oil additives are harmful and never good!
  11. Quick lubes and part stores still sell solvent-based products as problem-solvers, by the boatloads to unsuspecting vehicle owners.
  12. Stay away from part store, discount store, and quick lube additive pitches - as they promote solvent-based products, with huge profit margins in them! And - Profit - not your problem, is their motive.
  13. Solvents work by dissolving oil and grease. Solvents DESTROY oils lubricity in-the-process!
  14. Solvents destroy motors and transmissions every day as they fix the sticky problem the vehicle owner wants to end.

Stay away from solvent-based products. To do so, read the label. Don't buy those with "solvent-" ingredients in the product.

Mega Power OIL Treatments do not use solvents.

Review. What should you look for in a product?

Today's vehicles do not have buckets of sludge inside the motor as a problem-causing condition. Instead, they have:

  • A problem with varnish.
  • A film of tar-like varnish causes friction and performance  problems.
  • Friction absorbs power away from the wheels, and speeds up wear-out.

So, what's needed is:

  1. A product that removed those sticky, power robing  varnish costing on your pistons, bearings, valves, gears, sensors, and such that cause your car problem.
  2. this must include varnish and carbon from the top side of the motor also, wherever air/fuel and exhaust go - the second place  performance and wear problems are created..

That would be the best way - the right way to solve your engine, transmission, power steering, A/C wear problem. That way is even better!

Review. Why Mega Power should be in all your cars

One company, Mega Power, researched and formulated this better way to correct dozens of problems. Watch this demo...

Mega Power's problem-solving treatment and test

Doug's story - and his older motor problem solution

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