This search page locates auto tune up and repair additive options that fix and restore car & equipment wear, residue problems, by addition to the fuel and oil - and driving 

Search auto tune up and repair Contact info: On a smartphone, to ask a question, order this product, call me at 512 665 3388... George

Hi! I' george christ.

    I'm here show you new ways of using what I call problem-solving chemistry based products that now end your cars wear friction and dirty, performance-upsetting problems.

    This happens in 99 out 100 cases avoids the need for repair as the costlier fix. Is that what you're after? - read on...

    Doing so my way, will also restores the former great, good as new again performance - a great secondary advantage to benefit your car and your budget!.

    This is because, these products clean and free dirty, wear roughen, problem-causing, pistons, bearings, valves, gears, sensors and such - into smooth, clean, easy moving ones - ending a long list of problem -hopefully, your cars problem falls in that category. Read on to if so...

Here's the point on this: Using these new kinds of additives you:

  • Gain friction reducing and
  • Acid neutralizing advantages, and 
  • With something called MC+, this ingredient fills and smooth pitted part surfaces for an almost instant end to the cause of engine and transmission problems.
  • This makes causing friction - and paces for sticky residues - each causes their own kind of resistance - which in ending, may be what solves your engine transmission problem.
  • These complex ingredients, discovered by one of two of America's additive anti-wear car and equipment car product formulators - Bud Esterline, found in his Mega Power Brand, are what your cars need!

Search: These additive anti-wear car and equipment additives from Mega Power are what your cars need!

Takes less than 15 minutes to install and driving does the fix!

    With negatives removed more power is again produced, and that extra horsepower can now pass it to the wheels - to zip you down the road - instead of being absorbed - and running your car into the ground - quicker.

    That is the big Search for additives secret to get every car you own run like when it was new again.

    That is a great invention that will help you preserve every vehicle and piece of equipment you own - all your life

    Order on this page: to end your wear problem. I'll explain why this method is the best anywhere, and show you how to test it worth to assure you you did right by this decision.

     You will want these search for additives tips and fixes what I show you what will keep them better than ever, and stay that way for years pas what any other method of care can do!

    - that just so happen ends wear and performance problems caused by oil breakdown residues, friction, and other negatives.

I'm a mechanic, trainer, and I'm America's Vehicle and Equipment Expert in the use of using the newest and best chemistry inventions.

Those that end wear and performance problems - make them run like new again!

Be they..

Your car, truck, heavy equipment, Rv, farm, industrial, or boat.

Other site tell you what to do if its broken. I tell you how to avoid that situation by using new chemical technology to end it.

I have the exact problem-ending tune up, fix, and repair avoidance option you need to end your problem, and enjoy a great running, trouble-free car truck or equipment - like the mechanics I train, smart car buffs, and thousands of just plain car and equipment owners like you.

Those are the DIY options for you and why the word "option," is part of my site name. You will soon be even happier you found my Auto Tune up and Repair Options web site.

Things you should know about our choice for your remedy.

Why our tips are better.

    Our product brand choice is decided on this point:

    What brand offers the most value for the buck?

We discovered that additives clean or thicken oil to end a problem.

    They clean much like soapy water cleans your dirty car.

    If you ever took a motor apart like I have many times, you would be see those brands of cleaners can't really end much of any problem - they are too weak.

The Mega Power way to remove carbon and end a performance problem

As these pictures show...

Did you know.... We found in our search...

Most additives sold today are solvents - hanging around from grandfathers model A days.

A lot has changed in cars and additives since then.

I'm here to show you what's new and better to get your motor really clean and running down the road great again.

Why solvent based additives and engine flushes are harmful.

    Solvent type products should never go into the oil as they strip the lube off every part - in the cleaning process. That is no good for your car, is it? No!

    Don't let your lube guy sell you a flush - it probably says on the label - "Do not increase engine speed. Do not drive with this product in your motor." If it says that - it has a solvent based. Check it out and see. Don't put it in your engine if you love your engine!

As for oil treatments:

    A more recent innovation, its my opinion a $3 bottle of STP is just as good for your engine as a $12 bottle of Lucas Oil.

    It's my opinion that if your take out the filler in a $12 bottle of Lucas, you would end up with what's in the $3 bottle of STP. Maybe save yourself $8.

    Bob the oil guy feels Lucas Oil is harmful.

    I'm not much for either STP or Lucas. Here is why...

Think about it. What does an engine or transmission need when they're acting up?

    Think about it!

    When new, your cars pistons, bearings, valves, combustion area, and gears were clean, shinny smooth, and freely moving.

    That's when your car had the most zip - you like that, compared to your old car. That's when it had the most pull power up hills. That is when it had the best fuel economy.

What happened?

    Each time you changed the oil the watery stuff drained out. However, it left behind a film of acid-loaded goo over every part.

    Engine and gear hot running temperatures baked that film into super glue over every part. That causes rings and valves to stick, and move slower than they should.

    As those piston and part surfaces touch and slide - they wear roughen, increase friction, resist the easy, free movement, they once had. They cause over 100 performance problems- maybe yours.

SO, as you can see, more than a flush or oil thickening is needed.

What additive brand covers all the areas that need help - to end my problem?

Mega Power is the brand our search favors.

    Mega Power is leading the way in chemistry to clean where oil can't go, free rings and valves that solvent and oil treatment additives can't reach - to end your wear and performance problem.

    Doing so brings back combustion and power development back up where it should be. A road test around the block shows the end to many problems and like new improvement.

    Also, the ingredients MC+ - smooths wear-roughen surfaces. This slams the brakes on wear out - and friction, and passes power that friction use to absorb on to the wheels. This is what ends performance and tuning problems

    Rough shifting and other problems simply end also, and smooth shifting returns.

"It feels like a tune up" - but inside...

    We favor Mega Power, because it cleans, frees, smooths, and coats - to end every possible problem; the opposite creates. It does so wherever fuel, air, combustion, oil, and exhaust go.

    Click a button of interest. Details on that page has your problem explained, our tips and remedy.

    I hope this education along the way will save you lots of avoidable repair and premature replacement expense - like it does for tens of thousands of us Mega Power believers and users. christ -EnD

    To begin search.

    • Click a bottom
    • The page you go to explains how
      the product ends your problem
    • Purchasing info and cost are there also

    Other search details below

    This search page you go to locates the exact additive option for your car, equipment problem - by problem description.

    The cause and product remedy are all easy to use by anyone. Future car care tips are also provided. All results field tested, all guaranteed.

    The button search locates additive options for tune & repair, wear, tap, exhaust smoke, dirty injectors, oil burning, rough shift, 200 more, along with help, tips, purchasing info.

    The Bonus in Mega Power fixes help provide years more dependable life to your vehicles - not just avoid avoidable repair expense – that’s why us car buffs enjoy this brand! So can you! Sold only on line.

    Read a few testimonials – see what your missing.

    What's good for motor and transmission problems.

    Otherwise, read below to learn what these “auto-tune-up-and-repair-options” do, how they work, and to to have them shipped to you in a couple of days – and a few miles of driving - after installation your problem will disappear.

    Try them at no risk..

    For your search for additives benefit and fix, I’ve listed an educational, tech point-of-view, along with actual directions, for every known, problem-solving chemistry product that will work for your problem.

    We’ve made it easy for you to use them to correct or eliminate your problem. Simple Directions are given here and come with your purchase. You can call for help at 512 665 3388

    Tens of thousands of people like you who own a car, truck, tractor, RV, boat, power equipment, industrial, and heavy-duty equipment depend on these options to prevent and correct and avoid dozens of common wear and tear problems. And to prevent or put-off overhaul repair – often, for years.

    They restore the like-new performance as they do the fix and avoid the need for repair.

    Start by clicking one of one of these to help identify your problem. Search...

    For High mileage cars

    Big truck, Equipment with big motors -

    Search home page remedy index

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