New mustang valve tap treatment avoids expensive repair: Frees and cleans going where oil cannot

End your mustang valve tap - here.

Here is a new product

  • You'll want to order, that will quickly free your struck engine lifters and and sticky valves - stopping your tap sound.
  • The product, from Mega Power, does so using a new anti-wear horsepower improver - that cranks-out more power by removing power-sapping negatives that cause your valves to tap tap tap - and your engine to wear out faster.

First though, the tap cause - to better understand the remedy.

  • Mustang valves tap - and lifters start to tap as your motor's sticky piston rings, lifters, and valve stems become lazy. Oil residues make them gummy.
  • Details here, why engine valve lifters tap and how Mega Power stops their tap-causing problem. I'll just summerize what starts and how to stop the tap yourself - then prevent its reocurance.
  • Anyhow, as more and more oil breakdown residues collect on engine parts as you drive around, your piston rings and valves encounter gummy resistence to their natural movement.
  • Piston ring outward flexing is delayed and engine valves tend to close slower. Valve lifters are starve for oil - all opening up what I call, your tap gap.
  • Well, its blowby and friction growth that start your mustang valve tap. And I'll show you exactly how to end those and the tap problem, for good! See picture below...

Well, in 3000 miles... of driving, tap and wear trouble is brewing

  • Your not quite expending rings opens a gap causing two engine wearing negatives - long before your tap begins.
  • On your pistons compression stroke, fuel is squeeze - compressed, to over 100 pounds pressure per square inch.
  • And with the combustion phase, you'll have first raw gas, then combustion blowby by your sticky piston rings to set up your mustang valve tapping
  • Don't worry! I'll show you how to end your tap and stop blowby and other harmful conditions - such, your motor will run quiet and great, years longer than by any other method of care. Read on...

Notice the down arrows... That's Blowby!

  • Blowby means horse power loss, as does growing amounts of friction wear -which consumes horsepower that use to make you go faster and zippier.
  • Piston blowby, down in among all your oil splashing a gallon to 4 gallons of raw gas and combustion in with your motor's oil - causes weakening of your oil film-strength. and contributes to your mustang valve tap. Did you know that?
  • Not good of course - as noted in a Valvoline Research Report. Mega Power ends blowby increasing horsepower.

So, with raw gas, blowby - and, oh - did I mention acids?

  • Blowby contains acids - and just like lemon juice curdles sweet milk - well, acids curdles your motor oil and those float around - some plug your-valve-lifters-adjuster valve, more stick your piston rings more, and some sticcks your valve stems.
  • Well, your motor, sitting all with all that goo one night, drains the lifter dry. or sticks the valves.
  • The next morning a space appears and as the motor starts your motor cam rotates into that space and smacks your valve - and what do you know - music! Tap tap tap...

A somewhat similar thing happens to cause rough shift, shift jerk,

  • And transmission slippage, also another good thing that Mega Power also easily ends - saving your transmission, too.
  • Your mustang deserves Mega Power protection in both places - motor and transmission, to really love your car- and to really let it love you!

Mega Power ends the mustang valve tap

  • Other pages tell you the Mega Power details to end your mustang valve tap, if you want to smart up on that point.

Right now, I'm showing you what to order and install

  • And how easy it is to use Mega Power Valve Treatment to stop your tap. Actual directions here...
  • 6 items are needed because that is what stops all those problems, and your tap! You add 3....
  • 3 items in the carton with a "3" on the front are installed for top valve and piston ring freeing and cleaning. And cleaning from gas tank to injectors, to your emission, and catylitic converters systems, for proper breathing.
  • The remaining 3 items are added a week later, One just before an oil change to remove sludge, free stuck lifters, clean and open your oiling system, start friction modifying, and to add a slippery protective coating - so every part is protected, clean, works like when near new, again.

Repair cost can easily run $2000 or more and a week or so without your car. Mega Power runs a little under $100, and works in a couple hours of driving.

  • Order Mega Power by phone. End your mustang valve tap. Please note: 2 refunds asked for last 267 days.

"Mega Power avoids a costly $2000 plus valve job," customers tell us. That's my story. too!

Order Mega Power now! Enjoy one of these great deals to end your mustang valve tap

  • One Mega Power Valve Treatment 6 items. Comes with easy-to-follow DIY instructions, my phone help if needed, satisfaction guarantee. Shipped to you by Fedex in 3 days. Just $65+ $20s&h= $85 total.
  • One Mega Power Transmission Treatment 3 items. Comes with easy-to-follow DIY instructions, my phone help if needed, satisfaction guarantee. Shipped to you by Fedex in 3 days. Just $65+ $15s&h=$80 total.
  • Save $40. Order Mega Power for your mustang engine and transmission. 9 items: Just $140 total. Say you want the Mega Power Combo Special.
  • Our triple combo saver below...
  • Save $180. Order Mega Power for two car engines and transmissions and get 2 MP Radiator System Cleaner Protectors for $1 each. A $100 value.
  • Enjoy years of great quiet power, troublefree shifting performance, and cooling system protection, both cars deserve. 18 items: Just $280 total. Details... For this bonus...
  • Receive 2 Mega Power Cooling System Treatments FREE. A $100 value - for 2 motors. Contains system cleaner, protector and stop leak - to make sure no acids do harm - nor coolant leaks to overheat and ruin your motor.
  • Get 2 valve treatments, 2 transmission treatments, and 2 radiator system treatments: Total protection for each car. Just $280 total shipped to you. Save $180. Subject to end with out notice.
  • Tell us you read and want theMega Power Triple Combo Special, to get it. Just $280 total shipped to you. Save $180. Avoid avoidablerepairs. Avoid a budget hit. Save your cars. End your mustang valve tap.
  • Hope we helped you... to try Mega Power. You will be glad you did - and using it all your life to protect your cars.
  • To ask a question, or order by phone, call day or eve. Call 512 665 3388. Email: Us 48 states, elsewhere extra frieght$
  • End mustang valve tap review

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