5 car engine sounds new additives end, helping you avoid a costly motor repair

5 car engine sounds and the additives that end them:

Tap tap tap. Valve problem: This mystery solved.

  • Your car or truck engine sound can come and go, or produce a constant tap tap tap sound all the time. The tap tap tap occurs as excessive friction and sticky residues hold your car engine fuel and exhaust valves open a bit longer. This creates a space where it should not be. So, your engine rotating parts bang against each other making that harmful engine sound. Not good, of course.
  • That "space" producing the tap sound tells you the several parts of your motor's valve train: cam lobe, hydraulic valve lifter, push rod, rocker arm, and the actual 8 to 24 engine valves letting gas in and exhaust out of your motor in a timely fashion need serious help.
  • While additives sold in part stores to end engine tap, using cleaning solvents, or detergents  remove residues causing the tap, they have limitations. Their labels specify dangerous aspects  of those products - so, stay away from them.
  •  Car engine sounds an additives that end them:

Car engine sounds additives end

Instead, use the Mega Power Brand Engine Valve Cleaning additives shown below.

  • Mega Power contain anti-wear chemistry cleaners that take the problem away which ends the tap, and also reduces your motor's friction. A 2-in-one benefit!
  • Mega Power gives you a tune up-like new engine-like response also, a benefit gained by smoothing friction roughen piston, bearing, and the valve lifter parts.
  • Doing so, Mega Power ends the friction restrictive causes of your tap tap tap noise. While engine repair is one costly remedy, Mega Power avoids that costly $2000 "valve repair bill" for under $100. You need this Mega Power help! Not a costly repair bill.

 Car engine sounds an additives  above that end them:

To end your car engine tap, tap, tap and avoid a costly engine repair, order this easy-to-install Mega Power Engine Valve Treatment.

How it works to end  your car engine sounds. 

Guaranteed to stop the tap - or no charge to you! Works in any size engine - but trucks with 5 to 10 gallon oil capacity need it in gallon size, while cars and pickups use 12 ox size, shown here

Directions: 3 of the items - the 3 cleaners are added to your gas tank motor oil, and motor air intake, to get cleaning in top and bottom valve and valve train parts of your motor, free and cleaned to stop the tap.

A week later - after the cleaning process - done as you drive, the other 3 items are added to the motor oil to friction modify, free, clean and smooth wear rough valve parts. Then give each valve part a slippery wear reducing coating that will not allow sticky residues or friction to cause the tap sound. Driving does the fix.

Your motor needs this Mega Power Engine Valve Product. Order it now! Sent by Fedex to your door in about 3 days, with easy-to-follow instructions, phone help if needed, guarantee.

Call if you have a question, place an order at 1 512 665 3388.  Or order now on line... george

One Mega Power Engine Valve Product. 6 items as shown.  $65 + $16 s&h= $81 total. A lot cheaper than a repair and guaranteed to work!


  • The growl sound, like your motor is running dry, usually comes from sludge formation reducing oil flow to your motor's moving parts. It is running dry, and its a wonder, it has not locked up yet.
  • Sludge in motor's is a big problem usually occuring after the waranty period exxpires. Although, several car makers are being sued for a design weakness they introduced some years back, that increases sludge formation. Check online forums for your motor brand to see tips on warranty help, even if your pass the warranty period.
  • The Mega Power Engine Cleaning Treatment, made for older, worn motors will clean out the sludge, do so safely, and you can install the product yourself. Nothing to take apart. It works as you drive, avoiding the engine tear down usually done in this case.

Knock Remidies

There are 2 kinds of knocks causing car engine sounds

  • The one knock that comes from the bottom of your motor is probably a worn out piston rod-bearing or crankshalf bearing hammering. This sound indicates you need a serious motor overhaul soon. The additive that I found helps for a temp fix is a gallon of MP Oil Conditioner. Costly at $120, you have enough to replace 20% motor oil with this product in big trucks. In that way, you provide a cushioning and a friction reducer to help fill worn spaces quieting down the knock, until repair can be done. .
  • The other kind of knock causing car engine sounds is a coke bottle sounds  a crust of carbon in the combustion area causes.  Carbon gets there as combustion blowby  down in your motor oil is recycled and reburned into carbon deposits. A chunk may fall on top of your piston. When starting your car in the morning, this carbon cluster is banged against the top of your motor making a heavy hammer knock, knock knock sound - sounding like the top of your motor may come undone.
  • Usually, you dismatle the top of your motor and perform a $2000 valve serive repair, to get to all the carbon. New chemistry from Mega Power, in the form of a chemical Tune up Treatment can now easily remove that carbon, in place of a valve cleaning repair job. This calls for a 4 way cleaning process done in 2 simple steps, simplified in the Mega Power Engine Treatment anyone can easily install.

Ping & Cough are closely related & easily ended car engine sound you can end with this new product

  • Ping is a carbon deposit that stays put in the combustion area of your motor. When you call upon your motor for more power the combustion area really get hot. So hot, in fact, the carbon will start glowing red hot.
  • When that happens, the hot glow ignites the fuel about to combust, before your spark plugs gets two. a slit second before, so that the caron sets off combustion from one area, and the spark from another.  The 2 burning forces colid prducing an accidently like sound of 2 soda bottles clanking in your motor. Use the Mega Power Engine Tune up Treatment to remove the carbon and end leaky piston rings from causing blowby, too!
  • Cough is an engine backfire, explained here - with the only product known to end it instead of a engine valve overhaul. Cough occurs from carbon on your motor's intake valve "head", or on the valve stem in its bore. In either case, carbon holds the valve open when it should be closed - allowing combustion to sneak back out where the incoming next fuel charge is traveling - and setting it on fire with and explosion. Resulting - in what you feel is an engine cough.

Those are the car engine sounds ending products to avoid a costly motor repair.

End: car engine sounds product review.

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