Professional grade car additives for engine an transmission to end wear and residue problems. These give a tune up like power using conditioners and friction modifiers. Also, steering, fuel & injector problem solving additives

Car additives.

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Some "car helping products" are cleaners containing solvents.

    Solvents are good for wherever air, fuel, combustion and exhaust go. They are mostly sold to add to the oil.

    They are usually packaged to go in the the motor and transmission oil. Does that sound harmful? It is! Learn more...

Other additives are called called "oil treatments."

    Oil treatments thicken the oil.

    Other car additives combine those two and add others ingredients to solve problems solvents and oil treatments cannot.

Mega Power Car Additive Treatments end problems for the:

Mega Power Engine Oil Change Cleaner and ProtectorCar engine transmission additives that heal free clean and protect from Mega Power

This is our popular Worn Motor Treatment. It solves dozens of wear and performance problems. The two yellow and red products are cleaners. The black products are conditioners, friction-modifies, and a protective anti-wear coating. Learn more...

How good is it? Read Doug's car additive experience.

These car additives give a tune up like power using conditioners and friction modifiers that really protect that part store additives do not have!

To learn more about our other problem-solving products featured, click the buttons on the left. You can order the products you need on those pages.

You'll want to order these products because they solve dozens of wear and performance problems - that are slowly working against your cars longer life. The products contain Hi-tech cleaners, conditioners, friction-modifies, and a protective anti-wear coating.

Click on the above links to order those products. Or call me for advice.

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