Do you need an Automotive tune up? Don't forget to clean the dirty recover lost horsepower. Increase engine life.

Auto tune ups should use these Mega Power products to clean and free dirty parts that lower horsepower and increases friction.Auto tune ups should use these Mega Power products to clean and free dirty parts that lower horsepower and increases friction.

Here's 10 good Automotive tune up tips and products to restore your motor performance, get your car running good as new again, and on down the road of life. Do so inexpensively with these reviewed methods. Our review.

You need an Automotive tuning if: The the following most common engine parts or systems cause a power loss, rough idle, lousy fuel economy, engine miss and are usually fix by service of the following:

  1. Replace spark plugs
  2. Replace spark plug wires
  3. Read the engine computer codes, follow those steps
  4. Clean dirty fuel injectors
  5. Replace fuel filters
  6. Low charging-system voltage. Replace alternator
  7. Low battery "cranking amp and voltage." Charge or replace.
  8. Stop motor tap. Additives needed
  9. End exhaust smell, smoke. Additives needed
  10. Worn motor, hi-mileage. Install Worn Motor Treatment

You need an Automotive tune up, if:

  1. Your car notifies you of these problems by turning on a "Check Engine" light - on your dash gauge.

  2. Your mechanic has a device to read the code [each code number determines the method of the fix].

  3. All motors need additives and a tune up including additives to remove residue build up and growing amounts of friction drag restores horsepower deterred by sticky residues and friction.

What you can do if your mechanic doesn't clean and tune.

    A mechanic with a "code reader" can retrieve that code and tell you what needs to be done to correct your problem.

    This could be a simple, external bad part replacement "fix," or expose the need for an actual repair.

    Cleaning with this Tune up Treatment is often the only remedy needed. Also, reviewed below.

what additives to use for correcting engine miss, rough idle, and stalling.

Is this your automotive tune up problem?  Click one of the links for the help you need.

    What if you feel - a faltering, mildly-jerky running and loss of power? Cleaning describe below corrects this problem.

    Engine faltering, rough idle, and stalling results from sticky valves. When sticky, valves close slower and stays open during combustion.

    This allow a drop in combustion as some it leaks back out - lowering that cylinders power and rough idle results. Cleaning describe below corrects this problem.

    An "engine miss" refers to spark plug failing to spark and ignite the gas to power the motor. So, the motor skips a power beat - the miss you feel. Cleaning describe below corrects this problem.

    When such a "mis-fire" happens more than 2 to 5% of the time, the check-engine dash light goes on.

    About every 4 years of driving spark plugs wear out and need replaced - sometimes, along with their voltage-leaking spark plug wires. And...

    Residue, age, and friction can also prevent the spark - and cause rough idle and engine miss, besides wear. Dirt and friction wear problems require a $2000 engine dismantling, cleaning, and repair expense.

    New additives, those recommended here, also remove residue, wear, and friction problems. They offer you an alternative option to actual repair.

    What ever causes mis-fire, misfire prevents combustion. There is no power made to push your piston down - you feel a miss in the power curve.

What to do.

    A tune up in this area includes new spark plugs, new spark plug wires, sometimes a new "spark coil" - the source of the spark. And new fuel and air filters, maybe an oil flush and change, too.

    When you're questioned by the tech or mechanic, they will assume part replacement and injector cleaning ss the "cure" for your car problem.

Those suggestions gets the outside - but, what about your motors inside condition and its problem causing remedy?

removing carbon cleaning fuel injectors picture

Mega Power's success is due to new tune up cleaning chemistry which now frees sticky rings and valves - not possible before.

The picture shows before and after Mega Power results.

Not seen is Mega Powers friction modifying protective coating. This coating, called MC+, fills worn spots. Allows pistons, bearings, valves, and gears to slide smoothly and freely again. This is how to cover the motors 6 problem areas inside and restore your motors great performance.

So, now, you have our review: It covers the best way to end inside and outside problems that cause lousy fuel economy, tap, rough idle, miss, oil burning, friction, and wear caused problems.

To find out more, visit the links below. They show the easy method we developed to clean dirty fuel systems, dirty fuel injectors, dirty engine idle circuits, messy intake manifold, and remove baked-on residue deposits in the combustion, valve, oiling, and other areas of your motor. An amazing invention.

We recommend you try the Mega Power procedure and products for the most pleasing results - at this link. This service is a great fix for your

automotive tune up motor problem.

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