Engine Tune up Procedure, tips, tune up additives

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Tuning your engine means replacing worn out parts causing a running problem like misfire, loss of power, lousy fuel economy, and the like. Parts include

  • engine idle adjuster, cleaning and gaping the spark plugs, or replacing spark plugs and their electrical wires. Sensors and other electronics that fail and cause a tuning problem.

  • an additive is usually installed to clean fuel delivery parts.

  • In some older cars, it means replacing distributor points, spark cap and rotor, wires, and adjusting the valves for proper clearance space.

That was the way it use to be -

    Tune up Procedure, tips, additives to use.

    Most tune ups in todays cars

  • Are done by a computer as you drive todays cars.

  • At around 100,000 miles, you replace the following - usually to correct a performance problem.

  • For today's car's, you replace spark plugs, spark wires, spark coil, and any defective sensors. Rarely, computer related buses and such.

    In many cases, where parts are just dirty new types of chemical cleaning products are part of the tune up procedure.

This review cover what they do that you can install to restore your cars performance.

The check engine light is on. Now what?

    If the "check engine" symbol light is on -

    Your mechanic needs to retrieve the code from your car's computer. Or your local parts store might do that for you. A "code" will tell you what system and part is at fault and needs cleaning or part replacement.

    Did you know, Cleaning is a very important part of a good, problem-solving Tune up Procedure:

    • Dirty, internal conditions and dirty parts are often the problem cause.
    • Usually, sticky valves stems, or valve lifters, and exhaust restrictions
    • Bad fuel, clogged fuel filters, dirty fuel injectors
    • Vacuum leaks, dirty PCV valve, dirty idle circuit
    • And dirty spark plugs
    • And a dirty catalytic converter.

    Those items, when dirty

      All cause a variety of performance problems like

        Rough engine idle Mysterious stalling Smelly exhaust Engine tapping Blow-by Oil burning Longer cranking start time

      The Engine Tune Up Treatment from Mega Power ends those conditions - thereby restoring your like-new car performance again.

      Mega Power is a new 6 item Hi-tech special kind of cleaning treatment anyone can install for a chemical engine tune up.

      Engine Tune Up Products for an Internal Motor Turn Up

      Mega Power - also provides anti-wear benefits, while ending the cause of those problems?

      The above symptoms need a chemical engine tune up. If this is where you think the problem area is. Click the link below - for directions on cleaning and products to use. If you think your Tune up Procedure should be electrical, read the rest of this page. Click this link for directions and additives designed for internal cleaning and remedy caused by dirty conditions and friction.

      OK on That! Do You Know the Fault Code?

      MOST VEHICLES keep track of the failure of specific devices and sub-systems that make your motor run right and pollute less.

      How the Fault Code is Set and Read in a Tune up Procedure

      If a part – or sub-system makes you car run bad, or goes beyond preset limits, a tune up fault code is recorded.

      The code helps techs isolate problem areas needing tune up attention. You can get to those fault codes, too!

      The Way to Find, Read, and Interpret Fault Codes

      A tune up book for your vehicle explains fault code meanings and correction directions. Without that info, you need a mechanic or tune tech to help you read the code. Some parts stores also provide this service. The book for your vehicle is found here.

      Tips about Repair Manuals. Repair Manuals – some Manuals cover repairs for the entire car. You want one that covers mostly tune up. It will tell you where the code reading terminal is located – code reading, and what they mean. The device to read codes. Or, interpret off/on blinks.

      What the Mechanic, or Tune Tech, Tune up Procedure will do.

      A friendly mechanic will see if there is a fault code displayed. It’s the first check performed after listening to your problem description. He will look under the hood for – maybe, a vacuum leak or burnt spark plug wire.

      The Code Fault designated problem needs to be fixed along with any problem discovered under the hood – before other tune up work is done. New spark plugs, fuel and air filters are part of the procedure. Some times an oil change. The gas cap will be checked for defects - and replace if need be.

      The tech or mechanic may suggest doing a Fuel Injection Cleaning Service. Or, do a Carburetor Cleaning. It’s a mistake to bypass this step in the tune up process as they are big problem causers. Click here for this info.

      If You Tune Your Motor Yourself. A DIY Tip. If you are doing the job yourself. You should look to see, or have someone look for a burnt spark plug wire and or a vacuum leak. Here is why!

      A bad or damaged spark plug wire and/or a coil will prevent electricity from sparking at the spark plug. This causes the engine to “miss-fire” giving a jerky skip to engine running smoothness.

      Pencil sized rubber or plastic hoses running around, and over the engine, to various parts can suck-in-air [bad, causes engine miss] – if cracked or old. This problem is referred to as a vacuum leak. A leak will cause the motor to falter.

      The leaking in, or sucking in of air upsets the delicate combustion process. It’s very common for a vacuum leak to make combustion temperature so hot the spark will not occur. Vacuum leaks and bad spark plug wires are two items often the cause of performance problems – and an easy tune up fix.

      Older Vehicles Tune up Tips.

      The first check you should do is look for vacuum leaks and damaged spark plug wires. Fix these first.

      Second. Consider doing a Fuel Injection Cleaning. Or do a Carburetor Cleaning. It is a mistake to bypass this step in the tune up process as they are big problem causers. Click here for this info.

      Third. Do the rest of the Tune up. Here is what to do! If you vehicle is less than 5 years old, replace spark plugs and fuel line filter – usually located on a gas tank fuel line, under the car, near a rear wheel.

      An auto parts store will provide filter and spark plugs. Ask the part store person to “gap” the plugs for you.

      Parts to Replace. One Mechanics Great Tune Up Secret

      A mechanic that worked for me returned the fastest tune up estimates I ever seen. One day, at his stall, he pulled in a car, raised the hood, looked around, and then wrote up the same estimate he always did. He recommended replacement of all the following.

      In conversation, I asked why? "9 times out of ten times," he said, "the customer will come back with a complaint of, "its still not right. It was always one of those parts. So, They don't like the extra high bill, but they got their problem solved."

      If more than 5 to 10 years old, do the same and replace the following.

      Points, condenser, cap, rotor, spark plug wire set, spark plugs.

      The coil or coil packs.”

      My Own Final Tune up Procedure Tip And make sure your car will start after 3 minutes with the lights on, the a/c blower blowing full speed, and the ignition key on - motor not running.

      This is an excellent way to tell if your or any battery is good or bad [bad if it fails this test], and complicit with your tune up problem. Replace it if it fails this test.

      Follow my Tune up Procedure for Fuel Injection Cleaning. Get the dirty, internal parts of your motors clean as I recommend for a tune up, every two years. You will be surprised at the newly restored power, fuel economy and great dependable service it provides. Click here for that info.

      Contact info: On a smartphone, to ask a question, order this product, call me at 512 665 3388... george

      My Special Oil Change is a part of my Tune up Procedure, which gets the bottom, ugly, dirty, most expensive side of your motor cleaned.
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      Oil change flush and clean kit, and fuel injector cleaning

      Tune up Procedure for Fuel Injector Cleaning