New stop smoking engine additive from Mega Power with MC+ chemistry stops smoking  an gives you years more motor life before overhaul is needed

Review: Stop smoking engine additives: Contact info: On a smartphone, to ask a question, order this product, call me at 512 665 3388512 665 3388... george

No one likes motor trouble - but with time, exhaust smoke problems occurs an is a worrisome indicator of a serious engine repair need.

Some people have chosen to add those thick, gooey, honey-like additives part stores promote, like Lucas, that turn motor oil into a sticky, molasses like thickener, an a way to limit oil escape an control exhaust smoke problems.

Rather than thicken the oil - when today's cars are made for thin oils, car an equipment owners are installing a new breed of Hi-tech additives that stop exhaust smoking by controlling, or ending the causes.

If your engine smokes, it has a problem that a special, new kind of additive can now stop 3 engine smoking problems.

Please note: the color of the smoke may indicate the problem source.

Smoking can occur when raw fuel -which produces black exhaust smoke, compared to oil - which produces bluiest smoke.  White steam comes out the tail pipe as the catalytic converter - an exhaust part turns oil, and raw gas into water as a smog reducing factor -and indicates a tune up need.

Since your grandfather's day, Stop smoking engine additives have been the option -  to control bluiest smoke - a sign of a worn-out engine -not anymore. New products do more - results last longer - are less costly

Rebuilt carburetors ended <B>black smoke</B> troubles.

And new head-gaskets - or a new motor ended coolant escape that made steam.

What you should know about Stop smoking engine additives like oil thickeners

I used them many times in older motors. Oil thickeners work by attaching a number of oil molecules to its sticky nature. This becomes a larger size molecule and is more difficult to work its way into the combustion process - thus slowing the oil burning process. However...

Those larger molecules - being sticky, do not flow easily when cold - restricking oil flow, and that is one of their critical faults that often speeded up motor wear out, most users did not like.

One company's research, Mega Power, has produced a new watery-thin chemistry, instead of the common sticky thick, honey-like substance found in part store additives. Mega Power is quite effective as a stop smoking engine additive.

Mega Power increases both the oils ability to flow when cold, and is a stops smoking engine additive. Its natural anti-wear promotes much longer engine life [and transmission life, if you install it in your transmission], by a friction modiification.

A new holelistic approach to Stop smoking engine additives

Mega Power's ends engine smoking chemically - using a simple 2-step method, thousands of car and truck owners are already benefiting from. So can you! Mega Power is sold only on line. Ordering info below...

Mega Power's approach is to control, and to limit the escape of your motors oil and excessive amounts of unburnt fuel that ends up in the combustion process, and comes out as exhaust smoke.

To do that, Mega Power uses 3 items for the top of your motor and 3 for the oil a week apart. Because that is what works!

The way Mega Power stops black and bluiest smoking is by a unique cleaning chemistry and several "conditioners" that:

  1. Close the mechanical problems of large wear gaps on the cyclinder walls using a co-polymer called MC+
  2. By cleaning & freeing sticky piston rings
  3. And by coating the worn valve guide bores

Coolant problems are controlled by our MP Radiator RS#3 Stop leak

  • When dirty piston rings can't flex outward to seal oil away from the combustion area, this allows your oil to slip pass them, to burn and cause engine smoking. Mega Power cleans and frees your piston rings to stop that source of your smoke problem.
  • Your motors sticky piston rings also allows combustion to escape called blowby - a power loseing problem Mega Power also ends - and another like-near new power restoring advantage you gain. Mega Power cleans and frees your piston rings to stop that source of power loss problem.
  • Engine valve stem wear also allows oil to seep into the combustion area - to cause oil loss and smoking. Mega Power cleans and frees your valves and their stems to stop that source of your problem.
  • A felt-like residue in the fuel intake manifold liquefies fuel and liqued fuel is sucked into the burning process to make blackest smoke. Mega Power cleans your intake manifold to stop that source of your problem.
  • Mega Power cleaners - which are not solvents, uses your engines high temperatures to clean several sub-systems from fuel tank to exhaust pipe, and in the air, emission, and oiling systems. Your motor needs that advantage, too!

After an oil change friction modifiers heal and smooth wear roughen piston bearing valve and gear surfaces - and fill worn spaces.

These are power producing benefits and what's needed to slam the brakes on your engine smoking. This approach to cleaning and conditioning your motor from different areas limit those sources of smoking.

Mega Power has a high success rate and it works quickly and permanently with a minor touch up during future oil changes.

While a $3000+ motor overhaul is the best remedy, this one from Mega Power - the Mega Power Worn Motor Treatment is good for your motor, and good for your budget, at under $100.

Order this New stop smoking engine additive

Please note: these are phone in prices during are call-in special

Save on Mega Power Worn Motor Treatments below.

The Mega Power Worn Motor Treatment includes 6 items needed. clear and simple instructions, guarantee, and shipped to your door in about 3 days by FedEx.

One Mega Power Worn Motor Treatment as shown $65 + $15 s&h= $80 total.

Two Mega Power Worn Motor Treatments 12 items for two cars. $115+ $15s&h= $130. Save $30

Order a Mega Power Worn Motor Treatment $80 and a Mega Power Transmission Treatment to protect your transmission $75 for $105+ $15s&h= $120 total for both.

Order two motor and transmission sets for two cars. Just $185+ $15s&h= $200 total. Save $40

Review: Stop smoking engine additives: Contact info: On a smartphone, to ask a question, order this product, call me at 512 665 3388512 665 3388... George

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