"My Horse trailer truck engine transmission now has no trouble handling extra pulling weight. After just 15 minutes after I followed the easy install tips for the motor and tranny, Power improvement is almost immediate! Great product for trailer pullers." Order online

"My Horse trailer truck engine transmission has no trouble pulling extra weight after the easy-to-add Mega Power motor and tranny product install. I followed the install tips for the motor and tranny and power and shift improvement was almost immediate! Great product for trailer pullers.   Great product for trailer pullers."  GC  Order online

"Most horse owners" says  equispirit.com/info/articles/towvehicles.com are not really interested in being truck drivers. There are some who love to debate engine size and gear ratios, but most of us just want to hook up the trailer and take our horse somewhere else to ride. Unfortunately, because our pets happen to be very large, we horse people are forced into a position of having to make decisions about heavy equipment that "normal" people never even have to think about.  

"Towing," the article states,  "puts extra demands on a vehicle. The engine, transmission, rear axle, and tires must work harder to handle the extra weight and drag of the trailer. The engine is required to operate at higher speeds and generates extra heat that must be diffused. The vehicle must be stable enough to support the load and keep the entire combination under control without exceeding the capacity of the engine and other components."    http://www.equispirit.com/info/articles/towvehicles.htm

For those truck owners not mechanically into horse trailer truck engine, transmission protecting products, these new, Mega Power repair-avoiding, power boosting options will get you down the road of life again - extending your trouble free driving for years to come! The benefit is that you get on with your love of horses, knowing you're vehicle is protected to correct and ward-off trailer pulling onslaughts.

What you experience using Mega Power in your horse trailer truck

The performance improvement you feel shows you Mega Power's advantages are protecting the costliest components in your truck. They run a bit cooler and with "more power," say Mega Power users.

I guess you know the constant strain on your truck's engine and transmission when pulling a trailer affects your truck wear-out pattern negatively.

What Mega Power removes and helps you avoid.

Pulling strain on a  horse trailer truck trailer increase stress on internal parts causing more friction.

Friction causes higher internal temperatures on turning, rubbing, straining surfaces where trouble starts, and a faster wear-out of your truck's pistons, bearings, valves, and gears. 

And that friction absorbs about 2 to 15 horsepower that use to go to your wheels just to overcome friction resistance. All of which Mega Power restores for you. How so?

Mega Power engine and transmission treatments lets you use new high-tech chemistry to add great new friction-modifying advantages to your engine and transmission. Doing so reduces friction's harm on your trucks internal parts, those that occur pulling  your loaded trailer.  

Mega Power does so chemically acting with a lubricating-function on every surface, and where even the best synthetic oil cannot under stress  - for vehicle and fleet owners who want more than the minimum all oils just provide.  Simple Directions:

Mega Power uses a simple 2 step approach, each with the engine and transmission.

  1. 3 different products are installed in the gas and oil, and driving for a week sets their function to clean, heal and smooth.
  2. A week later, 3 products are installed just before and after an oil change, to condition, friction modify and fill worn surfaces - and ....
  3. 3 products are installed into your transmission, like step 2 above - to complete your horse trailer truck return of like-new power and performance

Mega Power beneficially chemically-smooth wear-roughen surfaces - as you drive, so you gain that advantage and no longer continue the wear-faster negative trailer weight causes. Friction resistance is reduced to the lowest denominator.

Your cars and trucks need Mega Power Protection! Mega Power is shipped to your door by FedEx in about 3 days, with easy to install directions, $25 of free phone help if needed, guarantee. Order below.

With Mega Power returns your truck's lost horsepower, previously absorbed by friction roughness wear factors - so that when trailer pulling, that lost horsepower can again pass on to your wheels. Pulling up and down hills with greater, and more noticeable ease.  The feel is like what you had when the truck was near new. Order and protect all your cars, now!

Order one or more horse trailer truck treatments from these specials below...

    One Mega Power Horse Trailer Truck Motor Treatment  to 2 gallon engine oil capacity. 6 items as shown. Shipped Fedex to your door in about 3 days. Comes with easy to follow instructions, guarantee. My personal help by phone. I'm a mechanic. $75+ $15s&H= $90 total.

Order two Mega Power Horse Trailer Truck Motor Treatments 12 items. $130+ $15s&h= $145 total. Save $35

Order 3 Mega Power Horse Trailer Truck Motor Engine Treatments $200+ $20s&h+ $220 total. Save $55 

Protect both your Horse Trailer Truck Motor and transmission this way:

Order One Motor Treatment of the 6 items, for your motor $75 + $15s&h=$90, and a similar Treatment - The Mega Power Transmission Service Treatment #TS3 -3 items: $60+ $15s&h=$75. Total for engine and transmission protection, 9 items - Regular priced $165 - Now just $120 +$15s&h= $135 total. Save $30.

Order Two Combo Sets for both car and truck engines and transmissions, 18 items, just $200 plus $15s&h= $215 total. Save $75

To ask a question, order by phone or motor problem help. Call me  at 1 512 665 3388 ...george

    Order by mail: include check or money order made payable to
    George Christ Mega Power: Address: Mega Power. 210 Durango St. San Marcos, tx 78666

    Email question, motor problem help needed, or place an order to: megapower@grandecom.net

    Shipped Fedex in 3 days to your door. Say, "You want to order the Worn Motor Treatment." Comes with easy to follow instructions, guarantee. My personal help by phone. I'm a mechanic.

Mega Power ends wear and mileage problems by going to where oil and weaker products can't. Mega Power cleans and frees sticky piston rings and valves, and by ending friction that steals power away from the wheels.

That performance improvement up and down hills and when pulling away from stop signs shows you Mega Power's advantages that are protecting the costliest components in your horse trailer truck. The engine will run a bit smoother and quieter! Some truck owner claim a 20 to 40 more mile additional distance on each fill up!

You'll have best running cars, trucks, equipment ever when using Mega Power!  Thousands of car owners agree.

  • Why so? That's because your fix includes Hi-tech anti-wear chemistry invented to
  • 1- Modify's  Horse trailer truck engine transmission friction.
  • 2- Cleans and frees your engine  transmission parts before they cause a failure problem.
  • Mega Power adds a slippery protector - producing the
    end of your problem.
  • That is how you end your horse trailer truck engine and transmission power loss so it will run good as near new again!  That is our option for your problem fix.
  • For standard engine transmission Treatment below

Other ways this Horse Trailer Truck page helps you

What else you should know - horse trailer truck problem solving

  1. I know what the right fix is from field testing. I won't show you
    some product like part stores clerks and other web sites do and
    say, "try this and see" - NO! My fix is the result of real world
    first hand experience. It's fast, cheap, and gives
    permanent results - guaranteed! With online ordering, too! 3 day
    delivery with simple directions< right to your door. And phone
    help given FREE if needed.
  2. With this, you're using the country's expert in this area of
    expertise on what works and what does not, and with thousands
    of successes, I guarantee to end your car truck tractor motorcycle heavy equipment problem - usually in minutes to a day or so of driving. Our success rate is high!
  3. Science and research has developed a liquid mechanic in a can!
    Me and thousands have tested them and - as a trainer
    of the subject to mechanics, I've listed the How-they-work,
    explained so any non-mechanic man or women will get pro-
    fessional results easily. Along with simple directions to install
    them, and - this method, driving does the actual fix.

    Bookmark this, and that page now for future reference... Call if you have a question, for tips, or to order 512 665 3388... george

    That's the kind of help you need - so, read on to get it!

Auto tune up and repair options are the new, add, drive method to
end your engine valve tap, oil burning, rough idle; transmission
rough shift, radiator leak and such problems fast cheap, yourself.

Have a question, to order, on Mobil call 512 665 3388 ...George

What you should know

Your horse trailer truck problem and what started it, is explained and how
the remedy reverses the situation, resulting in the end of the trouble
it causes - as you drive, to get you running strong and efficient -
down life's hi-way again, trouble gone! That's the option you need
right now, Right! Well, here's the option you need...

On the page your car remedy is listed, the products needed are
discussed. With explanation of how they work and what to expect doing so.
Just add them as shown, then drive, driving does the fix!
"Amazing," you'll say!

That's because these options - I call chemical fixes are the
mechanical fix to end hundreds of wear, residue, and Hi mileage car,
truck, tractor, ditch digging equipment, even motorcycle and boat running
negatives. That is the exact help you need, for sure!

There are 3 easy ways to find your horse trailer truck fix.

  1. Read on and learn more. Click links in the story.
  2. Click buttons left side, for helpful fixes.
  3. The bottom of this page List: Table of Contents fixes
  4. Just click and read a few pages for the feel.

These new options will get you down the road of life again -
driving trouble free!

This is how these new products work! First of all...

These are for anyone - not just mechanics, nothing to take apart,
and made easy to install - and then, just driving ends....

Ends troublesome conditions like your engine valve tap, oil burning,
smoke, piston blowby, rough idle; transmission rough shift, even
radiator problems, fast cheap, yourself.

Solve problems like those, correct their hidden condition affecting
your cooling system, engine, transmission, power steering, hydraulic
pump and pistons, and such, to get you down the road - as if

Auto tune up and repair options - Made easy. Mobil phone users call 512 665 3388

That is how they get you down the road of life again - trouble free!

This is how they work! These are what new products - and a 10
minute education from me, to guide you, are what I call your new
auto tune up and repair options.

Your advantage comes from new products with new problem-solving
chemistry found to get to your cars hidden problem area and end the
trouble it causes - as you drive, to get you running strong and
efficient - That's the option you need right now, Right!

Doing so now our way will return many more years dependable service
to all your car, not just this one. Those are new options are
what you need and nothing else is worth using. From me, the
Country's expert in all this, and Mega Power - the leader in such
product development. Read on..

Auto tune up and repair options is the right place for an easy
to use new product to end engine valve tap, oil burning, smoke,
blowby, rough idle; transmission rough shift, overheating, leak,
steering noise, and many other problems fast, inexpensively - and
dozens more -yourself. All - made for mechanics - but explained
so anyone can do a professional fix themselves.

To end such chemically - is your new option. Nothing to take a
part. Driving does the fix. You, like many mechanics who come
here, add this expertise to your car care skills.

You are shown where your car problem is deep inside, and how to
install the right product. Your remedy was chosen for their with
these problem-solving advantages.

But we don't stop there - No!

Each ingredient was chosen because they add anti-wear properties.
Explained on the page you go to on How To restore all your cars
and equipment performance, so they run good-as-new again! See the
demo on the page you go to, to see why so. Mega Power?

You'll like Mega Power as it will keep your new engines and
transmissions running like new - and restore performance like
near new in any engine and transmissions and radiator cooling
system - making for years more trouble-free life.

For auto tune up and repair options, help, tips, and products...

Click one of these links - or check the Table of Contents at

the bottom on this page to find what's new to restore your Horse Trailer Truck Motor performance and for trouble free driving - There is helpful online ordering of what's needed on that page to end your car
and heavy equipment problem - and free phone help too!

Bookmark this, and that page now for future reference... Call if you have
a question, for tips, or to order 512 665 3388... george

Order online - get it in a few days by FedEx, with simple-to follow
directions - any non-mechanic man or women can follow - as this
is a mechanics secret fix, now available direct to you from a
mechanic, me- for a fraction of what a tune up and repair would cost.

Other ways this page helps you

  • Besides clicking the above popular links....
  • There's buttons on left side on popular remedies.
  • Below contain Contact info. Next....
  • Then, Our STORY. And at the very bottom..
  • Scan our Table of Contents - where the title shows
    the problem it solve - to help you. Bottom of this page.

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