How To End Exhaust Smoke With Additives 

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Exhaust Smoke can be black, gray, or whitish. Each has its own cause. Learn the causes and shortcuts to end the problem in this article.Exhaust Smoke can be black, gray, or whitish. Each has its own cause. Learn the causes and shortcuts to end the problem in this article.

Ending exhaust smoke problem with Additives

What you should know about stopping it:

    You can control smoke in the engine from it four sources not the common one source - thickening the oil.  The 6 sources and products are:

  1.  A Valve Cleaner ending slow valve closing oil escape
  2. A Piston Ring Cleaner ending stuck rings and oil escape.
  3. An Emission Cleaner to clean air, combustion, exhaust, and blow-by re-burn smog system to end that cause of  smoke.
  4. An Oil Treatment co-polymer to fill worn space oil escape. 
  5. Add an anti-wear to heal worn and damages surfaces called an Engine Treatment to stop rapid wear and oil escape. 
  6. Use a fuel system cleaner to clean the Fuel Injectors so they fog the fuel ending wetness and its cause of smoke.
    Mega Power's Worn Motor Treatment contain these additive.

The Remedy to End Exhaust Smoke 

The Best Stop-Exhaust Smoke Method Uses these 6 Additives To End All 6 Exhaust Smoke Causes.  How they work:

  1. By a complex set of watery-thin chemicals the Mega Power Brand Engine Treatment will stop exhaust smoke.  How complex? 
  2. Compare it to a sticky honey-like additive. Thick gooey additives in a 12 to 32 oz bottle to 5 quarts motor add a sticky gravy-like goo  state to the oil. - This slows down the oils escape - and reduces the smoke problem. Brands like Lucas and STP make the the oil honey-like, sticky and harder to escape. However....
  3. Why you would want to add a sticky substance to an all ready dirty, sticky trouble-causing motor - when thin oil is needed to lube thin spaces in the engine. Some feel this increases wear-out for lack of oil lubrication.
  4. Makes no sense - but I've done it ... until I seem better  results when I happen to use Mega Power - a watery thin product - - and feels like I had a new engine again! Mega Power which gives all the systems a total cleaning and conditioning to stop exhaust smoke from all 6 engine sources. 

Other Remedies?

Do an Engine Overhaul, or buy a new engine, or vehicle. Cost? $2000 - to $10,000 up!

Or install Mega Power to do so. Cost? Under $400 for diesel and commercial equipment About $200 for cars if a mechanic installs it. It's easy and anyone can install the product using the simple directions - about $100. See the Special Price on it below.

Its easy as you just add the items to the fuel and oil, and driving ends the problem. Comes with easy-to-follow instructions and carries a !00% satisfaction with results Warranty  or your money back with no quibble.

  1. You completely service your engine and stop exhaust smoke in 2 steps. 
  2. Click cart button to order. 
  3. Just $99 for the 6 items  - retail priced at over $200, now $99 with free shipping for a limited time.  
  4. Call if you have a question - order by phone. george at 512 665 3388. Click to see order by mail info.

Best Exhaust Smoke Remedy

The Mega Power Engine Treatment provides 6 ingredients. They together, successfully limits or blocks naturally exhaust smoke causes - and ends ups with results similar to a new or rebuilt engine - but cheaper. But - requires a touch-up of Mega Power at future oil changes.

Mega Power cleans the vehicles smog system -called the Emission system. Returns its ability to limit full waste, while turning any oil or fuel molecules into water. 

 You may see it as a vapor in the cool mornings. Being clear afterward warms up.

Closing wear gaps and cleaning and freeing sticky piston rings and oils escape route. In time, wear spaces widen and dirty piston rings and valves allow more oil or gas to enter the combustion cycle.

Mega Powers 6 ingredients end tht souce by freeing sticky rings and valves - limiting oil escape that way. ... and by coating the piston and cylinder walls witha protective coating. Closing the wear gap and blocking oil escape.

  5 minutes reading time will show How to install Mega Power to end exhaust smoke:

  • The cause.
  • What stops your vehicles exhaust smoke. 
  • The product and/or treatment.
  • The How-to service to end the problem.  
  • Order item needed using the cart buy button.

    The cause... when new, close fitting, new-like engine parts and dozens of engine smog devices keep exhaust particle-free, lo-polluting, and smokeless.

    When your car/truck gives off smoke, those engine and smog parts need cleaning.

    Most people overhaul their engine  - or trade off that vehicle for a newer one.

    There is a service - to correct the problem.

    End this worrisome, smelly expensive-to-repair problem - yourself, with the following engine treatment service.

   What causes it? What ends it?

      It indicates there is a problem within one or more sub-systems of your car.  

    What ends it?

      You can replace the dirtiest parts... or clean them.

       I'll cover what-ends-exhaust smoke by cleaning additives -- by the color of the smoke, explained below.

      You can order what's needed to end the problem by cleaners shown.

   5 minutes reading time will show you:

  • The cause.
  • What stops your vehicles exhaust smoke. 
  • The product and/or treatment.
  • The How-to service to end the problem.  
  • Order items below to fix exhaust smoke problems by it color.

Products to end exhaust smoke problems by its color 

    Ends White Exhaust Smoke.

       White exhaust occurs in the mornings as cool air packs water molecules together. 

       There is more moisture coming out because for 3 minutes the computer sends a richer fuel mixture to the combustion cycle. This fuel richness makes moisture you see. The fuel richness works out any lubrication or binding problem; occurring after sitting all night.

       A constant white exhaust smoke indicates and water dripping at the exhaust pipe tip is from dirty fuel parts needing to be removed. See products bellow for its fuel cleanup problem.

        Constant white smoke is more serious. It indicates coolant leakage by failing gasket or hole allowing coolant into the combustion cycle.

        Acids cause the problem.

        The 3 item Mega Power Brand Radiator Service will remove acids, neutralize the system, and seal all leaks. Add ongoing stop leak thereby stopping the white smoke cause and problem.

         Order and install our MP Brand RS3 Radiator Service Product. It's easy to do the service - while a mechanic may finished the service if you can't for under $50

       The Mega Power RS3 stop lea k and more details is on this Radiator Stop Leak Item Page.

    End Blue Smoke Option:

       Your problem indicates oil is leaking pass the valves and mixing with fuel  combustion.

       Its exits out the exhaust black -like. 
       Overnight, the car cools, air shrinks, this produces moisture - nearly a cup or so in the motor and exhaust system - and it comes out as a smoke, then tapers off till the next morning...

        This Worn Motor Treatment I use, from Mega Power is your solution. This.... "try this first" less expensive remedy works every time to stop bluish exhaust smoke. 

      The next morning exhaust quickly heats up at a couple hundred degrees and vaporizes that water. It comes out the exhaust pipe dripping wet black for a couple minutes - then may stop.

    Try the Mega Power Worn Motor Treatment to seal off oil escape and put off expensive valve repairs. Your will buy a new muffler and a new motor sooner because a more acidic condition is present longer in the exhaust and motor as it makes black smoke. 

        You never know about a good, top quality engine fluid oil change service service protector for warranty covered vehicles - that also ends blue exhaust smoke! 

        And services your older smokie engine; the entire tune, fuel, combustion, and exhaust systems - correcting bluish smoke caused problems.

        Try this Mega Power Brand Worn Motor Treatment - which your smoking vehicle  probably needs as its 25,000 service  anyhow... but $3000 cheaper than a rebuilt engine.

Mega Power Brand Worn Motor Treatment for stopping oil burn, and its exhaust smokeMega Power Brand Worn Motor Treatment for stopping oil burn, and its exhaust smoke

Ends Black Exhaust Smoke

        This Treatments stops fuel waste and its black smoke problems.
        Dirty residues on the fuel injectors cause fuel fogging to end and wetter fuel them burns incompletely to cause black exhaust smoke.

    Tip. Order this product and in minutes see black smoke end!

Ends root causes of 3 exhaust smoke problems

 Mega Power ends those exhaust smokes problem chemically.

The problem-  caused by acids

    Acid is a by-product of sulfur mixed with moisture. Sulfur is present in all oils and gas and diesel fuel. Most additives in oil and fuel is to control sulfur - and in that way, protect your engine and transmission.

    But not in the long run! More additive is needed.

 Special servicing products we sell are called for to end these 3 problems.

    Dirty conditions and worn or a bad part needing attention. Here's the story. The cars catalytic converter - A special muffler all cars have, changes unburnt oil and gas into water - instead of letting it exhaust out to kill vegetation, weaken respiratory systems of kids and older folks, keep our skys blue - not yellow, and help keep the rivers cleaner.

The double problem.

    When your motor needs a tune up and a special type of cleaning, it is because of residue binding and wear and tear. The more of those conditions developing, the more there is to stop the needed spark from firing every time.

    Mis-fire; [zero mis-fire is ideal. When at 2% to 10% mis-fire, the car idles rough, develops a tap, waste fuel, sticks rings and valves, burns more gas and oil, feels like its worn out- when its not].

    When mis-fire occurs, more unburnt fuel and oil is exhausted - and gives the catalytic converted overtime working conditions to convert that unburnt gas/oil into water.

When excessive amounts of

    Unburnt gas and oil cannot be processed by the catalytic converter - and there is constant white, blue, black smoke present. It means your car needs lots of help. "Your exhaust pipe is also oily?"

The mechanics procedure.

    A mechanic will "pull your cars computer problem-storing codes." This catches most electrical based problem areas, and zero's end on what to fix. He may suggest some cleaning, or mechanical repair solution.

    all those problems can be greatly reduced to end sticky internal goo, excessive friction drag, combustion, and dirty emission conditions that cause mis-fire. Learn more about the Worn Motor Treatment, from Mega Power, mentioned above, as the remedy for these problems, too.

The same additive treatment remedy

    Is similar for ending or reducing White smoke, Black smoke, an Oily exhaust pipes and blue smoke.

    I like the above answer.

    To help you, there are additive products many of us use as a fix, when possible. They often end or control the above problems. My thinking suggest their usage first, if possible - before attemping a repair. That is what many of us do, and gain more years of repair-avoiding service, successfully.

    Being a mechanic, you see exhaust pipes spew different colors of fumes.

    The color is one of several exhaust smoke clues as to the nature of, possible origin, and remedy of the problem.

    Lets cover each smoke color and my remedy. But, first, this point…

    My exhaust smoke solution to a problem mostly goes like this. Being frugal [cheap], I want the most bang for my money. Frugal = ecological; sound, conservative.

    I don't mind a little extra bother

    To save a buck or two, or even a thousand. Others, want to cut thru the crap, can't waste time saving a buck or two.

    Such customers are willing to spend what ever it takes to end the car problem - so they can get on with life. "Fix it so its right" - is their cry! "Expense is not the point. Call me when its ready. I don't even want to know what you did, but, it better be right!" That is the another remedy.

    For the latter, you overhaul, put in a new motor, or new transmission, they pay you and go, and you take care of the next customers car problem - the way they want it done. Those are one successful way to end or control smoke problems. There are others...

    A web site:

    ...details the exact procedure anyone can follow - to end these exhaust smoke problems, not just mechanics. End.

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Read more: My car is smoking what could the problem be?

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