End black exhuast smoke, fuel waste, restore motor power

Add to fuel and oil. Stops black exhuast smoke in minutes. Gives power boost. Helps extend motor life by reducing friction.

    Ending diesel smoke. Picture.

    Diesel car and pickup owners: Go here for products to end your black exhaust smoke.

    Gas powered car and truck products.

    For large trucks, tractors, farm machinery - Introducing...

    Mega Power Diesel Fuel and Oil Treatment

      Why Mega Power?

      Mega Power Diesel Fuel and Oil Treatment are the strongest fuel conditioners, cleaners, and oil conditioners sold anywhere.

      Traditional truck additives are watered down - for price considerations, so they offer little or no noticeable improvement in performance, like Mega Power does!

      Mega Power restores your trucks zip, performance, and power and ends black exhaust smoke shortly after you add the product to the fuel and oil.

      Together, they end excessive blow-by, fuel waste, oil burning, gear growl, and gear shifting difficulty in minutes - by adding a quart to each fuel tank, and a gallon to your motor and transmission, as well.

      The performance improvement always amazes the truck owner. This includes pulling loads up hill a gear-higher.

    "My trucks run twice the mileage and years longer than what others get with other products with Mega Powers cleaning, anti wear, long term dependability ingredients.

    We claim to be the strongest fastest acting product sold.

    What else is different - you wonder? Why different.

    Watch this demo to see why... Diesel Oil and Fuel Conditioners Demo.

    For information, prices, and ordering call me ... george at 512 665 3388

    The Smoke and Power Loss Problem.

      Ending the smoke problem by cleaning has been limited until Mega Power introduced these new products.

      Mega Power solves these complex wear and tear problems by cleaning each sub-system - not just dirty injectors, and by reducing metal-to-metal friction. Both work to end black exhaust smoke.

      Truck downtime and lousy fuel economy eat an independent owners lunch and dinner. I know, as I'm on the road all the time, and hear trucker complaints.

      Black exhaust smoke says its time for help. We can help you here.

    How Mega Power made ending these wear and tear problems simple and cost effective. A twice a year maintenance.

      Simply add to the fuel, oil and gears. Usage ends black exhaust smoke immediately.

      Cleaning includes injectors, the combustion area piston rings, valves, valve stems, and lifters. This begins the improvement that helps lower cost-per-mile expense. How....?

      Mega Power research discovered six troublesome areas in truck motors

      Wherever fuel, air, combustion, exhaust, and oil go; and where residues and friction contributed to the power decline problem. Not just dirty fuel injectors.

    To cover all 6 areas, they tested and developed what's called a "treatment."

      A treatment uses several ingredients, installed in a certain simple way, to address the overall wear and tear problem - not just the fuel injectors. In this case... six areas - not one or two.

      Containing the newest chemistry technology - Mega Power will clean, free, smooth, coat, and then protect each piston, bearing, valve and gear - from fuel system to the exhaust system, and all in between.... The treatment!

      Doing so ends the overall contribution causing black exhaust smoke, poor fuel economy, and premature wear-out problems.

      The gives the truck owner the needed longer-life benefits not now enjoyed in common truck-stop sold products. This product is sold only on line - .

    These benefits include:

      Like-new zip, performance and economy, also, in the process - regardless of age or miles driven.

      Regardless of age, miles, or worn condition

    Simple to use.

      Just install in the fuel and oil and drive.

      Driving makes it work! In just a few minutes - smoke stack exhaust changes from black to clear.

      An occasional refresher at oil change continues the like-new zip and performance gained. It's not complicated at all.

    Treatment Directions, ordering info, Guarantee

      To order these two products, for cars, big trucks, and equipment, call me! I'm George Christ. Mega Power Product Distributor
      210 Durango Street. San Marcos, Texas 78666
      My cell is 512 665 3388 visa or M/C OK

      Your money back if not delighted with results.

    A Fuel and Oil Treatment for one truck includes:

      Includes: 3 items, as a treatment.

      Two gallons Engine and Gear Treatment.

      One gallon All Weather Fuel, Injector, Top Side Conditioner, Bio-cide. Total for the 3 gallon treatment, $150+ $30s&h= $180 total.

    Save More... Order 2 Treatments.

      $300 Total. Save $100 shipping cost.
      $300 total, shipped to your door. Includes Free shipping.

    Order 6 Treatments Save $250 more.

      [3 gallons per truck per treatment] for 6 trucks. $125 for each truck treatment. Total $750. Includes Free shipping.

      The fuel saved pays for the product.
      You know your truck needs it!

      Shipped Fedex. usa 48 states. Visa M/C.

    Drum amounts for fleet servicing. Call 1 512 665 3388

    To order these products, ask a question, call 1 512 665 3388


    • Remove old fuel filter and replace with new. Fill the new fuel filter with Mega Power Fuel Treatment, then install.

    • Add one quart Mega Power Fuel Treatment to each 50 gallons fuel until one gallon is consumed. Repeat the above again at each oil change.

    • Mega Power is a germicide. Absorbs, and makes water in fuel tank burnable. It is an injector and pump lube. Stops black exhaust smoke almost instantly.

    Adding Mega Power to motor and transmission

      Add 10%, about 3 quarts Mega Power Oil and Gear Treatment to the new motor oil. This begins anti-wear and friction modifying with ingredient MC+. Repeat the above each oil change.

      Add 15% to a worn motors; those that burn oil, and needs a compression boost. Repeat the above each oil change.

      Add 15% to gear boxes, differential gears. 20% to noisy gears and differentials. About two quarts to each unit.

      Driving makes the product work and ends wear and residue problems.

      Repeat the above percentages each oil change. Great for extended oil change intervals as sludge level is reduced and oil stays clean twice as long.

      Percentages apply to all sizes of vehicles.

    Did you know...

      Diesel fuel burns black because it has more oil and carbon depositing characteristics.

      Diesel fuel ingredients produces nearly twice the power of gas - at nearly the same price, but burns blacker in the trade-off.

      Mega Power in the fuel separates the oils in the fuel and fuel burns with more oxygen - for a cleaner, hotter, longer burn duration.

      Our other web site pages walk you thru the wear and tear and smoke burning process. Diesel injector cleaner, details...

      Remember, those negatives produce black exhaust smoke.This new product ends the smoke problem, and for the first time possible, restores the trucks like-new zip, performance and economy, also, in the process.

    What's not to like about all that! Its due to great new chemistry from Mega Power, a leader in this new truck care field.

    Did you know:

      Black exhaust smoke is the results of a dirty combustion process caused by time, heat, diesel fuel, blow-by, and a soft, sooty residue that covers wherever fuel, heat, air and exhaust go.

      New diesel trucks have a hi-tech trap in the exhaust system to prevent smoke - but the problem is still there. The converter did not take away the problem cause.

      Does this product clean, lube, and protect the pump and , injectors? YES!

      Does Mega Power remove carbon, frees sticky rings, valves, and reduce oil burning, and leaks? Yes!

      And, it ends black exhaust smoke in minutes.

    To Order Mega Power. Ask a question - call me... george at 512 665 3388


      By removing carbon, freeing sticky rings and valves, the combustion area, and modifying friction, you get back power that used to be absorbed - or prevented from reaching maximum power.

      Now, this "lost power" again passes to the wheels to make them spin faster. With maximum power again, and with friction robbing conditions reduced to the lowest levels possible you gain an increase in hill-climbing power, and run up hills usually one gear higher.

      The Treatment in the fuel and oil ends black diesel exhaust smoke & fuel waste in minutes. In the gear box, smoother thru-the-gears shifting re-appears.

      Mega Power cleans & lubes the injector pump & injectors. And by making moisture burnable, and by neutralizing acidity, the cause of pump wear and the cause of dirty injectors is put on hold.

      End your black exhaust smoke problem your equipment have today! For personal help, ordering, or have a question, call me... george at 1 512 665 6688

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