End engine problems easier, yourself.  Use additives to end your engine problems.

End Engine problems using additives Contact info: To ask a question, order items listed, by phone, call me... george at 512 665 3388.

With hundreds of additives how do you know which work for your need, and those that don't?

Here... you can compare popular additives to other additives. You will see why we chose, and recommend Mega Power as your best choice.

Mega Power offers, not only more of what your motor and transmission really needs, but does so in a holistic way. For example: Other additives feature main point to help your motor.

Mega Power features over a dozen problem-removing features. Why do a few problems, and ignore the other negatives? Most additives offer cleaners that are dangerous to long life - Mega Power Cleaners enhance  every negative to end their miles of wear and residue performance problems - and adds conditioners and protectors - each to complete each of the problems - other additive makes don't offer. Mega Power gets your motor to running as good as it ever did! As long as you want!

Mega Power engine additives - formulated as a Treatment. A treatment is an ongoing healing action requiring time - where as most other additives just work for the moment. Examples of wear and tear problems that need time to end or stop the Mega Power Treatment ends:

  • Ends problems such as: Spewing out smelly engine fumes.
  • Ends the consuming and burning of motor oil
  • Recovers power lost due to friction absorption.
  • Recovers power lost due to wear and tear.
  • Ends valve tapping
  • And all need to be removed to end the cause of your motor problems.

Those problems are what goes on in your motor to require a $3000+ motor overhaul expense Mega Power usage avoids - and for under $100. Mega Power is what you need instead of Lucas Oil Additives.

Mega Power works because it has the 6 ingredients that works Lucas Oil additives do not have - ! That's what your motor needs, right now!

End engine problems easier, cheaper.  Additives end engine problems you never expected them too!End engine problems easier, cheaper. Additives end engine problems you never expected them too!

Order by check, MO, to address below.

    As a rule, people do not like putting a quart of thick, gooey additive in their motor or transmission, like STP, Restore, and Lucas Oil additives - when the oil calls for Ow 5, 5w 10, 10w 30 oils - all watery thin oils, and made for today's close tolerance engines and transmissions.

    Me neither. I switch to other additives after tearing down worn motors and transmissions and seeing what help Lucas Oil additives provided. I found the same damage over and over. Other mechanics come to the same conclusion about Is that assertion scientific, No! What would your conclusions be like? When its about automotive and equipment additives, I do have the internets expertise on that subject... I know what works, and what does not, from my own testing, mechanic feedback, from thousands of car owner feedback experiences!

    That is why I like the new breed of anti-wear chemical additives from Mega Power - not Lucas oil additives. They have no known disadvantges. Mega Power chemistry does have the extra needed advantages a thin penetrating ingredient needs, and not the negatives of thick, gooey additives that causes cause engine, transmission problems like Lucas causes.

    Here... we compare Lucas Oil additives to Mega Power, and recommend Mega Power. As you see from the chart, it has more of what your motor and transmission really need to end it wear and performance problem. About Lucas Oil additives.... If you think about it ....

    Thick, gooey residues are already in our motors causing them motor problems. Why add Lucas Oil additives to thicken things even more so? Here is the answer....

Products like STP, Restore, and Lucas Oil additives

    Are variations of a polymer with a sticky nature. They can be useful in certain situations. For example....

    Their sticky nature keeps hold of free running motor oil - in effect, grouping several oil molecules together. That stickiness reduces your free-wheelin oil molecues escape up into the combustion area, and burning off with your gas.

    That form of "oil conditioning" is good when wear has widen the gap and oil escapes easily. For example...

    In stick shift transmissions, differentials, and 4X4 front axles, sticky additives tends to layer more of the weaker oil between wear spaces as worn gear teeth, and bearings. That thickening nature is helpful. However...

However, thick gooey STP, Restore, and Lucas Oil additives

    Do not reduce acid damage and metal-to-metal friction.

    Acids, left in after oil refining - is the cause of most wear and performance problems and faster engine, transmission wear out. Acid pitting and friction are destructive.

    Once rougher surfaces from acids and friction gets a foothold in your car, thick gooey additives help some, or are are useless.

    For that, you need a different type additive - found in Mega Power, covered below.

    Nor I have found anywhere Lucas Oil additives are effective against...

    Acids - hot spots, higher temperatures, sludge. Acids, high temperatures, and sludge are the number one engine and transmission problems... like ...

    Oil burning, valve tapping, lose of power, lousy compression, sludge,leaks, rough shift of various sorts, and they become engine transmission killers.

    Mega Power ends those wear negatives - in effect restoring years more life - chemically - think of Mega Power as medicine and vitamins, in that sense a doctor would prescribe.

    To end wear and performance decline problems caused by the hidden work of acids, high temperatures, and sludge, you need a different type additive. You need Mega Power!

End Engine Problems Friction Causes.

    Since metal-to-metal friction is caused by acids - high temperatures, and sludge that binds your motor and transmission parts. Their pistons, bearings, valves, and gear surfaces, change by those negatives, from smooth to rough, and problematic. Those now-rougher engine, transmission surfaces destroy your lube oils film, causes metal surfaces to touch.

    Since movement is involved, some - 10 to 20% of your given horsepower developed - that use to make you zip faster down the high ways - is consumed, trying to move your dirty, sticky, wear roughen pistons, bearings, valves, and gears, instead of speeding you done the road.

    More complex ingredients than Lucas Oil additive oil thickeners have had to be developed to end all these problems - and it is the way to end your internal wear, and performance problem.

    Well then.... wear wears away the metal...

    Those worn, wider surfaces, wider spaces, and dirty, sticky, power-robbing residues, and now rougher piston gear surfaces, wear increase raw friction as part of your problem. Mega Power ingredients end those problems for you, resulting in the end of your problem - explained elsewhere on links in this site.

    Engine and transmission problem complaints about Lucas, you can read about in on-line forums.

    If your motor and transmission has some miles on it, and a wear or performance problem

    And has dirty, sticky, binding rings, sticky valves, friction-roughen gears, and such, those conditions call for an entirely new types of chemistry - to end the wear, power decline, and performance problems they are causing your car or equipment..

    The additives we recommend have those added advantages.

    Please note: 2 refunds ask for last 267 days.

    Mega Power is easy to install. Driving does the fix. Instant motor rejuvenation is what you get to enjoy again - sometimes for years! You know you need it. Order it now!

    Order Now! In a few days, enjoy driving a restored like-near-new performance again - with the help from this invention.

    Add Mega Power to the gas and oil and air intake and drive. Driving the restoring. nothing to take apart. Easy for any non-mechanic man or women to install - just like the pros do. You also get my personal phone number if you require more help....george.

    To have Mega Power's Worn Motor Treatment sent to you - Order now on line or by phone.

    Just $95+ $15 s&h= $110 total. Special right now includes FREE SHIPPING! Includes 6 products shown. Simple pour-in and drive instructions. Guarantee. My personal help by phone. Shipped to your door in 3 days by FedEx.

George Christ Factory Distributor. Tech Trainer. 210 Durango Street. San Marcos Texas 78666 Call to ask a question or purchase by calling me at 512 665 3388

Phone, mail order, or Online ordering is Secure.

This is the point...

    You can buy a no-frills, no-luxury car with regular brakes, stick shift transmission, clear glass, solid seats, and roll-down windows, and without air conditioning.

    Or, you can buy as much luxury as you can afford. All those items are on most cars, and considered necessities.

    The additives we favor fit the latter description. I feel, Lucas, STP, and Restore the strip-down model.

You need those EXTRA ingredients

    - to handle those problem-causing, power-sucking problems your engine and transmission have.

    The products I favor and promote have these and other advantages your motor and gears need. They come from the developer, called Mega Power.

    For all those problems, Mega Power has developed 4 special cleaners, anti-wear, anti-friction metal conditioner, and protective co-polymers that layer themselves over worn spaces - to fill worn gaps.

    Those features and advantages in Mega Power's pour-in-and-drive chemistry will end oil burning, restore lost power, and stop valve tapping. And smooth rough shifting, and such.

    In doing so, Mega Power restores like-new power - not just control oil by conditioning it. Isn't that better for your car? Sure, a lot better.

To see how, note the following

    When new, your pistons, bearings, valves, gears, and such were clean, shinny smooth, and fitted close together. Right?

That's when your cars had the most power, zip, and great performance.

    Over time, oil break-down residues, wear, and friction change your motor and transmission parts to rough, coat them with a dirty, sticky residue, and gaps of wear appear.

    Those condition deter full power levels during combustion. They cause rings and valves to slow their needed snappy functions. And they cause oil burning, loss of compression, blow-by, valve tap, and waste fuel.

    When that happens, you know you are headed for a costly tune up or motor overhaul. Maybe, the need for a costly new car - years sooner than expected. What Mega Power Product users say.

    I feel Lucas oil additives cannot do what mega power can for your motor. That is why we suggest you order the Mega Power Worn Motor Treatment for your newer and older worn motor problems

    The Mega Power Motor Valve Treatment to end your motors valve and lifter tap noise

    And the Mega Power Transmission Treatment to end rough shift, slippage, and stop fluid leaks on your drive way.

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