Best engine additives Are they
helping cars run stronger?

Best engine additives" end motor problem caused problems from wear and residues," says george christ. A Do-it-yourself adviser to car owners and mechanics wanting knowledge of engine problem solving products.

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How improvement in additive cleaning capabilities keep vehicles out of repair shops by ending more types wear and tear engine problems.

George Christ automotive mechanic says, "When you tear apart engines, you notice the once new, shinny clean pistons, bearings, valves and such are covered with a burnt varnish coating, and exposed surfaces look dull. That is your trouble making condition.

"That burnt varnish coating is what bogs down both your motors horsepower output, and creates over a dozen performance problems that become costly to correct by repair.

"You would think that good oil, and frequent oil changes would prevent this problem, but in a lot of car owners finds it can't stop causes of sudden poor performance running or operation issues.

In time those negatives create need for those $1500 to $4000 engine - and transmission repairs.

New products to the rescue!

Mega Power Brand Engine Treatment ends internal engine operating problems.Mega Power Brand Engine Treatment ends internal engine operating problems.

New products.

Mega Powers Engine Treatment, a comprehensive cleaning, freeing, conditioning multi-product, pictured above,is what I call a new breed of engine additives are becoming those listed among the best  engine additives.

Why better.

This is because they provide advantages to help engines remove what time causes to upset your engines good performance.

Time causes residues and friction which bogs down engine power. they can cause a variety of problems. 

Leading in additive development, Mega Power cleaners and friction modifiers are installed to protect brand new motors from  friction hotspots and residues - along  with friction caused metal-migration - the most destructive engine and gear trouble makers in new cars and trucks.

Best Engine Additives and Brands

Mega Power's cleaning friction reduction ability removes a long list of varnish and friction caused motor conditions - cars and trucks when in time they appear to upset vehicle running.

To do so it takes new Hi-tech "problem-solving chemistry." This  is what Mega Power offers to restore your vehicle's mechanical condition.

Mega Power benefits to the car owner include: 

  1. Ending engine valve tap - avoiding need for actual valve repair.
  2. Ends combustion escape, known as piston blowby - avoiding need for actual and costly overhaul.
  3. Ends loss of your engine motor oil burning by its being drawn into the combustion cycle,  because sticky piston rings are not working fast enough to block their escape - avoiding need for actual and costly overhaul.
  4. Acid formation - which erodes away your motors piston, bearing, valve, lifter, and gear surfaces - a friction increasing condition - remedied - Mega Power neutralizes acids and heals wear, friction and acid etched piston bearing valve and gear surfaces.

"Mega Power is an easy-to-install treatment using the only 6 cleaners and MC+ conditioners known to end both wear, and high mileage conditions in any brand of engine. Your motor will respond such that these 6 are the best engine additives - ever!

Mega Power is  helping thousands of car owners regain what was once thought, not recoverable wear and vanish cause conditions - except by a $2000 or higher engine overhaul.

The Mega Power Product Treatment investment to restore and then protect your motor, and avoid a costly hit to your budget is just under $100. That is quite a savings, and the one best engine additives know anywhere to do a complex restore advantage to benefit the car and large truck owner.

Customers talk of amazing results

Directions are simple and the product install - although meant for mechanics, is easy to do by any man or women car owner. Ordering info below. Directions:

  • 3 products, one fed in the gas tank, motor oil, and engine suction, to work-off vanish from your top motor parts - ending that source of your motor problem.
  • 3 products are installed at an oil change a week later to remove what problem-causing varnish and friction exist -  a week later.
  • Driving does the actual fix - nothing to take apart!

Now, its your turn to get your car's performance and dependability back with Mega power's problem ending, performance restoring advantages! Order now!

Best Engine Additives Ordering info Specials

Mega Power Worn Motor Treatment includes 6 items, shipped to your door in about 3 days, by FedEx, with easy-to-follow instructions, guarantee, phone help if needed. Just $75 plus $15s&h= $90 total.

2 Mega Power Worn Motor Treatments  for both of your cars. Includes 12 items, shipped to your door in about 3 days, by FedEx, with easy-to-follow instructions, guarantee, phone help if needed. 12 items. $125 plus $20s&h= $145 total. Save $35.

6 Mega Power Worn Motor Treatments  for the mechanic to resell to  end his customer engine problems. Please note: Labor to install, $100.   Includes 36 items, shipped to your door in about 3 days, by FedEx, with easy-to-follow instructions, guarantee, phone help if needed. 36 items. $360 [60each]plus $25s&h= $385 total. Save $50.

To ask a question or order by phone, call george at 512 665 3388

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