Auto oil additives review:

Which additives do you need? Which are easy to use? Fast acting? Guaranteed to please? Our Review.

Top 10 automotive problem solving additives

auto oil additives. 10 best to use.

Why these 10?
With a large market place for engine and transmission products, cheap knockoffs are plentiful. Being an expert in additive usage on what works and what does not, I hope what I learned and now teach mechanics will help you end your engine transmission wear and tear negatives affecting it.

Please Note: Any additive you buy should have these 6 ingredients if they are to do you the real good you're hoping for. Ours feature them to assure you of their fix benefit.

  1. Have cleaners that go where oil can't to free up gummy, troublesome operating parts.
  2. Remove acids or neutralize them.
  3. Free piston ring and valves with those cleaners.
  4. Remove and clean fuel injectors, manifold, combustion area and catalytic converters
  5. Clean the oiling system to get oil going to the valve lifters
  6. Smooth wear and acid roughen piston bearing valve and gear surfaces as a wear and friction reducing advantage
  7. Fill worn away surface areas with co-polymers making the motor stronger and quieter. li>adding to its later life dependability

Auto oil additives, motor, transmission, fuel. If your motor has one or more of the following problems, chances are you are feeling the effects of engine wear at 5 to 10 times faster than the normal rate of wear out!

The products listed here the 10 products are what your car and your budget needs! Order those listed below. Each is sold with a satisfaction of usage guarantee.

The brand we favor for this help, Mega Power, contain the 10 strongest protectors, some of which heal conditions that speed up wear out, producing the problem listed.

Read below to find the best additives to end the 10 worse wear problems. Just add them to the gas and oil. Driving makes them work - with an almost instant boost of zip and power - results of their internal activity at work: Wear and tear problems like:

  • To end oil burning
  • Valve tapping
  • Rough idle
  • Fuel waste
  • Dirty injector
  • Carbon problem
  • head gasket radiator, leaks
  • Transmission rough shift
  • Gear slippage
  • a/c problems

If wear and tear problems show up, when you least expect them to! I'll help as your read along, to uncover your engine problem source, and the fastest, cheapest, best way to end them, so you can get on down the road of life, trouble free again!

Here are the new, Easy-To-Use Top 10 auto oil additives to end oil burning, valve tap, leaks, and to tune & restore your car and equipment power and performance, yourself.

Each auto additive is guaranteed to satisfy! Please note: Two refunds last 267 days. Our Review...

The 6 best for your engine...!

auto equipment engine additives

Using the above 6 as an engine treatment, Mega Power lo-cost Hi-tech chemistry provides a tune-up, like-new power-restoring advantage!

  • Ending hard starting, rough idling,
  • stalling,
  • engine miss,
  • engine oil burning,
  • valve tapping,
  • power loss,
  • piston blow-by.

  • Please note: 3 of the items - are more sold for around $200. to $1500 at the dealership and most auto repair garages.

    The 2 numbered Itme in the package sells for over $55 to $95 by competitors and - are harmful to your engine and with no guarantee OF SATISFACTION like we offer.

    The 6th item in the Mega Power line up is way stronger than Slick Fifty, Restore, Lucas which sell from $15 to $50 -

    The 6 items, the Mega Power Worn Motor Treatment is shipped by FedEx to your door in about 3 days, with easy-to-follow directions, $25 worth of phone help for free, our guarantee, and only cost $80 and $15 s&h+ for $95 total. A $300 value now for a limited time. Order now! You know this is the best auto oil additives for your cars.

    Why not protect your wife's car too? Our special for 2 Mega Power Engine Treatments as you read about above, 12 items, just $149 total. Save $40

    Contians each sub system cleaning and conditioners in one kit

    The next 3 top auto oil additives are for your transmission. They work to condition your transmission just as describe above for your engine. Easy to use, guaranteed results in a few miles of driving.

    Mega Power Transmission Treatment 3 items
    $60= $15s&h= $75 total.

    Order one MP Engine Treatment, 6 items $95, and one MP Transmissions Treatment 3 items, $75. 9 items total, just $140 and includes shipping. Save $30. Order now!

    Mega Power makes this possible - using friction modifiers and anti-wear residue removers - which have been found to again help your engine produce maximum horsepower to your wheels; to zip you along smoothly again - removing years of friction and residue drag, while ending your engine negatives.

    Installed in new cars and heavy commercial equipment by smart car owners - owners of out of warranty vehicles 100,000 miles - enjoy the end of their car problem and chemically gain years more dependable service; that only a $3000 overhaul use to restore.ul>

    Transmission hard shifting, gear slip, and 45mph lock-up jerk

  • Power steering turning roughness, whine, and growl
  • Engine, transmission, and radiator fluid overheating
  • Stop coolant, transmission, and oil leaks

Leading the way is a company called Mega Power, whose problem-solving ingredients also provide a protective coating over worn piston, bearing, valve and gear surfaces.

Those benefits are what car and heavy equipment owners wanting a better method of care to add years more dependible service to all their new cars and equipment, and avoid costly overhaul and replacement expenses - on their older, worn, Hi-milage or Hi-hour units.

What is not to like about adding years more dependable service to your cars and equipment? You will want that help, too!

We'll help you identify your wear or residue caused problem, what works best to end it, and how to do so.

  • Hard starting, rough idling, stalling, engine miss
  • Engine oil burning, valve tapping, power loss, piston blow-by
  • Transmission hard shifting, gear slip, and 45mph lock-up jerk
  • Power steering turning roughness, whine, and growl
  • Engine over heating. Fluid, coolant or oil leak.

How this review will help you

    We'll help you identify your problem, its cause, what works best to end it, and do so easily, by yourself.

    The auto oil additives needed are shipped to your door by FedEx - with easy-to-follow instructions, and Guaranteed to produce happy results.

    Plus - if needed, call me personally by phone. Many non-mechanic types find my remedies and my personal help the answer they need. All at no extra charge.

    All that is detailed for you on the page your problem is covered.

Start your search

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    And you can call or email me, to ask a question, or order products at 512 665 3388 ... george. That's my job, and I'm America's Expert on additives. So, you have the best going for you.

    How Additives Treatments solve your more complex wear problems

      Compared to old fashion additives still in daily use - like those containing harmful solvent cleaners - solvent additives destroy you oils lubricity. That's no good.

      Or those additives with a sticky, honey-like goo - that may add to your cars mucky nature.

      These new products work on several levels where other brands - and oil cannot, extending their limited reach beyond, to the affected areas.

      Using a combination of new ingredients - called a treatment to do so, and that advantage ends your car problem.

    How new additive treatments end your wear and performance problem

      They work on a micro level, where the problem originates-

      There, a series of cleaning, freeing, friction modifying, and protective measures seek out and end your car internal caused problems.

        New cleaners remove sticky, problem-causing residues, not add a sticky coating like STP, Lucas, and Restore type products do.

        The brand we favor with this cleaners, Mega Power, uses anti-wear cleaners to free sticky piston rings, valves, bearings, gears, and such - ending that part of your problem.

        Several friction modifiers - explained, and shown on video elsewhere on this site, heal and smooth, your motor/transmission friction-roughen surfaces, providing several anti-wear advantages of first-aid type healing and protecting, ending those harmful parts of your problem. Finally...

        A protective coating fills worn surfaces making for a quieter, smoother running motor - and the end of your wear, performance, leak, or such problem.

      That is how the brand we favor, Mega Power, ends the cause of your oil burning, tap, power loss, leak, shift, and such problems and is what you need.

    Just add the treatment to your car as shown and drive. Driving does the fix.

      These auto oil additives contain anti-wear qualities found to end, wear and performance problems that, if not stopped, go on to cause those $1500 to $3000 repairs expenses.

      They contain the strongest anti-wear ingredients - the secret for they success, and that adds and promotes years more like-new-again driving dependability for each vehicle treated.

      Our money-back guarantee assures you of the desired result or no cost for trying. Anyone can easily install them. Not just mechanics.

That is the good news about today's new product technology!

To get started

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    I'll show you what causes your problem, the products that end them, how they do so, and the simple steps I developed so you can use them to do so yourself. Or just....

    Call me to order the products recommended for your vehicle problem, or have a question. That is what I'm here for. 512 665 3388

Other web sites cover how to tear your car apart when broken....

Here, we will identify your problem and show the your the exact product to order, to end it with. I'm the country's top expert in all this. Not a Hi-price Madison Avenue ad writer.

    Each fix remedy and product was chosen because they work when nothing else does!

    To get started:

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Our Review:

What new additives do work. Those that don't! The ones your car truck RV equipment needs.

Solving transmission problems fast, expensively.

The next 3 top auto oil additives are for your transmission. They work to condition your transmission just as describe above for your engine. Easy to use, guaranteed results in a few miles of driving.

Mega Power Transmission Treatment 3 items
$60= $15s&h= $75 total.

Order one MP Engine Treatment, 6 items $95, and one MP Transmissions Treatment 3 items, $75. 9 items total, just $140 and includes shipping. Save $30. Order now!

According to George Christ

    One of America's Experts in the use of automotive oil additives, the following are the five most successful problem-solving, performance-improving types of additives.

    Taken from his article on the subject. They include these oil and fuel additives.

Special cleaners - as auto oil additives

    Special cleaners are designed to clean 5 problem-causing areas of your engine, transmissions, and such, to end the problem.

    Watch out for solvent type motor flushes, stop leaks, and transmission additives. They are harmful - you heard horror stories about them destroying good motors or transmissions. That's not good!

    Those auto oil additives we specified do not contain solvents.

    Solvent cleaners are good for fuel, fuel injectors, air intake, and combustion areas - and those we recommend are blended with special cleaners and give safe, verifiable, problem ending results anyone can enjoy.

Combining oil and fuel cleaning additives as a treatment

    When auto oil additive cleaners are combined with Friction Modifiers and Oil Conditioners a whole new range of starting, idling, running, oil burning, power loss, and shifting problems end - often avoiding the need for repair. That's what new chemical technology can do to fix your cars now!

    6 tested, proven, problem-solving ingredients that quickly end the above problems are packaged as a treatment for ease of use.

Just add the products, following 2 simple steps shown, to end your problem. No special skill or tools needed.

    The treatment ends your vehicles current wear, and performance problem as you drive. As you drive the "fix" ingredients travel to 6 of your motors sub-systems, because that is what works -- to end your car problem.

    - or prevents avoidable wear and performance problems in newer cars, trucks and equipment. And makes newer vehicles respond as if they had a bigger motor in them - from the products "friction modifying" capabilities.

    Using these auto oil additives also restores stoi-chio-metrics, the best power-producing, best fuel economy, and lowest smog producing levels possible for any given speed or load.

    Similar treatment products help transmission, power steering, tune up, drive gears, and air conditioning components end - or prevent their wear and tear problems, for years longer, more dependable, and trouble-free life.

The Treatment for ending motor problems, from Mega Power

    Specifically removes dirty, power-deterring buildup, and quiets and frees noisy, sticky valves and lifters. Further...

    By the treatments very nature of coating and conditioning it stops oil burning and fluid leaks. Cost under $100. Formally, a $1500 to $3000 repair by a mechanic.

    Currently, the only engine products covering these advantages are found in the Mega Power Worn Motor Treatment - shown below.

Auto oil additives:  Mega Power Brand

Ordering and question call-in line info below

How cleaning and reducing friction drag in your motor and transmission improves fuel economy.

George Christ continues

    "In transmissions, detergent cleaning products with actual friction and fluid modifiers in new auto oil additives perform the two actions needed to end rough shifting, shift jerks, slippage, leaks, and restore and maintain the exact shift point.

    Here is how ending those problems improve fuel economy.

    Over time those wear negatives causes gearshift to be a split-second before or after peak horsepower development.

    If the shift develops to soon or to late for the peak power curve - the ideal shift point, car speed is lower and becomes an extra load weight factor going into the next shift, and both become negative effects dropping your vehicle speed, instead of boosting it upward.

    This "early or late" shift pattern - which all vehicles large and small experience from wear, misses the ideal, easiest endeavor to keep forward momentum of the vehicle going, with the least fuel possible.

    [If you're leaning forward, it harder for someone to push you backwards, off balance. If upright, its easier].

    "Early or late" shift patterns," ever so slight, drops the speed, doubles the power the engine must produce to kick back up the lost speed, move you through each gear. Further...

    - It causes more piston, bearings, and gear touch and wear levels, causing more friction, faster wear out, and more drop in speed - say from 70mph to 65 or 60mph. Of course, you feed the motor more fuel to kick up the speed. Fuel economy drops.

    Ending those engine transmission problems the auto oil additive Mega Power way

How do you make sure your engine and transmission is timed so the peak power curve is right for a given gear shift?

    When dirty, and when excessive friction is present - no way possible.

    But clean and friction-modify your motor and transmission with Mega Power and you do both!

    Friction drag and dirty motor and transmission conditions waste fuel and shave years of life off your cars. So, you will want to...

    Clean and correct and end those dirty, friction increasing conditions as your best car care problem-solving remedy.

    other auto oil additives to use given below.

Octane boosters - fuel additives.

    Chemistry is capable of slowing combustion. Thereby giving a bit more push to the downward thrust of each piston. This advantage gives you a bit more speed for the same amount of fuel.

    You save fuel by constantly backing off the throttle, lowering speed. A fuel saving ploy. Use by most people when towing, or racing. Watch out! Most brands of octane booster are caustic.

Friction Modifiers Auto Oil Additives.

    Two companies have friction modifiers capable of actually permitting more power to pass thru to turn the wheels faster. Friction modifiers work in two ways.

    One-way is to smooth roughen piston, bearing, valve, gear and such surfaces - thus reducing drag. Less drag, ends that problem-causing negative, provides less fuel-wasting characteristics.

    Another kind of friction modifier "coats worn areas" - which fill worn spaces between any mechanical part, seal combustion from escaping - called blow-by, and also permits slipperier movement.

    Friction modifiers that "coats worn areas" end many power decline problems and is a fuel improvement aid. This is because up to 20% horsepower absorbed by friction roughen surfaces is released, now available to drive your speed higher. Backing off on the gas pedal to drop increased speed is a fuel saving advantage.

    Two companies are known to have these special friction modifiers of worth. Justice Brothers and Mega Power. We promote Mega Power Auto Oil Additives.*

    *Any product not falling within these specific five areas cannot improve power, fuel economy - nor solve a wear and tear caused performance problem.

    Read the full report at

What you should know about harmful additives

... The following links - and buttons on the left detail auto oil additives that end your specific motor, transmission, fuel injector, or other wear, age, residue car truck equipment problem. Go here for products to end

Several reasons Why we recommend the Mega Power Brand

    Mega Power auto oil additive ingredients do more. Do what other brands cannot. Just read their labels and see for yourself

    1. Mega Power safely cleans and frees your sticky, leaky, problem-causing parts
    2. Their auto oil additive ingredients smooth your wear-roughen pistons bearings valves and gears so they slide turn roll and push good as new, again.

    3. And their anti-wear ingredients coats and fills - by layering
      on your motor and transmission internal worn spaces. This advantage benefits you by closing power-robbing worn spaces. Of course, a $1000 of new parts is better... this is next best!

    4. And for adding a smooth slippery conditioning surface - to make your olde vehicle run like new - by removing power-robbing friction drag.

Why you should want and deserve those extra anti-wear features

    Mega Power ingredients are premium ingredients and selected because they give your older cars race-tuned perfection. This gives important added zip - like, when passing around slow cars, up hills, and just zippy driving enjoyment - besides the ending of your problem.

    Mega Power advantages - when ending your problem restores the snap-action movement of each of the hundreds of parts - like your car had when new.

    The Mega Power Treatment for ending your problem does some or all of this for you!

    Ending your problem our way - over the long run slams the brakes on the component friction wear .

    This is one of 6 reasons Mega Power produces more power development, giving your cars the best fuel economy and its like-new driving zip.

    Add Mega Power to all your good running cars - your kids, and humble relatives cars - to preserve their dependable integrity, too. I'll tell you what to use for them - when you call and order from me ... george 512 665 3388

What's not to like about trying a great invention like that?

    You can see why many of us like Mega Power anti-wear ingredients because they often double the remaining life of ALL our vehicles.

    Is that what you want? Get started. Order Mega Power Today!

Ordering info

Each Treatment comes with easy to follow instructions, my personal phone help at installation, Money-Back Guarantee. Shipped FedEx to your door in about 3-4 days.

    Mega Power Motor Treatment 6 items as shown:
    Includes the MP Tune Up, Valve Tap, Worn Motor Ingredients

    Why not protect your wife's car too? Our special for 2 Mega Power Engine Treatment as you read about above, just $149 total. Save $40

    Mega Power Transmission Treatment 3 items
    $60= $15s&h= $75 total.

    Order one MP Engine Treatment, 6 items $95, and one MP Transmissions Treatment 3 items, $75. 9 items total, just $140 and includes shipping. Save $30. Order now!

    Mega Power Radiator Cooling System Treatment 3 items
    $40= $15s&h= $55 total

    Mega Power Power Steering Treatment 2 items
    $60= $15s&h= $75 total

    Purchase above 4 Treatments 14 items For one car
    Save $50. $230 Total

    Purchase above 4 Treatments 28 items for 2 vehicles
    Save $160. $400 Total

    Offer and prices subject to change or end without notice.

90 Guarantee. What if they don't work?

    Each auto additive treatment for your motor, transmission, fuel injector, and cooling system comes with a Do As Advertised Money Back Guarantee. Only 2 people has ask for a refund this year.

Begin by clicking for details, ordering info, on our two most popular motor and transmission additives and their treatment benefits.

Got a question you want answered?

    If you have an auto additives related question and want personal help - Call me... george at 512 665 3388 That's what I'm here for.

    Click around this site - for other auto oil additives and their anti-wear qualities that help slow wear to a crawl and help double the remaining trouble-free life of your vehicles.


I hope this auto oil additive review helps you will find the best product for your car - if not... call me, I can help you - that's my job - Call day or evening to order, for the help you need....

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