Mega Power Products. Additives to Keep Cars/Trucks Going - Lower Their Cost To Solve Their Problems

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Mega Power Products. Automotive additives to Keep Cars/Trucks Going - Lower Their Cost To Solve Their Problems. Sold here.Mega Power Products. Automotive additives to Keep Cars/Trucks Going - Lower Their Cost To Solve Their Problems. Sold here.

Product Description of Each Product and Price List

The Many Solutions by Mega Power Products

    Mega Power Products are additives package to flush, and recondition internal parts causing vehicle problems. Solving specific automotive operating and mechanical problems avoids the costly repair need to do so.  

     Mega Power Product Solutions 

    When you need the right car and diesel tune up, fuel injector cleaner, and motor, transmission, radiator, steering and A/C service product help to end their problem and on the road trouble gone. Ordering. 1 512 665 3388

    One product both prevents wear to avoid avoidable problems, help you end their performance problems. Those problems caused by friction, sticking, binding, and residues that cause mechanical failure you want removed.

This cleaver invention!

    A handful of car buffs seeking or inventing automotive formula's to end common automotive operating problems have produced 3 company's to promote their findings and products:

    Doing so is helping thousands of car,  diesel equipment, and industrial equipment owners use their products to stop an operating problem, and avoid future avoidable wear problems - while helping to add a second lifetime to the car/equipment so treated.

    Their friction reducing  in any engine transmission radiator steering an a/c system  advantages work equally well in any car, truck, tractor, heavy equipment, boat, RV, and industrial generators.

    Mega Power Fuel Treatment. 

    #50 Injector cleaner & Induction Cleaner: For professional use only using EC900 tool through the fuel rail.

    #90 Fuel Injector Cleaner: Highly concentrated to be added to the gas tank to restore lost power. Cleans and lubricates injectors, and eliminates rough idling due to partially plugged injectors. This cleaner doesn't contain harmful alcohols. 12 oz and Gallons. (#9001)

    #98 Fuel System Cleaner: Cleans fuel tank and fuel system as you drive, increases gas mileage, removes water from entire fuel system, and helps eliminate rough idling due to gum and varnish build-up. 12 oz and Gallons.

    #5 Mega Power Diesel Fuel Conditioner: With anti-gel that prevents algae growth. To clean and lubricate fuel injectors, eliminates black exhaust smoke. Side features cleans fuel lines, tanks, and filters, and promotes power and better fuel mileage. Its conditioners also improves non-sulphur fuels lubrication needs.12 oz and Gallons.

    Injector Cleaners, Carbon Removers.  Octane Booster:

    #FISC Effective treatment to end knocks, pings and after-run (dieseling ). Highly concentrated to blast carbon quickly and effectively.A favorite engine tune up service product.

    These neutralizes combustion acids, increases the octane number in gasoline, and protects the fuel system against rust & corrosion. Restores the power dirty conditions cause.

     (EC900 Tool required) A quart size container one of the products are pour in to and the fed into the air intakes via a vacuum source, for removing the sludge coating from the air source to the muffler system.

    Eliminate engine hesitations and run-on, lowers exhaust emissions, protects fuel system from rust & corrosion, and increases power and performance. It eliminate engine hesitations and run-on, lowers exhaust emissions, protects fuel system from rust and corrosion, and increases power and performance. WMT is also safe for catalytic converters and reduces chemical build-up inside the converters. Stops valve tapping, Stops oil burning

     Engine Protectors.

    Sludge Removers, Stop Leak, Worn Motor Treatment.

    Engine Tune-up Worn Motor Treatment : Reduces friction, extends engine life, and eliminates sticky lifters and engine varnish build-up. It also keeps oil seals and gaskets supple, allows the engine to run cooler and smoother, increases gas mileage, ends "cold-starts", and doesn't contain graphite or teflon. This product contains MC+.

    #10 - Oil Treatment: Reduces friction, extends engine life, and makes the engine runs smoother It also reduces oil consumption and engine blow-by, keeps oil seals and gaskets supple, eliminates "cold-starts", cleans engine gum and varnish over a long period of time, and can be used in manual transmissions and rear ends to extend gear life. This product contains MC+.

    #11 - Engine Stop Leak: Stops leaks in oil pan gaskets, valve cover gaskets, and some front and rear main seals. This product is motor oil compatible. 

    #15 - Engine Oil Systems Cleaner: Removes heavy internal sludge deposits, improves oil circulation to all parts of the motor, and extends motor life by reducing engine wear. This product contains MC+

    .#95 - Engine Treatment: Reduces friction, extends engine life, and allows engine to run cooler and smoother. This treatment also ends "cold-starts", increases gas mileage, doesn't contain graphite or Teflon, and restores lost horsepower quickly. This product contains synthetic polymers and MC+ that increase engine vacuum and compression.  Also available in Gallons (#9501)

    EFS - Engine Flush Service: A cost effective alternative to expensive, engine flushing machines.  After the engine is drained and filled with EFS, service takes about 5 minutes at engine idle speed.The Mega Power Engine Treatment To Stop Valve Tap, Oil Burning, Blowby, Give Worn Motors A Second Life. Avoids the repair need!

    Transmission Protectors, Sludge Removers, Stop Leak, The Treatment to stop Rough Shift And Other Shift Problems That Suddenly Appear.#3 - Transmission Conditioner: Contains the highest amount of MC+ of any Mega Power product. These metal conditioners bond to internal friction surfaces  adding protection to allow for more surface area and more efficient shift operation. This conditioner can also be can be used in any sealed system: power steering, rack & pinion, etc.  Also available in Gallons (#301)  #12 - Transmission Stop Leak: Stop leaks caused by dried-out seals, and extends transmission life. This product is safe for all automatic transmissions.TS - 2 Part Transmission Service: Reduces sticky valve bodies in hydraulic pumps, reduces friction, and extends transmission and hydraulic pump life. TS is excellent for stationary engines in plants or factories, and in protecting forklifts. It is compatible with all transmission fluids and contains MC+.
    The Mega Power Transmission Treatment To Stop Rough Shift And Other Shift Problems That Suddenly Appear. Avoids the repair need!

     radiator, power steering, hydraulic, A/C

    Anti-wear qualities often double the time before the treated vehicle wears out.

    This site uses its pages to  show Mega Powers MC+ Line of Additives. And George Christ. 512 665 3388. The Country's Expert on Additives, uses its pages to explain what kit package and recipe end hundreds of automotive and heavy equipment, and machining problems. Listed items can be purchased on the same page.

The Mega Power Products
Worn Motor Treatment.

No other product can end low compression, oil burning, blow-by, valve tapping. Mega Power will continue to maintain that like new performance, regardless of age or miles. Are you paying attention -here? Order now!

That is the best keep secret you can actually use and will ever be told about!

Your use of Mega Power

    As described in this web site, will save you time, money, avoid car problems, or prevent them.

    Here is how to try Mega Power and see for your self...

    The tips and recommendations I give are what helps me and many others benefit from the Mega Power Vehicle Care Method.

    You can find them at this clickable Mega Power Demo Link, and others on this page.
    By clicking the buttons, and by calling me.

This site

    Is my collection of hundreds of what I call "Mega Power Recipes" I personally discovered to prevent and end internal wear problems - along with the exact steps I listed for you to do so, also.

Bud Esterline

    One of two of America's problem-solving additive formula inventors, and his Mega Power Additive Treatment Inventions have gained fans around the Globe.

    More and more mechanics are learning how to use Mega Power as the inside half of a good tune up and repair.

    Chrysler found Mega Power the only product found in the world to end pre-mature engine problems.

    Other car makers recommend their products in some parts of the world.

    Watch this Demo. It shows some of the unique advantages of Mega Power Products

Mega Power Ingredient Advantages

    Are among the strongest, fastest-acting, problem-solvers made to end friction, wear, residue, and fuel caused performance problems in cars, trucks, equipment, and industrial machines.

    Product usage returns the like-new performance you paid so much for - and now, can again chemically restore.

    Mega Power will continue to maintain that like new performance, regardless of age or miles. Are you paying attention - here?

    That is the best keep secret you can actually use and will ever be told about!

    I personally estimate this product has kept over $50,000 of my auto and expenditure monies in my pocket - for other family and business uses.

    That is the other, real benefit of Mega Power.

Details about Mega Power advantages for

Mega Power Problem Solvers can be found

    At the above links.
    By clicking the buttons,
    and by calling me.

I'm george christ. Factory Distributor for Mega Power.

    Call me for help and to order Mega Power Products
    210 Durango Street. San Marcos, Texas 78666

    Call any time. My cell 1 512 665 3388

    Mega Power Products for car truck tune up, repair fixes, help? options. Ordering, call 1 512 665 3388

Call me for help and to order Mega Power Products  Call any time. My cell 1 512 665 3388

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