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Find the right product to end your engine transmission or other component wear sludge tap shift heat leak problem below. Free phone help, if needed. Online ordering. Satisfaction guarantee on all products listed. And 2-to-4 day to your door delivery.

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All Mega Power Price List Products are used in thousands of auto repair shops as the additive of choice, and by famers, and equipment owners for the correction of the wear reduction, residue/carbon/sludge removing. The ending of operating and mechanical problems. Backed by the best automotive problem ending additive research team in America, our Satisfaction Promise to do as advertised is no idle statement. Its your assurance we are doing our best to keep your investment in your vehicles paying off and growing in the best way science and street testing can offer. What you thought the oils and fluids should do but can't!

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    These fast-acting products produce results in a few minutes to a day or so of driving.

    Each Mega Power Price Listed product comes with a 30 day money-back guarantee. No refunds asked for, last 297 days.

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    I chose Mega Power Brand Additives because of their superior ability to End hundreds of hard-to-end automotive problems no other brand offers too. Add those features to its power boosting and endurance enabling features you the end user gain, and with the power to pour in our products to get the results it promises. Its the reason for its strong preference. Among mechanics, individuals, equipment owners, the racing industry, and engine and transmission rebuilders, its horsepower boosting features make it their additive choice. See demo Mega Powers unique ingredients including real friction modifying ingredient to smooth away, and end piston bearing and gear problems An exclusive and important problem-solving ingredient doing what no other product can do to heal your engine transmission problem.

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LETS GET STARTED by checking this links. Select one of these links first.

Do you need a breakin, anti-wear product for your new car or rebuild motor, or transmission. Click here.

To end piston blow-by. A noisy tapping problemr. Remove sluggish. Stop burning oil problem

Tune up vales and fuel injector leaner.
For that perfect result

For The Worn Motor Treatment.

4- Is it Transmission – 3, 4 or 5 speed, shifts hard & grinds gears. Acting-up, runs hot, needs additive oil change service

Automatic Transmission order this product for slow shifting, shifts hard, skips a shift, won’t shift, hard shift, slipping, leaks, lock-up converter rough shift, for cooling and anti-wear of the transmission when towing. Help is Here....

Is it Power Steering To end whine, leaks, growls. Ends rough turning feel, return hangs-up. Flush to rid dirty fluid, fluid and metal specs in the oil. Stop fluid leak. Order Power Steering Service Kit in Product List Page

Differential gears Rear end, 4X4 - To end whines, leaks, growls, reduce cooking hot temperatures. Contains our famous friction modifier, MC+ Metal Conditioner.
For Mega Power Price List Stick shift gears, 4X4 gear boxes, differentials, Select product #10

For help on Fuel Problems. Do you need diesel, gas, 2 cycle, has water in fuel, old fuel. Gas treatment, octane boost, fuel injector cleaner, diesel fuel system cleaner.
Order from product list the following. Gas Treatment #93. Fuel Injector Cleaner #70, Or #90. Octane Booster #2
For Mega Power Price List Fuel Injector Cleaning & Full Fuel/Air Intake Service, go here

For 2 cycle tune up add 2 oz per gallon to your gas/oil mix and 2 oz product #93 for a good tune-up

8- Fuel-injectors Needs cleaning -This additive is for a fuel-rail cleaning device and a formula for pressurized cleaner injector feeder product. No smoke super fast and tune up like responsive. Click here. Order # FI Pro from product list

The other way to clean fuel injectors. Contains our famous friction modifier, MC+ Metal Conditioner. Read the Mega Power Price List story> Click Here

9- Radiator or cooling system problem? Do you have a leak, runs hot, anti-freeze disappears, water pump leaks, does it register hot, with the A/C at slow or idle speeds? When towing? Click Here> Used this 2 part Flush and Cool Service
For a leak, use above #RS Kit and/ or particle-free Radiator Stop-Leal #6

10-- Air/Conditioner Leak detector. Oil Treatment/Replacement. Add to hot-running compressor - to help them last longer, cool better. Add our A/C oil to the system containing leak detector that glows where ever the leaks occurs. It may stop some seal leaks. Order from our product page. Click Here
11-- Mega Power Price List offes the World’s quickest rusty nut and bolt loosener. Frees anything stuck, rusted, too tight. Keep a can handy for anything that squeaks, sticks, need a good lube. Expels moisture, too. Spray a bit in every key hole, hinge, wheel. Contains our famous friction modifier, MC+ Metal Conditioner. Order from our product list> Item #120 Penetrating Spray
Order one 16oz can. Or, if you use a lot, order a case

Please Note: - Spend 5 minutes extra reading on the explanations on a few pages to learn, to get the technical reasons why and how Mega Power Brand Additives do the fix. This may give you a bit of insight to prevent other problems from occurring. Then decide to try them to learn many more ways to avoid many repairs, extend and revitalize all your vehicles, keep them running good as new, years longer than by any other method.

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