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What is the best engine treatment?

    When engines near their end of life, they consume oil, leak oil, have excessive blowby, exhaust is smelly smoky, have lousy power, and waste gas. This also happens to engines just after the warranty period after 100,000 miles. I wonder why?

    New types of additives in treatment services  help such engines. 

    What can you expect from their usage?

Some people like additives. Some don't! But I like them. Dislike comes from harm some cause. Or because those tried did not end the problem. 

   This review covers those that work, which ones?

    Which ones, and how are they used or installed? - is often a puzzle to the car or equipment owner.

A guaranteed worn motor aid treatment!

Order:  Mega Power's Worn Motor Treatment. 

    Ends wear operating problems. Revitalizes. Easy to install  Includes the 6 items shown. Easy-to-follow instructions. My phone help if needed on the install.  Guarantee. $80+$15 s&H= $95 total.

A worn motor aid that ends wear problems. Revitalizes for years more service. Mega Power's Worn Motor Treatment.A worn motor aid that ends wear problems. Revitalizes for years more service. Mega Power's Worn Motor Treatment.

 Mega Power's Worn Motor Treatment offers the best know economical way to revitalize older worn engines. Keep them in your oil. Treatment includes recovery cleaning, and conditioning  Click cart button for details.

          What you should know about additives... If undecided.

If this is your present car fix quest, our review shows from world wide research of 3 companies. Those I was taught by  those worn motor additives to stay away from. 

    Some additives are thick and gooey like Lucas and Restore. Or weak detergents like BG. Others, like those from parts stores are like engine flushes. They do not help with major internal problems like the new breed of Mega Power Brand Additives do - explained here for you to use.

The new breed of  Worn Motor Treatments by Mega Power 

  Overhaul as a choice.

  • As a mechanic, I've done lots of engine overhauls - we call rebuilds. The motor parts are removed and inspected. The "heads," the top part that contain the fuel delivery, valves, and cams that make valves open and close for fuel delivery and exhaust, are sent to a machine shop for their reworking precision. Costing over $1000
  • Piston rings, bearings, new seals and gaskets, new oil pump and any attached parts not looking that good is replaced.  Add $1500 to the bill. then, there is a weeks labor at $2000.
  • The same for transmission, which our reviewed product also restores, if troublesome.  
  • After engine reassembled in reverse and put back in the car or truck. cost run $3500 to $6000 and a week without your car, and them a bank account without money - the mechanic thanks you for putting in his.

Our worn motor alternative.

     Our alternative to repair is the Mega Power Worn Motor Treatment! 

. For thousands of car and heavy equipment owners, this turns out to be a great help for them. 

The Mega Power Worn Motor Oil Change Treatment

  • This product quickly returns any engines loss power and zip by removing the wear, residue, and friction.  causes that make it seem worn out.
  • Its guarantee works like this. If results don't avoid an actual overhaul during 90 day test run. Send us repair invoice for overhaul and your money will be cheerfully refunded.
  • Please note: No refund requested last 267 days.
  • Read what worn motor product users report - like Mike say.


    By a company called Mega Power. A leader in the field of vehicle care and problem-solving products. 

    Their research has found 6 ingredients that will the problem your motor has. Those 6 help worn motors.

    Four specific cleaners, and what they call MC+ conditioners - containing several anti-friction and friction modifiers, do the job very quickly.

    The success of the Treatment usage by both men and women, and many repair shops speak for it benefit to do as advertised.


    To end your worn motor's problem is simple, and driving does the actual revering of the problem for the fix.

    That's because these ingredients go where oil cannot - in six sub-systems of your motor, by simply adding them as specified to the fuel tank, motor's oil, and air intake. Driving starts the chemical rebuild; loved by its users.

    In  just that simple way the Treatment ends dozens of different age, mileage and performance robbing problems. Those maybe making you think your motor is more worn than it is. 

    I'm sure, if you read this far, this is what you're looking for.

Here is how to order Mega Power

Order:  Mega Power Worn Motor Treatment 

    Includes the 6 items shown. Easy-to-follow instructions. My phone help if needed on the install.  Guarantee. $80+$15 s&H=$95 total.

Our Special.

Order Two Mega Power Worn Motor Treatments $180 and 2 Mega Power Transmission Protectors 12oz, $40, 14 items total =$230. Now $150 plus $15 s&h= $165 total.  Save $75. Subject to 1st 100 to order.

Repair shop resale, or fleet maintenance

Order 6 Mega Power Worn Motor Treatments for 6 cars. 72 items total. $240 plus $25s&h= $265 total. Regular $450. save $185. Repair shop owners. Bill customer For: Mega Power Engine Clean and Conditioning Service=$250. Includes product cost. Oil change.

6 Mega Power Transmission treatments for 6 cars.$ 240 plus $25s&h= $265 total.

What Happens with Mega Power: Examples include

    Freeing sticky valves - which end rough idle.

    Free stuck lifters and valves to end that annoying tap, tap.

    Stopping the oil burning problem.

    And for what amounts to getting the best tune up you ever had. By the products ability to cleans dozens of power-robbing internal parts. Including those that contain the problem part or parts that cause your problem. Wherever air, fuel combustion, oil, exhaust, and emissions go -

Because acids creates problem, they are also removed. This ends

    Oil leaks, and oil burning by re-conditioning seal and gasket material, by freeing sticky rings, and by coating and sealing worn cylinder walls.

    Other ingredients include a worn, rough surface smoothing agent - called a friction modifier, and an anti-wear coating to fill worn-away surfaces, and help pistons, bearings valves and gears slide easier, with way less wear, and more power to speed you down the road faster.

    Customers say this added power source is such, they now have to back-off on the gas pedal to lower the gaining speed. Not press the gas pedal down more to feed more gas to the motor to maintain the road speed.

    I also experience the very same phenomena. I think you will too - which is also pretty amazing for a product to do - wouldn't you say so, too?

All this chemical protection

    Helps your motor [and transmission], operate as if near new again!

    How so, you may wonder?

    By increasing compression and engine vacuum the motor rpm will be at the best time for the shift - not earlier, or later. This is the only product that makes that claim.

    That is what it takes to once again pass along power previously absorbed, worn away, or deterred by wear in your motor.

    A pretty amazing package to end your motor problem and enjoy what you thought was worn away - and gone.

    This is what your motor and your budget needs. Ordering info below

About Mega Power Friction Modifiers.

What you should know

    Most additives that are sold have a cleaner or a detergent they depend on to do the job. Slick 50 and other additive companies tried to have Teflon powder work as an anti wear. The Government showed that was not so and they went into bankruptcy.

    Mega Power has several Friction Modifiers that work two ways.

    1. To smooth wear roughen piston, bearing, valve, and gear surfaces - under conditions of metal-to-metal rubbing.

    2. The ingredients tie oil molecules together and this prevents their getting sucked-up and burned away with the gas. An oil consumption reducing, as well as a power boosting advantage you will instantly feel and enjoy for many years.

    This is a simple, easy-to-use treatment you need if you want extra years of dependable service from your cars; and even heavy equipment.

Worn Motor Treatment from Mega Power

The above shows the 6 areas treated to end your problem.

The picture below is a picture of what your car needs - The Mega Power Worn Motor Oil Change Treatment.


This is how easy it is to install the Worn Motor Oil Change Treatment, and end your motor problem.

    3 products are for the top side motor cleaning. And 3 are for the bottom side of your motor. That is what works! Products are marked for easy use.

    You add #1 to the gas. You add #2 to the oil. #3 is sucked into the motor in one of 3 easy ways.

    I show you how and walk you thru this step. Anyone can do it - and I've had women have me help their boyfriend install #3. Or their mechanic.

    A week later, you add #4 to the oil, drive for 5 minutes - on your way to change your oil. Do change your oil and filter oil change.

    Then add #4 and #5 to your new oil - and drive. The fix occurs as you drive.

    Driving makes it work. That's it! your done and will really be surprised at the great performance you thought was worn away.

Here is how to order Mega Power

    One- Mega Power Worn Motor Treatment
    Includes the 6 items shown. Easy to follow instructions. My phone help if needed on the install. $60+$15 s&H=$75 total.

    Two, for two motors, or one Mega Power Worn Motor Treatment, and one the Mega Power Transmission Treatment for $110 plus $15 s&h= $125 total. Specific you want the special $125 price for 2 of the same or one for the motor and one for transmission

    6 Worn Motor Treatments for 6 cars. $240 plus $25s&h= $265 total.

    6 Mega Power Transmission treatments for 6 cars.$240 plus $25s&h= $265 total.

Call me to order, or have a question. George at 1 512 665 3388

Gets back the worn away power. How?....

Other points about the Worn Motor Oil Change Treatment.

    Moving parts slide easier. By reducing friction drag more power goes to the wheels speeding you down the road with less fuel needed to do so.

    Four kinds of cleaning ends power-robbing problems and restores full combustion and power.

    The several ingredients boost compression; a power-improving benefit.

    Metal surface and oil conditioners cushions and quiets worn internal part noise. Also ends combustion blow-by, ending oil breakdown.

Synthetic oil

    Synthetic oil - and any oil alone is just to thin and weak to withstand the knocking going on among worn, lose, engine parts.

    Your motor needs both freeing, cleaning, and cushioning found in this Mega Power Product - to do that! Go where the problems are, help to reduce wears effect.

That is a special kind of great chemistry in Mega Power.

    Mega Power, unlike synthetic oil, gives a worn engine a second life time of use. I love that feature! It has saved me and countless other car and fleet owners a ton of repair and vehicle replacement expense.

Business opportunity

    You can be a Distributor of this product to garages in your area. Many garage owners have lots of happy users of this product - and it often adds hundreds of dollars extra each month not possible in any other way.

    Not sold in parts stores. Learn more, call 1 512 665 3388

Does your car need this product?

Have it shipped to you so you can gain the same benefits, me and many other enjoy. No special skill needed to install it. Money back if it fails to work for you.

Call to order. I answer the phone. George: 1 512 665 3388

Gets back the worn away power. How?....

What Mega Power does is clean, free, smooth, and coat. This combination releases 10 to 20 horsepower diminished and reduced by wear and worn conditions. Maybe, that's its naming factor.

We found a unique additive package to:

  • Restore an older motors performance.
  • Give you the joy of having our older, but sound-running motor run great again, like when near new.

  • Stops oil leaks, Oil burning, Valve tapping. Restores power and compression. For better fuel economy.

  • For way less than $100, instead of $4000. The price of a new car motor.

Mega Power, Worn Motor, Oil Change Treatmen

This product, from Mega Power, is called a "treatment:"

  • Because it corrects the ills common to a worn motor.
  • It is administered like medicine to a sick person.

  • The treatment contains 6 different products; 3 are used at oil change, and 3 a week before.

This treatment is fast, efficient, and easy to install. See a product demostration of one advantage

Not Just for Motors

Did you know.... Different combination's and percentages of the ingredients provide engine and transmission problem-solving, problem-preventing, and anti-wear advantages.


Mega Power Worn Motor, Oil Change Treatment. Does your car need this product?

Order it so you can gain the same benefits, me and many other enjoy. No special skill needed to install it. Money back if it fails to work for you.

Cost is about like a hi-grade synthetic oil change - but does what that oil cannot! $60 plus $15 shipping.

Call me to order. Have a question. George at 1 512 665 3388

Does your car need this product?Have it shipped to you so you can gain the same benefits, me and many other enjoy. No special skill needed to install it. Money back if it fails to work for you.

Call to order. I answer the phone. George at 1 512 665 3388

Gets back the worn away power. How?....

Ordering Mega Power Worn Motor Oil Change Treatment

Call our direct ordering number. 1 512 665 3388. Say, you want to order; info on the worn motor treatment]

Cost just $60 plus $15 S&H = $75

Order by calling.
Call and say you want order treatments. Have your credit card handy. Mr George... 1 512 665 3388 Bonus Special:

Mention this ad, when ordering, and receive a great $12 spray lube and penetrent. Frees anything stuck, rusted, squeaks, and needs a good lube. Gift bonus ends 03/31/11

Learn more about this Worn Motor Treatment

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