Seafoam Additive: Complaints mounting?

Seafoam Additive Ingredients:

<B>Seafoam additive complaints</B> mounting. Latest news for Seafoam.

If you're having need for an engine transmission product, other higher quality brands offer more advantages than 35 year old Seaform - They may not be taking advantage of new more sophisticated tune and repair aid additives. Maybe, they don't need to. You decide...

Installed in fuel, motor oil, and transmissions, Seafoam as a tune up fuel, or engine additives have the dangers inherent with solvent based additives. Seafoam solvent ingredients estimated below. 

My opinion as a mechanic always using a tune or cleanup additive.

  • I don't think Seafoam can hurt your engine. 
  • It is a mild solvent cleaner in a light oil. 
  • It may let sludge resettle. 
  • There are better additives I favor. They offer more effective tuning and sluggish ending advantages for my purpose, and performance enhancement and wear  avoiding features for mys customer.
  • Additives I favor are Justice Brothers JB Brand, Mega Power Brand, and Slo-wear Engine Fix Brand. I've used STP Oil Treatment for severely worn conditions 
  • Slo-wear Engine Fix Brand - I package using other brands of additives in combination works superior for solving a particular sludge, valve tap, oil burning, rough shift problem-solving advantage. 
  • Others have their likes - I formed mined from customer opinion supported by chio-metric combustion gains and hot rod performance gains easily seen and felt.
  • Justice Brothers JB Brand, Mega Power Brand, and Slo-wear Engine Fix Brand - all have no complaints - appear more suitable to helping an engine when needed. 
  • Favored by race engine and race car builders for their horsepower and long term anti-wear advantages.
  • Search this site for your car, repair avoiding, repair aiding additives I favor.

Seafoam like, but a stronger additive.  Mega Power Additive Sludge, Valve Tap Tune Up Treatment shown.Seafoam like, but a stronger additive. Mega Power Additive End Sludge, End Valve Tap, Tune Up Treatment shown.

Seafoam Additive Ingredients:

Re: Homemade Seafoam....#26940110/20/03 07:27 AMAnonymousUnregisteredHmmmm....
1. Pail oil 40-60%
2. Naptha 25-35%
3. IPA 10-20%

Sounds like 100% to me.  I made a little bit using 2 cycle oil, smells similar, except the 2 cycle oil give it a weird smell. It's been around since like the 1940's, so there can't be that many other ingredients if there are any. Even if I don't end up with the exact same will be something similar, maybe even better. That's why I'm asking here what type of oil I should use and if there are any other ingredients I might want to use. Once I work up a final recipe I plan on asking here to make sure I'm not going to ruin any engine by using it.

[ October 20, 2003, 10:29 PM: Message edited by: ZmOz ]

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