Stops the click and tap. Ends your motor valve clicking shortly after you add this motor valve treatment

A new product will end your motor valve clicking and tapping.

    This fast acting anti-wear is a special cleaner whose success is based on its ability to seek out clicking and tap causing parts - to clean, free, and smooth them - when accomplished, stops the cause of the click.

    Just add as directed - its easy to do. Then drive as usual to end your motor noise in as little as 15 minutes.

Motor clicking is is cause by buildup of varnish and carbon residues on various motor parts.

    It usually happens after your cars warranty period expiers - it is a sign that wear is speeding up your cars wear out by 50%. This product, Mega Power Valve Treatment, removes the cause of clicking - and in doing so, slams the breaks on the rate of wear - bring it to an almost halt!

The Mega Power Motor Valve Treatment - our favorite product
    for this problem, is made up of a set of Hi-tech cleaners and friction modifiers and protective coatings. Mega Power product pictured here.

    Motor valve clicking problem solver from Mega Power

    The products micro-thin nature, being chemical - not a solvent type flush, gives their ingredients the ability to get in where oil and other additives can't go, dissolve and remove problem-causing varnish, and this quiets even the noisest motor clicking and tapping problem. As you see in the picture, your motor valve clicking occurs when your valves do not close fully due to varnish or friction inpediment.

Not closing fully - your valve...

For what ever reason, causes a space to appear. When your engine's rotating cam lobes spin around every second to open each valve, the valve that has not seated creates a space.

Each revolution the cam smacks the stem of the valve, and you hear an ongoing clicking noise that didn't use to be there.[The cam is not shown in the picture, but the space is shown by tthe 2-way arrows.

New  motor valve clicking product  ends clicking and tapping

Your motor's valve clicking starts after it 4th birthday as a your motor goes from clean when new, to collecting dirty residues in that time. Friction increases, another negative, and adds resistance to every moving part. Those conditions can cause an entirely different problem as well.

It make's sense to end the noise and hopefully preserve and even extend your motor's integrity, if possible. Mega Power does just that!

From when new to now, car owners wait for sufficent power loss from wear to occur, before having a mechanice repair and hand clean their motor or transmission. Usually at $1500 or higher cost for the repair fix. That would return your motor close to its original clean operating state, ending the clicking noise. However...

However, friction on any half-worn parts left behind, is not that reassuring to most car owners.

Now, car owners can have a quiet running motor and gain added dependibility with help from Mega Power's friction modifiers - included in Mega Power's MC+. The ingredients are chemicals that clean like nothing else can, and also smooth and condition abrasive surfaces - ending the click caused by your piston, bearing, valve, and gear worn annd dirty surfaces.

- reducing your motors abrasive friction to near zero are really helpful advantages from Mega Power to get your motor to run quiet again.

Those were goals the inventor of Mega Power installed in his engine and transmission problem solving products. See Bud Esterline story. Mega Power is not just made for mechanics.

    I'll show you how to install Mega Power like a pro, and end your motor's valve clicking problem. You will, like thousands of car owners, have the best running car ever.

    You know your car needs this product. Order Mega Power now!

Ordering Info

    The Mega Power Valve Treatment. 6 items shown.
    Comes with instructions, phone help if needed. guarantee. Shipped by Fedex in 3 days to your door.

    For one car motor. Just $65 plus $15s&h= $80 total.

    For two car motors 12 items. Just $120 plus $20s&h= $140 total. Save $20

    6 Treatments 36 items, for fleet or auto repair resale. Just $320 plus $40s&h= $360 total. Shop Labor for installation $75.

    Order on line by, or order by phone, and to ask a question, call me at 512 665 3388 ... george

    Other things good to know about your car.

    About: your car's tune up computer

    This device tunes your motor as you drive. For exam

    First, think thru your motor problem.

    How does the motor valve clicking happen? I'll show you.

      Take a pencil and grip it litely with with your fist.

      Hold your fist so the pencil is vertical and will drop away when you grip is lessened. Lessen your grip...

      Catch the pencil with your a finger end from your other hand to hold it. Now, raise and lower the pencil with your finger. If the grip is such the pencil will go up and down according to your fingering.

      That is the same way you motor's 8 to 24 motor valves operate. Only a cam level does what your finger does about 20 times a minute.

The motor valve clicking problem

    When everything is clean and oiled the valve will go up and down smoothly and flawlessly. When varnish from oil breakdown collects on the valve stem it form a sticky, gooey tar, and resist falling back after being pushed up by the cam.

    A slighly tighter grip on the pencil will provide the same resistance of letting the valve close - but at a much slower rate.

    Instead of your finger, the cam lobe will rotate and smack the valve causing the tap or clicking sound - click click click sound as it rotates.

    Is that what your sound sounds like? order this product and ennd your motor clicking problem. Ordering info below...

How Mega Power ends the motor valve clicking

    Motor valve clicking product

    Mega Power, for this motor valve treatment, uses high tech chemistry that will go where oil cannot in penetration, inside those valve stem bores.

    There, from the combustion side and from the oiling side in 2 different directions, it will wash clean and free the stem of its sticky residue.

    Us mechanics charge over $2000 to take your motor apart to do the same thing. We charge you about $200 to use Mega Power to do the same. Follow my instructions and you can do the same your self for under $100.

    Motor valve clicking Directions and details at the link below.

Ending motor valve clicking product from Mega Power

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