Ends jeep chrysler valve tap in minutes. New super fast valve tap cleaner ends jeep and Chrysler motor tap, guaranteed!


Why old fashion additives fail to end the tap.

  • Somecontain solvents which only remove soft sludge - and have become harmful to today's high tech motor design, as they wipe clean and remove the lube oil film between your engines moving parts.
  • Some contain detergents made from 1980's additive technology. They cannot remove crusted residues that cause valves to tap, nor are strong enough to clean valve lifter blocked oil passage ways. If they could, your oil would have done that cleaning.
  • Thick gooey, honey-like additives may add to the dirty gooey problem already causing Jeep and Chrysler valve tap problems.

How new chemical anti-wear cleaners from Mega Power will end your Jeep or Chrysler motor valve tap problem.

How new chemical technology cleans, frees, smooths and quiets your Jeep or chrysler motor noise.

Using 4 different chemical cleaners, and two anti-wear penetrating ingredients, Mega Power has found a way to end the Jeep and Chrysler motor tap problems - from the four places and causes of the tap problem.They are....

  1. The dirty valve stem. Mega Power's penetrating ingredients will brave your engines hottest areas - your motors valve stem bore, and survive to remove those residues holding the valves from snapping close - which creates a gap, causing the cam lobe to slap it in every rotation, ending the tap tap tap sound.
  2. Cleaning the dirty valve head. This allows the cleaned valve head to now seat fully, closing the gap so to the cam lobe, ending that cause of your tap.
  3. Opening blocked oil passage ways, again allowing your mootor oil to flow and pump up each valves hydraulic self adjuster - closing wear space gaps, and ending that cause of the tap.
  4. Freeing the lifter check valve, stuck open with sludge, and preventing your motor oil from primeing and pumping up the lifter adjuster piston. Cleaning and freeing the check valve in valve lifters and in the oil pump oil pressure regulating valve insures a smooth running, quiet motor again.

The other way is to spend $1500 to $3000 to open up your motor, have a mechanic hand clean your 8 to 20 valves, one at a time, replace all the 8 to 24 valve lifters, and install a new oil pump. I know! I'm a mechanic!

The Mega Power, Jeep Chrysler Valve Tap Treatment

Picture here. The Mega Power Jeep Chrysler Valve Tap Ending Remedy has ended valve tapping and friction power loss problems on Mecedes, Rolls Royce, Jag, Chevy, Ford, Toyata, Honda, Kia, and all kinds of tractors and motorcycles - ending their tap problem.

No wonder its guaranteed to please - Order this product today, before your tap problem creates another problem - like eating the top of your cam lobes flat from the constant pounding of the tap!

You will, withthis purchase and your simple install steps, find the best way to end your tap, and the method to add to all your vehicle oil changes - to avoid tap and friction wear - which often doubles and triples the remaing depenable life of any motor - Jeep, chrysler, or any other.

Learn more about the dangers of common solvent additives

Learn more about the dangers of common Honey thick additives

Learn more about the dangers of common Lifter Tap

Learn how your jeep chrsler valve tap and wear problems end with Mega Power's Cleaners and MC+ Wear Reducers.

Order the Mega Power Valve Tap Treatment: $65 plus $15s&h= $80 total - by calling me at 512 665 3388 ... george

Get on down the road of life quietly again - with Mega Power.

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