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A better way to care for and end your vehicles problems. Ko add endurance to them. Keep them going strong decades longer.

From George Chris. Mechanic. Car Care And Repair Expert

    The mechanic you may be looking for. I'm a different kind of mechanic - My thing...

    Promote a better way to care for, and end car and equiptment operating problems. Educate you on products and sevice to keep them going decades longer. 

    How I end automotive operating and mechanical With the discovery problems when they appear, cheaper faster, better. 

My thing is to find tune-up and operating problem solutions in the form of additives that do so.

  Early in my low income life owning cheap older vehicles as my transmportation means, I needed to keep their troublesome "wheels" going - meaning engine and gear troubles.

   I discovered, oil changes, and better grade oils do not help older vehicles end their operatng troubles that pop up.

    With my diiscovery of Wynn's Friction Proofing engine Treatment additiv and its ability to both free up and lube engine and gear troubled operating parts - instead of by repair, I concluded it could be a life long profitable job promoting such to car owners. I have made my livng promoting its form of problem solving to keep vehicle trouble away.

  How you benefit from my recipe's and info.

    The good you wll feel finding, and the avoidance of expensive repairs to end your cars and diesels engine, transmission, radiator, steering, an a/c component problems vehicle problems using my additive recipes, will avod their costly repairs as the way to do so. 

    Your financials will improve to benefit your family - not the repair industry. You will have the means to keep your vehicles going  great by pushing their wear out time  years into the future. 

Following by auto tune up and repair options will end most, expensive-to-repair car problems at a fraction of repair cost. The entend vehicle life, and savings over the years will improve your financials.  Keeping vehicles going when otherwisr repair or replacement would be neccesary . My auto tune and repair avoiding options will benefit your family - not the repair industry. You will have the means to keep your vehicles going  great by pushing their wear out time  years into the future.  This lesson and the other pages will give you the means to keep your vehicles going great. Avoid common costly ways so common. Pushing their wear out time years into the future is the idea here....George.


   True!  Knockoff additives do do so! But a half-truth lie! I set out early in life to find, and discover the products that did the fix of mechanical problems - by reversing the problems chemically - the internal real problem. And this I found avoided a wear and tear repair need. A super hero's dream come true!

   You will note, I'm not the inventor, but studied the results to know why and what happens chemically to end over 400 problems. Explained and sold the products and recipes to thousands of tune and repair shops, and tens of thousands of car owners, equipment owners  who learn to rely on them, expose the hundreds of knockoffs, and promote the two companies that make the products.

   You will find, this knowledge has made me Google's and America's Expert on what works and what won't! Are you with me on this - so far? If so, by the end of the day You will find and learn what products and install will end your automotive problems - avoid if avoidable all your life. A Super Power to keep tens of thousands in your pockets - not others. Given on page links on what I call my


remove problem causing conditions, while also removing what makes a vehicle seem old when its not! A tune up feature that makes brand new cars and heavy equipment work stronger - with less fuel usage - because the drag in  them is removed!

    They tune your cars in such a way - like adjustment to an off-note instrument, results in a pleasing harmonious sounds - but in a vehicle ends wear and tear upsetting performances. Doing so my way will have your look forward to driving each day - knowing what you did has removed all causes of troubles  - and the zippy, power ful, bigger engine feel  and 20 to 40 more miles distance on each fill up of fuel results from such heroic care.

    Most common and most costly are shift, tap, burn oil leak, overheating, leak, steering and hundreds of other caused problems I found, that use to cost me and every car equipment RV owner tens-of-thousands of dollars every few years in now avoidable repairs - Money that could be used to help me and my family have an easier life - not make millionairs by my ignorance of real car care and repair avoiding options.

Of course, if its broken it needs fixed. However...

   This is the place for Repair Avoiding kind of auto tune up that ends car truck tractor RV boat and motorcycle performance and mechanical problems with additives. Not store bought knock-offs that promise to do for $10 what a real additive with a hundred dollar formula does - to avoid a $2000 to $10,000 problem . You may have discovered that and on the search for the Real Thing, like I have and found - that turned out to help me end avoid tens of thousands in

Is this what you are after? 

This form of repair fixes or ends mechanical problems chemically - like medicine does for humans - avoiding unnecessary repair - in favor of  better, cheaper options.

You benefit now and all your life  

This auto tune up repair option includes upgrade products and their services to replace your present weaker, costlier method... car makers, parts makers, and most mechanics want you to stick with.

How you benefit..

....This How to auto tune up and repair option has the goal of ending your present car problem, and reducing your second biggest expense in life by tens of thousand of dollars. 

Its big secret.

It's secret will cut in half your second biggest expense in life - your transportation expense! This savings can be use to reduce other bills in your life. 

It ends this problem. It's cause. And removes what will cause your next problem.

That's my How to auto repair option - you use it all your life with my help.

What happens after the problem ends the old way.

The mechanic determines where the problem is, and how much labor and parts are to replace those troublesome parts.

Less $500 to $5000 in your bank account you drive away. Both you and your mechanic wait for the next repair problem to show up.

Compare! That or This...

My how to auto tune up and repair option is a drive and problem ends fix.

It ends this problem. It's cause. And removes what will cause your next problem.

And its ingredients will also add a new daily joy to driving as your cars and equipment  - so treated.

Serviced with the same option service products they will start easier, idle smoother, be zippier from green lights, have a great power from then on to pass slower cars. Go 20 to 40 more miles distance on each tank of fuel.

Stay that way as long as you like!

Are those benefits you are after?

If an equipment owner - this How to auto tune up and repair option will not give in to the extra abuse  and costly breakdowns commercial equipment now suffers from.

If a repair shop owner following our How to auto tune up and repair options strategy, you will start doubling your take-home income each week.

Those are reasons I ended up using these products and better option results. They are the best auto tune up and repair options.

What happens if I try them and they fail to work?

I stand by their being the best around

I Promote them because I feel everyone should enjoy the same benefits those of us who follow these options enjoy. 

Refunds are offered. Every penny! 

Please note:

2 refunds requested last 267 days.

Given so you can test for yourself!

Many men and women, not just mechanics, use my auto tune up and repair options.

They are inexpensive, simple, easy to use.

They provide fast results.

Little-known, but very effective alternatives, for your car, truck,
tractor, machine - RV, even boat. All will instantly run like
new and the repair is permanent using my methods.

What People Say:

"I'm very pleased we could follow your recommendation to fixed our motor with $100 worth of your suggestions. We were told it would take $3,000 for an overhaul. I'll come back for more to help our other vehicles avoid expensive repairs." MC

What Mechanics Say:

"3 times we took the transmission apart to get it to shift right.
Your method made it shift beautifully. We recommend your products
and your methods to every customer. They are now a good source of
extra income for us - and our customers respect our expertise even more, when they experience the performance improvements they hoped for. Thanks again. " DF Mechanic

Most important are these facts:
The products and methods recommended for your fix, are special conditioners with anti-wear qualities that clean and smooth rough, fast wearing pistons, bearings, gears, valve assemblies - promoting additional years of dependability.

....Ships, brand new vehicles on the assembly line, race vehicles, even top car-makers recommend or use these – because they work well, work permanently, and consistently.

HOW you, your family & vehicles benefit.

Here’s the run-down.

Since not all the remedies are posted. You can call me or
email me, and me or my people will help you with suggestions we
know will be a good shortcut, and the products needed.
We ship most any where.

$ See bottom of page for our great Business Opportunity

Phone USA 1-512 665-3388

Secrets worth knowing some mechanics don't want you to know.
I known you and your family will use my auto tune up and repair options all your life. They will become your secret collection of tips, tricks, providing you thousands of dollars of money-saving tune up and repair remedies." ....George

You can Fix the following without a wrench

Fluid Leaks - oil, coolant, overheating
Transmission - rough shifts, chatter, tapping, growls
Tune up - Fuel waste, lack of power, exhaust smoke problems

Worn engines and transmissions and other components will run
great - to benefit you, family, vehicles, equipment, finances.


Click on a category below - or the buttons on the left. A new, auto
tune up and repair options page will appear with the info you need.
Your new page covers your symptoms, wear and performance problems and my repair method.

A cause-remedy explanation and products to use are given in these links:

....These auto tune up and repair options are helping
thousands of vehicles run as good as new – trouble-free and what
seems like indefinitely.

Wish simple solutions could offer similar results for us humans?
....These are them!

Your friends and neighbors will wonder how you do it.
Compared to others with similar vehicles and equipment, yours will
continue to run great with my tune up and repair options and repair
alternatives when others require expensive repair or replacement!

Here’s how to get the tune up and repair info you need here.

First, Bookmark me to find me easily.
2- Read my background BIO for tune up and repair tips.
3- Click the NAV "Problem" button - If you want help pinpointing your problem.
4- Click the component name Button, if that’s the problem area.
5- Subscribe to my Free Auto Tune Up and Repair Options Newsletter for new tips to keep you cars and equipment going trouble-free.

Thanks for stopping by – let me know of a problem or success you want to share. George

PS: You can earn a living promoting my methods and products with just
a small start-up investment. A huge and profitable market is
out there. Call or email me of your interest, questions;
USA 1-512 665 3388

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