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More auto tune up and repair avoiding options.

What This Diesel Owners Says Of His Repair-Avoiding Option:

Jerry, an Ohio based fleet of trucks owner says....

   ... “The mechanic at Caterpillar was absolutely blown away when he seen the improvement your Mega Power’s Worn Engine Service Treatment had on my older diesel engine - my daily user.

      He was amazed because.... the last time he seen my truck it had a heavy blowby, exhaust smoke, and an oil burning problem. He instantly concluded, I overhauled the engine to end those problems - not use your engine treatment additive to fix its problem.

     I’m amazed that over the months, your fuel, engine, gear, radiator, and power steering treatments ended other petty, nusiance problems that use to require costly downtime an expensive repairs for me.

     Over 12 months, in each car and truck, all older vehicles, normal fuel engine and gear troubles with them just stopped! 

     Thanx for introducing to me to an additive method of older truck care I've been searching along time for."      Jerry

    What a New Truck Owner say about my repair-avoiding option:

   "On my One Year Old Ford Diesel Pick Up - the treatment stop the oil seal leak; the dealer couldn't 3 times. Your explanation engine blowby ws the reason and the treatment we sell stops blowby. and the leak cayse the dealer couldn't figure out. Your additive tip and  $400 treatment avoided a $3500 repair the dealer wanted when it appeared again after the warranty ran out. ....

 What This Car Owners says about her repair-avoiding option:

   A 98 Honda owner -

   "My Honda - since the product install several months ago, no longer burns 4 quarts of oil between oil changes. 
   The mechanic said, my engine needed a $4000 'piston ring job' to fix it. Online, I found your Mega Power Additive to end oil burning. I ordered it thinking it was another rip off!
    I was suprised your Mega Power ended its oil burning in less than 30 minutes - as the smoke from the exhaust -no longer appeared. My Honda been burning no oil for the last 6 months, and running great since then - and for a $100 additive, not a $3000 repair. Tahnks for a great product."...

Car owner with dreadful engine valve tap problem says it stopped tapping.

        "Stop my valve lifter tap in minutes when a synthetic oil change couldn't." Happy it worked customer.

      "Ended its sluggish, high mileage oil burning - amazingly."
      "I bought my Chevy Astro Cargo Van with 124,400 miles on it. After a couple months I could see why it sold so cheap. Its sluggish ways, and igoing thru burning 2 to 3 quarts of oil between oil changes neant it was worn out.  I thought a new motor was needed!" Not any more, Thanks to your Mega Power Engine Treatment.

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  Enjoy the Mega Power Driving Experience.

It starts here!

At first, you are amazed at the sudden, problem ending feat going on inside your engine.

Or the component your are adding the product to.

Its dreadful tapping has been echoing thru the hood. Many had ideas on a solution, but the mechanics shocked me - Nearly $4000 to replace all those valves parts to quiet the problem - but with no guarantee. Only a new engine, at over $6000 had a guarantee. Each morn you start the engine with fingers crossed for good luck - hoping the tappaing won't return - and the engine starts so effortlessly and runs smoother and quieter.  You may admire your google search and its pointing you to It all sounded somewhat far fetch, but yet like they knew what they're talking about.  Today, when you started the car you wonder if their other products are as good.  

     And no wonder, with so many ingredients working to do so.

    Love by farmers, equipment owners, RV owners, car buffs, boat owners, motorcycle owners, multi-car owners. Top auto repair shop owners. Even top race vehicle owners. And hopefully by you if you give them a try. Who have enjoyed the same experience.

    Many of my customers are top race car builders and top repair shop owner following my system that made me and others two lifetime incomes in half a lifetime. But, some carry a little inventory and enjoy ending their neighbors car and tractor problems as good neighborly jester, and often as a good extra profit making endeavor. But you may just want your car problem to be done away with less expemsively.

    Who wouldn't pay a couple hundred dollars to end a $5000 to $10,000 tractor problem -  and the very same  dat for a fraction of actual repair cost.  Our auto tune up an repair avoiding options always return those amazing new like results - its prime benefit.

 How to solve your engine, gear, radiator problem yourself!

No matter car, tractor, diesel rig, Rv boat or motocycle problem...  This Can Become Your Cheaper Faster Better Solution

5 Mega Power Brand Treatments That Do So.

  • Sent to your door in 3 days.
  • With me guiding you start to finish -
  • Have the problem over with in an hour.
  • ..and get on with life. 

No other site or product can do more.

Most don't guarantee anything..

We guarantee your Satisfaction

Order a set of these 5 Mega Power's Problem-Ending Treatments to protect each of your vehicles 5 major components - End the problem while dong so.

- Guaranteed to make driving a joy, Sleep sound at night  - from one of these ways to do so.

Enjoy vehicles that always run great and trouble free, years pass - what others enjoy? 

They didn't think I could fix my engine problem out of a can - myself, but I did when I followed these two steps.

 Stop worrying about your car. Start treating it with  these new options. 


… Ever get excited about an amazing product you bought? You couldn’t wait to tell your family, friends and co=workers about it? That’s exactly how I felt about this tune and problem-solving engine treatment Bub Esterline of Mega Power Additives demoed to me that I would call my perfectly good running SUV.

… I use additives tuning as a mechanic to clean fuel injectors. That’s common.  But I never saw any additives with this quality… having the ability to instantly make a perfectly  

… Usually, engines can be “hop-up” to do so. But, only after the result of huge, costly modifications. 

… so I decided to do my own testing. For a couple of weeks, I added Mega Power Tune Kits  to every car in the shop - having exactly the same results proven by test equipment results:


  • Engine and transmission temperatures dropped 20 to 75 degrees  running cooler from their friction reduction.
  • 5 exhaust emissions gasses drop 50% lower with clean burning improvements.
  • No more smelly exhaust. Engine ran way quieter. 
  • Transmissions shifter velvety smoother and thru the gears faster.

… After a day of soaking in, - good running vehicles so treated 👍

  • Suddenly started running with race car power…
  • began tire burning take-offs… 
  • drove as if having a bigger engine,...
  • started going 20 to 40 more miles distance on each week’s tank of fuel 
  • - customers reported.
  • Those with problems so serious they usually had to be repaired to end - ended.
  1. Read for yourself the results on these 500 compendium full pages on their fixes and results. 
  2. Order the 5 Mega Power Kits for the car’s five components here on special for bumper to bumper protection. There are specials today on them. 
  3. Order online the specific item treatment by phone or by online. 

… You will find like I did, Bud’s amazing automotive treatments are what your vehicles need to:

    :keep going strong, end problems wear and miles cause as you want - as long as you want. 

  • Of course, there are other options and deals. 
  • Each is sold to try them to prove their worth for 90 days - with a refund on the spot  - if not.  So give a try - millions enjoy their car saving, owner saving benefits. So will you. Click cart buttons for your selection to try.  …goerge

Contact Info: Auto Tune Up and Repair Options: On a smart phone. To ordering by phone. Ask a question about your vehicle problem. Talk to a real tech not a robot.  Call me... george at 512 5665 3388   ,,, 


It story can make you life better starting with its way to end car and diesel serious operating problems.

   That story can free you of the tens of dollars of automotive debt over your lifetime today's car care and repair system puts on us. 

   If you have interest to be frugal. To beat the system. Value stretching the life of your vehicles. Want a system to lower the cost of repair in older vehicles. This automotive tune and repair option is made for you!

   It has done so for me cutting in half my automotive expenses and millions depend upon it to help them do the same.

   As a auto repair shop owner it has built me a profitable business when others, using the common system of repair struggled. Many, I've taught. Thousands of individuals from this website.

  A story 3 race car mechanic brothers discovered  Giving them a winning edge. They taught me to sell to mechanics. I'll show you to use to do the same.

  A story to benefit from its bumper-to-bumper tuning and repair avoiding problems.

  Introducing a characteristic in a product they found by Carl Wynn of Wynn's Friction Proofing Oil Additive fame invented.

   And its improvement ability to fix internal mechanical problems - for pennies on the dollar.  Amazing results compared to actual repair cost. 

Are you like me about car care?

   I always took the servicing of my cars seriously. I think most people do. learned to escape that burden releasing me a lifetime of constant debt to motor vehicles. It has allowed me to better take care of other family need so suffering. 

That car care and repair story has become my story I want to pass on to you. 

Its value to you would be in appraising its value to the improvement in life it gave to me and many others. Those easily transferable to your way of life.

Those who give it the time on these pages can appraised its pros and cons. It value could immediately be seen. That gaining its how-to knowledge here in my auto-tune-up-and-repair-options and ways for car care and repair could free them from their financial and vehicle enjoyment. its slavery hides. 

A slavery design to have us going into tens of thousands of dollars debt over out lifetime believing the lies that  car and equipment care, repair, and pre-mature replacement expenses is the only way to do so. To do so ..

I've written what I feel are a fair appraisal of its pros and cons - you can test for yourself of their improvements - that promise to free/reduce - you can't be free unless you walk wher vehicles can take you. you of the tens of thousands for its ability to that removed family deb.  

if you give it a fair appraisal of its pros and cons explained here as your auto-tune up and-repair -options, I and many others feel can

After noting its good to free me and my family from the lies that there is only one way to care for, and repair our vehicles.

Putting tens of thousands expense on us and burdening our family over our life time to slave for their payoff making us a slave to I've made it my life's job to pass on to help other free themselves from . It origen comes from a  power to free me from the common car care and repair beliefs that forces me to be a slave to the oils in our cars and repair system - that burden our life with wear out problems prematurely is OK  slavery to its thousands of dollars debt for care, repair, and replacement. It freed.  to car and equipment repair and replacement debt. 

  1. reasonable steps taken by a person in order to satisfy a legal requirement, especially in buying or selling something.a comprehensive appraisal of a business undertaken by a prospective buyer, especially to establish its assets and liabilities and evaluate its commercial potential.
  1. reasonable steps taken by a person in order to satisfy a legal requirement, especially in buying or selling something.a comprehensive appraisal of a business undertaken by a prospective buyer, especially to establish its assets and liabilities and evaluate its commercial potential.

What if, for your car or equipment problem you could add some products to your vehicles troublesome component and right before your eyes see it fade away?  Avoided the actual need for repair? What if it returned a strong, smooth operation that lasted for years? 

   Any car, truck, diesel rig, dozer, farm tractor, RV, boat, motorcycle, and machine. Any tune, engine, transmission, radiator, power steering and a/c operating problem?

   Think of the worryless, budget crunch-eliminating benefits that could provide you.

   My story.

   Those product features I learned about from their demo's ,avoided thousands of dollars repair on my cars and equipment over the years over and over. The joy of avoiding engine problems, and vehicles always running at their racy best from products made by Mega Power Additives made it possible.

   While neighbors laughed at the idea of their additives could do so. It did! The thousands of dollars it freed up better life and story I'll help you to enjoy. Its the way I and many enjoy. They had engine and shift problems with similar vehicles while mined keep going.

   Something... you expected your engine oil and fluids servicing would prevent. But didn't!

   And no wonder. Almost everyone introduced to our Mega Power Brand Bumper-to-Bumper component servicing products - see the end of their car upsetting problem just as I described.  They are amazed at the sudden quiet, strong, new-like operation. that reappears. Sowill you! 

 The discovery

   Discovered by race car mechanic brothers from its inventor in the 1950's to stop their race engine and gear friction hotspots. Ending their devastating engine and gear horsepower-absorbing negatives and sudden problem appearances. Putting them in the winning circles oftener. 

   I was taught by them early in my life to sell the product to mechanics.

   Today modified versions from Mega Power Additive Research Department is used around the world solving those and other wear and tear, tune up, operating, and mechanical problems in anything mechanical. Their usage I favor and sell on this site. See my Bio.

   They are added to the oils, fluids, fuels and lubes to still overcome and take away friction, oil breakdown sludge, varnish and carbon deposits upsetting the operation of anything from lawn mowers to giant diesel engines - the size of houses.

   Six, what I call - Mega Power Tune Up, Engine, Transmission, Radiator, Power Steering, And A/C Treatments. I packaged them to be easy to use. I want  you yo  purchase them here as your solution.

  While techy in explanation, their brief format can have anyone, in short order, not just smog techs, mechanics, farm equipment owners, and diesel rig owners easily end their vehicle problems.  Of course, if its actually busted, it needs that fix first. 

   Some are complaining that new versions of our low-cost Mega Power Brand Additives continue the harmful ingredient MC+ ---They say, "they should they be outlawed?

Car and equipment owners and mechanics say, "they do fix motor and they component problems, an add to the quality of actual repairs and servicing." I'm one of them who also say No! -  

  Car and equipment owners have been ending otherwise expensive to repair engine and gear operating problems with additives since the 1950's discovery by Carl Wynn, and his famous additive Wynn's Friction Proofing Engine Additive. That's my background with them.

  While complaints of their friction reducing main ingredient is said to be harmful. Nothing has match the original formula variations in usage today that are still drastically avoiding tens of thousands of dollars repair expenses with them. Ending and preventing troublesome engine transmission radiator steering, an a/c  operating and mechanical problems - bumper to bumper.     

  By addition to a troubled component fluids car and diesel owners are ending by chemical means, dozens of wear and tear, age, high mileage operating and mechanical problems - avoiding hundreds, even thousands their normal, costly repair repair needs by ending them  - by reversing the problem cause. 

For your engine tune, age, operating problem solvers. 

   Don’t throw in the towel just yet! and Mega Power Additives wants to help you say goodbye to your car troubles in a most unique way - more on this below...

   Mega Powers Research Department has produced additives I found, that just didn't have one primary feature and service  - but is ending dozens of car and diesel problems each with a special product they invented. Bumper to bumper. This can mean an option to reducing the repair need and cost of your cars major problems - so, don't worry, we have you covered for any problem. 

  Now, just a point on this problem solving. If it's broke...

  • Its not a miracle oil, nor with magic powders, nor thick gooey liquids.
  • If it needs repair. Some other site or mechanic will have to help you. 
  • But if still running, these products shown will end your worry about it.  
  • And save you tons of money as they use "chemical mechanics" to recondition your troublesome component back to a good dependable usage.
  • These products offers a wide solution range while giving endless endurance; with periodic usage. 
  • I feel if you read this far, you have hopes for such a solution. I know I hoped the first time I tried them on my trucks problems. Then, its amazing problem ending promised occurred!

Here are more benefits of working with us:


Ending problems with conditioners 


   If you were to follow our additives into a cars component, you would see them soak into the surfaces. An unusual aspect as it releases the dirty films  for filtering that ends binding moving parts. This allows them to move freely again.

   Further observation sees friction occuring. During friction a reaction I believe takes place with that changes the metals rough worn binding characteristic to smooth. Any friction causing of your problem disappears. 

   Coming along next is a slipper film to fill worn spaces. Plug leaks. As tapping or other problems end an amazing smoothness returns. You gotta be amazed.

  These are the inventions that in a few miles of driving, with the ingredients in the component, that ends most any operating or mechanical problem. I have come to love their ending the causes of automotive problems. I think you will if you give them a try.

   Their problem-ending characteristics add another benefit. They improve the longevity of your car by protecting it from corrosion, oxidation and rust, which can, if not removed, lead to costly new problems down the road.

   If engine problems  - listed in the menu, you may also see an increase in horsepower. They come from removing obstructions like friction, varnish, and carbon in your engine that consumes horsepower that use to spin the wheels. Horse power recovery again goes to the wheels. 

   The Additives will also remove any carbon buildup on spark plugs and valves on the way to cleaning up your muffler system. So the breathing of your engine work at optimal levels again!

Ending the problem is now in your hand to do with our guiding you. Its easy and wise. 



Save Time


   Our full strength fuel, oil, and fluid additives  - are package in a complete kit  to work ultra fast.  Along with other additive features, prolong the life of your vehicle by preventing problem starting. This helps you save money, time and energy avoiding future problems. This time saving fix can compound over the years leading to hours of saved time. Get ready to spend less time going to the repair shop and more time driving!



Peace of Mind


When you work with us, you can rest assured that we’ll take care of any car troubles you might experience. We’re here for you, guiding you through the car repair process and helping you every step of the way. So don’t worry—when you work with  we’ll help you get the job done and have you back on the road in no time.


People ask

What is the most costly repair on a car?

Answer: Engine Transmission Radiator Suspension Air Conditioner Brakes Tires

In that order.

People ask:

What is the most expensive thing to fix in a car?

   The engine can be considered the heart of your vehicle and converts fuel to power so your car can move. As such, it is the most expensive car part to repair,  running $1500 to $7000.

   Transmissions may run higher/lower for repair at $1800 to $5000 

What do car buffs and mechanics do to lower their own cost of repair?

   It varies with driving less harshly to, the most fugal using additives. 

That is the purpose of explains...

  • What additives to use and sells these.
  • Explains what a repair does compared to what these additives do.
  • Method exceeds car makers requirements for fluid change out.
  • Offers proven additives anyone can use to end their bumper to bumper problems. 
  • Results guaranteed as good as any professional.
  • Give one-on-one directions and personal help from start to finish.
  • Guarantees a happy end to operating and even mechanical problems.
  • Best learned bookmarking the page, reading a few pages.
  • Compare this method to what others offer.
  • Helps you decide which way to go.
  • This is an educational intended site selling product it guarantees.
  • Phone techs will answer questions for free.

Order now! Our additive offer!

   Have your cars run great that same day guaranteed! 

   Or a refund on the spot!

   No better way to cut in half your cost to do so.

   Use the power in science to do so.

   No better way to test additives on your problem.

Here are more benefits of working with us:


Extend the life of your vehicle

How Possible:

Our additives improve the longevity of your cars and equipment offering not only twice as many ingredients to do so, But also friction reduction. By:

  • Protecting it from corrosion, oxidation and rust. Negative removing avoiding trouble when the car sits and operates.
  • By changing the rubbing surfaces from rough to smooth. An exclusive problem-solver feature by itself adds years of life and endurance to your vehicles. 
  • Along with 4 cleaners - to remove the 4 kinds of residue problem causers, not just one cleaner like all other brands sell. 
  •  Plus corrosion, oxidation and rust preventers will end the problems you seek a better solution to. 
  • Together, ceclating in your oils and fluids can you see them providing a powerful treatment to add to your engine transmission radiator steering and a/c problem solving.
  • Each improving the longevity of your vehicles in this way becomes an expense reducing investment. Not an expense.  
  • Lowering the cost of friction and sludge problem-solving lets you enjoy an increase in horsepower  that adds to the continuing new-like recovery.

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