EXHAUST puffs smoke remedy

This Mega Power Brand set of items provide a treatment to end dozens of wear and performance problems avoiding their costlier repair need.This Mega Power Brand set of items provide a treatment to end dozens of wear and performance problems avoiding their costlier repair need. Once you use them you will ignore all other fixes as worthless.

Exhaust puffs smoke remedy Contact info: On a smartphone, to ask a question, order by phone items listed, call me...george  at 512 665 3388

      You can end smoky, smelly exhaust, if blue or white, or black with the Mega Power Brand Worn Motor Treatment for a fraction of what it takes a mechanic to rebuilt your troublesome engine at a $3500+ price tag. And the best part is, you can end the problem yourself. This article shows you how!

    Not only will it end this problems it will..

     You will find doing so will introduce you to a new world of better care and repair alternatives  - I call tune repair options. This is installed to end this, and other automotive age, mileage, servicing, and tune up problems yourself, as needed.

     You will find its major benefit is its anti-wear - tune up giving features to end your smelly exhaust problem yourself, with a `up with years longer trouble-free - or repair avoiding secrets here at, auto-tune-up-and-repair-options.com:

  • I'll show you what you need to know to end your exhaust puffs smoke problem permanently... and 
  • Explain the reasons for the products and steps that do so... and
  • Guarantee your end to the problem or pay you doubleyour cost if it tkes a repair as the solution.
  •  - 

Can the cheaper Mega Power Brand Worn Motor Treatment stop your smelly smoke problem. Here's what Mega Power Product users  say....

Engine overhaul  - the common solution. However...

     You may choose the motor overhaul solution instead, and that is the ideal solution. But, my solution, what I call The Mega Power Worn Motor Treatment, [I was taught it by the inventors] is a good solution, also.

     The Mega Power Worn Motor Treatment alternative shown above, is better because it uses a wholelistic fix that fixes the causes, not just the problem. Repair never fixes the causes. If this is important to your way of thinking read on. 

Not just an exhaust puffs smoke remedy.

     Many find this fix, the servicing method and reason for using additives - including me. However, it goes beyound just this fix.

    As a mechanic, I want you to use this product to enjoy a better care and repair method I use for my auto repair customers. Usage introduces a cheaper way to end operating problems to avoid their repair. And over time see, is the best service product to provide years longer trouble-free life out of their vehicles.

Ordering Mega Power info

Mega Power Worn Motor Treatment is Priced at $65 plus $15s&h= $80 total. Includes 6 items, easy-to-follow directions, guarantee, and phone help if needed. Shipped to your door by FedEx in 3 days.

You can order Mega Power online here by placing a "1" or "2" for 1 or 2 sets in the designated box. Then click the cart button for delivery info.

     I don't just sell the product, I'm a Mega Power Product believer, along with thousands of other s who use this product in our own vehicles, as a preventive wear out method, and to avoid tens of thousands in car truck premature "wear-out repairs, their costly operating problems, and years premature replacement - eliminating a worry and costly expense by switching to the Mega Power Product and servicing care and repair method. 

     You will see - man women, mechanic,  this is an easier, cheaper way to end the smoky exhaust engine problem - There is one change in care and that is...  if you don't mind adding additives to your engine a couple times a year. 

     Motorist with car and diesels are finding the Mega Power's Worn Engine Treatment to be a service product their motor and their budget needs as their motor puffs smoke remedy! Compare...

Engine overhaul as a motor puffs smoke remedy.

What Mechanics do: To end oil burning, mechanic's will replace old piston rings, valves, and valve seals with new ones to stop where dirty and worn parts allow your motor oil to slip into the combustion cycle causing your puff smoke problem. Or a new engine is a better remedy at $5000.

How Mega Power's Worn Motor Treatment ends Oil burning and exhaust smoke.

Mega Power corrects those engine problems chemically:

  • Black smoke: By the fuel portion of the treatment cleaning away the fuel injector nozzles of carbon which messes up the injector fuel fogging action. 
  • More than an injector cleaner: Mega Power, after cleaning your  fuel injectors, continues the cleaning on into the fuel air intake tubing.
  • Intake manifold residues turns the fogged fuel wetter with its ink blotter effect. By using Mega Power you have cleaner strong enough to also remove manifold residues absorbing the fog fuel and making pass thru wetter burning. 
  • The treatment ends that part of your smelly black, exhaust problem. When using the mega Power at each oil change you keep clean the entire engine, fuel, and exhaust system free of smelly smoke. 
  • Mega Power includes smoke reduction by adding a cohesiveness to motor oil, so oil molecules stay together - rather than loosely roll into the combustion cycle, spewing out the exhaust as black, blue or white smoke.  There's more included...
  • Mega Power also adds protection and anti-wear with its co-polymer MC+ which layers itself on worn surfaces. This layering feature closes engine cylinder, piston, and valve guide wear gaps. Doing so closes the space blocking oil so it can't excape into the combustion cycle - exhausting as white, bluish or black smoke.

  •  All cleaning processes go for cleaning and freeing sticky valves and piston rings. Cleaning and freeing features allow valve to close timely, and allow piston rings their expanding abiiity to block and keep oil below the combustion area.  6 items in the treatment, installed 3 at a time a week apart, provides the above needed way to end the exhaust problem. 

  • Easy to follow Install Directions and free phone help if needed guide you to an ideal way to stop exhaust smoke problems, and can also clean out, and protect every engine and transmission from such troubles. [works in transmissions which develop rough shift problems expensive to repair]. Shipped to your door in 3 days.

Results for this motor puffs smoke remedy last from oil change to oil change.  And for my budget, I prefer the minor expense and addition of the additive a well worth while endeavor to keep all my older vehicles running great - rather than the thousands for repair alternative.

Mega Power is quite different from the sticky thick, honey-like oil additives people may add to their oil as a motor puffs smoke remedy.

Mega Power's motor puffs smoke remedy are additives that work by cleaning and free the piston rings and by closing the wear gaps and by freeing piston rings.  Doing so blocks the oil from migrating into the combustion area and spewing out the exhaust as smoke. That's what the brand we favor, Mega Power does - you should be using to help end this problem. Order below.

Exhaust puffs smoke remedy additive.

Research from Mega Power has found the additive way to end exhaust puffs smoke problem

  1. Includes cleaning sticky piston rings to stop their allowing your motor oil to escape pass your pistons and mix withyour motor's oil - making for exhaust smoke.
  2. Includes closing wear gaps no longer allowing oil to be sucked up pass worn pistons, then expelled as a puffs of smoke.
  3. includes exclusively cleaning of your dirty Catalytic Converter, now failing to burn off oil in the exhaust as moisture and eliminating smog and smoke.
  4. And by cleaning fuel injectors and air intake manifold eliminating their wet fuel and black exhaust making cause of your car or diesel problem.  
  5. Just the fuel injector portion of the treatment exceeds the $500 to $1000 charge to hand clean injectors by mechanic. Diesels require 3 gallon Mega Power size dosages. Cars 6, 12 oz size Mega Power dosages.  Directions are easy to follow, and desired results occur in minutes.  Ordering details:

Ordering Mega Power for cars - small engines.

Mega Power Worn Motor Treatment is Priced at $65 plus $15s&h= $80 total. Includes 6 items, easy-to-follow directions, guarantee, and phone help if needed. Shipped to your door by FedEx in 3 days.

You can only order Mega Power online here by placing a 1 or 2 for 1 or 2 sets in the designated box. Then click the cart button.

FOR Ending Diesel Car, Pickup, Truck Rig, Tractor, Dozer Exhaust Puffs Smoke Remedy.

    Order the 3 gallon, or 6 gallon Mega Power Brand Diesel  Treatment to have your diesels purring "quiet as a cat," end its oil burning problem, while ending the smoke stack black, blueish, or white exhaust puffs smoke problem. Chose the 3 pack treatment that includes:

  1. 1 gallon MP Diesel Fuel, Injector, Intake, Combustion and Exhaust System Cleaner. $120.
  2. 1 gallon MP Diesel Engine Piston Ring, Valve, and Oiling System Cleaner and engine anti-wear conditioner. $120.
  3. 1 gallon MP Diesel Engine Piston, Valve, and Wear Protector. $120.
  4. 1 12 0z MP Diesel Engine Carbon Removing Booster Cleaner. $49. Total for 4 items  Including Bonus #55 Carbon Blaster item $409 plus $25 shipping =$434 total. Now, Totals $360 Save $74 Today!
  5. Specials: 4 item treatment ....Today!

Just $360 and free shipping to your door in 3 days.  Click cart button to order and ship details. Save $74. Order now. Be running clean and smooth in a few days from now, guaranteed to do as advertised!

Better than Repair giving a total fix repair can't provide SPECIAL!

   Treat Both Your Engines And gain $200 off purchasing 2 MP Engine Tune Up an Anti-Wear Exhaust Remedy and Protectors total 6 gallons and 3 Bonus Items $99 value Free with this order.  and have FREE Shipping.  Total 8 items. Just $595.  Reg $812  - Today Just $595 total.  Save $200 Have both your trucks and cars run smokeless - yet with amazingly quiet strong power that will last for years. Click this cart button for this special.

Sticky piston rings allow your pistons “combustion to blow-by or escape pass your pistons and mix with your motor's oil.

  1. Wear also allow oil to be sucked up pass sticky piston rings, mix with your oil, then expelled as a puff of smoke.
  2. Your dirty Catalytic Converter fails to burn off the oil and permi

Oil needs to flow freely to lubricate. Being sticky  solves one problem, but introduces another. mega power's method is much better.

What the mechanic does

While new valves and seals in a machined new valve bore in the motor "head," the part where your motors valves operate, its sometimes the wrong half. Here’s why…

Research from Mega Power has found 4 causes of that puff of smoke.

Fuel ts it to expell as a puff of smoke.

Those 4 areas, "Fuel Injectors,"  "Combustion Blowby," "Engine  Valve Wear,"  a dirty "Catalytic Converter."  These are chemically remedied by CLEANING AND A PROTECTIVE FILL COATING in  Mega Power’s New Worn Motor Treatment to end the puff of smoke problem.

Normally, a motor sub-system will remove combustion blowby by means of whats called the PVC valve.In this case, your motors piston wear and sticky, lazy operating piston rings 

Most additives use solvent flushes or oil thickeners as a remedy. This can be harmful to todays new hi-tech motors. Mega Power frees sticky piston rings and adds a co-polymer coating over the piston and cylinder walls making oil from below and combustion from above the piston very difficult to escape, each way. Ending that source of the puff.

  1. Those nasty, hot and now oily combustion blowby fumes, as they are re-circulated again into the combustion process, will collect on the intake manifold and injector tips, on their way to re-burning. As crude deposits forming on your fuel injector pitle tips, the injector will leak fuel into the manifold. The next time you start your car, that extra richness of fuel burns incompletely, exhaust out as a your puff of smoke. Mega Power cleans the entire fuel , injectors, and combustion system from the gas tank to the exhaust tip, ending that problem. Anyway….
  2. As some gas or diesel fuel and emissions blowby travels re-circulating back to the combustion area they leave a film in the air/fuel intake manifold. This film will dry out and act as a blotter. When your car sits a bit, fuel and any oil residue will liquefy in this film. Upon starting your motors enormous suction force you’re your pistons will pull that wet dew-like film into the motor to burn. That rich burn expels as that puff of smoke. Mega Power ends by cleaning and free and coating the blowby, injector, manifold puff cause of smoke.
  3. In your exhaust system is a special muffler called a catalytic converter. It’s made to turn any oil or richness in fuel that is not completely burnt during piston combustion to finish the process – turning into carbon dioxide and waster. The reason for water dropping out your exhaust pipe. When dirty, and coated with excessive residues, the converter will not do this conversion job completely, and at start up, it is burnt-off the catalytic converter and sent out the exhaust at your motors startup. You see that burn off as that puff of blue or white smoke. Mega Power chemistry is such, that during the install – it’s easy to install, though it does a complex job of cleaning, and protecting, Mega Power give you one great, inexpensive car care aid to end whatever your source of motor puffs smoke remedy reason is - at start up. Or otherwise.

Which is your motor puffs smoke remedy problem?

With just a half engine repair, will it be the right half? A common delema choice. And you don't want to buy a newer car right now! The other option?

Mega Power's Worn Motor Treatment

Will end the four causes of that puff of smoke. A future touch up treatment of Mega Power at future 6000 mile oil changes keep the puff away. This option's other advantages...

Friction reduction - always a growing problem, and acid eliminating Mega Power ingredients, and Mega Power's protective coating will help your motor, too. They promote years more dependable, strong car usage – a clever invention that can help your enjoy the power, zip, and like new performance you were impressed with, when you bought your car new.

Ordering Mega Power info

Mega Power Worn Motor Treatment is Priced at $65 plus $15s&h= $80 total. Includes 6 items, easy-to-follow directions, guarantee, and phone help if needed. Shipped to your door by FedEx in 3 days.

You can order Mega Power online here by placing a 1 or 2 for 1 or 2 sets in the designated box. Then click the cart button.

Or call in your order. or ask a question at 512 665 3388 ... george

More about our motor puffs smoke remedy link.

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