New product stops engine tapping fast. Do it yourself, easily. I'll show you how...

A new DIY engine valve treatment from Mega Power is helping motorist stop their vehicles engine tapping - often in minutes.

  • Tapping is the results of dirty, sticky conditions even the best motor oils cannot end - or even prevent their suddenly showing up.
  • One of three negative wear and dirty conditions causes your motors 8 to 24 valves - which let fuel into your pistons combustion area, and exhaust out, are usually the first suspect to cause your engine tapping.
  • Besides sticky, tar-like residues, the other two tap causes are valve adjusters that collaspe, and friction drag.
  • Most vehicle and equipment owners usually feel those negatives are the cause of their problem - and a $1500 to $3500 costly overhaul has been the traditional remedy. Now, new products will end the problem for under $100. Mechanic's who promote this treatment add $50 to $75 labor for the install - but anyone can easily do so.

The Mega Power Engine Tap Treatment gets its tap ending success as a result new "water-thin" Hi-tech chemistry, and not additives containing solvents, detergents, nor thick, molasses-like motor treatments.

  • Because Mega Power uses anti-wear cleaners, oil conditioners, and friction modifiers, which circulate wherever oil, fuel, air, combustion, and exhaust go, every piston, bearing, cam, lifter, and valve in your motor gets a super cleaning, freeing, smoothing, plus a protective coating - and that combination of protection ends all three dirty, sticky, wear roughen conditions that causes your engine tapping.
  • Shown below is Mega Power Engine Tap Ending Treatment... "6 products are included, each doing a different task," says George, because that has proven to be the fastest, permanent way to end tapping, and several other hidden problems - grinding away at your vehicles life." Ending all of them promotes years longer motor life.
  • "Here is the simple install procedure," says george Christ, an expert mechanic, who teaches mechanics, fleet owners, and individual car owners the newest and best ways to use new products to end wear problems like engine tapping.

Directions are simple, though the treatment and product performs a complex task - and driving ends the problem. Directions are included with your purchase. Their MP Transmission Treatment end problems, too!

  • George says, he puts a "Number on each cap so you know what to use in 2 steps. Step One uses products marked 1, 2, and 3 for the top of the motor air, fuel, and combustion cleaning, and you install 4, 5, and 6 - a week later at an oil change.
  • Sometime during the week the treatment of cleaning and conditioning of your motor top, and lower, motor oiling side - ends the tap." Nothing to take apart. The products are added to the gas, oil, and air intake.
  • George also gives you his phone number in case you have a question or need help during the install period.

Ordering Info

Order one or more treatments from these specials below...

The Mega Power Engine Valve Tap Treatment 6 items as shown.

Includes easy-to-follow directions, guarantee, phone help.

Shipped to your door by FedEx in about 3 days.

    One Treatment. $ 65+ $15s&H= $80 total

    Two Treatments $120+ $15s&h= $135 total. Save $35.

    Six Treatments $300+ $25s&h+ $325 total. Save $175.

Save $30. Protect both your motor and transmission too:

    Order a Valve Treatment of the 6 items shown, for your motor $65+$15=$80, and a similar Treatment - The Mega Power Transmission Service #TS3 $60+$15s&H=$75, for the transmission you want to protect: Save more...

    Both, just $115, plus $15s&p= $130 total. [Regular price for both $155] Save $25. Specify this combo pak - if you want this motor and transmission combo protection product. Mention this price.

Call me to ask a question or to order at 1 512 665 3388

    Shipped Fedex or USPS with 4 day delivery to your door. Say, "You want to order the Mega Power Engine Tap Ending Treatment." Visa M/C. Comes with easy to follow instructions, guarantee. My personal help by phone. I'm a mechanic.

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