Best Sticking Lifter Treatment

Lifter tap additive from Mega PowerBest lifter tap additive: Mega Powers Sticking Lifter Treatment. Economical solution.


Mega Powers' Best Sticking Lifter Treatment.

Ends Lifter tapping:

    Trouble with engine valve lifter tapping begins when sludge blocks oil pressure.  When oil is blocked and no longer pushes the lifters internal adjuster outward to close wear gaps on valves, they tap tap tap!

     When the adjuster drops and a gap appears each engine rotation the gap closes with a metallic tapping. This is not good, of course.

     You thought good oil should remove sludge, but it can't! 


    One fix, replacement of the lifters =$3000.

    Stay away from solvent fast flushes. They are reporting engine damage from the flush.

    The other, the Mega Power Sticking Lifter Treatment. $99. The Best Sticking Lifter fix and way to stop that tapping. A Do-it-yourself way to stop lifter tapping.

     Uses chemical cleaners and conditioners that make for stronger than detergents. Shown above. Removes residues so oil can again flow and push lifter adjusters outward to close the space. Tapping then ends. Ordering details... 

     Now that you read this far, it's a good time to order this problem solver. 


     Mega Power Sticking Lifter Treatment 3 items shown.  Includes easy-to-follow-directions. Phone help if needed. Guarantee. Shipped to your door in 3 days. 3 items  needed. Free shipping special - save $20. Just $99 total" Click cart button now!

Protect both car engines  - this way.

Prevent  future costly problems.

Nows a good time to clean your good running other car engine like you're doing this one, with our 2 car special.

Order 2 Mega Power Sticking Lifter Treatments for 2 cars. Protect them both. 6 items Just $130 total.Save a lot more. Protect a lot more.

The sticking lifter story

To get to your motor's tapping motor problem you could pay a mechanic $3000+ to overhaul your motor, or spend $100, and free up and clean your lifters yourself as you drive, with this very powerful Mega Power sticking lifter treatment.

While most additives promoted use 50 year old detergents and solvents to rinse out your motor's sludge, in hopes of quieting your valve lifter tapping noise, solvents strip away your engine oils lube film. Removing that one "lube protection" factor in a today's engine could mean sudden death of your motor. Avoid solvent flushes and detergent additives.

How Mega Power quiets the noisy motor as a sticking lifter treatment

Mega Power Sticking Lifter Treatment quiets your motor noise and instantly makes it run as if it had the best tune up ever! Mega Power is an anti-wear, chemistry cleaner.

You motor's problem.

When your motor was new and clean, the valve lifter, which is a self-adjusting valve assist device, worked trouble-free. Its job is to take up wear slack, remaining always in contact with your motors valves. There is one lifter for each gas/fuel valve, and each combustion exhaust valve. 

Some motor pistons have 3 or 4 valves - and each a valve lifter.

Inside this self-adjusting device is a tiny pencil eraser size piston. It constantly touches the valve stem bottom - and as the lifter goes up and down, ridding on your motors valve cam lobe, it pushes your motor's valves to open such - the piston get fuel, or after combustion, opens a valve to let spent fuel, exhaust out to the tail pipe.

Is synthetic oil better?

Even with the best synthetic oils sludge over-powers your motor. This is due to Blowby - which turns the oil into gravy. Oil should be a liquid. Some sludge travels the oils delivery passage way to the lifter - where motor oil under pressures pushes the little lifter piston up - to take up wear slack, as a hydraulic function.

To keep that piston in contact with the valve, so your motor remains quiet, a one-way trap-door holds your motor oil in a chamber inside the lifter. That oil and chamber valve keeps the little lifter piston up in its bore and in contact with the valve. Time has a bad way with your motor...

Your motor tap noise starts because

Trouble begins when sludge builds and blocks oil delivery to the lifter - in the oil passage way, or jams the trap-door lifter valve open -  that would be a heart attack situation were it you or me. But with the lifter piston, it just sinks into it bore - creating a space. As the engine cam lobe spins, the lifter rises and closes the space with a hammer-like bang, you hear as tap tap tap. So much for good oil!

Just as a doctor gives you treatments to cure your ill and not a one time pill - because more medicine is needed. So too, your lifter problem. In fact, your motor needs a special kind of treatment from Mega Power, to end its lifter problem, and continue to be dependable. And avoid a costly repair.

How Mega Power remedies your motor valve lifter tap problem

Mega Power uses what I call 4 different-anti-wear chemistry cleaners and 2 special wear reducing protectors.

These Mega Power ingredients - 6 of then, work thru the gas and oil with such poweful penetrating ability, they go where oil is blocked and dissolves the clot - allowing your motor oil to flow again to the lifter.

That is what your motor needs for sure rather than rinse-out of your sludge as other motor additives do. Rinsing will never remove a clot. 

Mega Power takes apart the sludge clot and puts it back as an oil, flowing again - its called oil conditioning. Doing so allows oil to flow to the lifter piston again, pushing it up in contact with your valves. That quiets your tap in minutes.

Transmissions have the same problem and it causes rough shift, jerk, shudder or slippage problems. Mega Power will also end those problems and give added life to your tranmsission.

You do not need to have and engine or transmission problem to benefit from Mega Power. Mega Power's original help was to give brand new cars and equipmment protection and repair avoiding help - doubling the new car life.

Mega Power's added motor protecting advantages

Every dirty part in your motor - even the piston and valves gets this cleaning and freeing treatment. That advantage, along with a surface smoothing action I call friction modifying - a wear reducing factor, slams the breaks on your engine wear - Your motor needs that also, for years more dependable service. Mega Power gives a permanent fix with an occasional touch up product at future oil changes.

So, is this worth a try? I think its a better choice, than  a week in the shop or so and a $3000 engine overhaul is the other choice - and waiting to long to act may set irrepairable damage.

Mega Power is sold with a money back guarantee if not satisfied with results. Try it! You will be glad you were made awear of what's new for a sticking lifter treatment from Mega Power.

Ordering Mega Power Sticking Lifter Treatment

Mega Power comes as a treatment with 6 items - shown in the picture, because that is what works! Delivered to your door in 3 or 4 days by FedEx. With easy to follow instructions, guarantee, and free phone help if needed for the install. Its easy to use, and men and women easily install the product in their cars with 100% success. Some have a mechanic help them, and the mechanic can call me for tips and install help, also. Order Mega Power Now! You will be glad you did - and so will your car!

Order by phone, and or to ask a question, call me at 1 512 665 3388. Day and evening is OK. Order online below.

Order one Mega Power Sticking Lifter Treatment 6 items $65 plus $15 s&h= $80 total.

Order 2 Mega Power Sticking Lifter Treatments for 2 cars. Protect them both. 12 items Just $115.00 plus $15 s&h= $130 total.

To see our sticking lifter treatment and transmission treatment specials read this review...

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