Auto repair search engine. 300+ engine transmission steering cooling add-n-drive problem solvers

Auto repair search engine.

Today's new additives restore power loss, stop oil, transmission fluid, radiator coolant, and power steering leaks, smooth and engines rough idle - free your sticky valves, stop oil burning, engine tapping - and blowby - as well as clean the motors emission system, as this picture shows. Photo: back of a Vehicle Care and Problem Solving Product called Mega Power FISC.

Other problems new types of additives end:

Rought shift, slippage. Radiator and engine overheating. And friction caused wear and tear, ending their performance problems - removing anxiety those kinds of car truck and equipment problems cause.

A new breed of additives are performing hundreds of what I call fixes that we use have to have a car repair as the fix. Not any more...

    This web site, auto tune up and repair list over 300 car truck equipment - even sport toys, boats, motorcycle, and machining applications with auto repair search engine type remedies. Go to the bottom of the home page for that auto repair search engine listings. One is sure to be your problem solving answer.

    Compared to traditional additives - the kind your buy in parts stores and quick lubes, the new breed of additives will save your money and your cars.

    Parts store and quick lube solvent based additive complaints causing engine or transmission failure after their use are common.

    Even popular additives car dealers and lots of mechanics have used have seem to go bad. Today's engines and transmissions are seeing the damaging effects of popular detergent additives in engines and transmissions.

    Today's cars have engine spaces requiring 0w 5 oils and thick, gooey, honey-like additive in your motor or transmission will speed up their wear out - not solve their problems.

Quoting from

Why The Mega Power Brand? These products take advantage of new chemistry inventions found to do the fix. A brief explanation of their nature....

  • Some, I would call "Conditioners" – that up the slipperyness of the oil annd the surface to make movement easier - thus ending the problem.

  • "Chemical Cleaners" are thinner than oil and work in cooking-hot areas to remove residues that cause a sticky, binding problem.

  • "Friction modifiers" - provide friction reducing action oil cannot provide - by smoothing abrasive, worn surfaces. Changing from rough to smooth - to operate smoothly like when brand new.

  • "Polymers and "Oil fortifiers" boost lube protection strength, and add a build-up over worn away surfaces to fill wear gaps - ending those causes of your problem.

  • The results produce a sudden, smooth, quiet operation. Leaks stop. Like-new performance returns – regardless of age.
  • In all that your problem ends.

Comparison chart of older and newer additives and their differences

So, look around this auto repair search engine. You will find the product just right to end your internal wear and performance caused problem. Get on down the road again with our help.

Call if you have a question. I'm a mechanic and an expert in auto repair search engine help and their products.

Call me day or evning. 512 665 3388

I'm located in San Marcos, Texas 78666. The products listed are shipped to most country's.

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