Additives when your car needs them. Explained : Servicing. To End a Problem.

 Our bumper to bumper companion component servicing products keep their troubles away.

  You'll have a simplified way to replace their dirty fluids. End trouble brewing in them. Add problem preventing ingredients.

  You will have help with sticky vales - other engine problems- even rough shifts, anyone of hundreds problems, holding your hand during the install. And provide the same simplyfied method for a total vehicle care and problem avoiding service. Nothing to take apart. 

   My auto tune up and repair avoiding options pays you , not cost you to use them!

   Can I prove it?

   Each is guaranteed to end/keep that components problems away. its our companies missison.

   For 70 years, no one has said they don't, nor ask for a refund.

   You are introducedd to the power you need to end your sticky valves engine problem easily to avoid their repari need.

   A bumper to bumper system to keep vehicles dependable now missing in cheaper forms of care. Avoid the tens of thousands they now have you spending to keep your vehicles going.

  That's our auto tuenup and repair avoiding option. Get on with it. and forget about car trouble from now on. 

What are signs of sticky valve problems?  Our solution! :

  1. Rough engine  or gear shift problem?
  2. A tapping sound like a hammer tap tap tap?
  3. Engine stalls when you go into reverse?
  4. Lousy fuel econony?
  5. A leak of fluid?
  6. An tune up problem below 21 inches vaccum? 
  7. A engine hose leaking air into the motor?
  8. A steerting or a/c operating problem need help to avoid their repair? 

... If so, here are the best fix and smooth, quiet, zippy performance return ever invented.

    Many pros use - Maybe better as I include enduarance products with the fix. Features for a trouble free vehicle guide. You can install yourself!


    When a simple plan is needed most is when having a car heavy-equipment problem? 

    If having a vehicle problem, a simple solution is often the best.

    One that has been avoiding tens of thousands in repair and replacement cost by men and women vehicle owners - not just mechanics and equipment owners.

    What do mechanics like me, race car owners, race car engine builders, even new car makers, and millions of individuals do to end atheir engine geqr radiator steering and a/c operating problems?

   Add this tune repair treatment option. 

    My nane is george christ, a special kind of mechanic and an expert in additives.

    Add the few missing links in oils and servicing that promotes problems I'll teach you to use on your vehicle problems.

   So simple - even a women can and do end their most serious vehicle problems - for their expense reducing value, of course. 

    The Know How You Gain Here...

    All your life have end vehicle problems way cheaper, with better lasting results. At will, any vehicle, anytime.

     Is that a repair/protection goal you are after? 

     Is the plan beliveable?

     Compare the difference..

  • Most people, not knowing, spend many thousands every so often to fix their engine and gear shift operating problems   - while we add a few additives to end the problem. Use that money to pay down bills - not create a new one.

  • My Recipe gives the component its tune up cleaning needs and its healing and smoothing to end its problem. Service all 5 componets and we guarantee they all will run troublefree as long as you want. Most say, if it ends the problem so cheaply, that's good enough for me. Chose which.
  •  We are different for thise reasons and they can become your auto tune and repair fix  - or to finish actual repair, by replacing the missing link your are looking for, to keepyour vehicles on  lifes road cheaper, better, long as you want.

    Solving your automotive wear and tear problems -

in a better way with an easier, cheaper, better method.

   Additives when your car needs them. Explained : Servicing. To end a problem. 

We usually fix our engine transmission radiator steering and a/c problems by expensive replacement of the affected parts - since your granfathers Ford Model A days. 

    Now, there's a way to do so by chemical means. And its very scientific and has been street proven and used by millions. It's what we expect! To take acomplex problem and make it simple to end. 

  • Of course, if its actually broken, can't run, repair is actually needed. Bur that is rare. This is the missing link if still running  - that avoids the repair need. Want that option? read on...

      Imagine the good of not just worring car breakdowns. and their expense to fix.

      Instead enjoy what millions enjoy afterwards.

      Have vehicles that always run as if new, no matter the age, mileage, size or brand. Pencil that benefit in to our auto tune up and repair avoiding benfit! 

     The solution..   Additives when your car needs them. Explained : Servicing. To end a problem. 

  • If in a few minutes to an hour, if it dosen't start ending your engine transmission radiator power-steering or air conditioner internal operating problem and start returing to normal, by the end of day or so, we will return your purchase price by a phone call saying, "it getting repaired as the fix. " Your cc will be creditied the full amount that day! Who else has confindence in their products to do so.  We do.
  • Those main points of differentiation are due to special INGREDIENTS to solve your automotive problems no one else has... see our Mega Power Difference Demo  Then return here... to learn more.
  • You will see, in the course of reading this and other pages - where your auto tune up and repair avoiding solution is given, you will learn the differences- between our product, how it ends operating problems that matches repair,  but where we end actual operating problems  - as your drive. 
  • Yes, you read that right! Driving caused it. Now driving ends it. You will lean how, and gain a powerful way to protect, condition, and add endurance to anything that moves all your life.  
  • You will always have vehicles start easier, run years longer, stronger - as if having a bigger engine. Yet run way quieter with seamless smoother shifting, go 20 to 40 more miles on each weeks tank of fuel. Run free of rmajor troubles as long as its treated. 

The fix you are after...  Additives when your car needs them. Explained : Servicing. To end a problem. 

  What you will learn to end vehicle problems with.

     You will find - learn to uses specific products that end any operationg or mechanical problem by reversing the cause of the problem.

     Imagine that power! Revesing the cause!

     How do you find what you need?

      - on the page your problem is covered.

     How do you test it to make sure?

       - Your given 90 days to make sure.

     How do you know they will work for your vehicle problem?

     The answer is simple. All motorized vehicles work on the "create power and power transfer by gear to the wheels" principle.

     They all use lubes, oils, fluids, and fuel and our products work using them as a carrier to get to the problem area to reverse the ailment.  

     They are the auto tune up and repair options FIXES listed in this site.

     You'll find your solution in this way:

  • Coverage for that component, or by..
  • Looking for links covering your problem. on this page.
  • You will see the fix products on the page you go to.
  • You will be given the option to buy what's needed.
  • They are sent to your door with direction for an easy solution - once understood.
  • Or by call ingfor me for advice and help.

     They work on anything mechanical you can lube.

     The solving of automotive problems large and small are in our ingredients -

     - not thick nor gooey. Not grond up metal or ceramic, not teflon, nothing like that.  They belong to a group of additives that have wear and tear problem solving features.

      How do they solve car problems that usually requires repair?

   1- They do what new parts do, but way cheaper.

   2- They change, reversing the bad state to a good one... any

  • wear worn, 
  • binding, 
  • pounding, 
  • stuck, 
  • rough shifting, 
  • overheating, 
  • plugged up, 
  • dirty, 
  • overheating,
  • oil burning a... treatment 
  • That replaces them with a clean, smooth surface, then adds a filler for the worn space.
  • and guarantees it should work. 
  • I list over 400 all guaranteed to work or no charge fr trying.

     Thse fix works an ends the problems by returning the former new like state!

     Any half dozen product you find that do that will work. We found them and packages them in a kit to do so.

      You will find ithe largest compendium of street proven recipes here at auto tune up and repair options ---

      I personally walk you thru the fix by phone.

End ... the rest of the page explain their many functions.

  • Better performance: The treatment promises a stronger, quieter engine and gear performance, with no more black exhaust. Rubbing and worn rough surface smoothing stops fuel waste, making 20% of horsepower that was lost due to hi-mileage available again.
  • Increased fuel efficiency: You'll see an increase in fuel efficiency, going 20 to 40 more miles on each tank of fuel, saving you time and money.
  • Improved performance: for tractors and farm equipment: For tractors, dozers, and other farm equipment, these additives provide deeper power to move more dirt in less time, resulting in increased income per hour.
  • Longer lifespan: With just twice a year oil changes and component changes every two years, these additives provide a longer lifespan of up to ten to twenty years.
  • Easy to use: The solution is easy to use, with a two-step process for adding the additives to your components, and a detailed walk-through is provided on my website.
  • Affordable: These products are affordable and actually pay for themselves in the long run, and are recommended by dealers who have the knowledge to educate consumers on their use.
  • No more traditional repairs: Say goodbye to traditional and costly repair options and try the auto tune-up and repair option instead.
  • Guaranteed results: With recommendations and guarantees for the best results, you can be confident that this solution will provide the performance improvements you're looking for.
  • Reduced downtime: The Mega Power Worn Engine Treatment helps reduce the need for frequent repairs and maintenance, keeping your vehicles and equipment running smoothly for longer periods of time, resulting in reduced downtime.

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